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Ever wondered, “Cooking would be easier if I had that professional, good-quality chef-like cookware?” Well, I do every time I cook.

But then I would see the price range, and all those bubbly wishes would die down.

I might have to sell a kidney or two to get that high-tech, good-quality cookware for my kitchen.

That kitchenware that was compatible and fit in my budget looked nothing like something I would want my elegant kitchen to accompany. 

And so I lost hope until, at a dinner party, I came across my friend’s cookware, and couldn’t hold myself back from asking about it.

That’s when I got to know about Hexclad, and since then, most of my kitchenware collection consists of Hexclad.

A brand that provides quality like no other, at a rate like no other, and looks sexy and elegant like no other.

Let’s get to know a bit about this brand, from how it was created to who is behind this incredible name, Hexclad.

Hexclad Cookware: An Overview Of Brand

Hexclad logo
Hexclad logo

This cookware brand, Hexclad, has a story of its own. When the founder and CEO, Danny Winer, an aspiring actor, realized his natural talent for sales, he started working in the sales department of a cookware company.

With the well-deserved promotions, his dream of working in the entertainment industry started to drift, and his focus shifted to selling cookware.

He pitched a few revolutionary ideas to his superior, but being laughed at took a toll. With the ambition to make it big and take the cookware industry to a new height, he and his friend started Hexclad.

Today, Hexclad has technology that nobody else has in the entire cookware industry. With success and high technology patented to their name, Hexclad is now incomparable.

Hexclad was founded in 2013 and now has 179k followers on Instagram. Some of the best Chefs, like Kevin Meehan, Paul Ainsworth, Chris Baber, and Robbie Felice, have said some remarkable things about the brand.

Lastly, Gordon Ramsay has left these exact words for the brand: “The sear I can get with these pans is incredible, with absolutely no stick. The temperature control is utter perfection, and the clean-up is effortless. I love using Hexclad at home.”  

Let’s get to some pros and cons for the brand.


  • The high technology used to manufacture the utensils is unique.
  • The brand has credibility and authenticity from some of the best-known chefs in the country
  • The brand provides a discount, as; every $50 item you place in your cart provides you with a $20 discount   
  • The utensils are provided with an elegant appearance to suit your kitchen.
  • The applause received by the brand from various authentic retail stores and social media has left the viewers in admiration.
  • The hybrid technology of the brand has provided customers with lightweight yet tough cookware.
  • The design would leave you with unstoppable compliments from your guests.


  • The use of your other utensils would be rare.
  • You might get addicted and switch all your kitchenware with those Hexclad.

What does Hexclad Cookware offer?

There is a wide variety of products offered by Hexclad, but some of the best-sellers are mentioned below. Please take a look before making up your mind. 

13pc HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set Review 

3pc HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set
3pc HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set
3pc HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set
3pc HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set
3pc HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set
3pc HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set

These cool-looking stainless steel, oven safe 13 piece utensils are a must in your modern kitchen. Re-doing your whole kitchen yet holding on to your old pans? 

Upgrading your kitchen means upgrading your utensils too. Buy this set of 13 pieces, including:

  • 12” Hexclad Hybrid Pan:
  1. Flat bottom dia: 9”
  2. Depth: 1-⅞”
  3. Weight- 4lb
  4. Lid sold separately*
  • 12” Hexclad Cooking Lid
  1. Diameter- 12”
  • 10” Hexclad Hybrid Pan
  1. Flatbottom dia: 7.5”
  2. Depth: 1-¾”
  3. Weight: 3lb
  4. Lid sold separately*
  • 10” Hexclad Cooking Lid
  1. Diameter -10”
  • 8” Hexclad Hybrid Pan
  1. Flat bottom: 5.5”
  2. Depth: 1-11/16”
  3. Weight: 2lb
  4. Lid sold separately 
  • 8” Hexclad Cooking Lid
  1. Diameter: 8”
  • 12” Hybrid Wok
  1. Flat bottom: 6”
  2. Depth: 3.5”
  3. Weight: 4.5lb
  • Hexclad Hybrid 2 QT Pot with Lid
  1. Height: 5”
  2. Width: 8”
  3. Weight: 3lb
  4. Lid: 7.75”
  • Hexclad Hybrid 3 QT Pot with Lid
  1. Height: 5.5”
  2. Width: 8”
  3. Weight: 5lb
  • And lastly, the Hexclad Hybrid 8 QT Pot with Lid
  1. Height: 5-⅜”
  2. Width: 10-¼”
  3. Weight: 4lb
  4. Lid: 10”

These are all the products offered inside the set of 13 to give your kitchen a complete makeover without the hassle of buying every essential product separately. 


