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The Consumer Mag started with an initiative to educate people about the latest trends in the ever-evolving direct-to-consumer wellness space.

Curious about all the brands that you see on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok ads?

We bring trusted information about all these brands, right from reviews to buying guides to the latest news in this sector.


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We reach a major internet population with our trusted and medically reviewed content.


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We extensively cover all kinds of DTC brands on a daily basis.

Our Mission

The Consumer Mag focuses on the ever-changing direct-to-consumer wellness Brands. We assist consumers in evaluating contemporary brands that claim to keep you healthy, happy, and thriving.

Are you curious if the direct-to-consumer brands you see on Instagram and in subway station advertisements work? Keep eating well, you know? Do you go to the gym regularly? Feeling centered and looking young?

It’s difficult to keep up with all the innovations and figure out which ones are worth trying as venture funding pours into consumer wellness firms. To assure medical accuracy, we spend hours studying each product we review and consult our advisory board of professionals, which includes licensed physicians, dentists, therapists, and more.

Who We Are?

TheConsumerMag is a magazine for consumers of DTC brands in the health category. 

We help consumers to choose their products by giving our reviews. 

Our reviews are highly researched and are given by authorized professionals. 

In this era of digitization and cutthroat competition of companies, marketing efforts are made by them spending thousands and millions of dollars, and thus by seeing their marketing campaigns a consumer gets stuck and in a dilemma for which brand he has to choose.

We know that the medical field is a very complex thing and not everyone wants to take a step into this to help others. Everyone is and should be conscious about their health and not every product is for everyone. 

But we have a team of highly experienced nutritionists and also some marketers who are busy for you to research the different products.

Our main aim is to provide the maximum and one-stop solution for DTC products and brands and help our people to get out of the dilemma of choosing a brand or product.

Meet Our Experts

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What Does Fact Checked Mean?

Fact-checked means that this article has been written by someone knowledgeable in health and then has been verified by someone on our editorial team, either a Doctor or Nutritionist.

Our goal is to have all of our content fact-checked by the end of 2021.

Advertiser’s Disclosure

Yes, we write about the DTC products and brands but it requires a lot of research and study. All the research and studies are made after diligent work by our team. As a result of our hard work, we paste some affiliate links by which we get paid for our work to provide you with the right and vital information. 

Do you personally test all the products?

To be very honest it is not possible to test all the products on which we write about because every individual is different and also the gender differs. However, some products which we need for ourselves are tested and also written.

But we know which ingredient is right for you and according to it, we write about that product. TheConsumerMag loves to be honest and frank with their beloved audience and our main aim is to provide you with the necessary information and not biased opinion.