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Highlights of Active Advantage

  • Top selling natural ingredient product
  • 1000’s daily happy active users
  • Support mental, gut, and physical health.
  • Anti-aging well as a skin-enhancing supplement.
  • Covers overall health enhancements with one just one capsule.
  • Uniquely formulated with ingredients not found in any other supplement in a similar category

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The Active Advantage is an overall well-being formula that is proprietarily created by Dr Steven Gundry with all the natural ingredients.

In this comprehensive Active Advantage Supplement Review, I’ll explain Dr. Gundry’s nearly magical recipe and his best-selling product, Active Advantage.

The main benefit of this supplement is that claims to function at the cellular level to help you seem younger.

If you’re interested to try this product since you know that skin and all of its defects are multi-factorial, it might be difficult to solve all of your skin problems with a single solution.

Keep reading till the conclusion of this blog for more thorough and efficient comprehension. So let’s get started.

In this article, you will learn about:-

  • Who is Dr. Gundry
  • What is the Active Advantage Supplement
  • Benefits of using Active Advantage
  • How to use the product
  • and many more things…

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Who is Dr Steven Gundry?

Dr Steven Gundry
Dr Steven Gundry

Before we dive in further deep about the product let us first know who Dr. Gundry is. Dr. Gundry is an American doctor and a cardiac surgeon, he is also the founder of the company Gundry MD.

He was the former head of cardiothoracic surgery at Loma Linda University in 2001 and after treating a chronically ill overweight patient, who was considered to be the “hopeless case” that is where the foundation of Gundry Md was put into place

Dr. Steven Gundry felt that he can help more people by creating health products than just being a surgeon and helping very few people on a day-to-day basis.

What is Gundry MD Active Advantage?

Active Advantage
Active Advantage

Active Advantage is another health supplement by Gundry MD. The main aim of Active advantage is to prevent the Ageing factor. In this review of active advantage, you can learn about all things related to this product.

Seems Like this is an anti-ageing supplement. Yes!, the ageing factor is the main thing in most people nowadays and they struggle to reduce this by taking different supplements from the market.

Active Advantage is a daily supplement by Dr. Gundry that helps keep you feeling young and healthy.

Active Advantage contains a blend of natural and clinically-researched ingredients to help activate your body’s key longevity gene – helping you to look and feel your best.

Active Advantage is an Anti-Aging supplement and is not only limited to this but also boosts your power, health as well as energy. 

There are some ingredients like Vitamin E, MLG-50, Coenzyme Q10, and the blend of anti-oxidants which together make active advantage more effective.

Active advantage works by supporting your body’s natural production of mitochondria while promoting healthy ATP levels — both crucial for maintaining youthful energy, longevity, and a strong, healthy body.

It helps in increasing stamina and physical endurance, so you can last longer in your sports or any kind of activities that require your labor. It also boosts metabolism and maintains good gut health for you.

This supplement not only helps with the above things but is also a great product for joint pains and other kinds of bodily pains. It also helps maintain your skin by reducing wrinkles.

Active advantage supports the body’s natural ability to fight free radical damage ( which causes fatigue, soreness, and other such things)

What are the Benefits of Active Advantage by Dr. Gundry?

The unique formula of perfect ingredients makes Active Advantage more efficient.
As seen above it is a complete formula that helps skin health, and gut health and helps in overall body improvement making you fit, healthier and active in day-to-day activities.

Below are listed all the top benefits of this product by Dr. Gundry.

Benefits of Active Advantage

  • Increases Physical stamina – It boosts physical endurance​ and stamina which helps to remain active longer without getting tired while performing daily activities.
  • Improves Mental Energy- Active advantage enhances mental energy keeping the brain more active to perform cognitive activities and thinking processes.
  • Helps overcome fatigue – It helps overcome fatigue as it has vitamin E which is a natural energizer for the body.
  • Increases Energy- It helps in increasing energy levels which will help in sports or any activity that requires endurance.
  • Aids digestion– Most body wellness is related to the gut and everyone knows that most infections and illnesses start from the gut itself, therefore keeping the gut healthy should be important.
  • Increases natural metabolism – Helps in increasing bowel movement.
  • Helps in reducing food cravings– Helps in reducing craving for junk food naturally, which helps maintain calorie intake and thereby manage body weight automatically.

***Individual Results May Vary***

I have noticed, a positive overall feeling. The quick recovery from exercise has been as a result of taking Active Advantage.


How is Active Advantage Different from other similar products?

There are only a few other products in the market in comparison to active advantage, the main difference is the inclusion of CoQ10 in this product.

Dr. William’s daily advantage and Peak performance supplement are only in competition to active advantage.

Active Advantage supplement is used to prevent Early Ageing factors. All ingredients are natural, and it is closer to giving a good result.

Both of these supplements also do offer similar benefits as Active Advantage but as per our research, Active Advantage is more famous among customers due to its results.

Active Advantage by Gundry MD offers subscribe and save on their website, which is an easy method to order the product if you find it useful on your first try.

The formula used in active advantage is all-natural and proprietary made by Dr. Gundry and his team under strict supervision and years of research.

Gundry MD Active Advantage Ingredients

As mentioned before all the ingredients used in active advantage are natural and therefore safe to consume by the majority of individuals.

We have listed down all ingredients and also given more information about each of the ingredients in Active Advantage which will help anyone reading this article to know what goes into this product and thereby make them more confident about using it.

