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Annie's Kit Club
Annie’s Kit Club

Annie’s Kit Club allows individuals to tap into the incredible satisfaction of creating something functional and beautiful from just a ball of yarn.

People are drawn to Annie’s Kit Club for its therapeutic benefits, as they indulge in the joy of crafting and witness their creations come to life.

Knitting has been cultivated as a hobby for ages. The moment when we look at knitted products it’s pure nostalgia for what we experience.

One of the reasons these hobbies became popular is because they are incredibly versatile and can be a great time pass.

Scrolling your phone and chatting with friends is a popular hobby nowadays but, it is not near to the sense of satisfaction we have when we knit.

It requires skill and creativity to select the right color and design and then knit it according to the particular way that it can become functional. And then at last a beautiful piece of knitted cloth was created.

Knitting can be very relaxing and peaceful and it requires relatively less expensive products than most other hobbies. You only require yarn, a few needles, a crochet, and a pattern or two to get started.

So, we have found Annie’s Kit Club, something that can be suitable for your taste and also your budget. They offer products for everyone from newbies to professionals.

Let’s better understand the business.

Overview: Annie’s Kit Club

Annie’s Kit Club offers craft kits for all different kinds of crafts including woodwork, farmhouse, crochets, sewing and quilting, etc. 

Annie’s Kit Club Brand Logo
Annie’s Kit Club Brand Logo

It gives its customer a monthly subscription of a total of 11kits. When we become a member of the club we receive a total of 6 fat quarters every subsequent month.

The kit is delivered with a different material every month. The kit usually includes all the yarns, patterns, and crochets required to create something innovative and feed your creativity.

Annie’s Kit Club is a part of the third generation business of the Muselman family business located in Berne, Indiana, United States.

The material of the Kit is from America Fashion Houses including  Moda, Timeless Treasures, Henry Glass, Northcott, and more.

They have an interactive following base of 63.7k on Instagram and an impressive 175.4k Facebook followers.


  • The kit is perfectly color-coordinated.
  • Material is of high quality 
  • It helps to create unique styles 
  • Can create something new each month
  • Have well-structured products 
  • It is designed by famous fashion brands


  •  You may get addicted to crocheting.
  •   People would only demand gifts which you hand with the Knit. 

What Are The Annie’s Kit Club Offers?

Annie’s Kit Club offers 6 alluring and color-synced fat quarters every month. Each quarter kit has a different color, pattern, and style of material. This will help you create unique coordinated sets of art every next month.

Intuition Collection Review

Intuition Collection
Intuition Collection

It includes six fat quarters with exceptionally beautiful and coordinated fabrics. These are six fat quarters with variations in style, pattern, and print, a perfect welcome for summer creativity.

These special artistic pieces can hang in your bedroom, on entrances, or it can be any corner of your house that you want to enhance. Also, this art can be a very classic gift to your friends and family.


  •  These are lovely pink, gray, and black floral fabrics. 
  •  The kit includes six fat quarter cuts and a bonus pattern for a set of four placemats.
  •  It is  100% cotton fabric that helps you make wonderful art easily.
  • Designer material gives you a real classic look.

The product is priced at $19.99.

Knit Socks Starter Pack Review

Knit Socks Starter Pack
Knit Socks Starter Pack

They provide you with the best tools for creating beautiful socks for your kids, family, and friends. These can be your own handmade offering to your loved ones.

This means buying a Knit Socks Starter pack won’t only enhances your creativity and cater to your hobby but also would be a stylish handmade present.

Specification :

  • The pack contains 1 set each of U.S. size 1.5/2.50mm, 2/2.75mm, and 3/3.25mm wood 40″ circular needles.
  • It also has 1 set each of U.S. size 1.5/2.50mm, 2/2.75mm, and 3/3.25mm wood 40″ circular needles;
  • It also has  1 (5″) metal cable needle.
  • The  1 (5″) metal stitch holder helps and supports your fabric while knitting socks.
  •  There is also a pack of locking stitch markers; and 2 (3″) tapestry needles.

               The cost of the product is $34.99.

Color Crush Coasters Review

Color Crush Coasters
Color Crush Coasters

The product is specifically designed for girls, keeping in mind the creative needs of small girls.


  • There would be two kits delivered in one pack.
  • The kits would contain different craft materials.
  • It would have a manual with clear step-by-step instructions.
  • The kit contains beads, colors, crafting paper, threads, etc
  • After joining the membership the product would be delivered every 4-6 weeks.

