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When we first listen to the word floss, the first question that comes to mind is why it is so important to floss daily. So, here is the answer.

Our mouth is like a closed box that consists of cheek tissues, the tongue, and teeth.

When we brush our teeth, we clean them from the top and sideways using a toothbrush, but what about between the teeth?

This is the place where food plaque remains stuck which ultimately leads to bacterial infections and further leads to the decay of the teeth, affecting other teeth too. 

Now at this point, flossing becomes very important to prevent bacterial infections and further leading complications which can stop you from rushing to your dentist.

In this blog, we will be overviewing a famous floss brand Cocofloss, and also discuss the importance of flossing and its benefits. 

Cocofloss: An Overview of the brand 

Cocofloss Brand Image
Cocofloss Brand Image

Who doesn’t want that their smile should be one of the best smiles they are given? Cocofloss helps you to do the same thing in the best possible way. Cocofloss was found in 2015 by two sisters the Cu Sisters.

Dr Chrytle Cu was a preventative dentist and her sister Catherine Cu is an industrial engineer

Cocofloss is a US-based company but its products are made in Italy in their family-owned factory. The brand has about 75.8K followers on its Instagram handle. 

The idea of starting this floss brand came to Dr Chrytle Cu who is a preventative dentist. Most of the patients who came to her clinic complained of gum disease

When asked about flossing most of them found it difficult to do it regularly or others just found it irritating due to the absence of flavors in the floss that was present in the market.

This is when the idea of starting Cocofloss struck Chrytle. The floss is not made up of nylon which separates it from other floss on the market. 

Let us peep into a detailed overview of Cocofloss and also check some of its products.

Detailed Information About Cocofloss


The better the floss cleans the teeth, the less you need a great toothbrush. Cocofloss is made of polyester filaments infused with microcrystalline wax, coconut oil, essential oils, and food-grade aromas.

The woven filaments will lay flat to increase the floss surface area and also grip the plaque and dislodge the plaque. 

This floss is great for people with really tight contacting teeth. If you brush after flossing, which is again highly recommended by dentists, a good toothbrush will do the rest to remove the plaque.

Cocofloss also has some of the best toothbrush options available on the market

The company has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, Bustle Fast Company, and many other reputed media outlets. Let us look at some of the products that the brand offers;

What are the products Cocofloss offers? 

Cocofloss Summer Watermelon Floss Review

Summer Watermelon Floss
Summer Watermelon Floss
Summer Watermelon Floss
Summer Watermelon Floss

Who would deny having watermelon-flavoured floss to remove plaque for just $10.00

Besides pocket-friendly prices, this floss also has the benefit of coconut and essential oils. Here are some of the highlights mentioned about the product.

  • Single roll is 32 yards 
  • A single roll can be used for up to 3 months 
  • It is made up of polyester filaments infused with microcrystalline wax 
  • The product is also infused with food-grade aromas.
  • It comes in a packet and environmentally friendly packaging. 

Summer Watermelon Floss Reviews


Love Cocofloss because it glides nicely between my teeth and doesn’t shred – I always have that fresh-from-the-dentist feel after I floss. I love the variety of flavors, and the watermelon is such a fun one. I also love that you can refill the cases, cutting down in plastic waste

Nathanne V.

“I am so glad Summer Watermelon is available all year round now. I like the watermelon fragrance and taste of the floss. Plus Cocofloss is the best floss around. I’ve been using it for years, and I don’t get cavities anymore.”

Cocofloss Travel Jet Set Review

Travel Jet Set 
Travel Jet Set 
Travel Jet Set 
Travel Jet Set 
Travel Jet Set 
Image of Travel Jet Set 

Living a hectic lifestyle we often forget a few of the very important things when comes to packaging for a vacation or business trip. 

Cocofloss again here has the perfect solution for one who would be looking for this problem.

Cocofloss travel set jet is the solution to this problem. 

One can avail of this bag for $54.00 by placing an order. let us look at some of the highlights of this product;

  • The jet set comes with your choice of coco brush, Cocofloss,  Cocofloss refill, and a breathable travel-friendly pouch.
  • The Cocobrush has thousands of micro-bristles which are specially designed by a dentist and help keep the teeth clean.
  • The Cocofloss is 32 yards which is sufficient supply for 2 months.
  • The planet-friendly pouch is made by hand in Cambodia from repurposed industrial netting.

Travel Jet Set Reviews

Daisy T.

I purchased the travel jet set as part of the gift set for the girls attending my bachelorette trip. Oftentimes I find there is always at least 1 person in the group who has forgotten their toothbrush so this kit came in handy! The floss is thick and really gets the job done. The toothbrush bristles are really soft, and comfortable. The pouch itseRead more about review stating Highly recommend the set as a gift! lf is great for holding your toiletries and I use it all the time, even at home! I highly recommend!

