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Gundry Oilve Oil
Gundry MD Olive Oil

Nowadays, there is a lot more involvement in health outside of junk food. One is not taking care of their own well-being. 

It is true that the ingredients used in the food make it tasty. but no one checks how healthy it is. 

Nevertheless, the oil that is used in the making of food has a massive impact on the body.

Oil has a direct connection with the heart and also with the skin and internal muscles. 

The better the soil, the healthier the heart is, and one may not ignore that oil is also responsible for severe internal injuries. That’s why one should be selective when choosing the right oil.

Dr. Gundry is a famous American doctor as well as a heart surgeon. He adds that “if people take the necessary precautions while eating and develop the healthy habit of eating well, they can avoid hectic surgeries.”

The majority of the heart patients he saw were junk food eaters, and when asked about the cooking oils they used at home, they said they were oils that were not meant to be safe or even good for their bodies.

After a lot of research and diligent work, Dr. Gundry came up with a new cooking olive oil product called Polyphenol Olive Oil. The purpose of this article is that I will be covering a complete review of Polyphenol Olive Oil to help my readers decide whether or not to purchase this product.

So let’s get into this, and please read till the end.

Source: Gundry MD YouTube Channel

What is Gundry MD olive oil?

 Gundry MD Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil
Gundry MD Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil

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Like any other ordinary oil, it generally lacks polyphenols. As a result, they are not good for both the heart and the skin.

To neutralize the radicals, this oil contains hydroxytyrosol, which makes the oil more polyphenol-rich.

The other olive oil that is extracted from the olive trees is grown in harsh environments, so as a result, it lacks nutrients. 

But Gundry’s product will cover it up for you and make it healthier. 

Sometimes you may feel weak or dull after eating, even if you haven’t eaten that much, right? That’s all because of oil. 

Oil plays a pivotal role in your energy And polyphenolic olive oil will protect you from that.

The taste is different from the olive oils, or harsher, as we might say. But the polyphenol olive oil is delicious, trust me!

You can use this oil in many different ways.

  • Use it as a finishing oil in your food
  • Make salad 
  • Mix it with a smoothie.
  • Can be used in Pesto.

Read Gundry MD Olive Oil Reviews by Customers:

Christine Davis

I did find the taste to be a bit peppery but once you swallow the small amount I take, it’s ok! I use it every day on all my foods I makes… just a drizzle. I don’t feels any different using it , maybe I should take more alone on a daily basis.


It took three to four weeks for me to see any underlying benefits by taking the olive oil, but I definitely sense a more uplifted and more refreshed feeling. Now my husband takes it!!!

What are the benefits of polyphenol-rich olive oil, according to Dr. Gundry?

The unique formula of perfect ingredients makes polyphenol-rich olive oil more and more efficient. This has efficient effects on the body. Let’s have a closer look at its benefits.

According to Gundry MD, polyphenol-rich olive oil has numerous advantages. 

  • Maintains a good flow of blood.
  • Maximized the concentration
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Makes you more hydrated
  • Skin looks more good and soft.
  • Very excellent for the immune system.

***Individual Results May Vary***

Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?

Dr. Steven Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry

Before we go any further into the product, please tell us who Dr. Gundry is! 

As already discussed in the intro, Dr. Gundry is an American doctor and the founder of a company called Gundry MD.

Dr. Gundry is an American cardiac surgeon who has studied and researched a lot to make one’s life happier.

He was the former head of cardiothoracic surgery at Loma Linda University in 2001, and after treating a chronically ill, overweight patient who was considered to be a “hopeless case,” he founded Gundry Md. Dr. Steven Gundry felt that he could help more people by creating health products than with a scalpel blade.

Gundry MD Olive Oil Ingredients

 Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil Ingredients
Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil Ingredients

The picture below provides you with all the information related to the ingredients of polyphenol-rich olive oil.

The famous doctor is so selective in choosing the ingredients while making a product. The ingredients of polyphenol-rich olive Oil are 100% safe and made up of natural substances

As has been repeatedly said by me there are unique Ingredients that are used in polyphenol-rich olive Oil and you have to trust me that all of them work very efficiently.

