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a brand that gives you the benefits of coffee but without caffeine. Isn’t it strange and unrealistic, but it’s true? 

Rasa Coffee
Rasa Coffee

a brand that is here to give you energy all day, but you don’t need to worry about caffeine addiction because it is made without caffeine. 

Rasa Coffee pioneered a method to transform your coffee with delectable, adaptogen-rich herbal coffee alternatives.

Rasa is a brand that is famous as an alternative to coffee; they serve an energy drink that is like coffee but does not have caffeine. 

The brands offer you a product that is USDA organic, Whole30 approved, gluten-free, 3rd party lab tested, sugar-free, and vegan. This quality in one product makes us curious to know more about this brand, so here we are with our research. 

This article intends to let my readers know detailed information about the brand name “Rasa” with genuine customer reviews to help them decide while buying.

Rasa: Overview Of The Brand 

RASA brand image
RASA brand image

Lopa van der Mersch, the founder of the brand, got this idea for the initiation of this brand when she became a mother, and the year was 2018.

She had years of knowledge in Ayurveda, and this gives her confidence to replace your boring cup of coffee.

According to her, she had a very difficult time. She was exhausted after every little task at the time. Everyone recommended coffee, which she was allergic to; she experienced anxiety, panic attacks, and poor sleep. 

She tried many coffee alternatives, but she didn’t like the quality of them. And that gives her the courage to start her brand.

Now that she has reached her goal, you will be amazed that her company achieved 47.8k+ followers on Instagram and 25k+ followers on Facebook in a really short period of time. 

So, before we proceed with the products, we’d like to give you a brief overview of the brand’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • A blend of herbs to make you energetic  without herbs
  • Dark and Rich taste 
  • The brand gives you a 100% cash-back guarantee 
  • Easy to cook.


  • It takes a long brewing process to be effective.

Why is Rasa Superior To Other Brands And Who Is Rasa For?

Rasa caffeine
Rasa caffeine

There are a lot of people who hate coffee or caffeine but they want energy as well, also coffee can cause many types of problems such as staining your teeth, making your heart rest less, and dehydration, and most of the research also says that caffeine is addictive.

Rasa is a better option for drinking a beverage other than caffeine and getting the same amount of energy or even more in return.

So, if someone wants to replace their boring cup of coffee with something tasty and healthy they must choose this option. And it can be the best option for you. 

Let’s check out the products offered by the brand. 

Products Offered By Rasa:

Rasa Magnificent Mushrooms Review

Rasa Magnificent Mushrooms 
Rasa Magnificent Mushrooms 

You like mushrooms, so here is the product for you, made for you!

It’s a mushroom powder that contains 3300 mg of adaptogens: turkey tail, reishi, organic mushroom extract, cordyceps, lion’s mane, tremella, and poria. These are some ingredients in the mushroom powder.

Rasa Magnificent Mushrooms 
Rasa Magnificent Mushrooms 

They strictly blocked all the sources of grains, fillers, and mycelium and they are 100% non-GMO

Benefits of magnificent mushrooms:

  • Enhance your immunity
  • Gives you energy
  • Build your performance 
  • Helps you in focusing 

Also, its use is very easy as you can simply add it to your bowl of smoothies, salads, or baking purposes. 

This can be yours only for $24.00 (with a subscription) 

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It’s my pixie dust! It took me two weeks for the adaptogens to build up in my body, but adaptogens have given me my brain back!


 Peaceful Easy Feeling “I started using the powder in my morning coffee and smoothies several months ago. What have I noticed? I feel more energetic throughout the day, enhanced positive mood, and no longer crave sweets which has led to weight loss, also I am calmer, and worry less. I started the subscription so I always have a constant supply. I attribute my peaceful, easy feeling to my Rasa mushrooms paired with my evening headspace meditation. Life is good!”


Rasa Crème de la Creamer Review

Rasa Crème de la Creamer
Rasa Crème de la Creamer

Love creams? So, this one is especially for you.

creamy, tasty, and versatile. It is specially made with snow mushrooms, which give it a creamy texture and a perfect finish. 