  • A lifetime warranty is provided.
  • The metal used to produce the utensil is safe to touch and use.
  • The products are non-stick, so you can use them without any worry. 
  • The materials used to build this product are non-toxic, so you can rest assured.
  • These utensils are oven- and dishwasher safe.
  • The product is induction-ready.
  • Even if the metal is heated, you can hold the stay-cool handle. 

Key features: 

  • Hexagonal steel ridges boost your utensils’ searing power.
  • Non-stick valleys provide extra toughness to your pan or any other cookware.
  • Magnetic steel base for holding heat as well as providing a tough base.
  • The inside of the pan consists of an aluminum core that spreads the heat all over the pan for fast heating and chef-like cooking.
  • Stainless steel surface for a long-lasting life span of the cookware as well as high-performance abilities. 


All the cookware is dishwasher safe. You can wash them at home with warm water and soapy water as well.

For tough stains, you may soak the utensil in soapy water for a few minutes and then use an abrasive sponge to clean off the remains. 

A set of 13 cookware is $699.99 only

“So easy to use.  Cooking with this set makes life so much easier.”

Cristi p.

16-piece Steak Knife And Bistecca Plate Set Review

16pc Steak Knife and Bistecca Plate
16pc Steak Knife and Bistecca Plate
16pc Steak Knife and Bistecca Plate
16pc Steak Knife and Bistecca Plate
16pc Steak Knife and Bistecca Plate
16pc Steak Knife and Bistecca Plate

A set of elegant knives to appreciate your sophisticated choices and put the cherry on top of your already marvelous kitchen.

A set of 8 knives to accommodate your kitchen theme with the descent look, accompanied by a Bistecca plate set of 8. Give yourself a luxury restaurant treatment at home. 

You want to feel the joy of your guests constantly talking about your kitchenware at every party, right? Well, you know what can give you that joy? Order this set within your budget today.

Dimensions of the Bistecca plate:

length- 13”

Width- 11 1/16”

Diag length- 15 7/16”

Features of the Bistecca plate set:

  • Manufactured from acacia wood, it is coated with mineral oil.
  • Magnets are attached to both sides for holding a knife on the block.
  • Steak knife blade protection is provided.
  • A gauge to capture and drain the juice
  • Depression provided for dipping sauces
  • Separate section for meat.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance are possible.
  • Inclusive of 8 plates in the set.

 Features of a steak knife:

  • Molded from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel.
  • Rockwell hardness rating – 60°
  • Full-tang construction
  • Steel bolster included
  • A perfectly balanced knife
  • Handle: rare forest green pakkawood.
  • Using a dishwasher is prohibited. 

Care: Hand-wash your knives and towel dry them. Make sure the soap you use is free of bleach or citrus extracts.

 This set of 16 items costs $429.99 

“The best set of knives I ever used!”

E .J. S

10″ HexClad Cooking Lid Review

10" HexClad Cooking Lid
10″ HexClad Cooking Lid
10" HexClad Cooking Lid
10″ HexClad Cooking Lid
10" HexClad Cooking Lid
10″ HexClad Cooking Lid

The tempered Hexclad glass lid gives that touch of expertise to your recipe. A lid that looks elegant and gives your dishes the right cover from the external environment 

Made from the true elements, this lid captures heat and gives you a complete view to assessing your food’s progress to get the dish right. 

It is indeed an indispensable utensil to have in your possession, and at such an affordable price. 

With a lifetime warranty and non-toxic material used to manufacture this lid, it is the best of all the ones out there for your kitchen. 

Dimensions: 10”


Dishwasher and hand wash safe

Use warm water and soapy water for quick cleaning.

For tough stains, soak the lid in soapy water for 10 minutes, use an abrasive sponge.