Each ingredient has its own unique property and impact on the body, and each ingredient works differently.

How to use Gundry MD Olive Oil?

The specialty of this product is that you can take it however you want. There is no compulsion like with any medicine, and the nutrients that are added to this oil are meant to go inside your body. 

I take 1 teaspoon per day with spinach juice. 

Dr. Gundry adds that one can even take this raw by putting it directly in the mouth. 

It is actually healthyDon’t forget to maintain consistency for better results.

Source: Gundry MD YouTube Channel

Is it Safe to Use Gundry MD Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil?

Yes, this is safe, and you don’t have to worry about the product. 

The ingredients and nutrition in this product have been thoroughly researched and are both beneficial to your health. 

As already added by Gundry, “Just be consistent, that’s it.”

Absolutely, it is safe. Keep in mind that the results may vary from individual to individual.

Where to get Gundry MD Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil and how to save on this?

The Gundry MD Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil can be purchased in simple steps. 

  • Visit the website or Click on the provided links, as they will all direct you to the Gundry MD website, where you will see pre-applied discounts.
  • Take advantage of the discounts, enjoy Gundry MD products, and stay healthy.
  • You’ll also see Gundry MD’s famous 90-day money-back guarantee.

Gundry MD Olive Oil Reviews

When we talk about Gundry MD, we almost always get overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers.

Now, when we look at Gundry MD Olive Oil Reviews, the consumer seems to be much more satisfied with the supplement. There are a plethora of positive reviews on Gundry MD’s official website.

But here, not only on their official website but also on the most trusted consumer feedback websites like, consumers seem to leave positive comments. Gundry MD, on, has a 4.3-star trust score, which is quite impressive.

Now let’s have a look at some Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil Reviews


Love the olive oil, we started using olive oil years ago when we found out the health benefits from using it, I am glad Dr. Gundry found the richest source of polyphenols available, having the best source ensures we are getting the best for our buck.

We have been using the oil for about a month now and notice my skin looks healthier, I spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun and need to keep my skin healthy and at 67 years old I hope the oil will help me have a better quality of life.


I put a tablespoon in the Gundry plant shake and substituted it for a meal M-F for almost a month. I could tell my digestion is better and lost a little weight but felt a bit nausea & lost my appetite. This week I’ve changed to only 3 days a week. Waiting to see how I feel. I brush my teeth with it and can tell coffee stains are going away.


I have been taking this olive oil for a little over a month now. I started taking a half tablsp a day, but have increased to 1 tablsp daily. Since this change l have noticed more energy and a glow to my skin, also a curbing appetite!!!


My wife and I started taking this olive oil daily approximately one month ago. I personally like the taste, but my wife finds the taste not to her liking. We both take it because we feel like it helps us have more energy, and it helps me keep unwanted pounds off. We are also helping that it will help improve our mental cognition as we age over time.

Deb H.

At first it is quite a different taste…once you get used to it the other olive oils don’t taste as fresh. It does seem to have a peppery taste to adjust to but knowing you are doing something good for yourself is worth any adjustment. I typically take 2-3 teaspoons in the morning first thing and will sprinkle some on a salad later. I appreciate learning about this special oil and Dr. Gundry sharing it with us. I believe in him and have other products he has been good enough to share with the world.

Source: Gundry MD Official Website

Our Final Verdict

Polyphenol-rich olive Oil is an excellent addition to any health-conscious individual’s diet. Packed with beneficial antioxidants and phytonutrients, this olive oil variant goes beyond traditional options, offering enhanced nutritional value and potential health benefits.

It is formulated with a higher concentration of polyphenols, this olive oil stands out for its ability to combat inflammation and oxidative stress, thus supporting cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

Incorporating polyphenol-rich olive Oil into your daily cooking and diet may contribute to improved health and vitality. Its strong flavor and potential health-boosting properties make it a valuable asset for those seeking a balanced and nutritious lifestyle.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Source: Gundry MD YouTube Channel

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