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Parachute Bedding and Bath
Parachute Bedding and Bath

When you come home after a tiring day at work, all you need is a comfortable and cozy place for yourself to relax.

In addition, soft robes, towels, and rugs after a great bath further enhance your mood.

These things help you relieve all your pain, relax, and live in the moment.

Have you ever thought about getting all these home accessories in one place? If not, Parachute is the right place for you.

The company is a one-stop solution for all your requirements for bedding accessories, bath accessories, furniture, inserts, robes, loungewear, and other similar products. 

The products are designed to comfort you and give you the best experience. In this review, we will have an in-and-out analysis of parachutes and their products.

We believe that, by the end of this review, you will be able to decide if the brand is worthy or not.

Parachute Home: The Overview of Brand

Parachute Brand Logo
Parachute Brand Image

The brand Parachute is a home accessories brand that was founded in 2014 in Venice, California.

The brand was founded by Ariel Kaye, who is also the present Chief Executive Officer of the company. She has been a lover of luxury and comfortable home accessories for a long time. 

Unfortunately, she was unable to get the desired products easily. Being a specialist in advertising and brand development, she identified this opportunity in the market and launched Parachute in 2014.

Initially, the company offered only bedding and operated only in online mode. However, now the company has expanded into various domains and also has various brick-and-mortar stores across the United States. 

Now, the company offers high-quality everyday essentials and operates in a hybrid model (both online and offline).

The company has a great belief that “when we take care of our home, it takes care of us.” Hence, it makes premium and high-quality sheets, towels, robes, rugs, and everyday essentials.

The brand has appeared in various famous media outlets like CNN, Elle Decor, CNBC, Men’s Journal, Architectural Digest, and many more.

The company has a well-established presence on various social media platforms. On Instagram, it has more than 527K followers, and on Facebook, it has more than 214K followers.

Detailed Information About Parachute (Overview)

Parachute is a very well-known and trusted brand in the United States. It offers soft and wonderful everyday essential products, including bedding, towels, rugs, pillows, kids’ bedding, etc.

The brand is best known for offering luxury and high-comfort products at reasonable prices. 

The brand has physical stores in some regions for customers to view and select their desired products.

However, the online platform is accessible all across the United States, and customers can get their products delivered to their doorsteps anywhere in the country.

Let us now have a look at certain pros and cons of the brand.


  • The bedding offered has minimum shrinkage after washing.
  • The bedding and other products are very soft to give you the utmost comfort.
  • The material fabric is of premium quality and is very durable.
  • The company offers a variety of color schemes to choose from for many products.
  • The products are both affordable and luxurious at the same time.


  • The top sheets do not come along with the main sheets and are sold separately.
  • The return period for products is shorter when compared to their competitors.
  • International shipping is minimal. 

Parachute Home: What are the Varieties the Brand Offers?

All the products of Parachute are luxurious, comfortable, and reliable. To make our approach to this review holistic and complete, we will discuss a few products offered by Parachute.

We have selected the products in such a way that they cover the most common categories of products. Let us have a look at these product reviews.

Parachute Mattress Review

Parachute Mattress
Comfortable Parachute Mattress
Parachute Mattress
Parachute Mattress
Parachute Mattress
Parachute Mattress

Perfect sleep demands a perfect mattress. It should be neither too hard nor too soft to ensure that you sleep peacefully. Parachute offers the perfect Eco Comfort Mattress to ensure that you sleep well. 

A few features of this mattress are:

  • The mattress is designed to be firm in the middle and soft at the head and feet. This design gives necessary support to your back and helps in pressure point relief.
  • The mattress is eco-friendly in nature and does not have an impact on the environment.
  • The mattress has layers of Zealand wool and pure organic cotton for enhanced comfort.
  • The mattress is available in various sizes based on the needs of the customers like twin, Full, Queen Size, King Size, etc.
  • The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, 100 nights trial, and free ground deliveries.

Pricing: The Parachute Eco Comfort Mattress is available on the company’s website in the range of $1399 to $2399, based on the choice of the size you choose.

“I’ve slept on a very firm mattress for the last decade because I have back pain…after sleeping on this mattress for a week I was pleasantly surprised that I had no back pain, even though this mattress is so comfortable.”


