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We all have a foodie inside us. Often, when people take a break from their busy schedules to have some tasty snacks, they get a very high level of satisfaction and happiness.

However, with the increasing awareness and popularity of fitness and health, people’s snacking routines have changed drastically.

Traditional snacks like chips and candies are no longer considered to be healthy.

If you are someone who has the same issues and is looking for some healthy snacking substitutes, this review is all you were looking for.

We have brought to you Graze, a brand that offers a huge variety of healthy and nutritious snacks directly delivered to your doorstep.

Have doubts about the brand’s reliability? In this review, we will provide every detail about the brand, including its history, pros and cons, its products, customer reviews, etc. which will eventually help you decide if the products are worth buying or not.

Graze: The Overview of Brand

Graze Brand Logo
Brand Imag Of Graze Brand

Graze is a United Kingdom-based company offering healthy snack boxes. The company was founded in the year 2008 by a group of seven friends brought together by Graham Bosher.

The friends were fed up with unhealthy and traditional snacks like chips and candies. Hence, they wanted to create a new line of healthy and nutritious snacks.

By working hard for months in a spare room in one of their friend’s houses, they finally launched Graze in the year 2008 in the United Kingdom.

After success in the UK market, the company decided to expand its operations in the US market. It opened up its operations in the United States in 2013 and has become a very popular brand since then.

As of June 2022, Graze has more than 51K followers on Instagram and more than 284K followers on Facebook. The company’s snack boxes can be ordered through retail stores, the company’s website, and also other e-commerce websites.

Graze: What Is Graze Snacks?

Graze Products
Graze Products

The main aim of Graze is to add excitement to healthy snacking. Customers can avail of a subscription plan and get snack boxes delivered weekly, monthly,  or even bi-weekly. With the help of an algorithm, it offers more than 200 snack combinations. 

The company donates a part of its profits every year to the Graze School of Farming in Kabubbu, Uganda.

The school teaches children new and effective farming techniques which eventually help the students aid their poverty-hit families. Before moving ahead, we will have a look at a few Pros and Cons of the company.


  • A huge variety of snacking combinations is available.
  • The company makes use of natural ingredients.
  • The snacks are healthy and tasty at the same time.
  • The packaging is very attractive and compact (can fit in your mailbox).
  • The box consists of perfect portions for one individual.
  • Snack boxes are delivered to your doorstep.


  • Many times, the portion for some is very small or very big.
  • Customers are not aware of what snacks they are going to receive in their snack boxes.
  • Some customers have complained about receiving repetitive snacks.

Graze: What are the Products the Brand Offers?

Customers get a box containing 4 to 8 snacks including nuts, seeds, trail mixes, bars, porridge, etc. delivered to their doorstep. It is important to note that Graze is a certified B corporation.

Hence, you can be assured of receiving healthy and safe food. The snack boxes are divided into various categories. To have a better understanding, we will now discuss a few popular products in some popular categories of snack boxes.

Graze under 150 kcals

Whether you are a foodie or a diet-conscious person, Graze has snacks for all. It has a special category of “under 150 kcals” products so you can have control over your diet and at the same time satisfy your cravings for tasty snacks.

Let us have a look at a few snack boxes under this category:

Sour Cream and Onion Crunch Multipack

Graze Sour Cream and Onion Crunch Multipack
Graze Sour Cream and Onion Crunch Multipack

Want some crispy and crunchy snacks on the go? The Sour Cream and Onion Crunch Multipack are what you are looking for. This snack box is low in calories, high in protein, and delicious in taste.  

The main features of the pack are as follows:

  • The pack consists of sour cream and onion flavor-coated broad beans, sour cream and chive flavor-coated peas, and pretzel bites.
  • The snack box is rich in fiber, vegetarian, and also a source of protein.
  • Each portion consists of 119 kcals.
  • The snack box is available at £6.49 on the company’s website.

I’m addicted to the Memphis Sweet BBQ, but hadn’t found any other Graze exciting enough to make it to my favourites list and order regularly – until this one! Superb. I love the BBQ peas in Memphis BBQ, and I bought this (and the nachos cheese flavour – also superb) when I saw it had peas in. The peas are delicious, and I love the broad beans. They’re crispy and crunchy, but not hard – you don’t worry about losing a tooth (sometimes the case with dried corn etc). The flavour combo is perfect, with the pretzels adding a delicious savoury tang, and the sour cream and onion flavour is just right – strong enough, but not cloying. I’ll be buying these regularly from now on. Thank you for this new snack, Graze!


