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There are several beverages on the market, but no doubt coffee is the most relaxing of all of them.

It is one of the most beloved beverages in the world today, and the best part is that it comes in different ways, be it strong or light, cappuccino or espresso. 

With so many flavors and options available, it always has something to offer for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up in the morning, a cozy treat on a rainy afternoon, or a warm beverage to accompany your dessert, coffee is a perfect choice.

Today, in the market, various brands offer you coffee, but there is a difference between the quality and pricing of the coffee.

The price of coffee is mainly high due to the manufacturing process. Today in this blog, we will be interviewing one such brand, Coffee Cometeer.

We will be having some profound insights about the brand, looking into some of its products, and also looking into their customers’ reviews.

Coffee Cometeer: Overview Of The Brand

Cometeer Brand Image
Cometeer Brand Image

Coffee Cometeer was founded in 2015 but officially launched in 2021 by Matthew Roberts. The story behind starting the brand was innovation and a desire to disrupt the coffee industry.

Roberts had a very common problem that every coffee drinker faces. He loved the taste of freshly brewed coffee, but every single time, either he was running out of time or he was not equipped enough to make it for himself. He was also dissatisfied with the quality and taste of most pre-packaged coffee pods.

As a solution to this problem, Robert found a way to deliver freshly brewed coffee that was both convenient and delicious.

Cometeer Coffee
Cometeer Coffee

As a result of which the coffee company Cometeer was formed. Robert spent two years developing the technology and manufacturing process for the company.

The company has also attracted investment from high-profile investors like rapper Jay-Z and actor Robert Downey Jr. Today, they have 56.5K followers on their Instagram handle and 5,477 followers on Facebook.

They also bagged the Best New Product Award at the SCA Expo. Cometeer Coffee has received positive reviews from coffee enthusiasts and has been featured in publications like Forbes and Food & Wine.

But with every brand, there are some pros and cons that every customer should know. This is what we believe in. 


  • Coffee Cometeer offers high-quality coffee from some of the best coffee-growing regions in the world. 
  • The coffee is dropped right in front of your doorstep which makes it convenient for you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee.
  • With a coffee Cometeer, you can be assured of freshness.
  • The coffee is packed within the hours of delivery which ensures that you get the freshest coffee possible.
  • The brand also offers a variety of coffee blends which also gives options available for everyone.
  • Coffee Cometeer also gives you a customization option which means you can choose your blend of coffee. 
  • Coffee Cometeer is owned by Matthew Roberts, who is an expert in the coffee industry. This ensures that you are getting coffee from someone who knows and loves coffee.
  • The technology used at coffee Cometeer is one of the latest of its time which ensures that you are getting the best possible cup of coffee.
  • They also have the best customer service team who are always available to help you out.


  • Coffee Cometeer is currently only available in certain areas of the United States. This means that if you live outside of those areas, you may not be able to enjoy the convenience of Coffee Cometeer’s coffee delivery service.

What Are The Products Offered By Coffee Cometeer?

They have a variety of products to offer their customers, which include coffee pods, whole-bean coffee, coffee mugs, and coffee filters.

Down below, we will be talking about some of the products that the brand offers:

Cometeer Coffee Lightbox Review

Cometeer Coffee Lightbox
Cometeer Coffee Lightbox

The light box is designed for those who prefer lightly roasted coffee. The box has three different blends of coffee, each with its own unique flavor.

The box has 32 capsules in frozen form. Some of the basic features of the lightbox are listed below:

  • The blends include a Brazil Fazenda Primavera, a Colombia Hacienda El Obraje, and a Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora. These are perfectly roasted before packaging.
  • The brewing process involves a flash-freezing policy, which helps lock in the aroma and flavor of the coffee.
  • The box is made using 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are collected from the best coffee regions of the world. 
  • The Light Box is shipped directly to your door, and each pod is individually wrapped to ensure freshness.
  • The coffee cubes can be stored in the freezer for six months, making them easier to use every time.

Cometeer Coffee Mixed Box Review

Cometeer Coffee Mix Box

This is a company subscription-based box that consists of some of the company’s signature coffees. It has 36 cubes of coffee, which are sufficient for 18 cups of coffee. The box is also customizable according to the order.

The coffee is made using some of the best, hand-selected coffee, which helped it win awards. Some of the basic features of the Cometeer Coffee Mixed Box are mentioned below:

  • The mixed box contains six different blends of coffee, each from a different region of the world. 
  • The blend of these six coffees keeps changing as per demand.
  • Each coffee blend in the Mixed Box is flash-frozen using Cometeer’s unique process, which preserves the flavor and aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  • The coffee blends are roasted at different levels, from light to dark, which gives the customer the choice to choose from a variety of options available.
  • The packaging is done using 100% sustainable and eco-friendly materials that cause no harm to the environment.

Cometeer Coffee Light / Medium Box Review

Cometeer Coffee
Cometeer Coffee

The box contains blends of six different types of coffee. They are roasted from a lighter to a medium level. This box is designed for those who prefer delicate flavors in their food.

The box has 16 capsules for light and 16 capsules for medium-roasted coffee. Some of the basic features of the Cometeer Coffee Light or Medium Box are mentioned below:

  • Some of the coffee blends that are included in the Light/Medium Box are Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Colombia Huila, Peru Cajamarca, Mexico Chiapas, Costa Rica Tarrazu, and Guatemala Huehuetenango.
  • The packaging is done using 100% sustainable material that is environmentally friendly.
  • The coffee is packed using the flash freezing technique, which helps lock in the freshness and aroma of the coffee.
  • You can also customize the blends according to your taste.
  • They deliver your coffee directly to your doorstep. This means no mediator is involved in this process. 

