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Do you know someone who is so obsessed with physical exercise that they never miss their workout session in the gym? Do you know the reason behind their obsession? 

Let me tell you!

People who work out daily are suckers for physical fitness, and their desire to maintain a robust body is never-ending.

This obsession develops gradually over time when they start to see their endeavors and their results.

But working out in the gym not only costs your money, but it also costs your time. Not everybody has the required time for the gym, and more importantly, not everybody is comfortable working out in a gym full of people.

Consequently, many people opt for working out at home, but to do so you need proper training from professionals.

With proper guidance and training, you can make your home workout session effective.

And one such product that will provide you with professional workout training is the Mirror.

Mirror will give you a real-time gym experience at home, and that too from the best instructors in the world.

Let’s get much more familiar with this brand with a closer look at it.

Mirror: The Overview of Brand

Mirror Brand Logo
Mirror Brand Logo

The Mirror is basically a screen that is vertically rectangular in shape and it provides instructions for physical exercise. It gives interactive workout sessions on its video screen.

And when not in use it will function as an actual mirror also its classy appearance very much enhances your home decor.

Brynn Putnam, who was a  ballet dancer and a graduate of Harvard is the founder of Mirror. She constructed Mirror in 2016 and with no time it gained the attention of numerous people.

With 177k followers on Instagram and 98k on Facebook, Mirror has really gained large popularity.


  • It has a variety of workouts.
  • Act like a smart home gym.
  • Intensify your home decor.
  • Free shipping and installation.
  • Offers a 60-day risk-free trial.


  • Required monthly membership.

What is a Mirror?


The Mirror act as a library of workouts that consist of 10k classes, and 50-plus genres and they give new live sessions daily which are taught by the world’s best instructors.

Its physical activities include Latin dance, kettlebell, competitive, chair, meditation, yoga flow, weight training, dance cardio, ballet, boxing, Bootcamp, and many more fun activities. 

The Mirror allows you to book your private sessions with personal trainers.

You can also set your personalized timely targets and in the end, can analyze your performance metrics. Mirror also has smart weights which will count your reps and form.

With this make workouts a fun activity, join your family and friends and compete with them.

It comes with a standard warranty for one year and you can also extend the protection program.

Mirror: What are the Products the Brand Offers?

There is much more to Mirror than stated, thus letting us know some more details about the product.

The Mirror will act as your own cardio class, yoga studio, boxing ring,  your smart digital personal trainer and so much more.

And when not in use it will act as an actual mirror, intensifying your home decor.

It comes with The Mirror, Mirror stand, mirror lens cap, and a standard one-year warranty.

Some more details of the product are :

  1. The mirror will take up very little space in your room or wall, its frame is made of carbon steel paired with a mineral bronze powder coating.
  1. It has 5 megapixels front camera, to facetime your friends during a workout and to get live feedback from your personal trainers.
  1. Gives you a full studio feel with its 4 * 15 high fidelity speaker systems containing 6 drivers and 2 woofers.
  1. The Mirror video screen is a 43” full HD 1080p display and has a 178° wide viewing angle.
  1. It uses a quad-core processor.
  1. Weighs 70 pounds and its dimensions are 56.0″ H, 22.4″ W, and 1.4″ D.
  1. You can also sync it with Bluetooth, Apple watches, and Android wear Os watches.
  1. It requires Dual-band 802.11 A/B/G/N Wi-Fi.
  1. The price of this product is $1295.

How Does a Mirror Function?

The Mirror is not a touch screen, so you need to operate it with an app on your smartphone.

You can download the app for free but you need to pay for its membership $39 per month to start using it.

Activate it through your phone app and connect for a one-to-one workout session. Also, you can connect your Mirror Speaker and microphone with the help of Bluetooth.

You can stream Mirrors live and personal training sessions from the phone app. And if you want to do heart rate-based exercise you can extend the function of a heart rate monitor.

This phone app will also help you to analyze your physical fitness progress which will include calories burned and workouts sessions completed.

How to Order The Mirror?

The mirror consists of thousands of fitness Programs for its subscribers and users and this will make your workout fun and exciting activity. If you have decided to buy this interactive product you are just one step away from being fit and healthy.

Follow the below steps to bring the mirror to your home :

  1. Go to the official website of The Mirror which is
  2. Select the “Shop The Mirror” head.
  3. Choose the package as per your preference and use, the category includes The Mirror, MIRROR Essentials, MIRROR Pro, and MIRROR Family.
  4. Shop the package you want.
  5. Review the details and features then fill in the required payment details.
  6. You will receive your The Mirror in the mentioned span of time.

Mirror Review: What Do Customers Think?

Mirror has become the Workout companion of thousands of fitness lovers and they are using it every day and enjoying their workout sessions.

On its official website, it has 645 Reviews and is rated 4.9 stars out of five which is really impressive.

Below are a few of the finest mirror workout reviews :

“I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to moving my body. The Mirror has helped me gain confidence in myself and taught me so many workouts that make me feel energized and healthy. In just the two weeks since I got it, I’ve used it every day. I’m so thrilled to have a safe and private space to sweat in my home”

Hallie 5 Stars

“I have owned The Mirror since July 2020, and I can honestly say this is the best home equipment I have ever purchased. My background in exercise involved Crossfit and Strength and Conditioning workouts. I don’t miss the $125/month gym payments and being constricted to class times. The Mirror allows me to work out on my schedule, the Expert class intensity (Cardio, Strength, Boxing) is hard enough for those with the above-listed background. I also love exploring new classes such as Barre and Yoga (those I very much do on the Beginner level). Mediation was used to help me while working from home. Their technical assistance group answers questions promptly, and also love having The Mirror as a beautiful mirror for my room. I’m so happy I bought it!” 

Tamera 5 Star

“Ok at first I wanted it for myself because going to the gym was getting difficult. Finding the class I wanted at the time I needed was rare. Plus I was seeing too many people getting sick. This has been the best. I love it. Kickboxing or Cardio Dance in the morning and Yoga Pilates in the evening. If My schedule changes, I can still work out. Did I say I love it? Also, we can add profiles so now I can share and challenge my husband and kids. Perfect!”


Is the Mirror Worth It?

With Mirror, you will have your gym and studio at home, and you will not be restricted to class time. Most importantly, with Mirror, you do not need to travel or wait for equipment.

You can choose to workout at any time you want, and you can also choose your companion, be it your family or friends, to have a workout session with you, and you can do the same workout together.

You can also explore many other physical exercise classes, such as ballet, boxing, and weight lifting. For any query, their technical assistance team is active and responds promptly.

You can work out at any time. The Mirror will be the best Home and gym equipment you have ever purchased.

The above-mentioned details and features of The Mirror depict that it’s all worth it.

Final Thought  on Mirror 

After considering all the above features and multiple functions of The Mirror, our Final opinion on this product is very positive. 

The Mirror will provide a wide range of physical activities and sessions, as well as a face-off competition with your friends and family if you choose to work out with them.

If you choose to take personal training sessions, which will be given by the world’s best Instructors, they are very encouraging and will work with you as per your range, be it beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert.

When not in use, this will act as a great interior for your home, intensifying your home decor.

For an inclusive workout experience, you must purchase The Mirror. The day you bring this to your home, you will never stop working out and will use it every single day.

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