Lightly Sea Salted Crunch Sharing Bag

Graze Lightly Sea Salted Crunch Sharing Bag
Graze Lightly Sea Salted Crunch Sharing Bag

This is another mouth-watering snack box offered by the company. While being under 150 kcal per portion, this snack consists of crispy and salted bites. This Graze snack will surely satisfy your cravings for healthy snacks.

This delicious pack has the following highlights:

  • The pack consists of salted-coated peas, salted-coated broad beans, salted corn, and pretzel bites. 
  • Coming to the nutritional value, the pack is rich in fiber, a great source of protein, and consists of healthy veggies.
  • With all the nutrients and crunchiness, the pack consists of only 107 kcals per portion.
  • The price of the Lightly Sea Salted Crunch Sharing Bag on the company’s website is just £2.99.

Talking about healthy snacks, and oats are the first word that pops into your head. But, oats aren’t tasty, right? What if we can combine it with rich cocoa and tangy orange?

This is no more imagination. With Graze Cocoa Orange Superfood Oat Boosts you get the nutritious value of oats along with the yummy taste of cocoa and orange.

I absolutely love this snack, I find the taste of the combination so harmonious and tempting, I could eat the whole bag in one go. But…I don’t like the pretzel bites. In all the snacks with pretzel bites, I leave the pretzels in the bag. I find it a bit of a shame, that in a number of snacks the pretzel bites are included. Why not think of something else, for a change? One could add some cheesy biscuits instead. Or a little biscuit with herbal flavour…? A savoury shortbread -sort – of style? a more neutral addition, I am not keen on the strong salty flavour of the pretzels.

Ulrike Gabel

Cocoa Orange Superfood Oat Boosts

Graze Cocoa Orange Superfood Oat Boosts
Graze Cocoa Orange Superfood Oat Boosts

Some major highlights of this pack are:

  • It is made with whole-grain oats, orange flapjacks, and cocoa nibs.
  • The snack is rich in fiber, a source of manganese, and suitable for vegans.
  • The snack is free from any sort of artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • The best part is you get all the nutritious value and delicious taste for under 150 kcals.
  • The pack consists of four bars and comes at £2.79.

Graze Online Exclusive

Though the majority of Graze products are available at retail stores and on e-commerce websites, there are certain packs that are exclusively available on Graze’s official website.

These products are extremely mouth-watering and tempt one to buy them. Some of the multipacks under this category are:

Coco Paradise Multipack

Graze Cocoa Paradise Multipack
Graze Cocoa Paradise Multipack 

What can be better than a combo of Belgian chocolate, cranberries, and coconut? We are pretty sure your answer is “Nothing”.

The Graze Cocoa Paradise Multipack brings this dream snack to reality. We highly recommend you try this multi-nutritional and tasty pack at least once.

Some more insights about this multipack are:

  • The snack box consists of Belgian milk chocolate, chewy cranberries, and raw coconut flakes.
  • Just like many other packs, this pack is also rich in fiber.
  • There are no artificial flavors, sweeteners, fragrances, or colors.
  • The calorie content is only 140 kcals.
  • The price of this pack is £6.49 (as on the company’s website).

this is my very first graze box and the “Coco Paradise” my first taste. amazing! I love coconut but it is hard to come by in this form. I used to buy whole coconut but it takes a lot of effort to clean, cut , and eat all before it expires. this little graze tray is perfect ! it has more coconut than chocolate but just enough chocolate and cranberries to satisfy the sugar needs but the coconut is perfect someone like me that loves to snack and munch away the whole day without gathering all the calories that I don’t need… I am wondering if there are bigger boxes so i can have it more often and stil have the weekly graze boxes for diversity.


White Chocolate Coconut Macaron Multipack 

Graze White Chocolate Coconut Macaron Multipack 
Graze White Chocolate Coconut Macaron Multipack 

This is the perfect snack for all white chocolate lovers. As obvious from the pack’s name, this snack is Graze’s version of Macaron. To complement the white chocolate, the snack contains almonds and amaretto.

