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Cider Clothes
Cider Clothes

I want to look good, but I can’t find the right clothes.

And when I do find the right clothes, they do not quite match my style. 

It’s a disaster; shopping might be therapy, but to me, it is the reason I have anger issues.

I even tried jumping from local shops to browsing online for the right fit, but how do I be sure of the right size and, above all, the quality? 

Trusting online retailers, especially for clothes, is a border I didn’t think I could ever cross. 

My friends recommended Cider Clothing a long time ago, and I usually checked out the site myself, but I never dared to buy anything.

The enticing collection and regular fashion updates, along with the pricing, got the best of me one day. Now, call it a drunken mistake, but I ordered a couple of dresses. 

I have, since then, never looked back.

I regret all the time I have wasted in my dilemma of whether to order or not to order. Now that I know what a magic wand this website is, I rarely set foot in any local shops or other websites these days. 

Let’s get a brief overview of this brand that I have grown to love so much. 

Cider: An Overview Of the Brand

Cider brand image
Cider brand image

The brand Cider is a clothing brand that provides outfits for all occasions and every mood. They design and manufacture clothes that help you be unforgettable and make a statement everyone will remember till the end of their lives. 

Cider Clothes has a verified blue tick on Instagram, with 4.4 million followers willingly hostage-stalking their latest post with eyes almost out of their sockets.

This sensational brand was started in 2020 by Fenco Lin, the co-founder and chief fashion officer, and Yu Oppel, the co-founder and CMO.

When Four Friends wanted to create a fashion brand that celebrated happiness in the mundane, the brand Cider came out of it. The name “cider” came from a drink that had all the pop one needs in life, just like fashion.

Let’s calculate some pros and cons for this brand.


  • The brand is trusted and verified.
  • Cider Clothes has a huge consumer base, all of whom are satisfied.
  • The product quality is unbelievably high.
  • shockingly low-priced range of products.
  • All types of women’s clothes are available from this brand.
  • The website suggests clothes according to our mood, occasion, and event venue.
  • The latest fashion trends are available.
  • Set your own trend with their top-notch clothes.
  • Easy return policy
  • Quick delivery


  • You might need to get used to receiving random compliments throughout the day.
  • Possible chances of feeling limelight 
  • May get addicted to the brand, and turn into a shopaholic.

So now that you know how many pros and cons this brand has, let’s get a brief on all the products they offer.

Read Cider Clothing Reviews by Customers:


Exactly as pictured and better, fit was perfect and machine wash safe.


LOVE! Probably could’ve got a size down, but very cute and comfy. I was sweating all night and you couldn’t even tell!

What are the products offered by Cider?

The brand Cider offers products for women in all styles. If you want a school outfit or a vacation suit, they have it all.

In fact, they categorize their clothes in such a way that you can choose according to what the occasion is and where you are going. 

From what your mood is today to what style suits you best, their simplified navigation has made shopping substantially easier.

We have mentioned some of their best sellers below for you to have a look at and make up your mind. Beware; they might look too enticing for you not to make a purchase this instant.

Ruffle Hem Lettuce Trim Mini Dress Review

Ruffle Hem Lettuce Trim Mini Dress
Lettuce-trim Mini Dress
Ruffle Hem Lettuce Trim Mini Dress
Ruffle Hem Lettuce Trim Mini Dress
Ruffle Hem Lettuce Trim Mini Dress
Ruffle Hem Lettuce Trim Mini Dress

No one can stop you from looking hot in this dress, not even yourself. Sure, you can get a string of compliments along those lines, but make a purchase of this dress only if you can take those compliments. 

Making a statement with a white ruffle hem lettuce-trimmed mini dress, I bet you’ve got some good taste. 


  • V-neck.
  • Pattern type: solid.
  • Fit type: Regular
  • Waistline: middle waist.
  • No chest padding is included.
  • Length- Short
  • Lining- Lined

Material used: 

  • 100% cotton material is used. 
  • Non- stretchable.
  • Woven

Occasion: daily casual, or date


  • Bleach is prohibited.
  • Tumble drying is allowed, but only at low heat.
  • Ironing is allowed, but only on low heat.
  • Machine washable with cold water only.

Sizes available:

 XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL

Get this product for only $38.00!

Read Ruffle-trim Mini Dress Reviews:

Jenny c.

