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Have you ever seen a Machine?

Now, have you ever observed an old machine what do you see and its parts? The legs are rusted and it’s difficult for them to work in the best possible way. What do you do next to make the machine work efficiently? 


You remove the dust and rust which has layers on its parts. You put some oiling and greasing on its parts so that it can work smoothly. 

The same situation goes with the human body. As soon as the body starts aging we face difficulty in the functioning of the physique of the body. Our muscles start losing their strength working out on daily on a daily gets difficult for our bodies. 

While working out there are several muscle pains and minor fractures can occur. These things become more vital if you are a sports person. It becomes very importessentialat your body’s muscles and bones are functioning at their best level. 

Most of the time it happens during tournament matches or practices some minor injuries occur. It is very normal in the field of sports activities. Now here the body and science can come as a savior.

In this blog, we will be talking about a brand that deals with all such issues and is making your day-to-day activity convenient in all possible ways. The brand is none other than hyperice.

Mark will be discussing the overview of the brand, what are the pros and cons of the brand looking into some of its products we will also BP pay into their customer reviews to know what impact it had on its customers.

Hyperice: The Overview Of The Brand

Image of Hyperice

Hyperice is a company that deals with orthopedic devices that helps in preventing injuries and also help in the muscle recovery that occurs during sports tournament. The brand is associated with some of the biggest names in sports which include LeBron James, Naomi Osaka, and several others. 

It was founded in 2012 by Anthony Katz and is a US-based brand. The brand has also been partnering with some of the most famous sports leagues such as MLB, NBA, and NFL. This is evidence for those who doubt the trust that the company has in its customers. 

Today they have 535K followers on their Instagram handle. the main motto of the brand is to help elite athletes and fitness freaks with the best orthopedic devices. Some of the major benefits of the brand are mentioned below: 

  • The devices are designed after a lot of testing and are safe 
  • The high-tech devices help in relieving muscle soreness. 
  • There are several options available and also different attachments for different option treatments. 
  • Gives a 1-year warranty on all the products. 
  • They have 30 days return policy so in case if you face any difficulty with the product you can contact them within the same time. 
  • Trusted by several renowned athletes and the devices are also used in several famous tournaments.

What Are The Products That The Brand Offers?

Now let us look into some of the products that the brand offers. I have picked up some of the best sellers of the Brand and based on the reviews of the consumers and out TCM community, here are some products reviews:-

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro Review 

Hyperice Hypervolt 2
Hyperice Hypervolt 2
Hyperice Hypervolt 2
Image of Hyperice Hypervolt 2

This is the t-shirt device and is one of the best sellers on the list. The product is priced at $299. The device is evolved version of hyper volt plus. Some of the major features of the device include:

  • The stall force of the device is up to 35lbs 
  • The stroke length of hyper volt 2 pro is 14mm
  • You also get 5 attachments with this hyper volt 2 pro
  • This one has a removable battery in it and the battery lasts up to 2-3 hrs on a single charge
  • It has a high amplitude
  • It also has Bluetooth features inbuilt in it.
  • There is a complete 1-year warranty on the whole product. 

“Apart from this several other features are also available with this device. This device also comes as a savior where the doctor or physiotherapist is not available. This can be considered one of the most convenient devices for athletes and fitness geeks.Really nice upgrade from my first Hypervolt. Better grip and has lots of power to get muscles loose. “


Hyperice Normatec 3 Review

Hyperice Normatec 3
Hyperice Normatec 3

In Hyperice the normal series is one of the most iconic and evolutionary series that the company has ever presented. The normal 3 is a massager that will leave you with the ultimate massage experience.

The product is priced at $1249 and you can avail of this by placing your order from their website. Some of the major features of the device are mentioned below: 

  • Normatec 3 is based on patented precision pulse technology that helps in better circulation.
  • It helps in reviving the muscles and due to this elite athletes and many other consumers all across the globe.
  • It helps in reducing swelling and hence is the savior in absence of physiotherapists. 
  • The normatec 3 has 3 control units which are the leg, hip, and arm. And for each one there is one separate pair of attachments. 
  • It gives a boost to your body muscles and also helps in conquering the sore muscles of your body. 
  • The battery is rechargeable and removable. It lasts for 3 hrs on a single charge. 
  • They also have Bluetooth features inbuilt into the device.
  • The device is TSA approved.

“We tried the Hyperice recovery devise while on a cruise. My wife and I were very satisfied with the results so I purchased the Normatec 3 legs as a gift for Christmas. We haven’t used it yet because it’s wrapped up. We are definitely looking forward to using this produ”


Hyperice X Review 

Hyperice Hyperice X
Hyperice Hyperice X
Hyperice Hyperice X
Image of Hyperice Hyperice X

This Hyperice X helps you to skip your hot and cold therapy sessions and enjoy that at home itself. The device is priced at $ 349 and you can avail of this by placing your order from their website.

There are various advanced features available with this device and not only this you are also ensured about your safety as this is TSA approved. Some of the major benefits of the device include

  • You can get advanced hot and cold therapy at any place you demand. You can also automatically switch between the hot and cold program sets. This all is completely wireless.
  • You can control the temperature of the device according to your body’s comfort. The cold temperatures help you in tackling your pain and inflammation and the hot temperatures help you deal with tension and aches. 
  • Now the hot and cold therapy is completely automated with t no preparation, no ice, or any cords.
  • The innovative device has beaten up the traditional practice and that too in the most effective way. It provides long-lasting, sustained relief, and that too without a change in temperature. 
  • You can switch between hot and cold therapy within 60 seconds and this is one of the quickest ways of switching therapy. 
  • The battery lasts up to 1.5 hrs on a single charge and the weight of the device is up to 2 lbs.
  • There are inbuilt Bluetooth features in the device which take the device to the next level.