The main features of this pack are:

  • It consists of Belgian white chocolate, drops of amaretti, silver almonds, and raw coconut flakes.
  • The snack box has high fiber and is a source of Vitamin E.
  • It is suitable for vegetarians.
  • The total calorie content of the snack is 162 kcals.
  • One box consists of 6 punnets (29g each) and is priced at £6.49.

The fantastic duo of taste and texture is here in one! The creaminess of the white chocolate with the sliver of almonds and amaretto biscuits! This is an amazing snack and a real treat. Please make a sharing bag of it!! Please!!


Coffee Walnut Cake Multipack 

Graze Coffee Walnut Cake Multipack 
Graze Coffee Walnut Cake Multipack 

Another online exclusive snack offered by Graze is the Coffee Walnut Cake Multipack. According to the company, the best time to have this snack is in the afternoon with a cup of coffee. With the goodness of coffee, walnuts, resins, and chocolate, this pack is a must-try for everyone.

The major points to note about this multipack are:

  • The snack consists of milk chocolate, coffee beans, rich walnuts, and Chilean flame raisins.
  • It is highly nutritional with richness in fiber, copper, manganese and Omega-3.
  • It is suitable for vegetarians and is free from all sorts of artificial ingredients.
  • The price of this yummy Coffee Walnut Cake Multipack is £6.49.

Have just come on website to see if I can buy the milk Chocolate coffee beans on their own. Sadly no luck and another company will get my money. Please please make them an option. Other reviewers also want this!!!


Graze Best Sellers

Lastly, we will discuss some of the best-seller snacks created and offered by the company. Most of the packs in this category are rated above 4.5/5.0 stars and are dearly loved by the customers.

The category includes some mouth-watering and exotic delicacies. Let us have a look at a few multipacks belonging to this category:

Honeycomb Fibre Flapjack Multipack 

Graze Honeycomb Fibre Flapjack Multipack 
Graze Honeycomb Fibre Flapjack Multipack 

One of the best-selling products offered by Graze is the Honeycomb Fibre Flapjack Multipack. The flapjack is infused with the goodness of oats and honey.

The sugar content of these flapjacks is also quite low when compared to any other similar snack. But still, you get the perfect amount of sweetness in this treat.

A few insights about this snack are:

  • The flapjack consists of whole-grain oats, natural honey, and a pinch of cocoa. These ingredients make it a tasty and healthy treat.
  • The fibre content and manganese content are high in this snack.
  • The product is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.
  • It consists of all-natural ingredients and is free from all artificial ingredients.
  • Each box consists of 6 punnets (53g each) and is priced at £6.49.

I received one of these in my 1st graze box and had to order more separately. They are so tasty and slightly addictive


Jaffa Cake Multipack 

Jaffa Cake Multipack 
Graze Jaffa Cake Multipack 

We all love Jaffa Cakes. But, most Jaffa cakes have high calories and less nutritional value.

This is not the same as Graze’s version of Jaffa Cake. With guidance from experts, they have created a tasty yet healthy jaffa cake. All dark chocolate lovers can be assured of loving this snack.

Certain specifications of this tasty treat are:

  • Toasted hazelnuts, Belgian dark chocolate buttons, and raisins infused with orange juice are what make this snack so delicious.
  • The Jaffa Cake is highly nutritious with richness in iron, copper, manganese, and fibre.
  • It contains no artificial ingredients and is suitable for vegans.
  • One pack contains 6 punnets (40g each) and is available for £6.49.

This tastes great! The dark chocolate buttons are gorgeous and definitely not too bitter. The hazelnuts taste great too, and almost taste like Nutella when eaten with the buttons. personally I don’t like rasins, but my grandad absolutely loved them. So it’s a 10/10 from me!


Smokey Barbecue Crunch Multipack 

Smokey Barbecue Crunch Multipack 
Graze Smokey Barbecue Crunch Multipack 

Want something spicy and crunchy for your snack time? The Smokey Barbecue Crunch Multipack is here to suffice your cravings.

In addition, this pack gives you a smokey barbecue taste, which makes it more satisfying. This pack is one of the most popular snack boxes offered by Graze.

