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Kizik Shoes
Kizik Shoes

From elegant party wear to comfortable shoes, people are quickly shifting and changing their preferences.

It was only yesterday that stilettos were in style, and all people talked about were heels and uncomfortable men’s shoes.

Because, of course, looking good and classy is more important than feeling good and ready, right? 

But today, ask yourself and anybody

around you, which is your first preference for an occasion that is not a fancy party?

Going out means shoes—not slippers that will slip off, seriously, but shoes. 

They don’t hurt, they don’t bite, they don’t damage any part of your body, and walking around in them would not feel like a curse. 

Comfort is the key to a happy life.

Yeah-yeah, I know shoes have their downsides too. Now I won’t disagree with that, definitely, shoes have their downsides like tying lace, stuffy feeling, etc. 

But what if I told you that it’s not the shoes, but the wrong brand? Yes,  you heard me right. 

There are a variety of brands you can choose from, but only a few actually look after your troubles, and that is where you should choose from. 

One brand I have with me that comes under the ‘should choose from’ category is Kizik Shoes.

Now, before we dive into how they are the perfect companion for your feet, let’s get briefed on who they are.  

The Overview Of Kizik

Kizik Shoes Brand Image
Kizik Shoes Brand Image

Besides being a company that manufactures and provides shoes for men, women, and kids, the company also has its hands dirty in the merchandise industry

Men’s shirts, women’s shirts, cleaning kits, socks—you name it. 

Founded in 2017 after years and years of research by Mr. Michael Pratt, the company is currently run by its CEO, Mr. Monte Deere

The brand comes under the parent company, Hands-Free Labs. The company holds many patents under its name, especially in technology that has left everybody, and I mean everybody, awestruck. 

In fact, a while back, Nike partnered with the parent company of Kizik to bring their patented technology into Nike shoes

All this technology that I am so enthusiastically talking about is what keeps the shoe from sulking like other brands. 

All these benefits provided by the brand will be further pointed out in the pros, but first, let’s get an idea of how popular this brand is in the market. 

Besides an admirably aesthetic feed on Instagram, the brand is verified with a blue tick and has about 146K followers. With 91259 followers and 81957 likes on Facebook, this brand is indeed on fire. 

Mentioned in some of the most popular success directories like Forbes, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Business Insider, etc., this brand is something you should not skip over. 

It’s time for that pros and cons analysis I talked about.


  • You don’t need to use your hands or hop around on one leg to get the shoes on. 
  • Just slip your feet in and the shoes themselves will glide you in and instead of hunching up, it would get back in place just like magic. 
  • The brand also deals with quality merchandise.
  • Say goodbye to stuffy feelings, the breathable material would not allow your feet to be anything but fresh.
  • The authenticity of the brand is unquestionable
  • The highly technical material used in the manufacturing of the shoes moves with the movement of your foot. 
  • The brand provides comfort, comfort, and nothing but comfort.
  • Don’t forget about your heels. If they ache and feel crushed in shoes, well, that’s nothing to worry about for you. If you are choosing Kizik, your heels are safe here.


  • Addiction is a major side effect of using this brand.
  • You may not have an excuse to purchase new shoes due to their durability. 

Kizik Reviews By Customers:

Antonio L.

“Good work kizik! for people like me who have back issues, these shoes are lifesavers”

Ryan T.

“I usually prefer using amazon when purchasing online im glad i could find this brand there, very convinient goodwork Kizik”

What Are The Products Offered by Kizik?

They have a series of products you can choose from, starting with the many ranges of shoes that differ from each other but have the same primary features. 

Then comes the merchandise section, where shirts for men and women are available. A cleaning kit and gift card facility are also available, keeping in mind your convenience and requirements. 

From all these products, we have hand-picked 5 best sellers of the brand that are listed on their official website to give you a proper introduction to the products offered by the brand. 

Men’s Lima Review

Men's Lima
Lima men’s shoes
Men's Lima
Men’s Lima
Men's Lima
Men’s Lima

A unique range of aesthetic shoes for all occasions you choose to wear them. They are classic and as handsome as a shoe can get.

Affordable and classy, a combination everyone dreams of. 

Want to go tracking, or are you a rock-climbing person? The shoes suit all activities, in fact, they also support your feet in a way no other shoe can.

They are extremely flexible, and the material moves with the movement of your feet. 

Available in sizes 4.5-15.

14 designs are available to choose from.

These shoes cost $109 only.


