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Ever thought of designing the interior of your home or office space with some comfortable furniture? In that case, you’re exactly in the right place. 

Today, in our blog, we will be reviewing an amazing brand of furniture, Steelcase, which is aiming to change your experience in your home and your office. 

Steelcase is primarily focused on providing you with the greatest comfort, which you all deserve during and after a day of hard work. Won’t you like to know more about this brand?

In this blog, you’ll learn about:

  • Pros and cons of the brand
  • Steelcase chairs review
  • Steelcase desks review
  • Steelcase pods review
  • Customer reviews

And many more! So, keep reading this blog to know more about this amazing brand.

Overview of the Brand

Steelcase Brand Image
Steelcase Brand Image

Steelcase is a furniture firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that was founded in 1912. For office environments, as well as the education, health care, and retail industries, the firm manufactures office furniture, architectural, and technological goods. 

It is the world’s largest office furniture maker. There are around 80 facilities and 11,000 employees globally in the organization. 

Global Business Centers in Mexico, Malaysia, and Romania support local Steelcase dealerships and offices; WorkLife Center showrooms in the United States, Europe, and Asia, as well as in Toronto, Mexico City, Sydney, Melbourne, and Dubai; and manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Steelcase’s newest Learning + Creativity Center (LINC) in Munich, Germany, opened in 2017 with a 14,400 square meter area to foster learning and ignite innovation.

Before learning more about the brand, let’s go through its list of pros and cons:


  • The furniture is very comfortable.
  • A wide range of furniture is available.
  • The brand is known to offer products of exquisite quality.
  • Many of the tables and chairs are adjustable, making them very useful
  • They offer warranties on their products.


  • Free shipping is available only on certain products within the continental United States.
  • Specializes mostly in office desks and chairs.

Steelcase Chairs Review

Steelcase Chairs

Chair- an item that you require almost everywhere, starting from your dining table to your office room. 

It has been noticed that people spend an awful amount of time during the day, sitting and doing various tasks. 

Well, it is quite evident now, that if a person doesn’t own a comfortable chair, he/she is going to end up having serious back pain. 

Not just that, in the long run, sitting on an uncomfortable chair might end up giving that person a bad posture! Well, in that case, you shouldn’t worry. Steelcase is offering some of the most comfortable chairs, just for you!

So what kind of chairs does Steelcase offer? Steelcase designs almost any kind of chair that you are looking for, that includes office chairs, guest chairs, dining chairs, lounge chairs, conference chairs, etc. 

The Steelcase office chairs are one of their most talked-about products. These chairs are known to be extremely comfortable and flexible so that you can perform your office work with ease. 

All the chairs which the brand offers are available in a number of different colors to select from. Now, the chairs may seem expensive when you have a look at the prices first. But, the expense may seem well worth it, when you sit on it for long periods.

Below, we have reviewed two of their most talked about chairs:

Steelcase Leap V2

Steelcase Leap
Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap v2 is the company’s flagship ergonomic chair, and it continues to set the bar for ergonomic sitting. 

When fully outfitted, this chair costs roughly $1000 and provides exceptional value for the money. The Leap has the popular four-way adjustable armrests found on Steelcase’s high-end seats. 

It also has a curved seat and backrest that wraps around you while you sit on the chair. It also offers one of the most user-friendly lumbar support systems of any chair on the list. 

The Leap came in first place for seat comfort, back comfort, and arm comfort in our reviews, so it’s safe to say it was a hit at our workplace.

Steelcase Gesture

 Steelcase Gesture
Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase’s flagship high-end ergonomic chair, the Gesture, is also the most costly choice on this list. This chair, which starts at $1,029, comes with a plethora of ergonomic adjustability. 

The armrests may be the most striking feature of this chair, and they are certainly the most adjustable of all the seats on our list. 

The cantilever design makes it simple to locate the optimal arm location while yet allowing you to move about freely.

Aside from the armrests, this chair has other adjustments that make your sitting experience more adjustable and comfy. 

Starting with the backrest, the Gesture has a height-adjustable lumbar so you can pinpoint just where you need back support. 

Additionally, the seat slider feature is unusual in that it allows you to modify the seat depth while seated by just twisting the knob.

Steelcase Desks Reviews

Steelcase Desk
Steelcase Desk

Desks, accompany your chairs to complete any task during your day. Starting from breakfast in your dining room, to your file work in your office room, you’ll always need a desk to work on your stuff. 

Steelcase over the years has designed some excellent quality tables that are adjustable as well according to your needs. 

Among the different types of desks that they offer, the height-adjustable ones, as already mentioned, are definitely the most popular ones. So, in this blog, we will review two of their popular desks.

