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The Best Disposable Contact Lenses

If you are one of such people who owns a pair of contact lenses, you know the compromises it comes along. Not just in the US but all across the world contact lenses are highly expensive and rarely affordable by the majority mass. Contact lenses are a compact solution to the problem of carrying two spheres of glass on both the eyes for the entire day. Contact lenses are not only compact but also make you look smart and extremely good, especially with the variety of colours they are available in. In spite of the wide range of advantages contact lenses come with, they are still considered by many as a ‘luxury’ and not a ‘necessity’.

This inability of contact lenses to replace the traditional spectacles is majorly due to the price point at which they are sold. Contact lenses are highly expensive in comparison to the spectacles which are not only inexpensive but also very easy to replace if broken or damaged. Contact lenses on the other hand are a headache to clean and disinfect and the process is extremely complicated, especially for children or elder people. Another issue with contact lenses is that they need to be replaced with new pairs from time to time, and many people hesitate to do so because they cost so much, thus continuing to wear the old pair. This makes them susceptible to a variety of injections and diseases that can not only affect their eyes but their overall health as well.

Hubble Contacts bring an affordable solution to this problem. Their contact lenses are made of high quality materials by renowned manufacturers at state-of-the-art facilities where lenses have been manufactured for over two decades. We are going to find out how Hubble contact lenses are different from the mainstream contact lenses and whether or not one should opt for Hubble.

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Are disposable contact lenses better than the regular reusable ones?

If you are an individual who has used glasses as well as contact lenses, are definitely aware of the advantages and convenience contact lenses come with. However, it is found that most of the people who resort to contact lenses use the reusable ones. Even though the idea of having reusable contact lenses seems to be favourable, in the long run there is a lot of problem one has to encounter when using reusable contact lenses.

Our eyes as well as the tears contain some elements such as lipids, calcium and proteins which along with time accumulate on the reusable contact lenses. In the long run, this can lead to several forms of infection. Individuals wearing reusable lenses may also come in contact with airborne allergens which could build up upon the lenses, thus causing great harm to not only the eyes but the individual as a whole.

Reusable contact lenses are also hectic and messy, as one needs to clean that regularly with the proper lens cleaning solution and also needs to make sure they replace the solution in the case regularly, and hence requires a lot of care and regularity, which most of the individuals fail to comply to. Thus, replacing your reusable contact lenses with daily disposable contact lenses is not only more convenient, but is also saving a lot of your time and effort.

Hubble Contacts : a solution to the problem?

Hubble is a U.S based company with its main aim to provide contact lenses on a subscription basis which are of unquestionable quality and great comfort, at an extremely affordable price range.

It has been long since people began replacing their regular spectacles with contact lenses and in today’s world, contact lenses are widely popular and are also considered as a fashion statement at many occasions.

However, the typical traditional contact lenses are not only harmful for the eyes of a person as previously mentioned in the article above, they are also quite expensive and not everyone can afford to wear contact lenses. This is another aspect that Hubble targets. Hubble Contacts are extremely affordable yet maintaining the quality and comfort of traditional contact lenses.

Hubble takes great pride in its quality of the product and claims that all of their lenses are manufactured by St.Shine manufacturers who have been manufacturing contact lenses for decades now, and uses state-of-the-art facilities in order to produce billions of contact lenses which are of the best quality.

The best feature of Hubble contact lenses is that they are disposable, and hence not only prevents the mess of cleaning and maintaining and thus saving a lot of time and effort, but also helps you wear a fresh pair of contacts every day and thereby make you feel fresh too.





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How does a Hubble subscription work?

Hubble subscription is very easy to avail and really simple to understand.

For a fresh customer, after the prescription is verified they are shipped a box of 30 Hubble disposable contact lenses. All you would need to pay is just $1 for the handling and shipping charges.

Then onwards, you will receive shipments of 60 Hubble contact lenses every 28 days for just the cost of $36 along with a $3 shipping and handling charge mandatory for each delivery.

Every time lenses are shipped, your registered card for payment will be automatically charged and you have the power to cancel or modify the plan as and when necessary.

What ranges of power does Hubble Contacts provide?

Hubble provides contact lenses of power ranging from +0.5 to +6.00 and from -0.50 to -12.00. Presently, Hubble doesn’t produce or offer bifocal/multifocal contact lenses, however they aren’t working hard to get them in stock soon. People can mail them regarding their requirements and Hubble promises to get back to them with all the information necessary.

Where does Hubble ship its products?

Hubble Contacts are shipped all across the United States of America, along with several of its territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands as well as the military DPO/APO/FPO addresses. Hubble also ships it’s contact lenses to Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands.

For regular shipments, Hubble uses the USPS Standard Economy shipping and it usually takes around 5-10 working days to get delivered. However, shipments outside the United States of America might take longer than that.

What do the users or subscribers of Hubble Contact lenses say about the product?

Hubble is extremely high rated on the internet, on their official website and people seem to absolutely love their product and have shown no hesitation in replacing the use of traditional contact lenses with Hubble contacts.

Hubble Contacts : the final thoughts

As we have previously seen and discussed, contact lenses have significantly replaced the traditional spectacles one used to wear. However, there are several factors that make the traditional contact lenses less favourable. One of the most important factors is that the traditional contact lenses are usually reusable. That might seem like a good idea in the short run but can lead to several problems in the long run. One needs to put significant time and effort in cleaning the lenses and also replacing the lens cleaning solution. The lipids, proteins, etc. that are secreted from the eye accumulate on the lenses and can lead to a build up of the same. This can cause serious eye infections and is extremely harmful for human health. Another most important factor is that the traditional contact lenses are extremely expensive and cannot usually be afforded by all.

However, Hubble comes up with a solution to this problem keeping in mind all the above mentioned factors. Hubble provides contact lenses which are disposable, and hence one gets to wear a fresh pair every single day. This not only removes the hassle of cleaning, but also prevents problems such as infections in the eyes. Hubble also provides contact lenses at an extremely affordable price range, and the lenses cost as low as $1 per day. Hubble also emphasises on the quality of the product and comfort of the customer and makes sure they’re absolutely happy and satisfied with their product.

Hence, for us, Hubble Contact Lenses are an absolutely wonderful option to go for if you wear contact lenses or are planning to, at absolutely affordable prices and made of amazing quality.

Stay safe and healthy!

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