Wash it off, and you are good to go. 

Take this lid home for just $25.00.

“Very well built and havy duty lid, fits perfectly”

Chris f.

HexClad Magnetic Walnut Knife Block Review

HexClad Magnetic Walnut Knife Block
HexClad Magnetic Walnut Knife Block
HexClad Magnetic Walnut Knife Block
HexClad Magnetic Walnut Knife Block
HexClad Magnetic Walnut Knife Block
HexClad Magnetic Walnut Knife Block

No need to face the issue of keeping your knife safe and secure anymore, a magnetic walnut knife block is presented by Hexclad that holds knives for you, in the most secure way possible.

Easy to take in and take out you should purchase this to give your kitchen an organized look and safeguard the small kids who might stumble upon a knife. 

Key features: 

  • Maintains the sharpness of the knife.
  • Saves your knife from any damage caused by the messed up cutlery drawer.
  • Prevents the knives from building moisture due to the traditional block.
  • Displays your knives in a sophisticated way without causing any harm in any way.
  • The dark, premium smooth-grain walnut elevates the appearance of the kitchen.
  • Saves space
  • A stainless steel base keeps the block in place.


Walnut block- 

  • Height: 8 13/16”
  • Length: 8 ⅞
  • Width: 1”

Metal platform-

  • Length: 9 ⅞”
  • Width: 3 15/16”

Care: Hand wash only with soapy water, preferably use warm water to wash it off.

The Hexclad magnetic walnut knife block costs $99.99.

“The hexclad magnetic walnut knife block is a must have if you have purchased any of the hexclad knife sets. It holds the knifes security, yet its easy to take them on and off. It also looks great and keeps things neat and organized!”

Michael h.

HexClad Hybrid Roasting And Cutting Board Set Review

HexClad Hybrid Roasting and Cutting Board Set
HexClad Hybrid Roasting and Cutting Board Set
HexClad Hybrid Roasting and Cutting Board Set
HexClad Hybrid Roasting and Cutting Board Set
HexClad Hybrid Roasting and Cutting Board Set
HexClad Hybrid Roasting and Cutting Board Set

Two essential tools to cook the best and toughest dishes, make your task easier and more encouraging with a set of hybrid roasting and cutting boards. 

With their posh appearance, these two tools will fit right in no matter what theme your kitchen follows. Whether you have a cozy one or an elegant one, they will settle in as they have always belonged there. 


  • You will be provided with a lifetime warranty. 
  • The metal used for utensils is safe to use.
  • The roasting board is nonstick.
  • Non-toxic elements are used to manufacture both utensils.

Key features of hybrid roasting pan:

  • Best for roasting mainstays (vegetables, turkey)
  • The large yet within the brand, perfect for lasagna
  • The hybrid technology used spreads heat evenly. 
  • Non-stick pan
  • Metal-utensil safe pan
  • Stove-top, oven, and BBQ grill approved
  • A rack is provided for better and easier cooking; it also helps in heat distribution.

Key features of carving and cutting board:

  • Two-sided board one for carving and one for cutting.
  • The carving side is designed with significant textures to prevent the meat from slipping.
  • The cutting side is smooth for the best results.
  • A removable stainless steel tray is attached to gather all the juices and scraps.
  • Manufactured from beechwood


Hexclad hybrid roasting pan

  • Length: 16-13/16”
  • Width: 14-½”
  • Depth: 3-6/16”

Hexclad hybrid cutting board

  • Length: 21-⅛”
  • Width: 15-⅛”
  • Height: 2-¼”

Care: hand wash only; use warm water and soapy water to proceed with cleaning.

This set costs $379.99.

“It amazing compared to other cookware i will stick to hexclad, i am very confident for my cooking because i know it will come out great whatever i will cook with these and they ar easy to clean”

Estelita E.

Hexclad: What Are The Consumers’ Reviews?

Hexclad is loved by the chefs of luxury hotels in the US; they simplify the task of all the mothers in the house. The brand is one of the favorites of chefs like Gordon Ramsay. 

We have listed a few recent reviews for you to take a look at and consider the brand yourself. Please have a look.

