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It is often said, ‘Good food is good mood’. And truly, we all like feeding our stomachs with delicious new food every day. 

But have you ever thought about why we reserve this phrase only for humans? Don’t our pet dogs deserve tasty and healthy food every day? Yes, they do. They also want new and mouth-watering food every day. They, too, get bored of the traditional dog food served every day. 

But, that’s a tiring and time-consuming task, right? Well, worry no more. Ollie is here to help you and your pet dogs. The company offers human-grade, fresh, and healthy dog food delivered to your doorstep for your fluffy and beautiful dogs.

This review of Ollie Dog Food will drive you through various details about the company and the products it offers.

Ollie: The Overview of Brand

Ollie Brand Logo

The Brand Ollie is a New York-headquartered company that offers subscriptions for delivery of dog food at your doorstep. The company was founded by Alex Douzet, Gabby Slome and Randy Jimenez, in the year 2015. 

The founders were, like many of us, obsessed with their pet dogs and wanted to treat them the way they deserved. They rightly identified that dogs too have cravings for delicious and healthy food. They used to cook healthy and human-grade meals for their pets and serve them every day. Later, they realized that healthy and tasty food is a need for pet dogs of all people and hence, Ollie was born. 

The company is a prominent player in the dog food industry and has featured infamous media outlets like Forbes, TechCrunch, New York Business Journal, Fortune, Wall Street Journal and many more. 

Coming to the social media presence of the brand, it is followed by more than 72K followers on Instagram and more than 49K followers on Facebook.

The company is very active when it comes to charity. It donates 1% of its total revenue to help dogs in need across the country. From time to time, they partner with dog rescue organizations and dog shelters to help homeless dogs. On certain occasions, they also donate dog meals and have donated more than 10,000 dog meals to date.

Ollie Dog Food Detailed information

Ollie believes that ‘…a dog’s health, happiness, and longevity begins with their food’. Bringing this phrase to life, they offer subscriptions for getting freshly cooked, healthy and yummy meals for your pet dogs delivered at your doorstep from time to time. 

In fact, the meals are customized as per the liking and disliking of your pet dogs. Moreover, customers get a wide variety of options to choose from. Customers can get dog food delivered every day, alternative day, weekly, monthly, and many other plans. 

olline dog food

Ollie offers food that fills the appetite of your pet dogs. So it’s high time that you give your pet dogs a long-due treat. Let us have a look at a few Pros and Cons of Ollie. 


  • The company uses quality ingredients for cooking dog food and avoids any sort of by-products, fillers, or artificial flavors.
  • The food is nutritious and healthy for the good health of pet dogs.
  • The food delivered is human-grade and involves very minimal processing.
  • Since the food is delivered to your doorstep, it is very convenient for the customers.
  • You can pause or change your subscription whenever you want.
  • For the initial two weeks, customers get a full refund if their dogs don’t like the food.
  • Delivery is available all across the United States


  • The service is not available in other countries of the world other than the United States.
  • Ollie subscriptions are pretty expensive.
  • The food cannot be stored for a long time.

Ollie: What are the Products the Brand Offers?

As mentioned earlier, Ollie is a subscription-based dog food delivery platform. The meals provided under these subscriptions are customized based on the needs and eating habits of your pet. Moreover, you can also change the frequency and timings of the delivery of food as per your needs.

Unlike traditional dog food, the company offers human-grade, fresh and healthy dog food. Ollie mainly serves four types of dishes for your fluffy dogs. All these dishes are nutritious and have high-protein content for the wellness and good health of your pet. The four food dishes are – Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb. 

Ollie Dog Food Packets

ollie food pack

Apart from these, the subscription also includes food products like:

  • Fruits, including blueberries and cranberries, for fulfilling the need for Vitamins and antioxidants in your pet’s body.
  • Plant-based protein, including chickpeas, lentils and peas, for adding more protein to the diet.
  • Leafy greens and root vegetables, including sweet potatoes and carrots, for improving digestion.

The company claims that dogs who eat Ollie’s food have better digestion, softer and shinier coats and are healthier. The high-quality ingredients and human-grade food are very beneficial for pups.

When you try Ollie for the first time, you get an initial Starter Pack for two weeks as a trial. The company promises a full refund for the starter pack in case your dog didn’t like the food delivered by the company. The starter pack is made based on various factors like age, breed, weight, activities, allergies, etc. of your pet dogs. The starter pack includes the following:

  1. Two weeks’ worth of dog food, which can be easily stored in the freezer for up-to three days.
  2. A booklet including feeding guidelines, based on the characteristics of your dog.
  3. A Puptainer, to store the leftover food for the next serve.
  4. A Scoop, a serving utensil, helps in serving the right portions to your pet dog.

Ollie Dog Food Scoop

Ollie Scoop

An important feature offered by Ollie is that you can easily pause or cancel your subscription whenever you want. Unfortunately, one cannot order individual or separate meals from Ollie. They only have a subscription service available.

