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Native vs. Lume vs. Kopari: The better deodorant

Smell is one such sense that has a huge impact on humans when it comes to socialization. It is crucial to have a good body smell as it is one of the things that is noticed by people when you meet them for the first time. A good lingering body smell helps you to set a good first impression in front of people and maintain social contact.

It is said that the body smell triggers the emotional brain and also helps you to remember people. It is not only essential for attractiveness but it also proves your body hygiene and cleanliness. Sweat usually creates foul body smell which is due to bad bacteria which is an evidence to bad hygiene. A good body smell also gives confidence which helps you to give your best shot in the world. 

Have you smelled so bad that your colleagues avoid sitting around you? Have you been nervous to present yourself at a party due to the odour ? Have you turned down dates because you were working late and couldn’t take a shower? Did you encounter any mishappening which destroyed your body smell?

If you have been a prey to any of these problems then here is a solution for you. Deodorant is one such product which helps you to get rid of that foul smell which is bent on to spoil your first impression in front of your people. Deodorants prevent body odour and provides a variety of smells that suit your personality and the environment around you. 

Products from Native, Lume and Kopari provide you with amazing smells that not only take care of your confidence and personality but also of your skin and heath. We are going to compare and find out which one does the job better. 

What is the difference between deodorants and Anti-perspirants?

Deodorants are products that help us to reduce the odour that is produced due to the sweat and keep you fresh. Anti-perspirants on the other hand are products which reduces odour and smell in our bodies. However, anti-perspirants have the main ingredient aluminium which is used for reducing sweat but is harmful for the skin. 

Native vs. Lume vs. Kopari: the comparison

Native is a San Francisco based industry that deals with personal care and aim at making their products clean, effective and cruelty free. 


Native deals with different products in the personal care industry like deodorants, toothpaste, body wash and soaps. The collection of native deodorants varies widely, providing separate collection for men women and teens. There are various deodorants including seasonal smells, classic smells and also combo packs.

They aim to provide vegan and cruelty free products that are aluminium free. The company also is aware of the environment and hence provides plastic-free deodorants. The deodorants are made keeping in mind of the body requirements of its users. The teen deodorants are made keeping in mind the sensitive skin type of the teenagers. They also have an optional subscription by which the users have access to different offers and discounts on the products. Native ships to the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The have free shipping and return policy. 

What variety of deodorants does Native have?

Native provides different deodorants for men, women and teens. 

The collection for men includes classic deodorants like Eucalyptus & Mint, Citrus & Herbal Musk, Coconut & Vanilla, Unscented, Charcoal and Cucumber & Mint. The seasonal deodorants include Rose and Coastal Oak & Amber. The deodorants are also provided in packs where they have a Classic Pack, Travel Sample Pack and also give the liberty of building one’s own pack. 

The collection for women includes classic deodorants like Coconut & Vanilla, Lavender & Rose, Cucumber & Mint, Unscented, Charcoal, Eucalyptus & Mint. And Custom. The seasonal deodorants include Rose, Apple & Honeysuckle, Sweet Peach, Nectar and Cactus Flower & Poppy. The deodorants are also provided in packs where they have a Classic Pack, Travel Sample Pack, Seasonal Summer Pack and also give the liberty of building one’s own pack. 

The teen deodorants include Loco for Coco, Vitamin Sea and Make like a Tree. 

How much does it cost?

The deodorants for men and women are $12 each and they provide the deodorants for $10 each for the subscribers. The Classic Pack costs around $30 and the Sample Travel Pack costs $24. The seasonal summer pack for women costs $30.

How to get a subscription for Native?

You can subscribe to native by simply clicking the option of subscribe on the site or ticking the checkbox in the cart. The subscription allows you to purchase the deodorants of $12 at $10. You can subscribe to any product you want to. The subscription helps you to modulate the frequency and the processing dates of your shipment. You can also order mini products of one-time products. The company gives you a free will to end your subscription at your own will. 