It is worth buying, trust me when i say you will lose it with all the eyes on you


So cute!! Thinner than I thought but perfect for summer! Might have to sew the bow on better but it’s delicate and pretty 😍

Floral Jacquard Ruched Split Midi Dress Review

Floral Jacquard Ruched Split Midi Dress
Cider Ruched Split Midi Dress
Floral Jacquard Ruched Split Midi Dress
Floral Jacquard Ruched Split Midi Dress
Floral Jacquard Ruched Split Midi Dress
Floral Jacquard Ruched Split Midi Dress

Well, if you are a princess, don’t let anyone stop you from wearing this floral dress that makes you a Cinderella in your own badass way. If you won’t go to an exhibition wearing this, Trust me, I will.

If you really need a reason to go on vacation besides your will. Let this dress be your excuse to run off to another country and be that main character you always saw on Disney.


  • Color- baby blue
  • Pattern – floral
  • Fit type- regular
  • Length- midi 

Material used:

97% polyester and the remaining 3% spandex

Occasion: exhibition, vacation.


  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry with low heat acceptable
  • Iron on low heat is acceptable.
  • Machine washing with cold water only.

Sizes available: 

XS, S, M, and L

This product charged $26.00 only

Read Split Midi Dress Reviews

Hailey h.

Best decision I made! I bought it for a wedding and it’s elegant and still very much basic. It fits beautifully as well and definitely made me feel very beautiful. I’m buying different colors of it lol.


Great fit, material is super light.

Shirred Bow Ruffle-Tiered Tube Romper Review

Shirred Bow Ruffle Tiered Tube Romper
Ruffle-Tiered Tube Romper
Shirred Bow Ruffle Tiered Tube Romper
Shirred Bow Ruffle Tiered Tube Romper
Shirred Bow Ruffle Tiered Tube Romper
Shirred Bow Ruffle Tiered Tube Romper

A charmed dress that keeps you in dreamland, even in the real world. And in a pearl necklace or any other accessory, someone might just confuse you for a fairy walking in reality.

Everybody looks good, but not everybody has your taste, and not everyone can pull this off 😉


  • Neckline- off – off-shoulder, strapless
  • Patter type- solid
  • Fit type- regular
  • Waistline- middle waist
  • Pant leg style- regular
  • Length- ultra short

Material used:

  • stretch – high
  • Woven
  • 100% cotton manufactured 

Occasion: daily casual, date, vacation


  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry on low heat.
  • Iroc on low heat
  • Machine wash with cold water.

Sizes available: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

Make this dress your own for just $36.00

Read Ruffle Tube Romper Review:

Shirley f.

Obsessed, literally, with this brand and this dress in particular. Such good material at this rate i am amazed. Definitely recommended.


this romper is so so so gorgeous as well as this shade of pink. i sized up for comfort however medium was definitely a little too loose on me, a small would have fitted better. so definitely stick with ur size.

Cider Clothes High Waist Fringe Flared Jeans Review

High Waist Fringe Flared Jeans
Fringe Flared Jeans
High Waist Fringe Flared Jeans
High Waist Fringe Flared Jeans
High Waist Fringe Flared Jeans
High Waist Fringe Flared Jeans

Not scared of trying something new, and not so uptight to stick to traditional jeans? Well, this product is for you. To give you the cowgirl vibe without making it awkward. 

High waist fringe flared jeans, to give a touch of spice to your wild personality.


  • Pattern type- solid
  • Fit type- regular
  • Waistline- high waist
  • Pant leg style- flared trousers
  • Length- long

Material used:

  • Non-stretch
  • Denim
  • 15% polyester and 85% cotton

Occasions: daily casual


  • No bleaching
  • Tumble dry with low heat allowed.
  • Iron on low heat is allowed.
  • Machine wash with cold water, do not mix with other garments.

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Get your hands on these jeans, $30.00 only

Read High Waist Jeans Reviews:

Moira l.

Love love love these jeans! Reminds me of what I used to wear in the 90s. They’re absolutely perfect size in the waist and the length which is super hard to find now a days.


the material is very boxy; its not rough though. definitely for girls with long torso. you can size down if you want.

Cider Clothes Jumpsuit Review

Leave 'Em On Read Lace Detail Jumpsuit
Leave ‘Em Jumpsuit
Leave 'Em On Read Lace Detail Jumpsuit
Cider Jumpsuit
Leave 'Em On Read Lace Detail Jumpsuit
Cider Jumpsuit

Well, stopping a party was never this easy, making a statement or stealing the limelight. You will have all the attention in the room with that dress on. 

Forget fairies; let’s get a modern-day maleficent out of you.