Cometeer Medium Box Review

Cometeer Medium Box
Cometeer Medium Box

This box is mainly designed for people who prefer the stronger and bolder taste of coffee.

It has a mixture of the smooth and nutty taste of Brazil Cerrado, the rich and chocolaty notes of Colombia Narino, or the bold and spicy flavor of Sumatra Aceh.

Each flavor is captured in a different region of the world, and you get six different blends in a single box. Some of the basic features of this box are listed below:

  • You can customize the blends according to your taste.
  • All the coffee blends in this box are roasted to medium levels.
  • The packaging of coffee is done using a fast flash technique, which helps lock in the freshness and aroma of the coffee.
  • This is a frozen form of coffee that takes almost no time to prepare.
  • The coffee can stay fresh for six months in the freezer if stored as per instructions.
  • The Medium Box blends are versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways, including drip coffee, cold brew, or even espresso.
  • The coffee is of high quality, as they are directly partnered with farmers.

Cometeer Coffee Decaf Box Review

Cometeer Coffee Decaf Box
Cometeer Coffee Decaf Box

This box is designed for those who want the taste of premium coffee without caffeine. This is a box of six blends, each from a different part of the world.

The blends consist of decaf coffee blends named Decaf Colombia, Decaf Ethiopia, Decaf Guatemala, Decaf Honduras, Decaf Mexico, and Decaf Peru.

Some of the basic flavors of the box needed are listed below:

  • The coffee is roasted from medium-full boiled beans and has a rich flavor.
  • You can also change the blends as per your taste.
  • The packaging is done using the flash freeze technique, which helps freeze the aroma and flavor of the coffee.
  • The coffee beans are hand selected for their premium taste.
  • The packaging is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Each pod has 14 grams of coffee, which is a more generous amount of coffee than any other brand in the market.
  • The coffee remains fresh for 6 months if stored in the freezer.
  • The packaging is done in small sachets, which ensures the quality and freshness of the coffee.

What Is The Customer’s Review?

The internet is filled with aromatic reviews of Cometeer coffee. People have shared their experiences with the brand. Reading all of them would not be possible. We will be looking at some of them to gain deeper insights into the brand.

What a fascinating and very fun experience. These frozen coffee cubes make a delicious cuppa and I love that they work for iced or hot! Amazing packaging and love the partnerships with specific roasters.


obsessed with Cometeer. I had a great experience ordering, shipping came quickly and was communicated well, and the product itself tastes great. I’ve tried the regular and the decaf variety packs and didn’t have a flavor that I disliked. It’s hard to go wrong on a Cometeer order!


I’ve subscribed to Cometeer since the trial. Good quality can be tasted in the flavor of brewed coffee. The only drawback, however, is that it doesn’t smell like coffee. Concentration exiles all scenes.


Purchased at FoxTrot and love this coffee! Always good to have in your freezer when you don’t want to make a cup yourself. I drink black, and it’s perfect every time.


Several others are present on their page as well as on different platforms. 

Understanding The Cometeer Brewing Process

Cometeer Coffee
Cometeer Coffee

Each company present in the market has its own process of making coffee, which makes it stand out. Down below, we will be talking about the Cometeer process, which will help us understand the company.

Coffee Capsules: Cometeer has made certain modifications to traditional coffee capsules. They call this 

 “flash-chilled coffee pods.” These are smaller in size, which makes them convenient to use in a coffee machine. The coffee is collected from the farmers, brewed hot, and then flash-chilled to lock in its flavors and aroma.

These flash-chilled coffees cannot be used in traditional coffee machines. Instead, they are consumed cold or heated using a microwave, stovetop, or another method.

Brewing Process: The process begins with selecting high-quality coffee beans from around the world. The beans are then roasted to perfection according to their unique flavor. The coffee is then, wed hot which creates a smooth cup of coffee.

The coffee is then immediately flash chilled to lock in the aroma and flavors using a proprietary process that involves exposing the hot coffee to cold air and stirring it rapidly.

This process helps to prevent the coffee from oxidizing, which can cause it to lose its freshness and flavor.

Once immediately chilled, the coffee is immediately frozen at a very low temperature to maintain freshness until consumption.

Is Cometeer Worth It?

One thing that sets it apart from other brands is its commitment to quality. They use coffee beans from some of the best sources in the world.

Their roasting and packaging process ensures that the coffee stays fresh and flavorful for up to 60 days. Another key feature is that they are direct to the customer brand, which means no mediator is involved in the process.

You place your order online and get the coffee directly delivered to your doorsteps. This breaks the chain of traditional subscription systems. Finally, I would say that they are worth your investment for the quality they provide.

How Do I Order It Online?

After talking so much about the brand, one thing that you must be wondering is how to get your hands on it. Well, then I’m mentioning the steps.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Select the product according to your desire.
  • Move to your cart. 
  • Now go to the cart and complete the billing and shipping details.
  • Finally, confirm your order.

Our Final Thoughts

In the end, one thing that I would say is that Cometeer is a box of treasure for any coffee lover, and it’s a must-try.

They give you the best-handpicked coffee beans available in the world. The best part is that you get to enjoy different flavors and different aromas of coffee just by sitting at home. 

There is hardly any brand that offers you the freshness of different aromatic coffees from around the world. 

The best process is their flash freezing technique, which enables them to lock in all those aromas and freshness.

This must be appreciated. I would recommend their products if you want anything as fresh as something just picked and poured into your cup. 

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