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Birddogs Polo
Birddogs Polo

Clothing plays a very essential role in each of our lives.

Clothing also defines your personality. In addition, this is generally noticed when you are in public places.

What is the most common thing that you look for whenever you are purchasing clothes for yourself?

Generally, fabric, comfort, and good looks are things I prefer. 

But sometimes they somehow fail to convince the customers. There could be many reasons why people avoid using a particular clothing brand.

In this Birddogs review, you will find your ideal fashion choice today! We will be discussing one clothing brand that was featured in Shark Tank Season 9 and has impressed the audience as well as the judges through their work.

The brand name is Birddogs. We will be looking at deep insights into the brand and some of its products, as well as peeking into its customer reviews. Let’s dive into the blog.

Birddogs: Overview Of The Brand 

BirdDogs Brand Image

The brand Birddogs was started in 2014 by Peter Baldwin. The brand is focused on men’s activewear. Baldwin was a student at the University of Virginia.

He was quite active in sports such as basketball, lacrosse, and tennis. But he was never satisfied with traditional designs of shorts, as they were not part of his active lifestyle.

And that’s how Birddogs got started. Today, they have 166,700 followers on their Instagram handle.

Not only this, but they have also been featured by several renowned media houses, including GQ, Esquire, and Men’s Health, and have even been worn by several celebrities, including Mark Cuban, Rob Gronkowski, and Joe Rogan.

We believe that each brand has advantages and disadvantages that each customer should be aware of before investing in it. That’s the reason we are mentioning some of the major pros and cons of the brand.


  • The shorts are designed with moisture-wicking fabric that helps keep you dry and comfortable during workouts.
  • They have several options available for shorts, from colors to styles, on their website. 
  • The brand uses high-quality material that is durable and long-lasting.
  • The shorts feature pockets, zippers, and other design elements that make them functional for activities like running, hiking, or playing sports.
  • The brand also has excellent customer service, which people have appreciated.
  • The brand uses sustainable and ethical sources for its materials.
  • They have an easy return policy without any hassle.


  • There aren’t any shorts available without liners

What are the products they offer?

The brand offers a wide range of men’s activewear, which includes shorts, pants, shirts, swimsuits, and accessories. Down below, we’ll be discussing some of their products so that we can better understand the brand.

Birddogs Teddy Rubskins Shorts Review

Birddogs Teddy Rubskins
Birddogs Teddy Rubskins
Birddogs Teddy Rubskins Shorts
Image of Birddogs Teddy Rubskins Shorts
Birddogs Teddy Rubskins Shorts
Image of Birddogs Teddy Rubskins Shorts

This is the brand’s signature product, and they are designed with moisture-wicking fabric, which helps athletes and fitness freaks work out more comfortably.

They have a wide range of sizes and options in this category. Deer hunters and Teddy Ruxpins are both among them.

Some of the basic features of the Birddogs shorts are listed below:

  • The shorts feature several pockets, including a zippered back pocket and two front pockets, providing ample storage for small items.
  • It has a comfortable waistband around the waist that stays in place for long hours and does not leave marks on your skin.
  • The brand uses high-quality material, 95% Nylon & 5% Spandex, khaki stretch fabric with a silky-soft spandex liner.
  • You can get a variety of styles in this, which makes it accessible to a large number of customers.

Birddogs Teddy Rubskins Shorts Reviews


Fantastic shorts and super comfortable“.


“Extremely comfortable with a built in liner. Nice to have the zippered pocket for keys or credit cards.”

Birddogs Pants Review: Phil Gates

Phil Gates
Phil Gates
Phil Gates
Phil Gates
Birddog Phil Gates
Birddog Phil Gates

Birddogs launched their first line of pants in 2017. They gave their products the same quality and detail as they did their shorts. The pants are made using lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that is perfect for workouts and everyday wear. Its price is $118.

After its launch, the brand kept on giving more options to their customers in this product range. Some of their basic features are listed below:

  • Birddogs pants have inbuilt underwear in them, which makes it more convenient for athletes to work out.
  • The pants are made up of stretchy fabric, which helps give full coverage and a maximum level of comfort.
  • Among all their pants, the jogger pants are the most popular among the customers. It has zippered pockets as well as an adjustable drawstring waistband.
  • Biddogs’ogs pants are made with 73% Cotton, 24% Nylon, and 3% Spandex stretch chino fabric, with or without a silky-soft spandex liner.

