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Mountain Steals
Mountain Steals

The best way to live is to have adventures in life because with adventure comes learning.

Travel can be a form of therapy, and with that, we can create stories and memories for a lifetime.

Adventure activities help us unplug from our daily lives and connect with nature.

So who doesn’t crave the thrill of adventure? 

So who doesn’t crave the thrill of adventure? 

The thought of jumping off an airplane or scaling up a mountain can be very exciting for adventure enthusiasts.

These adventures challenge us physically and mentally and also push our comfort limits. Apart from the joy of adventuring, there is a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment for some people.

 When we complete a task with all our efforts, like reaching the mountain summit or covering more distance than the set limit, we create a sense of accomplishment in ourselves.

This helps us build confidence to take on further challenges in our lives. So all in all, whether you are a professional adventure enthusiast or a novice, there is something for everyone in every experience.

So, without further ado, get your backpacks and stuff and plan your new adventure trip.

And if you need some high-performance standard products for your trip,

We have the right place for getting reliable, hassle-free outdoor adventure products. Mountain Steal has a wide range of products, from camping gear to hiking equipment.

Even without much research, you can find the right product for your every requirement, and this is how you can embark on your new journey.

So, let’s have a better glance at the company.

Overview Of Mountain Steals

Mountain Steals Brand Image
Mountain Steals Brand Image

Mountain Steals offers outdoor products from the best brands at a cheaper price. The company is located in Michigan, the United States.

The company was founded by a small and determined team that loves and values adventure activities from and has 60+ years of buying experience and relationships in the outdoor industry. 

The website offers products in all categories, from wearable products to equipment. It is an online shopping space, and the focus is that it offers high-end brands at a lower price. 

Usually, the products are at a discount of 50% or higher.

The company keeps its prices low by not offering next-day free delivery, free returns, or any other free schemes offered by other companies.

Mountain Steals have 2.3K Facebook followers and 509 Instagram followers


  • The website features more than 
  • It provides discounts on daily deals.
  • features 350+ brands 
  • and provides free shipping for all orders above $99.
  • delivery within a period of 4-5 days almost anywhere in the US.
  • The company offers unbelievable discounts on standard products.
  • provides friendly and responsive customer service.
  • It is backed up by Walmart.
  • easy exchange and return policy.
  • It has this price match policy, which is eligible within 14 days of purchase.


  • You might become used to going on adventure trips by looking at the outdoor activity products you have.

What Are The Products They Offer?

This website offers products in different categories depending on what brand you want, and the kind of product you need can be sorted according to price and size.

It offers everything required for outdoor adventure, from standard-quality jackets under $100 to Marmot tents, gear, MSR footwear, and many more.

Also, Mountain Steals offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount, making it easy and affordable to get the outdoor gear and apparel you need for your next adventure.

Mountain Steals: Marmot Limestone 6p Tent Review

Marmot Limestone 6p Tent
Marmot Limestone 6p Tent
Marmot Limestone 6p Tent
Marmot Limestone 6p Tent
Marmot Limestone 6p Tent
Marmot Limestone 6p Tent

These are your six-person dome-shaped, versatile camping tents. a quite reliable shelter for your multi-day backpacking trips.

This can be very beneficial to protect you from bad weather-tracking days, insects, and small wild creatures. They also provide optimum room for six people to fit comfortably.


  • It provides more area to sleep and greater headroom.
  • One super-sized double door and one rear D-shaped door with a large front vestibule for gear storage
  • Weatherproof seam taped full coverage fly with vents
  • Color-coded “Easy Pitch” clips and poles
  • Lamp shade pocket designed for secure holding your headlamp to provide ambient light
  • It has a seam-taped, catenary-cut floor.
  • Interior pockets are provided for small gear organization.
  • It has vertical walls created by zone pre-bending.


  • The tent fabric is 100% polyester taffeta.
  • The floor fabric is 150D PU nylon.
  • There are four poles made of aluminum.
  • It has a floor area of 76 x 100 x 120 inches and a vestibule area of 27 square feet.
  • The weight is around 262 oz, and the height is 72 inches.

The products are available in two different color variants.     

The Marmot Limestone 6P Tent costs $324.

Marmot Limestone 6p Tent Reviews

“The best mountain hardware I have ever owned.”