Pricing – Ollie does not have a fixed price for its subscription. Rather, the subscriptions are completely based on the body features of the dog-like its weight, age, daily activities, eating habits, liking and disliking, breed and many more. With all these details, Ollie identifies how many calories or diets your dog requires and eventually decides the subscription fees. Apart from these, many other factors like delivery address, frequency of orders, etc.

How to Order Ollie Dog Products/Subscriptions?

By now, you might be excited to get an Ollie subscription for your pet dogs and treat them with tasty, healthy and nutritious food. If this is the case, the following steps will help you to get one for your pup.


  1. Visit the Website – First of all, you will have to visit the brand’s website ( Once you are on the website, you will find the ‘Get Started’ button on the home page. Click on that button.
  1. Create your account  – Now, you will have to create your account on the website by providing a few details like name, email, contact, etc.
  1. Take the quiz for your dog – Now, you will have to take up a quiz based on your pet dog. The quiz will help Ollie to know various details about your dog like breed, weight, age, daily activities, diet and similar other information. The quiz has a few essential questions which help Ollie to treat her dog the way it deserves.
  1. Sign up for the Starter Pack Ollie will show you a variety of recommended meals. From these, you may select all or choose the ones that best suit your dog. Then, you will have to sign up for the starter pack under which Ollie will provide two weeks’ worth of food for your pet dog delivered to your doorstep. The company has a policy under which you will be refunded the whole amount if your dog does not like the two weeks meals.
  1. Subscribe for routine deliveries – If you are satisfied with the starter pack, you may now subscribe to the routine plan where the food is delivered to your home at your convenience. You can easily pause or cancel your subscription whenever you want. You can use your Ollie account to manage the frequency, timings, quantity and other details of your subscription and deliveries.

Ollie Dog Food Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ollie has got an excellent rating and great reviews from its customers. On the company’s website, most of the customers have rated the subscription a five star or at least a 4 star. The reviews have praised the good quality and benefits of the food provided by Ollie. 

  • One reviewer wrote – “My dog used to leave his expensive breed specialized dog food in his bowl for hours before touching it. Since switching to Ollie he literally comes and finds me in the house and whines to be fed. He wags his tail when I feed him every time. He’s never done that before.”
  • Another reviewer praised the customized plan made by Ollie for her dog Bella  – “Bella is an older dog and weight control is a concern, so I love how Ollie is perfectly measured for her diet.”

On TrustPilot, the brand is reviewed by more than 800 customers and enjoys a great rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

  • Another reviewer wrote – “I have been ordering Ollie dog food for more than a year. I just want to say that the customer service at Ollie has been excellent! I was having problems with delivery and they responded to me immediately and rectified the situation. The food quality seems very good (my dog loves it). My last shipment wasn’t correct, and again they responded right away and sent the part of my order that was missing out really quickly! The customer service has been really great!”
Ollie Review
Ollie Review

Apart from a large number of positive reviews, there are a few negative reviews of the company as well. Some customers have complained about poor customer service, late delivery of food, defrosted food, and similar other concerns.

However, a certain number of negative reviews are natural and common for all companies and the number of positive reviews for Ollie clearly outweighs the negative ones.

Ollie Subscription: Is it Worth It?

ollie dog food

Through this review, we can assure you that Ollie dog food is completely worth the money for your pet dog. The number of benefits you get for the amount you pay is many.

The most important feature is that the food is specially customized as per the needs and requirements of your dog. The food is nutritious, human-grade and of premium quality. This helps in better digestion, softer skin and good health for your dog.

Moreover, customers can easily pause, manage as well as cancel their subscription using their Ollie account. Though the price charged may be a bit higher than other dog food, the best food always comes at a high price. 

With the help of Ollie, ordering food for dogs has become as simple as ordering food for humans. So why not treat your pups the way you treat yourself?

Our verdict on Ollie Dog Food

Our verdict on Ollie is a positive one and we highly recommend you to try the company’s subscription at least once if you own a pet dog. The Ollie subscription comes with various advantages and benefits.

The most important is that it ensures the well-being of your dog and helps improve its health. The company avoids the use of any form of harmful ingredients like fillers, artificial flavors and by-products. In addition, the entire diet plan is specifically customized to your dog’s eating habits.

Another advantage is that you no longer need to visit pet stores and carry heavy bags of dog food which your dog rarely loves. Under Ollie’s subscription, the food is delivered right at your doorstep and at your desired time.

A large number of positive customer reviews act as proof of the brand’s trustworthiness and reliability. We agree that there is surely some scope for improvement considering negative reviews, but those reviews account for only a minor percentage.

Additionally, customers get a starter pack for two weeks as a trial and if the dog didn’t like the food in these two weeks, the company fully refunds the starter pack. This reduces the risk factor and makes the brand worth a try.

With Ollie, it is time to treat your pet dog the way it deserves to be treated. We can assure you that Ollie won’t disappoint you and your best friend. So wait no more and get an Ollie subscription for your dog today.

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