  • Truly hand-free, slide your feet in and let the magic happen without any effort from your side. 
  • Rabbit foam outsole for comfort.
  • Removable and washable insole.
  • The upper is kitted out with breathable material.
  • Rubber traction pods are intact.
  • The toe box is roomy and will give your feet enough space to avoid a stuffy feeling.


Use liquid soap and water to clean the shoes thoroughly, after rinsing tap dry with a clean cloth and let it air dry.

Kizik Men’s Lima Customer Reviews

Genevieve M.

“Perfect everyday shoe Absolutely love these. They’re my new go to every day show. Fits true to size, easy to slip on, and comfy too”

Rhonda M.

“I’ve never written a review, but this brand has me captured! so comfortable and easy to put on, i love it!”

Men’s Roamer Review

Men's Roamer
Roamer Men’s shoes
Men's Roamer
Men’s Roamer
Men's Roamer
Men’s Roamer

These sturdy shoes are the perfect fit for the man of action. They are quick, just like you, and strong. Handsomely building the design suits all.

You may be a man with fewer preferences or an extremely choosy customer, but these shoes are attractive, to say the least, and “everyone’s type,” just like you.

The range consists of 12 shades to choose from.

Sizes available are 4.5- 13. 

These shoes cost $149.


  • Hand-free technology means no need to bend down and tend your shoes. They can do it on their own.
  • Flex foam outside
  • Removable insole.
  • 4- way stretchable upper for extreme comfort.
  • Traction grooves are intact.
  • Roomy toe box for avoiding stuffiness.


  • Use dishwashing soapy liquid and water to wash the shoes; wash off the liquid thoroughly and leave them to dry.
  • The leather should be treated gently with a soft cloth.
  • The insoles are removable, and machine washable.

Men’s Roamer Customer Reviews

William L. 

“I have heard comments like this ever since buying my first pair of Kiziks. The “Roamer” is the latest in my collection and I love them. Comfortable, easy to put on, easy to take off, and very attractive shoes. I will buy another pair soon.”

Joseph L.

“Im glad i switched from the ordinary shoes to kizik, ive never had anything like this before”

Kizik: Women’s Athens Review

Women's Athens
Athens shoes for Women
Women's Athens
Women’s Athens
Women's Athens
Women’s Athens

These elegant-looking sporty companions for your outings or regular walks are the perfect fit to give a comfortable yet stylish look to your feet. 

You want shoes, but the design is boring, or the style does not match your vibe. Well, this is the perfect solution to your problems.

When it comes to comfortable footwear options, Kizik shoes for women are a top choice, offering both style and convenience in one package.

A range of colors that suit everyone, look classy, and have a touch of that luxurious touch of elegance in sport’s shoes.  It’s unheard of, but it’s true and practical for you to use and see for yourself. 

You can also choose the width between standard or wide EE.

Available in 19 shades.

Sizes available from 6-13 

Take these exceptional shoes on for $129. 


  • The technology used lets you go hand free on these shoes.
  • No need to tie lace, it’s not required. 
  • No need to jump on your feet to slide your feet in, it will glide smoothly without any effort.
  • The shoes have a rubber traction pod intact.
  • The toe box of the shoe is roomy, forget the stuffy feeling. 
  • The insoles are removable and machine washable.
  • The upper of the shoes is knitted with breathable material to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. 


  • Knit: Use a soft cloth or toothbrush to give these shoes a spot clean after dipping the brush in a mixture of dishwasher liquid and water. Wash off and dry.  
  • Leather: use a soft cloth to wipe clean the leather; don’t be harsh. 
  • Insoles: insoles are removable and machine washable, except for kids’ shoes

Women’s Athens Customer Reviews

Kerry R.

“Oh, these shoes are so much fun, so easy, and so cute! I get comments on them wherever I go, and have to show people how easy they are to take off and put on, LOL I love my Kizik kicks!”

Conan G.

” ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE!! kizik is definitely worth it guys”

Kids’ Prague Review

Kids' Prague shoes
Prague shoes for Kids
Kids' Prague shoes
Kids’ Prague shoes
Kids' Prague shoes
Kids’ Prague shoes

These stylish shoes are going to be your kids’ best friends. The perfect grip and durability of the shoes will keep your kid from warning them out. 

A variety is available for kids of all ages, children or youth.

The size chart has two types of sizes, a C size, and a Y size. The C size stands for children, and the Y size indicates youth. 

Available in six colors to choose from. 

The 10C – 3Y size costs $69, and the 3.5Y-7Y costs $79 only.