  • V- neck
  • Pattern type- solid
  • Fit type- regular
  • Waistline- high waist
  • Pant leg style: straight-leg trousers
  • Length- long

Material used: 

  • 100% polyester
  • Stretch- slight
  • Material- woven

Occasion: daily casual, date.


  •  No Bleaching
  • Iron on low heat.
  • Dry Flat
  • Hand washable only.

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Cider Clothes jumpsuit costs $32.00 only

Read Cider Jumpsuit Review:

It’s like I fit it before I bought it from you guys!! It fits perfectly fine and I’m loving it ♥️

Nina s. 

Cider Clothes Review: What Do Customers Think?

Cider is loved by the customers and often appreciated in their review section too. Many influencers follow Cider for fashion updates and orders from the brand when they are ready to make a statement. Some of the recent reviews are mentioned below for you to witness yourself. 

Read Cider clothing Reviews:

Kimberely Roberts

“Absolutely love cider. Three orders so far and all dresses have been beautiful, really good quality, fitted perfectly, arrived really quickly and got a free nail varnish and measuring tape. Have been telling all my friends as I am so impressed, can’t wait to order again!!”

Nancy Castro

“Cider is wonderful! I got a two piece set and it was great quality and perfect fit. Shipping was super fast. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Will definitely keep shopping from them. Don’t hesitate and do it! Their outfits are so so so cute????????”


“I absolutely love cider! I bought a beautiful dress from them! Everything I wear it I get so many compliments! And returns are super easy. I bought two of the same dress because I recently lost a bunch of weight and didn’t know what size to get. I had a few options to chose from. The one I chose was keep the dress and get store credit! 10/10 would recommend Cider to anyone! :)”


“I always get the best experience shopping from Cider. They have the best collection of everything and I always get compliments on my clothes ????❤️ Love the wonderful colours and styles and the app is very easy to use and navigate. They also have multiple payment options which is a bonus for me as well as their fast delivery ????????????. Overall I really enjoy shopping from Cider, it’s one of my top websites to shop from ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Mariana Michelle

“I’ve been shopping from this company over about 3 years, they have improved so much and the sizing on the website is super helpful. Love the options they have and they are my go to shopping site when I need a cute party dress and vacation clothes”

Awestruck, aren’t they? Well, what else can you expect from a brand like that and clothes like THAT? But is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Is Cider Clothes Worth the Money?

Starting with the fact that cider costs much less than any other brand considering its high quality and good fashion sense. The brand has amazing sizing techniques, and all the clothes delivered to you are exactly what they promised.

With a transparent flow of business and zero chances of scams, this verified product is definitely worth your money.

Even the hot-shot influencers follow this brand and make purchases quite frequently, if I may say so myself.

A brand like cider with this much authenticity and credibility is one you stick with for life. 

The existing customers are amazed, and not a single review is posted without applause for the fantastic work they are doing.

Letting cider go would be like stepping back and letting this world move ahead without you.

Not something you would like, right? Well, stop thinking and try the website for yourself.

Some easy steps for you to buy from Cider without any fuss are mentioned below, just follow through. 

How to Order Cider Clothes In Brief

Now that you have been briefed on what the brand is all about and what some of the products are, here is a quick guide to making a purchase.

  1. Look up the brand’s website on any search engine.
  2. Browse through the eye-catching website in search of clothes that suit your style.
  3. When you are done scrolling, check if they have your size.
  4. Make sure you know the right size and have that selected when you order, Click Add to Bag.
  5. Add in your body measurements when the website asks.
  6. When you are done scrolling and have all the things you require for that statement makeover, double-check the color, size, and items you chose. 
  7. Fill in all your details, including the mode of payment and the address to which you want your package delivered.
  8. When you have accomplished the task, you may proceed to place the order.
  9. In 4-6 working days, you will have your package at your doorstep. 

We have gained enough knowledge of the brand and its products that I think it’s time I move forward with my verdict. 

Our Verdict On Cider

I absolutely loved the brand; it would be quite unusual to see a brand this flawless.

It looks like the CEO has all the strings in his bow.

 The customers are impressed, and the product quality is mind-blowing. The clothes they sell are beyond trendy fashion; in fact, they are a step ahead of it.

Buying from here would make you a leader—someone who knows what they are doing and isn’t hesitant about leading others.

It’s time to stop following trends; let’s buy cider and make our own.

Whatever your style is, whatever phase you are going through, and whatever your current mood is, browse cider and get your dose of a healthy addiction. 

I wholeheartedly love the brand and suggest you check it out for yourself too; you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun.

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