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Have you ever dreamt of being a Rockstar?  Have you ever thought you could perform well with a drum set, but the barrier between you and your dreams is space issues or your house owner?

If yes, AeroBand has something for you—something that is going to blow your mind. 

AeroBand brings gadgets that are sensational, visual, and easy to carry or easy to store. 

Basically, this is an air drum kit that you can add to your phone with Bluetooth or by any other app for free. 

Are you getting curious to know more about it? Okay, let’s talk about it more. 

Overview Of Aeroband

Aeroband Brand logo
Aeroband Brand logo

So, AeroBand PocketDrums are portable drums that you can put in your pockets and carry everywhere you want. It’s a type of air drum. 

This drum kit contains portable drumsticks which can easily be connected to the apps through Bluetooth or you can also download their own brand apps AeroBand apps or GarageBand apps for free. 

Here you can play rhythms of your choice without interrupting your homemates, neighbors, or anyone else who doesn’t like it. 

If you visit behind the scenes you will find an intelligent brand founder who came up with this idea. The founder about which we are talking is Frank.

According to Frank in 2014 he was just a dreamer of rock and roll, his dream was to become a musician.

He started practising for it and his practice was painful for his roommates because of the unpleasant noise created during the practice. 

After many angry conversations, he sacrifices his dream for his friends. But his dreams were not broken yet, he had his submerged feelings for music.

After thinking and planning about it for 2 years he introduced his first product named PocketGuitar. 

As his friends are big supporters of the geeky inventions as well as big protesters of noise and fuss.

After many upgrades and hard work, his company pays off. In 2020 his brand became popular worldwide. 

So, this is the story of AeroBand. How they started and stabilized their products,  there are so many things here we are going to discuss further. 

Functions of AeroBand


The AeroBand sticks function as they pick the force and intensity by which you are hitting and give you the bounce back of energy in the form of vibration which makes you feel the real drum.

The information and patterns that you are following are converted into vibrations in the stick,  which creates sound patterns in your headphones. 

With the AeroBand sticks, you can learn the basics in your free time and the vibration gives you the feel of a real bass drum.

Types of Pocket Drum

PocketDrum Nightclub Review

PocketDrum Nightclub
PocketDrum Nightclub

This PocketDrum is going to be your personal portable drum kit! 

For getting the magic on you just have to connect these drumsticks with the help of Bluetooth in your phone, and the magic begins! 

These drumsticks give you the feel of reality with:

  • Vibration: these PocketDrum have a unique feature of vibration which gives you the feel of a real bass drum.
  • Rhythmic LED: a beam of light which turns on and off with the rhythm of your playing speed.
  • Noiseless: gives you the confidence of learning without hesitation. 
  • Portable: You can carry it simply in your pockets.

You can make it yours in the price range of $199.00 to $239.00

A great step forward in technology “I have been doing some home recording for the past year, and wanted an easier way to add drums to my tracks. My electronic drum kit keeps me too far away from the recording controls on my computer and makes it awkward to record. Aeroband allows a much simpler interface and keeps me closer to the music and recording process. As others have mentioned, they do need a little effort to get set up for your drumming style, but they are a great technical innovation. Looking forward to much use.”

~ Bobby

Aeroband: PocketDrum 2 Review

Aeroband PocketDrum 2
Aeroband PocketDrum 2

These are your two portable pocket drums with stylish and attractive designs that come with 2-foot sensors.

It will make your experience realistic by perfectly mimicking most of the common drums which are Crash, Hi-Hat, Snare, Hat etc.

It will give you:

  • Rhythmic LED: matching the beats and sound the Light will blink and give you a fantastic experience. 
  • Practical feel: the vibration and jerks will give you one of the most realistic feels.
  • Fun all the time: you can play it whenever you want wherever you want without disturbing the nearby people.

You can purchase it in just the range of $139.00 to $179.00.

Take it to the next level! “This miracle of a product is super easy and quick to hook up with the tablet, the native Aeroband app, and all MIDI drumming apps I know of.:)”


What makes AeroBand PocketDrum different from the normal drums?

PocketDrums by AeroBand are the new age revolution of the sound industry. It has unique features of modern technology by which the ability to learn, play, and enjoy music without interrupting anyone else. 

You can connect these PocketDrums directly with your phone by the AeroBand app of the AeroBand brand and feel the sensation of real bass drums without making any mess and without utilizing any special space for these drum kits. 

Benefits of AeroBand PocketDrum 

  • Portable for taking it with you everywhere. 
  • For beginners and the ones who have problems in practicing music at the high sound.
  • Not space-consuming. It can fit in just your pockets or bags.
  • It Vibrates and gives the feeling of realistic effects. 
  • Affordable to purchase, not like the other bass drums. 
  • Helpful for beginners to learn too because it starts from a low tone.

Disadvantages of AeroBand PocketDrum

  • To take you to the heights of sound, it will take some time, which can be irritating for experienced users.

How Do I Order AeroBand PocketDrum?

I’m sure after getting all of the above, you must be excited to make these PocketDrums yours. So we are here to give you a guide on how to order these products in just some simple steps. For ordering products, follow the steps below. 

  1. Visit their website.
  2. After reaching their website, you will see a three-line icon on the left side. You have to click on it, after which you will get some options, and the second option is products. 
  3. You have to click on the product icon, select the product you want, and then click on them. Click on the icon “Buy it Now.”.
  4. Fill in all the details related to your address and your payment, and then just click on submit.

Your order has been placed. 

Aeroband Pocketdrum Reviews by Customers  

We’re really amazed by looking at their review section. We can’t write it all here but we tried to put some of the best here.

Worthiest purchase of 2022

” Need to follow the instructions carefully to make sure your hands and feet are in the correct positions. There are many tutorials online and in the AeroBand app , you can also follow the exact step you want to hone your drumming skill. Not bad! I used to play with Garageband, when I knew that the PocketDrum had its own application, I was a little bit upset since I needed to get used to another new app. Changes make me worried. But the good thing is that it is compatible with Garageband!!! Nice design!!Also the PocketDrum allows you to connect with a headphone, and the headphone sound is as good as without it.”

~ Mark Hoffman 

Amazing gadget makes you feel like you’re the star of a rock band.

“The pocketful is awesome. I’ve always thought that in a different life I would’ve been a drummer in a rock band and with this I feel like my dream is coming true. It’s super easy to set up and with the two foot pedals, you really control a complete drum set. I attached a picture to show what you get and the charging cables and included carry bag are super convenient and well thought out. The app is great too. It explains how to hold and use the equipment and it is all very intuitive.”

~Parker falcor

It’s a must have item with Aeroband

” I absolutely loved it! I was unsure how it would go when I first opened it up but it was very easy to use and get set up! SUPER EASY and just awesome to have,and play with! It’s fun to have when using your app and definitely fun to have and use without the app for sure… especially with the different modes it has but in and changes your drum sounds. That’s really cool!


Our Final Verdict

I don’t know about others but personally, I’m in love with it. Just a word for them is Wow!!!

I mean these gadgets are beyond this world, how thoughtful. All the features are amazing. 

Truly the quality of their sound is unbelievable just have a look at their website.  They will not give you even a single reason to come back from their website without ordering anything. 

Give it a try!

I am sure you will not regret it.

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