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Diet conscious!!

These days low nutrition and harmful snacks are two very normal things that we can witness in everyday life but it is not good for health and the brain too.

The children of this generation are very addicted to junk foods and because of that their nutrition gets affected by that, and more or less because of lack of nutrition children’s brains get affected too.


Due to the lack of nutrition, today’s kids suffer through lots of issues that can be stunted or delayed growth, weaker memory, being underweight or overweight, and many more. 

Kids are unaware of this complication but we are not, as parents, we are the ones who are responsible for their health and wellness. If you are also a newbie parent then this brand is for you. 

Brainiacs brought their variety of ranges in the form of juices, bars, and mixes of other nutritious healthy snacks which are very nutritious, but at the same time, they are also delicious.

Ok so I am here to tell you about this brand which I found a year ago, and I genuinely like their products which are junk-free tasty snacks. Let me share with you the experience I gain from this brand. 

Overview Of The Brand

Brainiac Brand Image
Brainiac Brand Image

As we are aware that every brain needs nutrients to enact well, we also know all the nutrients that our mind requires, and then have you ever thought why can’t we fulfill our brain’s requirements to keep it healthy?

Some of the reasons are we can’t have every food at a time in a single meal. Also when we get time to feed something as we go on the option which is tasty, not healthy. But why do we need to choose one? Why can’t we don’t have both of them at a time?

Here is the answer. Founder Mark Brooks and co-founder Jonathan Wolfson the parents of young ones brought up to you their brand brainiac. According to them, there are many nutrients that we need for our brain development but we don’t find them in our diets. 

Also, kids’ age is a very crucial stage in life because, at that time, most of our development takes place. And that’s why it is very important to feed kids more nutritious food. But the main problem is kids are so choosy and don’t want to eat something they don’t like.

So, brainiacs, a brand invented in 2019 whose products are for kids and are tasty treats for your kids and will focus on their brain health by providing them with all the important nutrients they need. Their product mainly focused on omega 3+ and choline.

As everything had some goodness and badness in them this brand also contains some let’s have a look at their pros and cons.



  • Anytime snacks that will be loved by your loved ones.
  • Different flavors which are kid-friendly 
  • All the ingredients are selected organically 
  • Snacks also improve your kid’s brain power.
  • With these products, you will not only get quality and nutrition but with a subscription plan, you will also unlock snacks in your budget. 


  • You may get some delay if you order it with an international address.

Are The Brainiac Nutrition safe for kids?



When I became a mother I was also a little worried about the products which I used for my kids and the reason was product quality. Being a mother you have the responsibility of taking care of your child. 

That’s why before using brainiac products, I verify the products first. After checking their reviews and ingredients I bought my first product. I remember its name yet it was a brainiac squeezer variety pack. It tasted amazing. 

You won’t believe that I bought it first for my kid but then after I also loved its taste. And also I got a remarkable change in my kid’s behavior.

All the ingredients used are organic or organically obtained ingredients. And Brainiac is completely safe for kids. And kids after the age of 6 months can take their product. 

Products That I Have Been Taken Advantage Of

Brainiac Little Brainiac Review

Brainiac Little Brainiac
Brainiac Little Brainiac
Brainiac Little Brainiac
Brainiac Little Brainiac
Brainiac Little Brainiac
Brainiac Little Brainiac

A combination of healthy, tasty, and organic fruits and vegetables for healthy eyes, brain, and immunity.

It is made with the help of apples, carrots, bananas, lemon juice, omega-3, choline, lutein, vitamin A, citric acid, and ascorbic acid. Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A, which is very beneficial for the eyes.

This product is available in 3 different flavors, which are apple carrot banana, apple spinach banana, and apple pumpkin cinnamon. Each set contains 12 packs. You can also purchase a variety pack in which all flavors are present.

Squeezers are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, BPA-free, and kosher.

This product will provide you with the following advantages:

  • A sharp vision. 
  • It will support your kid’s immunity. 
  • Make your kid’s brain more functional. 
  • Helps to deliver information faster from the brain to the body.

It is available for $24.99.

“Nutritious”“My girl finished the pouch within one minute (it’s that good!). I especially like that it provides brain-fueling nutrients like Omega-3s. And its packaging is so cute too!”

Carmen W

Brainiac Brain Butter Review

Brainiac Brain Butter 
Brainiac Brain Butter 
Brainiac Brain Butter 
Brainiac Brain Butter 
Brainiac Brain Butter 
Brainiac Brain Butter 

A pack of 20 sachets that can be squeezed, spread, and carried anytime anywhere. 

This pack contains 20 individually packed sachets that are enriched with the goodness of almonds, palm oil, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, sea salt, cane sugar, flax oil, rosemary extract, omega-3 DHA, omega-3 ALA, choline, and plant-based proteins. 

It’s available in two flavors, which are almond chocolate and almond honey. 

  • It can be allergic to some people because it contains almonds and peanuts. Brain butter is gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and soy free.

You can use it wherever you want such as on bread slices, biscuits, etc. 

This can be beneficial for you in many ways:

  • Enhance the brain power of your child.
  • Good for the eyes.
  • Good for hair.
  • Good for memory power.

It will only cost you $39.99(without a subscription) if you take its subscription pack then it will cost you $35.99

“Addicted to this stuff!” “I just discovered this at my local Whole Foods and I cannot get enough of it. Great for any time of day.”

