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Don’t you think that Feeding kids is one of the hardest things to do? I realized it when my sister gave birth to her first daughter. 

Hello Yumi

All the time we were like eat this, drink this, have this but the baby never opened her mouth to have any of the foods. 

And at the same time, we also don’t only have to feed the baby but also have to give her the right nutrients too. It is very important.  

But is it possible to feed a baby easily? 

If you ask me now my answer will be yes. You know how it’s possible now with Hello Yumi

Hello yumi is a brand that offers different foods and flavors for kids of different ages, they also have products for toddlers. 

To know more Let’s walk through the reviews I made for you.

Overview of the Brand

Hello Yumi logo

Hello Yumi is a brand that offers and gives you all the nutrients a baby needs for their regular growth and development. Angela Sutherland the CEO and Co-founder of the brand researched a lot at the time when she got pregnant. 

In her research, she found out that the nutrition a child gets in their starting 1000 days is so vital for their growth as iron, calcium, healthy fats, and more. All the nutrients are important for future metabolism and brain health or you can say overall health.

Hello Yumi
Hello Yumi

But when she searched for toddler feeding foods she saw that there are no products in the market that fulfill her requirements, all the foods are rich in sugar and have low amounts of nutrients.

And henceforth Angela and one of her journalist friends Evelyn brought a brand Hello Yumi to help all the parents which are seeking nutrients for their children. 

They use science and nature to build their products and both came to this brand in 2017.

And if you check their social media accounts they will scream at you that they do such a really unbelievable thing in such a short period of time.

Their Instagram account has 198k+ followers and their Facebook handles 43k+ members on it. They are not just members but happy customers. 

Okay, I think this is enough introduction we discussed the brand now let’s move ahead with its pros and cons. 


  • There are many pediatricians, nutritionists, and chefs which are available to create your baby’s diet. 
  • Foods can be kept for the next use for 2 months. 
  • They deliver fresh food every week.
  • Customization of foods and flavors available.
  • They have different color codes for different products which will help you to keep organized.


  •  All the foods are available only for up to kids of 2 years.
  •  Some of the products use peanuts which can be allergic to some.

Are the Hello Yumi’s products safe?

Hello Yumi

We all have gone through this type of question at least once before using any product or specifically, when we are buying something for our kids it becomes more important to check about this information. 

So initially I was also concerned with the same thing but after checking their whole website I was almost convinced because they use science to make everything real not just for creating a look but also for giving your child a healthy meal

All the products are free from 9 allergens which are milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans,  shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybean, and sesame.

Also, they are 100% organic, NON-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, plant-based, and dairy free. 

Even after knowing everything, I have some doubts about whether are they really true to their words or if they just wrote it on their website but after using it, I am really convinced fully.

Products Offered

Hello Yumi Toddler Biteamin Review 

Toddler Biteamin
Hello Yumi Toddler Biteamin
Image of Hello Yumi Toddler Biteamin
Hello Yumi Toddler Biteamin
Image of Toddler Biteamin

A perfect combination of multivitamins that supports your baby’s brain and body by providing them 21 key vitamins and minerals, and the unique thing is they obtained these nutrients from 15 whole vegetables, fruits, and nature. 

You can feed it to a baby of two years or more. As per the nutrients it has to be taken as, 5 gummies per day or directed by the dietician. 

This product is made with a mix of pomegranate, apple, kale, lemon, spirulina, orange, etc.

This will give your children:

  • Healthy brain capacity. 
  • Healthy eyesight.
  • More energy.
  • Less prone to vitamins.
  • Help in the development of the body.

As per its uses and quantity, they charge a reasonable price of $27.00(with a subscription ) or $30.00 without a subscription. 

Baby loves the “first stage and the second stages are awesome for testing allergies. One food at a time with no worries of additives. Baby is now on stage 3/4 and is currently loving all the mixed flavors! As parents, my husband and I both love that Yumi sends an email sharing facts about the foods they’ve chosen and how they help with our baby’s development. I get asked a lot by older relatives when we’ll start baby on meat or completely solid foods and this helps me remain confident in our decision as the stages progress with baby’s age and the foods progress as well”


HelloYumi Kid Vitamin Reviews

Hello Yumi Kid Vitamin Reviews
Hello Yumi Kid Biteamin Reviews
Hello Yumi Kid Vitamin Reviews
Image of Hello Yumi Kid Vitamin Reviews
Hello Yumi Kid Vitamin Reviews
Hello Yumi Kid Vitamin Reviews

A multivitamin with the goodness of 21 key vitamins and minerals, brought up by 15 whole vegetables and fruits. A gummy which gives you nutrients of all 15 vegetables and fruits. 

These tasty gummies are made for kids who are 4+ years old. This is a mix of vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc. It also consists of iron which is the most common deficiency in little ones.

It is made up of strawberries, black currant, apple mushroom, etc.

These gummies can be taken with or without food, for children, the number of gummies is 4, or directly by the professionals. 

This will come with the benefits:

  • Make your brain stronger.
  • Keep the iron maintained in the body.
  • Keep your blood clean.
  • Your child will be devoid of weakness.

This can be your kid’s favorite and will only cost you $30.00(with a subscription)  and $27.00( without a subscription). 