Active advantage Ingredients Chart
Active advantage Ingredients

Dr Gundry is very selective in choosing the right natural ingredients for his products and the same is the case with active advantage. The ingredients of Active Advantage are 100% safe and made up of natural ingredients

The ingredients of Active Advantage start performing as soon as they reach your gut and help in anti-aging factors by activating the right cells in your body.

These are the following key ingredients that are used in Gundry MD Active Advantage. 

Let’s have a closer look at them.

Astaxanthin –


This is a carotenoid that is a powerful antioxidant, and it is most commonly found in krill and salmon. It can also be found in other sources such as insects, algae, fungi, yeast, and the green leafy part of plants.

Astaxanthin has been shown to have a protective role against oxidative stress induced by inflammation or high-intensity exercise. Astaxanthin’s antioxidant properties are due to its hydrogen atom-donating ability which makes them more effective than beta-carotene.

Aside from being antioxidant astaxanthin also functions as a photoprotective agent meaning it helps protect cells against damage caused by overexposure to either UV rays or blue light from screens.

Fulvic Mineral Powder-

Fulvic Mineral Powder
Fulvic Minerals

Fulvic minerals are a class of organo-mineral compounds that are found in the earth’s soil and water. They have been used for centuries by indigenous people to heal wounds and improve general health.

As the human population has gotten wealthier, however, they have become more interested in Fulvic Minerals for their healing properties.

In recent years, research has begun to develop in this area as well with a focus on how Fulvic Minerals can help in wound healing and assist with chronic pain relief.



Tocotrienols are a subclass of vitamin E that is often found in palm oil. The chemical structure that makes them unique is that they have three phenolic rings instead of the common four phenolic rings found in other forms of vitamin E.

This means that their hydroxyl groups are more heavily shielded from free radical damage, thus making them more stable and less easily oxidized.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring substance that is necessary for the proper functioning of mitochondria, which are the parts of cells that turn carbs into fuel for living tissue.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E
Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is important for skin health and may provide protection against certain types of cancer.

It can be found in many foods, including vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Vitamin E also occurs naturally in the body as a result of fat metabolism.

Sources of vitamin E include natural sources such as nuts and vegetable oils as well as synthetic sources such as supplements.

The recommended daily intake is 15 milligrams per day for adults under 50 years old and 22 milligrams per day for those over 50 years old.

I just started taking it but it’s a noticeable difference in that I have maintained energy throughout the day and I seem to rest better at nights which allows me to feel better in the mornings. I’m looking forward in seeing how it fully works long term.

Carla D.

How to use Active Advantage Supplement?

The official recommended dosage- Dr Gundry suggests taking one capsule of active advantage in the morning with water on a daily basis for best results.

My dosage- I take one capsule of Active Advantage with a capsule of vital reds every morning with water. It makes me more energetic and helps me go throughout my day with ease.

Are Gundry MD products legit?

Yes, Gundry MD products are totally legit. The ingredients are safe to use and are usually made out of natural ingredients. The supplements help improve memory, body energy, digestion, and general well-being.

Gundry MD is an established player in the supplements and natural ingredients market, their polyphenol oil is a top-selling product that is used in thousands of households daily.

Dr Gundry has authored many famous books and also written about a lectin-free diet which is becoming increasingly popular among all kinds of age groups.

In this book, he has explained what food products are safe to consume, how they benefit the health, and what kinds of food to totally avoid to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What does Active Advantage cost?

The active advantage is offered in different quantities ranging from one to 6 bottle packs.

Pack of 1 bottle costs $69.95.
Pack of 3 bottles costs $200.85
Pack of 6 bottles costs $377.50

These are the retail prices, but if you follow the links mentioned in this article you can get up to 33% off on the above prices.

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Active Advantage Reviews

Majorly, when we talk about Gundry MD, the brand owns humongous positive consumer feedback.

Now when we look at Active Advantage Reviews, the consumer seems to be much more satisfied with the supplement. There are a plethora of positive reviews on Gundry MD’s official website.

But here, not only on their official website but also on most trusted consumer feedback websites like TrustPilot.Com, consumers seem to leave a positive comment. Gundry MD, on TrustPilot.Com, has a 4.3 stars trust score, which is quite impressive.

Now let’s have a look at Active Advantage Reviews.

I just started taking it but it’s a noticeable difference in that I have maintained energy throughout the day and I seem to rest better at nights which allows me to feel better in the mornings. I’m looking forward in seeing how it fully works long term.

Carla D. Rated 5 Stars

This product has given me more energy during the day and allows me to do more activities.”

Phyllis Taylor A Happy Gundry MD Active Advatage user

I’ve been taking Active Advantage for a couple of months. I have noticed that I have more energy that results in fewer naps and better productivity. I’ve also suffered less “brain fog” (for want of a better term). I plan to continue with this product.


I’ve been taking Active Advantage for about a month now – just finishing my first bottle. I was already leading a very busy lifestyle, often ending the day around 2 a.m. in barely made it mode. Active Advantage seems to give me a little extra boost. I also noticed my craving for sweets has been greatly diminished and I walk by the mirror saying, I really feel like I’m losing weight ! As I start the 2nd bottle I’m going to try adjusting my sleep habits so as to really appreciated the extra boost and confirm the other benefits.

Carla (Rated 5 stars)

Source: Gundry MD Official Website

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