Lume is a U.S based personal care company, which aims to provide deodorants for men and women which prevents external body odor and stop the odor- reactions on the skin.


Lume deals with products like deodorants, soaps and wipes. The deodorants are fashioned in two types: tubes and sticks. There is a wide variety of deodorants for men and women. They use natural ingredients an avoid Aluminum, Artificial Fragrances Parabens etc. They are vegan and cruelty free products that are sensitive to underarms and also private parts of the body.

The deodorant claims to last for at least 48 hours.  These deodorants can also be used by teenagers. Lume provides free U.S shipping on orders above $20. The return policy applies to deodorant sticks and tubes. They provide a limited time discount of 10% for the subscribed users. 

What variety of deodorants does Lume provide?

The Lume deodorants include Coconut crush, Clean Tangerine, Jasmine Rose, Lavender Sage, Silver Spruce, Crisp Juniper and Unscented. The come in tubes and sticks. There are packs of two and three and also bundles which include sticks and tubes. 

How much does it cost?

The price of the Deodorants sticks is $13.99 each which is slashed down to $12.59 for the subscribers. The deodorant tubes cost $18.99 which is discounted to $17.09 for the subscribers. The bundle pack costs $32.98. there are occasional discounts provided by the company. They provide free U.S shipping on orders above $20.

How does subscription work for Lume?

The subscription can be done in the cart section of Lume. The subscription gives a 10% discount to the users. The subscription provides you a chance to modify and cancel your order in three days’ time. You can cancel your subscription at your own will. 

Kopari is a California based company, that believes in providing products made out of 100% coconut oil for the personal care of the people. 


Kopari deals with body products, skin care and personal care. The Kopari deodorants are non-toxic products that claim to be free of baking-soda and aluminum which is the best for the body. The main ingredient used in coconut oil. They provide products that are vegan and cruelty free.

They have a subscription basis providing discounts to their subscriber. They have different varieties of deodorants focusing mainly on the custom Coconut deo. They have free shipping and return policy. They aim to detoxify the body naturally and provide a better way of skin and body care. 

What variety of deodorants does Kopari provide?

There are 6 deodorants that are provided by Kopari. They are Original, Driftwood, Beach, Fragrance-Free, Tropical and Gardenia. 

How much does it cost? 

The one-time purchase of the deodorant costs around $14. However, subscribers get a 15% discount and get the deodorants at $11.50. they also have the option of buying packs where one saves $4 on 2– Pack, $8 of a 3-Pack and $12 on a 4-Pack.

Native vs. Lume vs. Kopari: the final thought

Body odour has been a grave concern for a lot of people in this generation. It is very important nowadays for the youths and adults to be presentable and attractive. Smell is one important feature that is noticed by others when forming a first impression. Odour produced due to sweat or for any other reason may spoil the moment and make us lose an opportunity. That’s where the deodorants come to the rescue. Deodorants help us to get rid of that odour and feel fresh and confident.

They help us in having a long tiring day with the smell of success lingering throughout. Deodorants from Native, Lume and Kopari provide these benefits while taking care of the of our body which is a great concern nowadays. These deodorants are vegan and cruelty free thus taking care of the other creatures. They are aluminium free which harms the body.

They provide body-friendly deodorants with a variety of fragrances which match your personality and mood. The shipping and return policies are very flexible which allows less hassles. However, among these three, we prefer Native to be the clear winner in our eyes simply because of a few reasons. Firstly, the deodorants are cost effective as it only costs $12 each which is further reduced by discounts provided through subscriptions. Secondly, Native provides a wide variety of fragrances for men, women and teens.

Thirdly, they make the deodorants keeping in mine the sensitivity of the skin of the users of different ages. Fourthly, they provide packs which are cost-effective and also provide an opportunity to create our own combos. Native provides free shipping and return policies and the subscription provides flexible shipping dates. 

However, even though Native is a clear winner for us, what suits you best may vary from individual to individual.

Smell Good, Stay Fresh!

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