This product is made with the collaboration of oat milk, coconut milk powder, MCT oil powder, coconut oil, tremella mushroom extract, acacia fiber, tapioca maltodextrin, American ginseng extract,  L- theanine, amla extract, etc.

All you have to do to enjoy its flavor is:

Rasa Crème de la Creamer
  •  Take a glass of water/ smoothie/ shakes or whatever you want.
  • Add one, two, or three tablespoons of creamer( according to your need) 
  • Mix it, have it.
  •  Take a glass of water/ smoothie/ shakes or whatever you want.
  • Add one, two, or three tablespoons of creamer( according to your need) 
  • Mix it, have it.

Effective for:

  • Give you glow.
  • Helps you to detoxify your body.
  • Supports the skin to become perfect skin.
  • Also helpful in improving the collagen of the skin.

This amazing product will cost you only $25.60 (with a subscription).

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I absolutely love this creamer and no longer use sweetener!

Kathryn H.

 Beat creamer I’ve tried“The ingredients are top notch and the flavor is lovely. So happy I got the bundle with the frother because it makes all the difference! And I love seeing that froth in my cup – no need to ever again buy expensive fancy drinks … I make them myself in a few minutes at home ?”


Rasa Peppermint Cacao Review

Rasa Peppermint Cacao
Rasa Peppermint Cacao

A product for cheer!!

Available with 1725 mg of adaptogens, which give you the taste of healthy peppermint hot chocolate and help you get out of the reach of stress for a stress-free day.

It is made with roasted cocoa, roasted date seed, roasted chicory, roasted burdock, vanilla, licorice, lo Han Guo, peppermint leaf, etc.

Rasa Peppermint Cacao
Rasa Peppermint Cacao

If you want to cook it just follow some simple steps:

  • First, you have to boil the water 
  • Add one tablespoon (8 oz) of peppermint cacao to a glass of water
  • The third step is very interesting as you have to do whatever in which you are interested for 10-15 minutes. 
  • Your brew is ready to go for it. 

The good qualities that will come with it can be:

  • Gives you energy 
  • It consists of peppermint and tulsi which will give you immunity 
  • Take off your fatigues 

This can be yours for only $39.99

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Of all of the Rasa products, this Classic Rasa in individual packets is by far my favorite. I’ve been off coffee for almost a year and RASA’s products have made that trek easier. Five stars

David D. 

 This made for the merriest magical cup of Christmas!“Rasa never fails to aid us all on our journey to wellness by trying out new ideas that join the old with the new. I am a peppermint fanatic, and am thrilled to say they delivered on this one! The cacao gives a slight sweetness that melds so perfectly with the invigoration of peppermint, it is quite literally Christmas in a cup! Especially with the marshmallows provided! <3 until next year!! Cannot wait for this delightful blend to come back out again!”

Ashlee H. 

Rasa Golden Chai Review

Rasa Golden Chai Reviews
Rasa Golden Chai

a drink with the power of 1400 mg of adaptogens. 

One of the deliciously warm tonics to give you distinctly soothing effects, this packet contains 1400 mg of adaptogens to make you healthy. 

Chai or tea has numerous advantages and is unrivaled; it can be used as a beverage as well as a breath freshener. It’s made with the goodness of chicory, burdock, Saigon cinnamon, roasted date seed, Shatavari, codonopsis, ginger, dandelion, turmeric, and many more. 

Rasa Golden Chai
Rasa Golden Chai

It will give many benefits with a good vibe some of the benefits are:

  • Turmeric can be used for immunity, cold, bacterial, and inflammatory healing response
  • Boswellia Gives you healthy bone
  • Saigon cinnamon is a good antioxidant 
  • Can be used for headaches 

It will cost you $31.99 (with a subscription).