Anne G.

“The quality of the bag is so nice and the color so vivid! Love it! Much nicer than it looks in the picture. Not traveling so storing all my Coco floss in it right now”

4-spool Happiness Set Review

4-spool Happiness set
4-spool Happiness set
4-spool Happiness set
Image of 4-spool Happiness set
4-spool Happiness set
Image of 4-spool Happiness set

As the name of the pack says happiness spool in the same floss that is packed inside helps you give the world the best smile. 

The  4-spool happiness set is for $33.00 and one can avail by placing their order.  Cocofloss relaxes your gums and enhances your mood. let us look into some of the highlights of the products.

  • There are 4 different flavoured flosses available in the set each of 33 yards.
  • This product is made of 100% recycled paper hence no harm to the environment.
  • The flosses are free of parabens, SLS, and PFAS again completely safe 
  • These flosses are a two-time winner of the celebrant Best of Class Hygiene Award, one of the most prestigious awards in dentistry.

After looking at their products one must wonder who is eligible for using these magical flosses. Next, we will find an answer to this question. 

4-spool Happiness Set Reviews 


I had no idea how good dental floss could be! Reminded me of when I was 10 and got my first glasses. “Oh! That’s how the world looks! It’s not all fuzzy. “ Cocofloss actually cleans my teeth. They feel clean. This product should be in every Christmas stocking this year. Get shopping America.


“Love them. It’s another level of flossing. My teeth are in so much better condition, whiter., eventhou I have always flossed. I ordered more for my children”

What is Cocofloss for?


What is cocofloss for? Is there anyone in this world who would deny having one of the most healthy and shiny smiles in the world? 

Hence the answer is Cocofloss is for everyone irrespective of age or gender. 

Dental hygiene is most of the time ignored by most of us. Flossing is considered a tedious task and most of us get frustrated while doing it. 

Cocofloss made the whole process easy fun fun-going process by adding flavors to the strands.

They are also considered healthy as natural ingredients such as coconut and essential oils are infused with the strand. 

One thing that should be kept in mind while choosing Cocofloss is that unlike other flosses on the market, this one has a completely different concept which is based on a dentist’s point of view.

Now let us peep into their customer’s feedback and look at what they said about the products and using them.

Cocofloss Reviews: What do the customers think?


On different online platforms, their customers have rated them differently most of them are excellent.

At Amazon, people rated it 4.7 of 5 ratings it excellent floss, and the rest 10% of them considered it good. Apart from ratings  let us look at what their customers commented on their products;

Tara B.

“My teeth have NEVER felt as clean as they do using cocofloss”

Jill M.

“This floss has changed my life to be very honest “

Charlotte S.

“ This floss  gives me that professionally cleaned at the dentist feel “


“ Flossing feels like a treat now !”

Nothing feels better than these glowing reviews that their customers made. This shows the dedication and hard work they invest in their product.

But here again, a question comes how to avail such magical products?

Where to Buy Cocofloss?

One can place their order by visiting their official website here are the steps ;

  • Go to their official website and choose your desired product. 
  • The products you choose will be saved in your cart. 
  • After finalizing the products enter the shipping details. 
  • Finally, confirm and place your order. 

Cocofloss products are also available on different online retailer platforms:

  • Amazon
  • India rose 
  • Indigo 
  • Sephora 
  • Invisalign accessories 
  • Walmart and many more 

You can also place your order from these websites.

Is Cocofloss Worth it?

If we talk about the quality of the products that are produced by Cocofloss then every penny is worth spending. 

The brand never compromises regarding the quality of their product which we came to know after reading the statements made by the customers and the ratings they made on different platforms.

One should add Cocofloss to their dental hygiene. We strongly recommend that. Flossing can never be a hectic task for one who is using Cocofloss. 

They have a wide range of flavours be it fruits or mints. Who else would not like to have a bomb of their flavors while flossing? 

One should go with Cocofloss as it makes flossing a fun activity and meanwhile maintaining dental hygiene.

Final Thought on Cocofloss 

As the line says “Everyday floss and smiles like a boss” comes true when flossing becomes part of daily dental hygiene. There are several benefits of flossing every day such as the major prevention of bacterial infections and further tooth decay. 

Most of us just ignore flossing every day and thus are deprived of its benefits. It can also be a boring task for some of us but the solution is right in front of us Cocofloss. 

Unlike other flosses, this is nylon-free and infused with the benefits of essential oils and coconut oil.

One could not ask for more than this from a health point of view.  Other than floss the brand also offers other products which also have excellent feedback from its customers.

The research, dedication, and hard work the brand has invested in are reflected in its products. 

If you look in terms of hygiene Cocofloss is already a two-time winner for one of the most hygienic brands. At last, one should try their products and see the changes for themselves.

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