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The human body is like a biological machine; the fuel it runs on is food. One must beware of what food he or she is putting inside the body and what effect it will have on the functioning of our body. 

If we want our vehicle to run smoothly and function at its best capacity, we feed it with the best fuel available. The same goes for the human body.

Most of us are unaware of the correct amount of nutrition that should be on our plates.

Thus, it results in misbalancing a balanced diet. Each body type has its own requirements for food according to its weight, age, shape, and size. 

The problem that arises here is that in this busy lifestyle, we really don’t have time to manage our diet according to our body’s needs. Affording dietitians for every meal is not pocket-friendly for most of us. (Telling this to you while me am a dietician!)

BistroMD is a nutrition brand that has been helping people with this issue and planning customized meals for them at reasonable prices. 

In this blog, I will be overviewing it along with its pros and cons, taking a look at how it functions, and meal plans, and finally looking into its customer’s review section. Let us dive into the blog then.

What is BistroMD?

Bistro MD Brand Image
Bistro MD Brand Image

BistroMD is a nutrition brand that provides healthy nutrition food online all across the world. It was established by Edward Cederquist and his wife Dr. Caroline Cederquist, in 2005

This is basically a US-based brand. The company is located in Naples. Today, they have around 9,667 followers on their Instagram handle. But with a great brand also come its pros and cons, where there is still little room for improvement. Let us look into it.


  • Meals are applicable for all health needs and requirements.
  • Meals are more balanced and the diets are varied.
  • The meals that are planned by the brand are helping people with weight loss.
  • The meals are made up of fewer high-sodium and lower-sugar ingredients


  • They don’t deliver the packages to Hawaii and Alaska.

What are BistroMD’s health benefits? 

Bistro MD’s

Now, after looking into the overview, one must be wondering about the health benefits that the meals of the brand provide. 

The company plans its meals according to its customers’ needs. They have completely given this control to their customers and thus provided them with customizable food according to their health and body types.

However, the brand still adheres to several fundamental nutrition and diet charts. Let me introduce you to the advantages of the Bistro MD diet for our health.

  • Meals are gluten-free, for example, chicken cordon bleu and chicken, rice, and cheddar casseroles.
  • Some of the meals are designed for diabetic people; hence, they are completely diabetic-friendly meals, for example, apple cinnamon oatmeal with scrambled eggs, and avocado bagels with eggs and tomatoes.
  • Meals with low carbs are also on their menus, such as roast beef, and baked pasta with marinara and chicken sausages.
  • Some of us are lactose intolerant, so we also planned our diet with all the health benefits packed in it, for example, roasted tofu and ancient grain salad, and Moroccan lentil and sweet potato stew.

Above, I have mentioned some of the dishes on their menu with their health benefits and all you see is that they have given all control to their customers regarding the meals they need to plan according to their health and health issues.

How does BistroMD work?

BistroMD is a nutrition brand that supplies healthy meal diets all over the world using FedEx. 

The deliveries can take up to 7 days to arrive at the doorstep. Normal delivery days can range from  2 to 5 days. 

Their shipping cost is $19.95. The delivery arrives in a dry ice box so that the food can remain fresh while the packaging remains recyclable.

They use healthy and fresh ingredients after they receive orders from their customers. Due to this, the deliveries take time.

Meals require no preparation and almost no cooking. 

The meals are completely customizable. Also, the customers do not have to buy a new meal each week. The estimated cost of the meals is completely budget-friendly.

BistroMD’s Meal Plans Review

BistroMD’s Meals
BistroMD’s Meals

Now one must be wondering if the meals are completely customizable then what will be the menu for the diet chart? Well, they have separate food options for each type of diet. Let us look into some of them.

  • Low-sodium diets include bacon cheeseburger meatloaf with yuca fries, and BBQ beef with cheddar sliders.
  • Low-carb diets include bagel sandwiches with egg, roast beef, and pepper jack, and baked pasta Mariana with chicken sausages.
  • Menopause-friendly diet: beef stew with burgundy wine, broccoli cheddar stuff chicken.
  • Diary-free diet: roasted tofu and ancient grain salad, Moroccan lentil, and sweet potato stew.
  • The Mediterranean: the options for this diet are cranberry orange multigrain cereal with ham and grilled chicken marsala.
  • Vegetarian diets include raspberry chipotle roasted vegetable bowls and stuffed shells with vodka marinara sauce. 

Many other options are also available other than those mentioned above and the diet plans again go as per the customer’s taste buds and preferences.

The company doesn’t focus on the taste of the food that finally comes on your plate, hence breaking the myth that diet food is tasteless and just a bowl of boiled vegetables and sausages. 

Are BistroMD’s Meals Worth It?

BistroMD’s Meals
BistroMD’s Meals

The meals that the company prepares for its customers are prepared with great love and care. The team includes great dietitians and nutritionists and chefs that make sure that there is no compromise on the taste. 

The meals they prepare have shown drastic changes in the customer’s health, especially for those who are struggling to lose some inches and fats from their bodies. 

No matter where you are or what you are doing, food is the basic requirement of the body and this doesn’t mean that you will just fill your stomach with whatever you have on your hands. 

Having a healthy and balanced diet is way healthier than just shutting off your appetite and this is the same thing that BistroMD is helping you to do in an effective manner

Every single penny you spend on your meal through this brand is worth it that is something I can assure you.

Bistro MD Reviews: Read what consumers say about the brand

BistroMD’s Meals
BistroMD’s Meals

There are a lot of people in the last one and a half decades for whom the brand has made an excellent impression and brought major changes in their lives.

Let us look into some of the statements that their customers made after using their meals and diet plans

“Easiest prepared food diet I have tried. I have trouble with diets in that I have to add so many items. This includes everything needed to eat in one day. couple of pounds down is pretty good, couple of items on the spicy side but can always remove items you don’t like and change the menu every week.” 


“A life-changing experience. I’m autistic and stressing about what to eat is … well stressful. My husband cooked for me every night but I gained weight and wanted to be on healthier diet. I love BistroMD . I was actually scared to try it because of the negative reviews  but I’m glad i did. I personally  likes all the meals and especially breakfast. I feel full and can hardly finish my meals.The snacks are great. I’m very happy now.” 

says healthier spencer from the US on 31 march 2022.

“So far I have been happy with it . The meals are as tasty as they can be for low calorie, low sodium, and without any artificial ingredients. They include a generous amount of vegetables and proteins. There are one or two duds but you can specify them and the meals which you dont want to receive again. great variety. nothing has arrived late or thawed. Two day shipping time for me. But it is winter , so we will see. So far so good. “

says Alex from the US on 13 February 2021.

These were a few of the statements made by customers according to their experiences. These lines are working as a boost of motivation for the brand. They work more passionately for a healthy and youthful world.

My Final Verdict

BistroMD’s Meals
BistroMD’s Meals

Once again, I will repeat the same statement that I mentioned in the beginning: food acts as fuel for the human body.

As for our vehicles, we put in the best fuel we can so that they can function properly and in the same way, the body should be fed with the best fuel in order to function in its best way. 

BistroMD is helping people with a healthy diet and food according to their taste. They are breaking the myth of diet, which says dieting means eating all tasteless and saltless boiled food.

But now no such concept will exist of tasteless and boiled food in the name of diet. All this is possible due to the hard-working team at BistroMD.

The best part of the whole brand is that you can customize your own diet according to your taste and health. You don’t have to eat the same meal every week.

I would highly recommend you use the diet plans and give BistroMD a chance to be part of your life. Rest; you will feel the change in your body in the first few days itself.

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