Lynn P 

Brainiac Brain Bar Review

Brainiac Brain Bar
Brainiac Brain Bar
Brainiac Brain Bar
Brainiac Brain Bar
Brainiac Brain Bar
Brainiac Brain Bar

A chocolate bar for removing your cravings with soft chewable whole grain filled up with clean, non-GMO components which will give you an enthusiastic healthy brain.

It is made up of rolled oats, quinoa, pea crisps, pea syrup, corn sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, vanilla powder, agave fiber, coconut, high-oleic sunflower oil, canola oil, vegetable glycerin, black chia seeds, and many more.

This product is available in 3 flavors, which are chocolate chip, peanut chocolate chip, and apple cinnamon. Its packets are available in two sizes: a 5-pack and a 12-pack.

The benefits you will get are:

  • The sharp mind of your kids 
  • An energetic day power the whole day 
  • Make the eyesight more powerful 
  • Shiny strong hair 
  • Good for gut help 

It can be yours for just $7.99-$18.99.

“5 Stars” “Brainiac brain bars are much better tasting and nutritious than anticipated. My grandchildren ate them over other fruit-flavored brands. I will be purchasing these often.”

Sheila O

Brainiac Gummies Review 

Brainiac Gummies
Brainiac Gummies
Brainiac Gummies
Brainiac Gummies
Brainiac Gummies
Brainiac Gummies

Anytime, anywhere!!

A mix of science and taste in one small gummy. You can eat it anytime, anywhere. No need for water or anything for taking it inside. 

These gummies are gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and soy free. It is designed for you, with no need for time, hesitation, or anything else. Also, gummies are enriched with omega-3, choline, lutein, vitamin c, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

Not only for kids but gummies are also available for adults. 

It is made with blends of glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, potato starch, citric acid, natural flavors, lactic acid, tomato lycopene extract, and tartaric acid.

It can be helpful for you as:

  • Improve your brain capacity 
  • Strengthen your eyesight.
  • Helps you for focusing 
  • Sharpen your mind to learn new things faster.

You can purchase this amazing product for $25–$35.

“I recently tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip variety of Brainiac Bars, and I am very impressed. These bars have a pleasant flavor, a soft but not too crumbly texture, and are relatively low in sugar. I am intrigued by the inclusion of brain nutrients like omegas, choline, and lutein as well. I look forward to trying the other flavor of Brain Bars soon.”

Zack S

How To Order Brainiac?


If you think this product is suited for you and your kid, then I’m suggesting you at least give it a try and buy it so that you will not regret it.

If you are confused about the steps of ordering then I’m here to help you with your order. You just have to follow some easy steps I mentioned below.

  1. To order any product from brainiac you must have to visit their website first, which is https://brainiacfoods/). 
  1. After reaching their website, you will see a three-line icon on the left side you have to visit, and then after you have to choose the shop now option. Then choose and add the items you want.
  1. Click on the cart option and visit your cart then after giving a quick check to the products you want to purchase. Then choose a subscription plan because it will give you unbeatable offers.
  1. Fill in all the details related to your address bar payment. Confirm your order. 

Keep patience with your order.

Brainiac Customers Reviews


Here is the most crucial step in choosing any new product: the review section, because it shows you the real side of a brand.

Is it really good or just illustrated? So, to get the best result for our review, I brought some reviews collected from the brainiac website.

Delicious and Easy “So easy to grab and go. As a 60-year-old, I’m trying to eat better for a change. . . but sometimes waiting until too late in the hunger stage to stop and prepare a meal. Very filling too, unlike veggie sticks or a piece of fruit for me. Thank you!”

Traci Y

“I am now a fan of Brainiac Brain Bars! I stopped eating granola bars a few years after eating them every day. They were just not fitting into my daily calorie intake goals and for the calories they were using, I was still hungry after eating one. Not the case with Brainiac Brain Bars. With only 120 calories, they are very satisfying and filling. I have started eating a Brain Bar as my breakfast on the go Mon – through Fri. Instead of bringing a bowl with a cup of puffed wheat and 1/2 cup of cashew milk, I bring a Brain Bar for breakfast and it holds me until lunch. The peanut butter chocolate chip is my favorite! So tasty and chewy that it goes perfectly with a cup of coffee. I purchased a couple of boxes for my husband and me to take on an upcoming road trip. He usually buys the unhealthy granola bars that for 100 calories are so skinny and small and more like candy bars. These taste so much better. Truly a satisfying granola bar. I guess kids could/would eat Brain Bars, too, but, I think they are more geared toward adults. Their price point is around $7.99 for 5 bars and some people say that is expensive. For about $1.60/bar, I think that is an extremely reasonable price. They are worth it. I’m happy that these have gotten me back to eating granola bars again. I have a coworker who is a big fan of granola bars. I gave her a few and she loves them as well.”


“Love having these on hand for both school lunches and home. Quick healthy snack, with great flavor and texture. My daughter loves to crumble these over ice cream as well. My picky husband enjoys these as well. We have already tried 2 flavors looking forward to trying the others as well. Def new staple in our home “

Stacy K

Final Thought


At the start, when I was probing their website I found many reviews that touched my heart. Many of them are very satisfied with the result of the brainiacs. 

When it was my first time I thought it would just be a normal chocolate and kids’ store where they sell kids’ favorite items but when my son started to use it regularly I saw changes in him, his IQ level and memory power increased in such a remarkable way.

Many of his friend’s mothers asked me about his diet and I also introduced them to brainiacs. And this is also the reason behind my review, I wanted to introduce you to this brand. This is such an amazing brand.

In short, if you have not tried it yet, go for it for sure. 

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