Great service“Our boys both love almost everything! Things with chia seeds or quinoa they don’t seem to be a fan of (likely a texture thing), but I’ll know to avoid those in the future. Overall, the quality and variety are great! :)”


Hello Yumi Organic Meltable Puff Reviews

 Hello Yumi Organic Meltable Puff
Hello Yumi Organic Meltable Puff
Image of Hello Yumi Organic Meltable Puff
Hello Yumi Organic Meltable Puff
Brand Image Organic Meltable Puff

Not all the snacks are unhealthy, some of them are good too. One of them is yumi meltable puffs. Your children will love it and you will also. 

This one is apple and broccoli flavor, there are two more flavors which are strawberry basil and sweet pea. This pack has a quantity of 1.5oz/container. 

The benefits unlocked with this product are

  • It is gluten-free
  • Made with the goodness of fruit and vegetables 
  • It’s a rice-free product
  • You will buy one get one offer which means if you buy this one a second bottle will also be gained for you.

It will only cost you $7.99 

Awesome Customer Service ” We had an instance where our food was delivered and the ice was melted/box was not cold so we were concerned about feeding our baby the food. We emailed Yumi and they immediately credited us for the full order! Their customer service has been nothing short of amazing thus far, and our baby LOVES everything he has tried.Keep it up! Thank you”

Danielle P

Hello Yumi Bars Reviews

Hello Yumi Bars Reviews
Hello Yumi Bars Reviews
Hello Yumi Bars Reviews
Image of Hello Yumi Bars Reviews
Hello Yumi Bars Reviews
Hello Yumi Bars Reviews

Strawberry and rhubarb bars are Packed with 13 essential nutrients including iron, fiber, and vitamins B12.  The one good and unique thing is, it is not made with added sugar. 

There are many more ingredients are used in this product that are organic date paste, organic banana pure, organic coconut oil, organic French vanilla flavor, cranberry, sweet potato, glycerin, maitake mushroom, organic inulin, etc which make it super nutritious. 

There are two more flavors are included & purple carrot and the other one is apple cinnamon & squash. Both are super tasty. 

This will give your child:

  • A healthy snack
  • Tasty and healthy bars which can replace chocolate 
  • Make the mind sharp
  • Make your child’s body fitter.

One box will only cost you $4.99 and the per box contains 5 bars. And it is worth it.

My best friend (my grandbaby) “After hearing about everything that was going on with baby foods on the shelves in stores I wanted something different for my grandson. Granted I raised 3 perfectly healthy children but I wanted him to have a better variety of flavors. He smells to love all that he has tried except the raspberries but we will give it another try later. I love the package. It is well packed and I forgot & left it in the garage overnight but it was still cold & the ice packs were still frozen…thank you yumi loving this option.”


How To Order Hello Yumi products?

Hello Yumi
Hello Yumi

I’m sure about this that this page has helped you a lot about knowing this brand, and also after knowing this brand personally no parents can say no! So if you want to order any of the products by Hello Yumi then let us help you.

  1. For ordering any product first visit their website: 
  1. After reaching their website you will find a see my plan option. You have to click on it and enter the information regarding your kid and then make a plan size with a subscription (a subscription plan will unlock the benefits of weekly delivery and many discounts.  
  1. Choose the product you want with its quantity and add it to your plan then visit your cart. After reaching there you have to fill in three details which are your email, address, and payment-related details 
  1. Click on checkout and order the products. 
  1. Your order has been placed and waited for your Order. 

What do Customers think and does the product worth it according to them?

You came here right, of course, this is the best place to find the reality about any product because this is the section of customer review which is so true about any product because they don’t have to get any benefits from it, they are just showing their love according to the products. 

So without any delay let’s come to the reviews part.

Our faves are the Banana Bread and Pizza Bites!

“Our faves are the Banana Bread and Pizza Bites! My baby never gets all the Banana Bread Bites – I end up eating half of them before they even reach her tray! They’re so delicious. Her favorite Bite overall would be the Pizza Bites. I love that even though she has intolerances she can have them since they are dairy-free!”



“I was looking for different food options for my baby after hearing about the harsh metals found in Gerber and other baby foods. I found Yumi and was so happy to not have to worry about that anymore. There are so many positives to ordering Yumi and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Their website is easy to navigate and they have a good customer service team that helps with any questions you have. It’s also super convenient that they ship it right to your house. However, I will say that there are a couple of negatives as well. The cost seems very high compared to other baby foods, but I’m ok with paying extra for such quality products. They also have discounts you can use to lower your cost. Another negative would have to be that my son only liked about 50-75% of the food they sent. This was a bummer because of the cost. It’s possible my son was a little picky, but I tried some of the ones he didn’t care for and they were not good. There are some flavors he loved, but many he did”


Great varieties

“My wife and I do our best to make all our baby’s food. We want to give her the healthiest start we can with no preservatives, pesticides, or dangerous heavy metal levels, but it’s honestly a nightmare sometimes with everything else going on. We started using Yumi to supplement every few weeks to lighten the load. It’s got a great variety. Stuff we’d never prepare ourselves. Our baby loves the food and we love the convenience and the whole, organic ingredients. Would love to be able to just use this service exclusively and not have to make our own anymore, but it’s out of our price range. Not saying it’s “overpriced” for what it is, just not something we can afford.”


We just selected a few comments which are on their website but there are many more reviews there that are amazing. So, after using them and also getting to know them more I think yes, they are worth every penny. 

Final Verdict

Are you still confused??

Seriously, C’mon being a mother is so hard, and finding something which is good for your baby’s health is harder. But if you find something which is good for your baby don’t let it go.

Obviously, I can understand your worry because at the time I also went through the same thing but now I found the best products and this is gonna always be my choice. I know Hello Yumi will never disappoint me. 

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