Steelcase Ology Desk

 Steelcase Ology Desk
Steelcase Ology Desk

Ology is a height-adjustable desk that promotes employee wellness, promotes a healthier work environment, and delivers ergonomics adapted to individual needs.

With two intuitive, easy-to-use control choices – Simple Touch and Active Touch – Ology makes it simple to modify work surface height and posture while also encouraging employee mobility and wellness.

A gentle up-and-down motion is used by the Active Touch control to inform workers when it’s time to change positions. 

Users may establish a profile with preset desk heights and exercise objectives, as well as measure their activity level over time, using the Steelcase Rise app.

Users may easily move their desks up and down using the Simple Touch control without taking their eyes off their work. 

The desk will continue to move up and down until the controller is released or the minimum or maximum height is reached.

The Ology Desk will cost you just $1000.

Steelcase Migration SE

 Steelcase Migration SE
Steelcase Migration SE

Migration SE is a height-adjustable solution that provides excellent performance, value, and user comfort while being affordable to everybody. 

It’s made to function with a variety of apps and allows workers to switch between seated and standing postures throughout the day.

The inbuilt storage of Migration SE allows it to adapt to smaller workstations while still providing full access to everyday items. 

It also has heavy-duty cable management, such as a cableway and cable carrier, as well as a twin tube understructure with plenty of room to store and hide wires.

On the Migration SE, Obstruction Sensing Technology is included as a standard. When the desk collides with an item, this technology detects it and moves the desk backward to avoid the impact.

The price of this amazing desk is $679.15.

Steelcase Pods Review

People in today’s open environments seek out private spaces for quiet thought, discreet gatherings, and concentrated work that do not obstruct open spaces.

Steelcase’s pod collection includes a variety of spaces that enable seclusion and accommodate different work patterns.

Let’s go through some of its popular pods. 


Air 3
Air 3

The award-winning Air3 acoustic pod collection, known for its distinctive louvered ceiling design, produces appealing quiet areas in a broad range of sizes for standalone meeting rooms, private offices, and touchdown spaces. 

Interchangeable fabric panels regulate sound and offer elegance, while glass walls encourage light and connection.


  • Roof opening mechanism with a twist
  • There are four different pod sizes that may accommodate 1-6 people.
  • It’s simple to move and rearrange.


IRYS pod is a two-in-one workspace that gives employees the freedom and autonomy they want at work. Individuals or groups of up to three collaborators can benefit from the seclusion provided by the glass enclosure. 

Outside the pod, an external canopy makes a welcoming landing spot. It’s all tied together with a polished, forward-thinking look.


  • With an exterior porch area, it’s like having two places in one.
  • Suitable for 1-3 persons
  • Access to light and a sophisticated design

Steelcase Customer Reviews

In this section, you’ll learn about how the customers of this brand found their products.

On, the overall rating of the brand is 4.5/5 stars based on thousands of reviews.

Whereas on, the overall rating is 4/5 stars and 84% of customers recommended the product they brought to a friend.

Below, we have shared some of the genuine verified customer reviews so that you can get a detailed idea about their experience, after using their products.

“We use the Leap in our office so I purchased this knowing it fits me very well. The lumbar support is perfect at the maximum firmness setting, the sticky backrest lets me sit back and stay there at different angles while maintaining the same lumbar support, and the armrest is of an amazing foam material that presses in and always bounces back. The ability to constantly shift angles and positions is important when working for long periods of time. I’ve tried the Markus and Jarvfjallet previously but wasn’t happy with the lumbar support they provided. The manufacturer headrest is poorly reviewed, but there are third party headrests that fit well onto this chair if you really need it.


“I personally use a Herman Miller chair for working from home, but my wife needed a chair due to COVID-19 and working remotely. Purchased this chair and it came 100% assembled. Removed the wheels and replaced them with rollerblades type (much-needed improvement for any office chair). The Steelcase chair is better than my Herman Miller that cost about $500.00 more.”


“I Love this chair. It’s super ergonomic. I first came across Steelcase when I sat on one at work. I immediately thought I need this chair. I got it because I have back pain and most office chairs that I’ve had don’t give me the support I need in the lumbar or neck regions. This chair tho supports your neck and your lower back really well and it’s fully adjustable. It’s expensive but you get what you pay for. I’m completely satisfied.”


The Verdict

So you might finally wonder, is the brand actually worth it? The answer to that question is yes. Steelcase is not just another ordinary brand as you have seen. 

The brand has a long history of designing some of the most comfortable furniture. And even today, it continues to change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Their products are not just high-quality, but they are also extremely comfortable. All of their products have an elegant look. And you can get all of that at such a reasonable rate!

Therefore, if you still don’t own a piece of furniture from Steelcase, we’ll definitely suggest you go for it!

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