“We got this for family car camping in decent weather. We spent a week on the lake with a couple of days with high wind and rain; the tent took it like a champ without guylines. We stayed totally dry inside. It’s spacious. It’s kinda heavy, not a backpacking tent, but not obscene either. The front porch overhang thing is kind of oversold; we tried to do it with hiking poles but they were too thick, we would have needed guylines and it didn’t even matter anyway.

In any case, it’s a pretty good tent for family car camping.”


Mountain Hardware Men’s Weather Down Parka Review

Men's Weather Down Parka
Men’s Weather Down Parka
Men's Weather Down Parka
Men’s Weather Down Parka
Men's Weather Down Parka
Men’s Weather Down Parka

The best mountaineering jackets for men have heavy-duty material that will keep you warm in extremely bad weather.

These jackets not only provide you with the required protection from the cold but are also a delight for your adventure pictures, ditching the traditional wool sweater jackets. These jackets are a must-have for all those who are into trekking and hiking.


  • It has two snap-on hand pockets for some storage.
  • Two front drop pockets with Velcro closure
  • Two zippered upper-hand pockets and two zippered Napoleon pockets
  • Two internal drop pockets for convenient storage
  • full-length front zipper with Velcro storm flap
  • A snap-button split hem allows for added mobility.
  • and elastic cuffs for stability.
  • The jacket has a body-hugging, relaxed trim fit.


  • The fabric is made of 70Dx140D nylon duck canvas.
  • Slim fit for a stylish look 
  • up to men’s knee-length
  • It has a hood fixed to the back of the jacket.
  • best for climbing, trekking, camping, and traveling.          

The product is available in three color options and sizes from S to XXL.

The product is offered at a price of $175.99.

Mountain Hardware Men’s Weather Down Parka Reviews

“Extremely warm and comfortable. Excellent fit and built tough jacket. Highly recommend”


” Easy to wear, stylish and weather proof. “


La Sportiva Women’s Zenit Climbing Shoe Review

Women's Zenit Climbing Shoe
Women’s Zenit Climbing Shoe
Women's Zenit Climbing Shoe
Women’s Zenit Climbing Shoe
Women's Zenit Climbing Shoe
Women’s Zenit Climbing Shoe

These are premium-quality women’s climbing shoes for making those overhauling sports climbs less exhausting.

These shoes will help you climb, run, exercise, and do whatever you want without any worry. These can function well in water, so you can also wear them on bad weather days.


  • These are comfy, long-lasting rock climbing shoes for adventure freaks.
  • Knit upper for a comfortable, breathable, yet precise fit
  • For quality performance and fit, there is a stiffer midsole.
  • Frixion sticky rubbers are provided on soles designed especially for mountain climbing.
  • There is an ultra-sticky compound for maximum performance.


  • It has a multi-zone knit material.
  • The inside is cushioned for comfort.
  • The footwear reaches the ankle with closed toes.
  • It weighs around 7.2 oz.
  • It is best for rock climbing, bouldering, workouts, and other physical activities.

The product is offered in various sizes ranging from 33 to 47 (European size) Cost only

The LA SPORTIVA Women’s Zenit Climbing Shoes cost only $109.99.

La Sportiva Women’s Zenit Climbing Shoe Reviews

“I use this shoes for indoor climbing and they fit very well and so far they are doing great. I am a beginner and I find this shoes comfortable and beginners friendly.”


“This is my second pair of Lowa’s. I bought my first pair when we lived in Germany and they lasted two years. The comfort and quality hasn’t changed and I’m happy to say I climbed for three hours the first time I wore my new ones!”


Women’s Re-form Flannel Shirtdress Review

Women's Re-Form Flannel Shirtdress
Women’s Re-Form Flannel Shirtdress
Women's Re-Form Flannel Shirtdress
Women’s Re-Form Flannel Shirtdress
Women's Re-Form Flannel Shirtdress
Women’s Re-Form Flannel Shirtdress

Unique, carefree, sophisticated dress for uplifting your trip looks. This shirt dress gives you that effortless, casual chic look with structured silhouettes that fit right on your body.

These dresses are multi-functional and wearable and can be worn for parties, casual meetups, fun shopping, and anywhere else you want.


  •  These are easy-to-wear dresses.
  • The dress is designed with full button-down styling.  
  • It is made up of 100% recycled material.


  • It has long sleeves.
  • Material: 60% recycled cotton, 40% recycled polyester
  • dress lengths above the knee.
  • The back length is around 37.5 inches.
  • best worn as a casual fit, but can be worn wherever you want.      

It is offered in three color variants and sizes from S to XL.