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 LOVE! “I originally ignored Rasa because it’s advertised as a coffee substitute and I hate coffee. But something made me check it out. I was recovering from covid and the effects of 5 days of Prednisone when my sample pack arrived. I started with golden chai. OMG! A little honey and creme de la creamer. It was love at first sip and I could feel a difference even just later in the day.”

Michelle S.

I have a coffee press full every morning LOVE ???? IT !!!! Thank you so much Sanya.

Sanya D. 

Rasa Sample Pack Review

Rasa Sample Pack
Rasa Sample Pack

A pack perfect for startups!

If you want to try rasa, you should get this pack, which contains five of the brand’s best-selling products and has the best flavor of the products. 

This pack contains five different flavors. First is an energy tonic named Rasa Bold. The second is rasa calm, the third is rasa original, the next is rasa dirty, and the last one is rasa cacao. This will be the best option for starting to use Rasa. 

The ingredients used are cacao, vanilla bean, Chagall mycelium, reishi extract, Ceylon cinnamon, Rhodiola, yogic sages, shilajit, roasted chicory, roasted burdock, gynostemma extract, schizandra extract, and much more.

It can be beneficial for you as:

  • Keep you energetic 
  • Can be useful in headache 
  • Enhance your immunity 
  • Gives you good vibes

This special combo will only cost you $25.60( with a subscription) 

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 Perfect Coffee Substitute!“I was looking for a way to cut back on the amount of caffeine I was drinking and Rasa was the PERFECT solution! Not only does it have that rich, coffee taste, but it also gives me mental clarity without the jittery feeling that coffee/caffeine can sometimes leave me with. No crash!!! I’ve already ordered three more full bags!! The best-seller pack allowed me to try a good amount of flavors at a low cost!”

Sammy W.

Stick with it, the longer u take it the better u will feel.

Beth R. 

How do I order Rasa products?

Rasa Coffee
Rasa Coffee

As the products are incomparable to others you must be thinking of taking a try so, here we are to help you with your order. Just follow the instructions below. 

  1. For ordering the product you must have to visit their website first which is mentioned here, after visiting their website you have to first search for the product you want to buy, the search icon is present on the right-hand side corner.
  2. After reaching the product profile you have to add it to the cart and then after you have to visit their cart.
  3. You will get an option for a subscription plan or without a subscription, we recommend a subscription because it will help you to get many discounts.  Choose one of them and move ahead.
  4. Fill in all the payments and address-related details. Click on order and your order has been done. 

Wait for your parcel. 

RASA Reviews: What do customers think about the products? 

Before purchasing any product, it must be necessary to view all the customers’ reviews and comments on the product, so checking customers’ reviews We collected some of the reviews, which are mentioned below. If you want more, you can also visit their website. 

Yummy yum yum!!! “This sample pack is AMAZING! The chance to taste and create with all of these flavors and benefits all in one!!! I am stuck for life after just two orders! Give Rasa a try you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!”

Gina L

 Love this stuff”I’ve tried a lot of coffee alternatives and this is my favorite. I can’t say enough good things about the original Rasa. I don’t get the coffee sweats. I like the flavor enough that I don’t even feel sad when I forgo coffee. It is rich and works well with creamer. I especially love it with rasa’s powdered creme de la creamer. Thanks, Rasa!”


 Super Happy with Super Happy Sunshine”I enjoy the taste of the Super Happy Sunshine. It has completely replaced my morning coffee. I feel it has helped to elevate my overall mood and is an important part of my morning anti-seasonal depression routine in the winter. The only downside is that I start to feel a little panicked if it looks like I might run out before the next shipment arrives!”

Elizabeth M

Our Final Verdict 


I conducted extensive research to reach my conclusion and provide you with my verdict. Somewhere, we found it effective for hormonal balance. Some customers claim to be experiencing severe hormonal issues, but after using it on a regular basis, they noticed a significant improvement. 

Also, many of them feel blessed to have it because they are sensitive to caffeine, but at the same time they need an energetic day, so it will become their best option. 

We also take a look at their ingredients, varieties, and effects. They are all worth it. If you want to try something new with your coffee, we highly recommend this. 

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