The product costs $14.98 with 19.98 dollar shipping cost on the first time.

Charming Chandelier Review

Charming Chandelier

A statement chandelier for your little girl’s room can add aesthetic and that missing beauty in the room. Creating something pretty for the room will give your child a creative hobby option that she might continue forever and add a feeling of satisfaction and the nature of building productive things.


  • Two kits in a pack would be delivered each month.
  • The kits would contain different craft materials like thread, yarn, and wooden frames.
  • It would also contain a manual with clear step-by-step instructions.
  • After joining the membership plan the product would be delivered every 4th week.

The product is priced at $14.98 with an extra $19.98 shipping cost on the first order.

Reversible Door Tags Review

Reversible Door Tags
Reversible Door Tags

Reversible door tags are a fun and functional way to add some personality to your home decor. These are unique stylish tags for creating impressive looks on your doors.


  • Two kits in a pack would be delivered each month.
  • The kit contains wooden sheets and frames.
  • It also contains paint brushes, paper sheets, paint, needle, and thread.
  • It would also contain a  clear step-by-step instruction manual.
  • After joining the membership plan the product would be delivered every 4th week.

The product is priced at $ 24.99 an extra 19.98 dollars only on the first shipment.

What Are Annie’s Kit Club Customer Reviews?

It is not just our opinion or the companies but also the consumer of Annie’s kit club about the product usage of these products. So, here are a few consumer reviews to help you better understand the benefits of the product better.

“This was bought for my 7yo grand daughter’s b’day present. The gift that keeps on giving.”


“My niece was very happy with crafts and could not wait to start them. She is now looking forward to seeing what comes next”

Karen W.

“Was a great project with easy-to-follow directions. Was able to finish in about 1 week.”

Valerie J.

 “So far so good”

Carrie M

“I think this is a great idea for anyone that likes to knit or crochet, plus it’s for a great purpose. Everything you need in one kit.”

Mary N.

How Does Annie’s Kit Club Work?

Annie’s Kit Club
Annie’s Kit Club

Annie’s Kit Clubs are subscription clubs where members get a monthly craft or part of a craft sent to them. 

Each kit includes the yarn and pattern book for 3 stripes, but not crochet hooks or stitch markers. 

These crafting projects are best for beginners as it provides step-by-step instruction through manual and videos.

 These kits contain innovative ideas for their customers to create something wonderful and new.

Is Annie’s Kit Club Legit?

Annie’s knit club works on a subscription plan and they provide products only to those who have a membership with the company. 

This idea is quite unique in itself as other products available in the market usually don’t offer any membership plan to their customers.

 Also, others do not have a scheme for sending a different product every month. This will automatically keep your interest and feed your creative hunger.

 This product is useful for anyone interested in craft and creative work. Plus they provide easily understandable and doable crafting items. So, Annie’s Knit Club is definitely worth the money and time.

The Annie’s Kit Club provides us with a better way of cultivating our already existing hobbies or even starting new hobbies.

This kit can also be very useful for people who are knitting for income with working on big projects. 

This means it has offerings for almost everyone.

How Do I Order Annie’s Kit Club?

Now if you are impressed with this product and thinking to get your hands on the product then the following is the set of steps that you can follow to order Annies Kits.

  1. Visit the Annie’s Knit Club website.
  2. Browse the website and find the products that you are interested in purchasing. You can filter your search by the products you like.
  3. Once you have found the product you want to purchase, click the “Add to Cart” button.
  4.  After you’ve selected which kit(s) you would like to receive, simply check out. 
  5. Then, you’ll receive your first kit soon after your first kit you would receive another.
  6.  And every subsequent month, you receive a new kit delivered to your front door.

Our Verdict On Annie’s Kit Club

I would be really honest with you regarding my experience.

Although I was skeptical about what I might receive, the moment I received the product I was so thrilled because the products were so perfect and more than what I expected.

 Since then it’s been 7 months and every time the mail is delivered it is a box of joy and creativity. And I am not in the mood of canceling anytime soon.

Annie’s Kit Club offers various elements to build gorgeous crafts with our own hands. This can be extremely comforting for you.

 The brand provides premium quality material and everything required other than glue and scissors.

Completing a beautiful knit can feel very rewarding. They can be used as decorative items in your home or as wearable products.

So, why find any other product when you can have high-quality material and a wide variety of crafts delivered to your doorstep?

They have specific collections for women and girls-centered products. And also many other collections for other people as well.

So, anyone interested in crafting can definitely try it once. 


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