The Women’s Re-form Flannel Shirtdress is available for $60.99 only.     

Women’s Re-form Flannel Shirtdress Reviews

“I am in love with the Women’s Re-form Flannel Shirtdress! It’s the ultimate combination of comfort and style. The flannel material is cozy and warm, making it ideal for chilly days, and the shirtdress design adds a touch of sophistication.”


“It’s the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. The flannel fabric is not only comfortable but also durable, ensuring that the dress lasts for a long time”


 MSR Youth Tyker Snowshoe Review

Youth Tyker Snowshoe
Youth Tyker Snowshoe
Youth Tyker Snowshoe
Youth Tyker Snowshoe
Youth Tyker Snowshoe
Youth Tyker Snowshoe

These are the best snowshoes ever offered to your kids in this segment. because it gives your children the right fit and protection from the bad weather and deep snow layers and helps them enjoy the beautiful winters without feeling cold or getting snow scratches.


  • These are kid-sized versions of their strong, reliable DenaliTM snowshoes.
  • Easy-to-use, designed for children who weigh up to 90 pounds
  • steel crampons, and kid-friendly molded traction bars for complete traction and added safety
  • attractive and vibrant colors for kids.


  • The shoes weigh around 33 oz, with a width and length of 6.5 in and 17 in, respectively.
  • best for snowshoeing and other snow sports.

The product is offered in two-color valiant and fits a range of kids’ sizes 7.5–13.5 and adult sizes 1–4.5.

The price of the MSR Youth Tyker Snowshoe is only $48.99.

 MSR Youth Tyker Snowshoe Reviews

“I couldn’t be happier.”


” The Bestest Snow Shoes I have ever bought!!!”


Mountain Steals Reviews: By Consumers

Consumers love Mountain Steals products, and it is very evident from the following reviews provided by them:

“Fits great, like the title says, very warm! There are a lot of extra pockets that are also really nice. The fabric seems very durable and of good quality. I “have no doubts this will last me a long time”.


I want to love this base layer, but it runs way too big. I’m a medium in everything, and this just runs way too large. The arms are long, and at times I feel like I’m swimming in it”. 


This tent performed great!” It is easy to set up, easy to tear down, and takes up minimal space when packed in the vehicle. It is huge on the inside! Lots of pockets! With the fly-off at Dinosaur National Park, I could see stars through the roof. “Great tent and well worth the money after all the research I did.”

Cardinal Mike,

A great fit, but I’m slightly concerned about the high volume of the toe box in small cracks. The leather is super soft, so the break-in period was quick”.

Vertical Army,

Is Mountain Steals Legit?

Mountain Steals
Mountain Steals

Mountain Steals as a brand is completely legit, but it is not easy to believe because of the discount it is offering on famous brands.

Also, almost all the brands that offer outdoor sporting products are available on the website.

The Mountain Steals legit website offers high-quality outdoor gear at affordable prices. Many customers have found great deals and reliable products on the site.

They also have a price matching option available on the product purchased, valid for 14 days from purchase.

The brand has experience with the parent company, Moosejaw, and is also supported by Walmart.

When it comes to pricing, there is no other brand available to match their level of discounts.

The website offers daily deals on products and with all the return, exchange, and free delivery policies, 

Mounmountain Steal is definitely worth it.

How Do I Order Mountain Steals?

  1. Visit the Mountain Steals website.
  2. Browse the website and find the products that you are interested in purchasing. You can filter your search by category, brand, price, and size to help you find what you’re looking for more easily.
  3. Select the color and size that you want and click the “Add to Cart” button.
  4. If you’re ready to checkout, click the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the page, then click the “Checkout” button.
  5. On the checkout page, enter your shipping information and payment details. You will have the option to choose from various shipping methods.
  6. Review your order summary to ensure that everything is correct, then click the “Place Order” button to complete your purchase.

Our Verdict On Mountain Steals

As an adventure enthusiast, I feel Mountain Steals is the solution to hassle-free outdoor gear shopping.

Offering a wide range of products from well-known brands at such low prices is a USP in itself.

They have a customer-friendly service and return facility for a happy shopping experience, which is an added advantage for me.

Also, there are very few brands available that offer such high-standard products in the outdoor sector.

As well, these products must be from reliable brands and be risk-proof so we can have a carefree experience. 

In my opinion, Mountain Steal can be your one-stop destination for all your outdoor activity requirements at very affordable prices. 


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