  • Kizik sneakers are easy to go, and the material is extremely comfortable for your kid to have these shoes on without any tantrums.
  • The shoes are designed to keep up with your overly energized little bundle of joy.
  • kizik sneakers have a deluxe canvas upper and a genuine touch of suede, plus full-abrasive rubber to keep the shoes as strong and safe as possible. 


Use a soft toothbrush, dishwashing liquid soap, and water to wash, rinse, and dry.  Or you can use the cleaning kit provided by the brand itself. 

Kids’ Prague Customer Reviews

Cynthia p.

“Gorgeous shoes! My niece loves her purple shoes! Her Kiziks are her favorite shoes, by far.”


“My kids love em’ kizik matches my kids choice and the durability matches mine, its been almost 6 months since my lsat purchase and my kids still have em, which is rare!”

Kizik Shoe Care Kit Review 

Kizik Shoe Care Kit
Care Kit of Kizik Shoe
Kizik Shoe Care Kit
Kizik Shoe Care Kit
Kizik Shoe Care Kit
Kizik Shoe Care Kit

There is no guidance on how to clean your beloved shoes; I am sure all you got on cleaning shoes would be to drop them in soapy water and rinse them to get your shiny shoes back. 

But what are the chances that the method used so far is not the right method? 

Well, it is not; the soapy water is pretty harsh for the material of our shoes; in fact, the whole process of rubbing shoes with harsh water is extremely harsh and unrequired.

The best method to clean your shoes is to use cleaner solutions and a brush. 

It is best to clean every part of your shoe, restoring the shine of the shoe and also protecting the leather. 

The kit offered by Kizik has everything, including a cleaning foam that is the best formula to use over your shoes. 

A shoe brush and rain and stain guard protect the outer layer of your shoes. 

Kizik Shoe Care Kit Customer Reviews 

Sandra E.

“Easy to Use & Effective…Excellent. I have several pairs of Kizziks which had become sort of dingy, not exactly dirty, but NOT fresh. The kit offered several options for cleaning fabric and soles and a protective spray. Almost as good as new!”

Rony K.

“The cleaners are really good, ive stopped using soap, they damage the material. but this lotion, it is perfect. my leathers shine, they have never shined”

Kizik Reviews: What Are The Consumer Reviews?

Now that you have been briefed about what the products are all about and what the brand is all about, let’s get to what the customers of this brand have to say. 

It should be noted that whenever buying a product, you always look at what the customer has to say, what their experience has been, etc. before coming to a decision. 

When buying a product, all you can do is judge the book by its cover. So you must always judge a book by its cover, which in our case is the reviews and feedback provided by customers about the brand. 

To simplify your task in judging this brand, we have listed a few recent customer reviews of the brand, so you don’t have to browse around looking for reviews and waste your time. 

Let’s take a look here. 

Read Kizik Shoes Reviews by Customers:

Chad Canfield 

“On my second pair even though the first pair are going strong! Durable, stylish, and SO EASY!! I wont wear other shoes. Why should I when these are WAY BETTER?!?!???? I step into them and GO! LIFE CHANGING!!! I knew they’d be convenient,but didn’t know just how much better my shoe application experience could be. It sounds like I’m joking….I’m not. I LOVE these shoes. My clover Vegas shoes are in the mail, and I’m excited!!!!????????????”


“I love the slip on and off of these shoes. Toe room is exceptional, arch support mediocre. What I do not like is the tread, the soles pick up all the sand and fine dirt, and then they get slick. I’d like to see a soft rubber sole with better traction”


“I’m a fan. They make a nice wide version of the shoes that fits, and does not deliver the pain of cheaper shoes. I’d bought another popular advertised brand that also has a collapsing heel, but they gave me problems, and I sent them back. Love these, don’t change the design, they work well for a hard to fit customer.”


“Amazing shoes, very comfortable and as promised, not bending to tie the shoes and they look good, very comfortable. When I am walking the dog and need to grab shoes quick, these are as fast to put on as my slides and more comfortable for that walk. So excited. I don’t know that I will wear very many more shoes from now on. Love these!”

Joanna Birkett

“Shoes delivered as promised. Not only was the service flawless, the shoes are high quality, and function as promised. I will be buying more pairs of this comfortable shoe.”


Well, nothing is perfect, and imperfection is the only thing constant that motivates us to keep evolving and getting better. 

Sure, no matter how perfect the brand is, there is still a long way to go before they touch perfection. But until they reach them, I think the progress they have made and the service they are providing are pretty good, right? 

Well, to analyze that and clear the fog from your brain, let’s get to know how these shoes work. 

What Makes Kizik Shoes Different?

