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If you’re committed to the athleisure lifestyle, you must take proper care of those really expensive Lululemons

Lululemon is among the most famous yoga and fitness apparel companies for a reason: they are of excellent quality and comfy. 

Not taking enough care of them while washing will effectively ruin your fabric partner’s performance and life. 

Here are some maintenance suggestions to get the most out of your Lululemon.

Things you should consider for your Lulu’s long life:

 Lulu's long life
Lulu’s long life

Dirt can destroy your Lulu.

We create 1L of sweat, along with salt, oil, and sebum, on any given day—and that’s without a workout. 

Most of those bodily soils might combine and even become trapped in your clothing. 

Because all of that unseen dirt might cause the fabric of the leggings to age and fade. 

Carefully consider before repeatedly wearing a pair of leggings before cleaning them, presuming they’re still clean enough.

Lulu Leggings: Say No To Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener
Fabric Softener

Fabric softener forms a layer on your workout clothes that might retain your sweat and moisture. 

It makes it more difficult for the detergents to thoroughly wash your leggings. 

This may wreak havoc on the sweat-wicking legging’s technology (believe it or not, softener destructs Lulu’s fabric)

Perhaps you already washed them with fabric softener. In such instances, simply rewash your leggings to remove the softener, so they should recover.

Avoid using Bleach and Dryer occasionally


Its vulnerability to high temperatures might destroy the stretch factor, resulting in yoga pants that no longer continue to be in place. 

Allow your leggings to air dry naturally for ideal results. If you must use the machine, experts recommend tumble drying on low.

The first thing to know is that exposure to household chlorine bleach, based on hypochlorite, causes severe damage to synthetic fabrics such as nylon and spandex. 

If you must bleach, use oxygenated bleach (chlorine-free bleaching solution), which is safe. Also, it is effective in dissolving body soils.

Now you have a clear view of what not to do with your Lulu, Let’s see the best way to take care of your Lulu.

Hand washing Lulu is the best option

Hand Washing
Hand Washing

While luxury manufacturers prefer to insist on hand-washing, it isn’t always essential. 

However, Users should consider cleaning them by hand to preserve the longevity of any clothing item. 

We don’t always have time, but still, experts definitely recommend hand washing your lululemon leggings, especially if you have the Aligns! Because it is a dense fabric, you need to take proper care of it to ensure it lasts as long as possible (as they are pretty pricey).

Running out of time Here is the other best option

Lulu Lemon

Separate your Lulu’s from your other cotton-based, denim, and brightly coloured garments if you intend to machine wash them. 

If one wants to keep their Lulu garments for a more extended amount of time, they should always wash them separately. (Say No to piling and overloading)

Wash your leggings on a cold, delicate cycle in the washing machine. Turn your clothes inside out at all times. 

Normal water is friendlier on your elastane-made garments (especially on your Lulu) than hot water. 

Even Lululemon suggests using a cold wash on all of their goods, therefore use a cold wash detergent. 

Using a cold-wash cycle is also more environmentally beneficial since it consumes less energy and materials.

Turn the knobs or set the sliders on the top of your washing machine to use cold water and a moderate or gentle cycle. 

If you don’t know how to adjust the settings on your washing machine, search for the handbook for your exact model online.

To that end, Lululemon themselves recommend washing them separately or in a wash bag with any lulu item in cold water with a gentle detergent

Use ordinary detergent and leave out the fabric softener. You might also use a sports detergent.

Air-drying your Lulu

Air Drying
Air Drying

For optimal results, air-dry your leggings on a drying rack. 

Because Lululemon employs moisture-wicking fabrics in its leggings, air-drying your leggings should just take a few hours. 

Air-drying your leggings rather than drying them in the dryer can help your leggings keep their suppleness. 

You can also tumble dry them for no more than 10 minutes before hanging or air-drying them. 

Drying them in the sun will also help clean them by removing bacteria.

Final Note: Lulu Leggings

For the long life of your yoga and exercise partner, Pre-treat any stains and divide your laundry so that your Lululemon leggings are washed with other activewear. 

Make sure that your leggings are inside out and in a separate bag. Then, on a cold, gentle cycle, wash your leggings. 

For optimal results, air-dry your leggings on a drying rack.

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