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Zero: The Smoking Cessation

Smoking is like a chronic fatal habit, that once you got habitual can result in an irresistible want of it. It is like a part of your life that you might not like at all but still cannot cut from your life. Smoking is that part of your routine that slowly makes you finish yourself by destroying your own lungs. Lungs that help us breathe deteriorate due to this toxic practice.

It is something that may look cool enough during the initial days of practicing it but then kills you untimely like that you never existed before. Many people nowadays are into this habit and find it difficult to quit smoking. Smoking not only harms the person who smokes but also it harms the people around that person who somehow inhale its vapors.

So, when you smoke, you are not only declining your health but also your family, friends, and other people you are surrounded with. Millions of people die of smoking because they didn’t treat it when they should have. People do not understand that just holding a cigarette is not an option for anything. It does not make you look cooler, relieve your stress, or benefit your body. It just deteriorates your physical and mental health.

Many people find it irresistible only because smoking weakens your willpower to the extent that you start losing control over yourself. This is something that every person who smokes will find relatable. But, you know, it’s never too late to start something good. Many people nowadays understand the necessity of staying away and quitting this habit. Are you one of them? Do you find smoking irresistible too and want to cut this toxic element off your life? Don’t worry! Where there is a will, there is a way.

Zero: the smoke relief mission

Zero is a program that aims to help you get rid of smoking. They try to help you get rid of smoking with online doctors, therapy, and medication provided by them. It is an online cessation platform that uses technology, medication, and certified professionals to help you to get away from smoking addiction.

They start with an online doctor appointment and provide you with a treatment plan and medication needed for you to successfully get rid of smoking. It helps people who have tried immense ways to quit smoking. It proves to be an effective solution to smoking addiction. They take your needs, history, and preferences into consideration and provide you with the best treatment plan that is tailor-made to your convenience. They recommend the program of 12 weeks which can get extended to 24 weeks if needed. 

How does it work?

Step 1: The treatment starts with an online doctor visit which can be done through your phone or computer easily without any hassle to go and visit the doctor. It is not even an actual appointment; You just have to fill up the questions that are asked so that they have a good idea about you and can help you with further treatment.

Step 2: After the online appointment, if you desire a treatment plan with a prescription then they do provide you with the needed requirements after taking a look at your past medical and smoking history. They provide you with a treatment plan of Bupropion or Bupropion together with Zero’s nicotine replacement gum for a span of 12 weeks i.e. 3 months. 

Step 3: Once the treatment plan is decided and sent, you are asked to choose a date for yourself which would be the big day of quitting smoking. This day might a week r two in the future which would also help you start Bupropion. The medicines take a little time and hence it is advisable for you to start as soon as you receive your treatment. 

Step 4: After the arrival of the quit date, you stop taking the medicine and start taking nicotine gum, and put an end to smoking. The plan provided to you suggests that you need to consume one gum every hour or two for the first six weeks to help fight withdrawal. In case of any queries, you can enquire the doctors with the method of secure messaging. 

How much does it cost?

To start with, the online doctor appointment costs around $15 where they provide you with questions to check the intensity and history of smoking. If they do not find you eligible enough to be a part f the treatment the amount is given back to you.

After the online appointment, the cost of the bupropion costs $45 for a month. A box of nicotine gum is $42 per month.  

The treatment plan is not definite for everyone, it differs from person to person and hence there is no proper cost for the entire treatment. 

They provide two plans if you want to buy nicotine gum, it either costs you $42 for one box or $84 for 2 boxes in one month.

If you plan to get medication outside it becomes a separate case else, they provide a free 2-day shipping for the medication. 

How does telemedicine work at Zero?

Telemedicine is a new platform that deals with the combination of medicine and technology. However, the medication and treatment work on solely the information provided by the patient online. There seems to be no other method to verify the information that is given and the treatment plan is made on the basis of the information provided by the patient.

Therefore, it is essential for the patients to provide authentic information without having the fear of judgement. The certified professionals work their best and have the proper skills to assist and guide your treatment. 

Zero follows the guidelines of telehealth. Once you are done with your online appointment, they provide you with the liberty to consult the doctor over text, phone call and even video call. 

What kinds of treatments are provided at Zero?

At Zero, they look at the history and the intensity of smoking and then provide you with the proper treatment. They provide you dozes of Bupropion and then move on to Nicotine gums. There are different cases among people. 

Some might just need the nicotine gum strength of 2mg or 4 mg which is casual and does not need a prescription. However, in case of complications, medications and nicotine are combined which do require prescription as it is a severe case. 

What are the potential warnings provided by Zero?

The medication provided by the consultants do have some side effects which are mentioned by Zero, to remind the patients and not get worried if something pops up. The effects may include nausea/vomiting, constipation, tremor, dizziness, excessive sweating, agitation, dry mouth, insomnia, headache/migraine, blurred vision, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), confusion, rash, hostility, cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), and auditory disturbance.  

It is advisable to consult the primary care physician if you had anu suicidal thoughts or manic or bipolar episodes.

Zero: the final thoughts

Smoking is something that might be very exciting for a short period of time but is a huge mistake when it ends up as an addiction you actually cannot enjoy it anymore. Everyone is aware with the kind of problems smoking brings with it. Not just humans it also affects the other people around it and is vehemently opposed by most of the people. It affects them by affecting their lungs and causing cancer and other life-threatening illnesses which are difficult to overcome sometimes.

Your well-wishers would always try to remind you how smoking could harm you. It seems cool when you get into peer pressure or making it a coping mechanism for yourself for sometime. You may not realise but it turns intro an addiction in no time. Smoking is a big boon in the long run and even when people realise it gets too late. When they try to avoid it, they understand what an addiction actually is. Various attempts like force, nicotine patches, and others are tried by a lot of people.

They try to leave this habit but it becomes very difficult. Various products come up with different ways but there needs to be a wholesome treatment plan that can help to drive away smoking for good. Zero is one such program that helps you to get rid of this habit with a proper treatment plan, medication and support from counsellors.

They aim to provide you with the proper assistance where they take care of your preferences and needs and your history and provides you with a tailor-made plan for you to get rid of smoking for good. They provide you with e-prescription and also provide you with medication at your doorstep. Zero provides you with proper treatment advised by certified specialists and provides you with all the support needed by you. Zero aims at helping you get rid of it at an affordable, convenient way. 

However, it all depends you on which treatment suits you the best.

Until then, 

Stay Healthy!

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