Parachute Pillow Review

Parachute Pillows
Comfy Parachute Pillows
Parachute Pillows
Parachute Pillows
Parachute Pillows
Parachute Pillows

After a soft mattress, the next thing you need is a comfy pillow for your head. The quality of the pillow matters a lot as it is the place where your headrests are. Parachute offers a variety of pillows so that customers can easily choose the one which suits them. 

A few features of Parachute pillows are:

  • Variety of pillows like down pillow, euro pillow, bolster pillow, body pillow, down side sleeper pillow, etc.
  • Customers can choose the density of their pillows from soft, medium, and firm whichever suits them.
  • You can also select the size of your pillow based on your needs.
  • The pillows are comfy, durable, and luxurious.

Pricing – The Parachute Pillows are available on the company’s website in the price range of $49 to $189, based on the choice you make.

Parachute Bath

Apart from a good sleep, you also need a good bath to feel fresh and relaxed. Parachute offers various bath accessories to boost your mood and give you the comfort you deserve.

In addition, these luxury bathing products will surely impress your guests. Some of the bath products and their features are:

Parachute Towels

Parachute Towels
Cotton Towels
Parachute Towels
Parachute Towels
Parachute Towels
Parachute Towels

These are the most popular bathing products offered by the company. The towels come in a lot of varieties like organic cotton towels, waffle towels, rib towels, Turkish cotton towels, Fouta towels, makeup towels, baby towels, and many more.

These are highly durable, comfy, and luxurious. The towels are available in the price range of $9 to $159.

The company also offers bundles of towels to cater to the demand for more towels.

Parachute Rugs and Mats

Parachute Rugs and Mats
Organic Cotton Rugs and Mats
Parachute Rugs and Mats
Parachute Rugs and Mats
Parachute Rugs and Mats
Parachute Rugs and Mats

Comfortable rugs and mats are essential to give comfort to your feet after having a perfect bath.

Parachute offers a variety of rugs and mats like looped bath rugs, hand-knit rugs, Turkish cotton tub mats, organic cotton tub mats, and many more; to suit the demands of different customers.

The mats are available in different colors and are priced between $49 and $99. 

Parachute Shower Curtain

Parachute Shower Curtain
Shower Curtain
Parachute Shower Curtain
Parachute Shower Curtain
Parachute Shower Curtain
Parachute Shower Curtain

The company also offers shower curtains to further enhance your bathing experience. Just like towels and rugs, shower curtains also have a wide variety of organic cotton, Turkish cotton, linen, waffles, etc.

The shower curtains are available on the company’s website in the price range of $89 to $109. The curtains are also available in different colors.

Parachute Bath Accessories – What is a bathroom without good quality bath accessories like soaps, body lotion, oils, shower mist, bath brush, etc.? Parachute offers all such bath accessories with certain special products like Sleep time bath salt, OSEA, Anti-aging body balm, Oil Diffuser, and many more. The price range for bath accessories is in the price range of $8 to $182. The products are premium, high-quality and luxurious in nature.

Pumice Stone
Pumice Stone
Mini Body Trio
Mini-Body Trio
Sleep Time Bath Salt
Sleep Time Bath Salt

Parachute Baby Kids Bedding

Parachute Baby Kids Bedding
Baby Kids Bedding
Parachute Baby Kids Bedding
Parachute Baby Kids Bedding
Parachute Baby Kids Bedding

Apart from products for adults, Parachute also offers certain products for babies as well. The company offers pillows, sheets, blankets, quilts, and some soft toys for babies.

These products are specifically made to suit the soft and delicate skin of your toddlers. 

Soft toys are available in the form of various animals like pandas, pigs, hippos, rhinos, etc., which often fascinate babies, and they love to play with them.

You should note that, just like other Parachute products, the Baby Kids Bedding products are also of premium and high quality.

How do I order Parachute products?

Are you excited to add Parachute Home luxury items to your home? If yes, you can get Parachute’s products in two ways.

First, you can visit a physical store of the brand, which is available in various regions like California, Texas, New York, Oregon, and some others.