Hyperice X Reviews

“Recently purchased. I love the app and the many different options available. The battery does need charging after 3-4 uses which is fine but hopefully does not get worse over time. “


Hyperice: Hyper Volt Venom 2 Back Review

Hyperice Hyper Volt Venom 2
Image of Hyperice Hyper Volt Venom 2

The Hyperice hyper volt venom 2 is designed on hyper heat technology. This is one of the most advanced heat and massage wraps that is present on the market. 

The product is priced at $ 249 and you can avail of this product by placing your order from their website. Some of the major features of the advanced device are mentioned below:

  • This Hyperice hyper volt wrap is completely based on hyper heat technology that helps in consistent heating. 
  • It heats up 6x faster than the heating standard pad which provides soothing relief to your sore muscles.
  • The surface area of the wrap is double that of the normal pad which helps in providing a more even and consistent distribution of heat throughout the area. 
  • It has 3 button control features, easy and comfortable to wear, and has an extra compression strap to push heat against your back. 
  • The battery lasts up to 3 hrs on a single charge and is removable.
  • The weight of the wrap is 2.3 lbs which are decent 
  • The hyper heat technology includes the following temperatures:

         Level 1 – 113F (45C) 

         Level  2 – 122F(50C)

         Level  3 – 131F( 55C) 

  • Other than the different temperature levels in heating it also has 3 different levels in vibration frequency.
  • The product is TSA approved hence completely safe for use.

Hyper Volt Venom 2 Back Reviews

My first Thanksgiving in years where I’m not in pain for days after a lot of cooking. So glad I bought this! Only negative is it just fits me. I’m not overly overweight but I can’t see how a bigger person could strap this on. Is there an extender available? I searched the website. Same for the venom knee. Overall happy with my purchase


Hyperice: Hyper Volt 2 Review

Hyperice Hyper Volt 2
Hyperice Hyper Volt 2

This is the device that helps you in getting massage sessions at home. The product is priced at $374.57 and you can avail of this by placing your order from their website.

Some of the major benefits of this device are mentioned below: 

  • This hyper volt helps your muscles in receiving the relief that your muscles demand. You can skip your therapy sessions. 
  • It has improved ergonomic design and reduced weight.
  • It speeds up the massage by 3x which helps in better circulation and relieves the pain. 
  • It also has Bluetooth features inbuilt into the device.
  • The battery lasts up to 3 hrs on a single charge and the battery is rechargeable.

Hyper Volt 2 Reviews

I love this recovery tool and use it weekly at work. I want to give them as gifts so everyone I know can feel good and loose. I was disappointed as I went to order at the Amazon hyperspace store and saw a $50 case charge for hyper volt 2 and $75 for the same bag for pro. $50+ for a case?? What gives? I like your products but the case should not be an afterthought.


Is Hyperice Safe And Shockproof For Everyone?

If you look into the design and the safety measures in the gadgets that the company has taken while designing them then the answer would be quite clear in your mind. The product is completely safe and shockproof for middle ages group people.

It would not be completely safe for people who are in their old age are for the kids. If any old age person or a kid is using the gadgets then I would definitely suggest you consult your doctor first. 

How To Place An Order For The Hyperice Gadgets?

After seeing the benefits that the gadgets give which a designed by Hyperice one would definitely be willing to grab their hands on these orthopedic devices. The steps to grab your hands on these orthopedic devices are mentioned below: 

  • Visit their official website
  • Now select the product according to your requirement
  • Now move to the Cart section and you will be able to see the product you selected
  • Now complete the shipping and billing details after finalizing your product.
  • Finally, confirm your order. 

Apart from their official website you can also purchase their products from different online and offline retailing stores. And in case of any inconvenience, you can contact their team so that they can help you out with your problem. 

What Are The Customer’s Reviews About Hyperice?


The product has been used by many customers and they have experienced the change by themselves. The ratings on the different platforms are evidence of this. We have collected some of the reviews for you so that you can read them by yourself: 

Honestly, I must’ve regained 10-15% of my strength in my shoulder. I tore my labrum over 15 years back it’s never been the same…I would literally cry the day before shoulder day at the gym…Thank you Hypervolt I’m still not 100% back to normal…but the hyper volt pro 2 is more than normal… worth the money

willie P for hyper volt 2 pros. 

I’ve great product and experience. I’ve been using Normatecs since the early days, about 10 years. They keep getting better and better. It’s clear Hyperice has infused its production and quality to produce a lighter, more robust system. Well done.

Brain G.

Works great. Easy to use, App is simple. Battery life is not long but I never expected it to be. With auto temperature adjustments, it lasts about 80 mins of run time (4 therapeutic sessions) roughly. Well worth the money.

Vincnet T

The Best!! Helps with everyday soreness and pulled muscles easily and I can keep moving while using it. Fits all sizes and shapes. My family keeps stealing it!

Morgan A.

These statements work as motivation for the employees of the company and also act as motivation for those who doubt the results of the products.

Our Final Thought On Hyperice


If you look into the gadgets and devices that they offer then you will definitely realize that they are somewhat a fusion of traditional therapies and science together. But somewhere where I would not agree is with the pricing of the gadgets.

 Do not pocket friendly and everyone cannot afford them and enjoy the benefits that day offer. 

The brand must look into the pricing section of the gadgets and make them more pocket-friendly.

Other than this the overall features that their gadgets offer are quite promising and impressive. 

These gadgets are helpful for those who are sportsmen who are into the fitness field or involved in a kind of tough physical activity.

 If you can manage to lose a pocket a little bit then I would definitely recommend you to have these gadgets in your day-to-day life. This will be really helpful to you in the absence of a physiotherapist or in case you miss your therapy session. 

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