Birddogs Pants Reviews


These pants kill it. These pants are great! Slim fit, but super comfortable. The material is really soft”.


“Hands down (my pants) the most comfortable joggers i’ve ever owned. Plus, they fit like a dream. 12/10 would recommend.

Birddogs Polo Review: Gary’s Anatomy

birddogs polo
Image of Birddogs polo

Birddogs Polo is functional and stretchy T-shirts are so comfortable, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.

Discover the ultimate comfort and style with Birddogs polos! These silky soft performance shirts are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re dressing up or going casual.

They are made with breathable and lightweight fabric, which makes them a more convenient option to wear for everyday use. Some of the basic features of their shirts are mentioned below:

  • The Birddog polo is made with moisture-wicking fabric, which keeps you dry even during your workout.
  • This is made using breathable fabric, which helps regulate body temperature.
  • This is made of stretchy material that helps give full coverage to the body.
  • It uses 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex stretch performance fabric.
  • The lightweight fabric makes it a more convenient choice for everyday wear.
  • Some Birddogs shirts provide UV protection, which acts as a shield for your skin from harmful rays during outdoor activities.

Read Birddogs Polos Reviews


“Simply awesome. Ordered more”.


“Great over all. Everything I have from Birddogs is just awesome! Fits perfect, good fabric, amazing looks.”

Birddogs Shorts Review: Baysiders

Birddogs Shorts
Image of Birddogs Shorts
Image of Birddogs Shorts

Birddogs Baysiders are some of the most innovative Baysiders that you will come across. This is a combination of style and comfort. Its price is $62 on its official website.

The company has paid attention to the very minute details of each product, which sets it apart from others present in the market.

Some of the basic features of Birddogs Baysider are listed below:

  • The Baysiders are made using 89% Polyester & 11% Spandex, 4-way stretch fabric with a silky-soft spandex liner. 
  • The Bayside is made using stretchy materials which help in giving full coverage to the body and comfort while swimming or working.
  • Many Birddogs swim trunks feature mesh-lined pockets, which allow water to drain quickly and prevent sagging.
  • The waistline has an adjustable drawstring, which again makes it a comfortable choice.

Birddog Shorts Reviews


“Great shorts! Love the stretch, look and fit”.


“Bestest shorts I’ve ever owned.”

Birddogs Review: What Do the Customers Say?

If you look through the internet, you will see several platforms where people have shared their experiences with the brand. We have collected some of them for you so that you can have your eyes on them.

Read Birddogs reviews by customers:


I own several pairs of BD pants and shorts, and the reason is simple. because they’re so comfortable! Confusing pockets?!?! LOL, get out of here. They keep your wallet off to the side, and the inside liner is amazing. I got a pair, and they were like-like teeth, but no problem they immediately shipped out a different pair for me. I’ll continue to keep picking new pairs as they come out. WORTH IT!!!


The pants are amazing! So comfortable. I wear them every day!


feels like the Pillsbury Dough Boy whipped up a batch of groin sleeves.


felt like I was walking around while sitting on this. It’s an air cast for my thunder.


feel like I just swiped myself into a Tinder gem. She holds the photos in person and can’t wait to hold my package.

There are several other presentations on their official website and on other websites. You can visit there and read for yourself what people experience with the brand.

How Do I Order Birddogs?

After knowing so much about the brand, I know most of you will be searching for or grabbing your hands on their products. Well, then, to make your job easier, I will be mentioning the steps. 

  • Visit their official website.
  • Search for the product you are looking for.
  • Now add the products to your cart.
  • Move to your cart and complete the billing and shipping details. 
  • Finally, confirm your order.

Apart from their official website, their products are also available in different online and offline retail stores. You can also get them from there. 

Our Final Thought

Birddog is the best option for those who are looking for comfortable men’s activewear. The brand has been continuously working on its product to make it more innovative and comfortable.

Comfort and detailing are two things on which the brand really focuses, which sets it apart from the crowd. 

The shorts and pants are something that are really appreciated by several customers and have also been reviewed by several media houses.

Customer service is something that most customers appreciate. I would recommend that you use their products to feel comfortable and to understand why they stand apart from others.

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