You can see the products in real life and purchase them from the store if you like them. Secondly, you can place an order on the company’s website and get the product delivered to your doorstep in the stipulated time.

For ordering goods online, you may follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the Website – First of all, you will have to visit the brand’s website ( Click on the top-left options button, where you will be shown various categories.
  1. Choose your category and subcategoriesWithin the options tab, you will be shown various categories and their subcategories.
  1. Select the product. Once you have selected the category and the subcategory, you will be shown a list of products under that subcategory. You may now select the product which you wish to order.
  1. Review the details and Add to Cart. Once you select your product, you will be shown various details like its features, quality, available accessories, price, directions of use, and similar other features.
  1. Fill in details and make payment. Lastly, you need to provide the required details, like your name, email, contact information, address, and some other details. After providing these details, you will have to choose the payment option, and it’s done. You will receive your order within the specified time.

Parachute Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now that we have reviewed Parachute Home from our perspective, it is important to know what customers think about the brand.

Parachute is reviewed by more than 3300 customers on the company’s website and enjoys a great rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. Customers have praised the good quality and the comfort they get from the company’s products.

Let us have a look at a few parachute reviews:
  • One of the reviewers wrote, “The BEST sheets! Very comfortable. These are cool-feeling sheets. This comes from someone who is having hot flashes in the middle of the night. Calvin Klein cotton percale is now my second favorite. I love these parachute sheets so much, I bought a second set already.”
  • Another reviewer praised both sheets and pillows, writing, “Quick shipping; the website is easy to order from. The quality of the soft pillow is top-notch: I wanted minimal loft with good rebound + absolutely nothing poky or noisy like cheap feathers. It delivers + always has a cool side to flip to. A white queen-size percale fitted sheet fits our very thick mattress like a dream and washes and dries beautifully. Smooth sheet and very lightly crisp.”
  • One of the reviewers praised the company’s excellent customer service, writing, “I purchased the percale king-size duvet (color: – I was very happy with the quality, how it looks, and that the color on their website was accurate. There was a shipping mixup delay that was not the fault of Parachute nor myself, but customer service was extremely responsive, continued to follow up until resolved, and I feel went above and beyond. (Somewhat rare these days with companies.). I am very satisfied and will continue to purchase from them.”

Apart from a large number of positive reviews, the company also has a few negative reviews. A few customers have complained about the short-term return policy and top sheets not being available along with the main sheets. Overall, the reviews section shows a high level of customer satisfaction. You can check out more customer reviews here.

Is Parachute Home Worth It?

We believe Parachute Home products are worth your money if you are someone who likes to treat yourself to luxury, premium, and high-quality products. The brand is featured in well-known media outlets like CNN and CNBC, which is proof in itself that it’s a trustworthy and reliable brand. 

The brand offers a variety of products with different colors and sizes in each category. Whether you are a toddler or an adult, Parachute has bedding and bathing products for all age groups.  It is a store where you can get all your everyday essentials.

The products are highly durable and luxurious in nature, which can enhance your lifestyle to the next level. We believe that all these features and benefits are enough to justify the fact that the brand is completely worth your money.

Our verdict on Parachute Home

From the above review and analysis, you would have probably guessed right that we believe that Parachute Home is a great brand that offers all the products to comfort and pamper yourself. Moreover, these products are of premium and luxurious quality to further enhance your experience with the brand.

The large number of customer reviews praising good quality, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service act as a testimony to the fact that it is a brand that cares for its customers. The brand also has a return policy, which increases its trustworthiness.

The products are designed in such a way that they provide the utmost comfort to the customers. For example, the Parachute Eco Comfort Mattress is firm in the middle for back support and soft at the head and feet to relieve pressure points. Similarly, all products are designed to consider customers’ needs and requirements.

Moreover, you can get the company’s products delivered to any region of the United States through the company’s website. Additionally, customers can also view and try the products in the company’s physical stores, which are available in certain states.

Considering all the aspects discussed in this review, our verdict on Parachute Brand is a favorable one. We highly recommend that you try the products offered by the company at least once, and we can assure you that they won’t disappoint you. With Parachute, it’s time to give yourself the pampering and comfort you deserve.

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