The pack has the following main features:

  • It consists of peas with barbeque flavor, corn chips to add crispiness, and chili corn to make it spicy.
  • Just like many other Graze snacks, it contains high fibre content.
  • Since peas and corn are the core ingredients, this snack is suitable for vegans.
  • One box consists of 6 punnets (31g each) and is priced at £6.49. 

my new go-to favourite snack, absolutely love the taste and crispness, totally addictive


How to Order Graze Snacks?

Are you excited to enhance your snacking experience? If yes, you may refer to the following steps to help you order snack boxes from the company’s official website.

However, you can also buy products from certain retail stores and e-commerce websites. The steps for ordering are:

  1. Visit Flamingo’s Website To get your own tasty and healthy snack boxes from Graze, you will have to first visit the company’s official website ( On the Home page, you will see a ‘Shop by Category’ button. 
  1. Choose the category – When you click on the ‘Shop by Category‘ button, you will see options of under 150 kcals, flapjacks, best sellers, online exclusive, sweet, vegan, gluten-free, oat boosts, etc. You may choose the category from which you wish to buy the products.
  1. Select the productWhen you tap on a particular category, you will be shown a list of snack boxes belonging to that category. You may scroll through the list and select the product which best suits your preferences.
  1. Provide Shipping Details and Make PaymentLastly, you will have to provide shipping details as required and make the payment for your snack boxes. With this, your order will be placed and delivered to your doorstep at the specified time.

Graze Brand Review: What Do Customers Think?

Till now we have seen what are the main features and benefits of Graze Snack Boxes as claimed on the company’s official website. But are these snack boxes worth it? Let us hear it from the brand’s customers.

On Trustpilot, Graze has been reviewed by more than 3400 customers and enjoys an overall rating of 3.8/5.0 stars. A large number of customers have praised the taste and nutritional value of the snacks. Let us have a look at a few of them:

“Best snacks I’ve ever had lots of variety and healthier than the average snack low calories too would recommend especially the flapjack type snacks tasty”

Emma Mollon (rated 5 stars)

“Fantastic nutritional snacks. Great tasty snacks and a great variety of snacks. Each box is different. I’ve never had the same box twice. Great value for money.”

Tracy Cunningham (rated 5 stars)

“What can I say, you listened and my boxes are just gorgeous. I love the varieties you now send me since I did a list of what I like and what I didn’t!!! They are so delicious I can’t stop snacking!!! Customer services to match, very good service!!! A tad expensive, but still worth every penny!!!!!”

Diane Daniels (rated 5 stars)

There are also some negative reviews about Graze on TrustPilot. Many customers have complained about not liking the snacks delivered to them. Some have also raised concerns regarding poor customer service.

Also, there have been complaints that the brand’s promotional coupons and codes are not applied effectively. We would like to bring it to your notice that such negative reviews are few in number and the overall rating is quite impressive.

Graze Snacking is Worth Buying?

Considering the above discussion, we believe that Graze Snacking is completely worth buying.

What can be better than satisfying your taste buds without affecting your diet and fitness goals? The idea of blendings good taste and nutrients into one product is what fascinates us the most.

Three features which make us believe that Graze is worth it are:

  • Availability of a huge variety of delicious snacks.
  • Snacks are nutritious and healthy.
  • Snack boxes are available at affordable and reasonable prices.

Also, the large number of positive and good customer reviews make us believe that the brand is worth your trust. Graze is here to change your snacking routine and habits. 

Our verdict on Graze

Our final verdict on Graze is a positive one. We believe it is a brand worth trying. Whether you want your snacks to be diet-conscious, protein-based, crispy, sweet, or spicy, Graze is here to satisfy all your needs.

The brand offers a huge variety of snacks (with over 200 combinations) so that you never get bored with your snacks.

Moreover, your snack box comes as a surprise pack to you. Hence, there is always a certain level of excitement while opening the box to know what’s filled in for you.

The company saves some valuable time in your busy lifestyle. Since the boxes are directly delivered to your doorstep, you need not put effort and time into preparing them by yourself. Hence, it is a very convenient and feasible source of getting your snacks.

The brand effectively breaks the stereotype that ‘Snacks are unhealthy’ and designs innovative bites which are nutritious. Plus, you no longer have to depend on the same old snacks to satisfy your appetite.

With Graze, you get something new and exciting every week or every month, as per your preference.

We hope that this review helped give you a clearer image of the brand’s reliability. If you are a foodie bored of chips and candies, we would suggest you try Graze Snacking once.

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