“We finally bit the bullet and upgraded to HexClad three weeks ago. The product has been amazing so far. It is extremely high quality and works much better on our induction range then our previous pans, because of the much higher metal content in HexClad. While they are not the cheapest to buy, long term they will be the cheapest to own! I would buy them again in a heart beat”


“This is absolutely the best ever 14 frying pan with lid that I have ever owned!! I will continue to add to this amazing cookware! Everything they say about Hexclad is true!! Thank you Gordon Ramsey!”

Barbara Ramsauer

“Have cooked professionally for only 17yrs, but the HexClad pan I purchased has been the best experience in cooking ever. Have used another brand for the past 20-30yrs exclusively. Will be purchasing several more HexClad pans, of my choice, and donating my other set of pans.”


“my new hexclad cookwares are amazing and great for everyday cooking. Just follow carefully the care and before use instructions.”

Shalum Bautista

“Awesome pots and pans. They are absolutely easy to care for and they maintain a constant heat on both a gas stove top and glass stove top. I think I own all the pots and pans they have made. The roaster pan is so easy to clean”

Dean goldhammer

Now that you have read some of the customer reviews, it is time to analyze why this brand What makes this brand different from others and why should I choose it? Please follow through.

Why Choose Hexclad Cookware?

There are a variety of reasons why one should choose Hexclad; let me point them out below for your understanding. 

  • The stainless steel used in the cookware is high-performance.
  • The design of all the cookware has one goal, to remove all the hassle from your life and provide you with the strongest and most helpful cookware in history.
  • The brand, while designing, specially kept this in mind; how heavy and delicate the utensils are and how the Hexclad utensils should make a new path for themselves instead of following the old ones. Hence, all Hexclad kitchenware is as lightweight and strong as possible.
  • Steel hexagon peaks are provided in the pan for even heat distribution.
  • Extra toughness is provided by Japanese coatings and diamond dust.
  • The brand has hexagonal steel ridges to boost your searing power.
  • All the pans are non-stick
  • The magnetic steel base sets a record for its strength and durability.
  • A thin aluminum layer for quick, better, and even heating of your cookware
  • The handle used in all the cookware is a stay-cool handle, which would simplify your task by letting you hold it when the utensil is extremely hot.

With these many differentiators, it is impossible to surpass Hexclad and choose any other regular brand.

How To Order Hexclad Cookware?

Ordering Hexclad cookware is as easy as buying a banana, only online.

Hexclad is available on Amazon and other retailer websites, but if you are ready to avail of some discount offers, I would suggest you visit their official website. 

Once you have the website in front of you, follow these steps to get all the kitchen requirements to your doorstep.

  1. Now that you have the website in front of you, browse through it and select all the utensils you would require.
  2. Please make sure with all the pans you have selected that you require a lid with your order or not.
  3. Don’t forget to check out the various sets, as they are the most beneficial and low-cost for you.
  4. After you have gone through the set collection, please check on the bottom right side if the website is showing you the country you reside in. 
  5. If you have the right country, you can proceed to place the order. 
  6. To place the order, you have to fill in all your details, including the address to which you want your package delivered and the mode of payment.
  7. Once you have mentioned all the required details, please check if the prevailing discount has been applied to your order or not.
  8. Lastly, you can now place the order. 

Now that you know how to place the order, let’s get to the verdict on this brand.

Our Verdict On Hexclad

Hexclad cookware has a huge fan base among its clients, and with that, it is also a brand adored by many popular chefs in the country. 

The technology and warranty provided by this brand are something not many can compete with, and the material used and the finishing provided with a touch of elegance by this brand are something non-replicable. 

The stainless steel heats your food in such a diligent and non-toxic way without causing any rusting on the metal that it would feel almost like a blessing. 

The delicacy of pans and the weight of cast iron can be a huge problem for cooks; what they require is lightweight cookware that is strong and has a hold. This quality is provided by Hexclad.

The premium design technology of Hexclad is patented and can only be found with them, which means if you want this high-tech kitchenware for yourself, it is Hexclad you have to approach and no one else. 

With technology this wonderful, why would anyone switch to another? As a mother and a home cook, the brand has made a permanent place in my heart. 

I am ready to go Hexclad over my kitchen, are you?


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