Kizik shoes
Kizik shoes


Throughout history, all the shoes ever produced and designed have solely focused on how they performed after being worn. But no one really thought of the effects and issues before wearing it. 

The trauma it used to leave on me when I would try wearing my shoes while standing and hop around on one leg trying to get it right and fall on my butt, let’s just say my embarrassment is still fresh. 

And let’s not talk about the lace part; I am sure you will understand that laces are a disaster. Especially for a clumsy person like me. 

Stepping on my laces was a routine tradition my day wouldn’t get over without. 

In fact, there was this one time between races when my laces got untied and I fell in front of the many audiences present cheering for us, and then came the big whoop. Traumatizing is an understatement; all I wanted was to dig up a hole and bury myself. 

Since then, I’ve kind of lost hope; shoes are not my thing anymore. Though I loved them and felt pretty comfortable in them, they were pushed down my list of priorities until one day my son suggested Kizik

And since then, the brand has never let me down. I know you can relate to my situation. And trust me when I say this you are on the right track.  


Kizik looked into the performance of the brand before and after wearing them. 

Let me point out all the variations and innovations Kizik used to give the perfect experience to its users. 


Kizik introduced shoes with the laces pattern, without the drama of the laces. 

Yes, you heard me right, the lace design of shoes that makes it more aesthetic and cool is intact in their shoes, but the basics of laces that people dislike so much are twisted in a way that you wear laces but you do not have to trouble yourself to tie them on again and again. 

In fact, they are tied when you receive the shoes, and you never have to tie laces again. 


You must have experienced the harsh feeling you must have felt when you wore shoes; it is uncomfortable, to say the least, right? And harsh for your feet. 

Well, Kizika added an extra soft layer of padding to the area underneath your foot, so you feel like you are walking on clouds when you are not, and nothing in your feet hurts.

Heel counter

The heel counter of regular shoes is made of regular material and is not much help when wearing shoes in a hurry. 

But with Kizik, the brand has used a patented technology on each of its shoes that help you wear your shoes without causing trouble. 

The shoe material does not hunch beneath your heel when you wear your shoes in a hurry; instead, the technique pushes the heel counter back up. 

That means you don’t need to hop or sit down to properly wear your Kizikshoes; you just have to slip your feet in and let the magic happen.  


It does not matter if your toes are big or small; the toe box of the shoes is designed in a manner that provides much-needed space, and you do not feel that stuffy feeling you feel when you wear your shoes for a long time on a sunny day. 

Material used

The material used in the product is very breathable and lets your feet be free and not feel suffocated.


The brand has provided exceptional flexibility so that whenever your foot moves, the material moves. Which keeps your foot from hurting or exerting more pressure than required. 

It also helps in the grip part, and you can walk through any surface without causing pain or unease to your feet. 


As so many innovative fixtures are creatively redesigned, it has increased the durability of the shoes, as the damage caused by regular, uncautious use of the shoes is reduced to a minimum. 

The lifespan of the shoes has increased. 

Where Can I Buy Kizik Shoes?

Follow this step-by-step process for purchasing Kizik, and you will have your order placed in less than 10 minutes. 

  1. Search for the official website of Kizik on your search engine. 
  2. Select one of the following classifications of kizik shoes for women, men, and kids.
  3. Browse the webpage in search of the shoes that look best to you. 
  4. On the left side there are some filters, please apply them according to your preferences.
  5. After applying the filter and choosing your product, add it to the cart. 
  6. And ones you have looked thoroughly and all that you require in your cart you can place the order. 
  7. Fill in all your necessary details and the mode of payment. 
  8. Place order.
  9. You will receive your order in a few working days. 

Janit T.

“The products are amazing! ive never been this happy about shoes ever! the brand has amazing products, customer service and even easy navigation! what else could i ask for!”

Our Verdict On Kizik Shoes

Are you satisfied with all the knowledge provided? 

If you are left unanswered, please leave your queries in the comment section, and we will answer you with the most accurate information. 

It is actually extremely easy to pass a verdict on this one, as the brand excels in all the criteria; it puts hardly any fog of dilemma in my mind.

The customers are satisfied, the innovations used in the brand are revolutionary, and the brand stands true to all its promises. 

The Kizikshoes are indeed hands-free. For pregnant women or men who can’t reach their toes or prefer not to.

This brand is perfect for you; they leave no one behind and look out for everyone, from kids, men, and women, to the disabled. 

The durability stands out, especially with an understandable reason that assures how logical the long life period of the shoe is. 

10 out of 10 from my side What do you think? Drop your scores in the comment box below. 

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