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Cubii Reivews
Cubii Reivews

We all have faced the pandemic and had options other than staying at home.

That was the time when several new concepts of work and physical health were introduced into our life and the world accepted it with open arms. At that time we all knew the importance of good health. 

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have in their mind is that to be healthy or to work out regularly you need to look attractive or in the proper shape of your body. Well, that’s only the byproduct of a workout. 

The real motive should be to keep your body active both inside and out. Now, one of the major issues that we faced regarding the workout was of perfect equipment that can easily be installed at home. 

One of the major things that we look at while selecting the equipment is that it should be friendly to children and elderly age people. Now today, we will be talking about one such brand which has been giving one of the best workout equipment since 2014. 

The brand is Cubii. We will be looking into some of the deep insights of the brand, looking into some of its products, and also peeping into its customer reviews so that we can see the experience people had with the brand. So, let’s dive into the blog.

Cubii: The Overview Of The Brand 

Cubii Brand Image
Cubii Brand Image

As life gets busier we hardly get time for a workout but with cubii, you get a solution to this problem.

Cubii was launched in 2014 at the University of Chicago’s New Venture Challenge by Arnav Dalmia and Shivani Jain where Arnav Dalmia is the CEO of the brand and Shivani Jain serves as COO ( chief operating officer ) of the company.

They started making little elliptical designs that were designed to work out even while sitting the officer err at home. 

The story behind starting Cubi started when Arnav’s mother was struggling to lead a healthy lifestyle with a desk job.

Due to this reason, she faced several health issues. To help his mother he along with Shivani researched and tested several concepts to develop a portable elliptical machine that could fit under a desk.

They have also been featured by several renowned media houses such as Greatist, Entrepreneur, Forbes, on TV’s Good Morning America, and several others.

Today, they have 6.5k followers on their Instagram handle. The brand has been around for quite a long time since its first launch and since then people appreciated the approach. 

The first product was Kickstarter for Cubii in 2014. The product was so much loved and appreciated by customers that the funds were raised to $300,000 and this caught so much media attention. 

The one thing that the customer must know before getting involved with any brand is all the possible pros and cons. 

That is what is called transparency. Down below we have discussed some of the major pros and cons of Cubii.


  • The products are unique and easy to install which makes it apart from its competitors 
  • The brand has given several innovative ideas in the fitness industry and made sure that fitness is not just limited to ground or gym.
  • Cubii elliptical machines are easy to use and do not require any external power sources. 
  • This also makes it convenient to carry where you may lack power. 
  • The machines are small enough to fit below your desk. 
  • The machines are designed to operate quietly which means you can use them without disturbing others at your workplace.
  • There are several positive reviews present on the website as well as on the other platforms which may help you in getting assurance. 


  • Some issues may occur regarding the delivery due to heavy order placement. But the customer service team is always there to help you out if you notify them on time. 

What Are The Products Cubii Offers?

There are several products that Cubii offers such as Cubii Go, Cubii Pro, and several others. Down here we will be talking about some of their products to understand it in a better way. 

Cubii Total Body + Reviews

Cubii Total Body +
Cubii Total Body +
Cubii Total Body +
Cubii Total Body +
Cubii Total Body +
Cubii Total Body +

This is one of the total body massages on the market you will get. The product is priced at $399.00 on their official website.

This even has inbuilt Bluetooth in it which makes it convenient to operate. The Cubii Total Body +  is more portable than any other elliptical. This can easily go under your desk. Some of the basic features of the product are mentioned below:

  • It has upper-body per-body and lower-body strength training inbuilt into it.
  • It has 12 levels of resistance which helps in protection which are remotely adjustable. 
  • The inbuilt Bluetooth helps you in keeping track of your health. 
  • It has low whisper impact technology inbuilt in it which makes sure that there is no disturbance to other colleagues of yours.
  • It helps in increasing your activities 5X as compared to any other elliptical.

I have had a Cubii for a few years. When Total Body came out, I was very interested since it provides an opportunity to get a complete workout. I haven’t given Total Body much time to make a complete assessment. Anxious to start!

Shares Henry after using Total Body+ 

Cubii Go Reviews

Cubii Go
Cubii Go
Cubii Go
Cubii Go
Cubii Go
Cubii Go

This is one of the most innovative ellipticals that you will ever come across. It is inbuilt with Zero Gravity flywheel for a smooth stride.

The product is priced at $229 and you can avail of this by placing the order from their website. The best part is Cubii go it is more innovative than Cubii Total Body +. Some of the basic features of the product are mentioned below:

  • It has 8 levels of resistance which helps in protecting the body.
  • It also has wheels inbuilt into it which makes it easy to carry.
  • It also has handles in it which makes it easy to drag. 
  • It has flywheels inbuilt into it which give increased strength and mobility to knees and joints. 
  • It also has an illuminated screen display which makes it clear to keep an eye on the statistics.

Hi, I have been using my Cubii now for 10 days (Mon-Fri @20 mins) and the results are incredible. I have arthritis in both knees to the point where my gate has changed in both to accommodate walking with a bit less pain. Since starting with Cubii the ease of movement in both knees is at least 80% improved, and stiffness is just about gone. Even on the daRead more about Hi have been using my Cubii now for 10 years it rained. I will continue using Cubii forever

Shared Wanda after using the machine.

Cubii Move Reviews

Cubii Move
Cubii Move
Cubii Move
Cubii Move
Cubii Move
Cubii Move

The Cubii Move is a lightweight elliptical designed for starters. It is also portable and can easily be placed under your desk.

The weight is less than 20lb. The whole product is priced at $179.00 and you can avail of this by placing your order from their website. Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • This is one of the most innovative ellipticals on the list. It has an inbuilt mat, foot straps, and cushions. 
  • It is low-impact and can be fitted inside the desk easily.
  • It has an LCD in it which displays the workout stats.
  • This feature can also help you to keep an eye on the progress.
  • The shipping of the product is free and you also get a gift with it.

I have back problems and it’s something I can use without putting strain on my back and I feel better since I’ve started using it

shares Stella.

Fitness On The Go Bundle Reviews

Fitness On The Go Bundle 
Fitness On The Go Bundle 
Fitness On The Go Bundle 
Fitness On The Go Bundle 
Fitness On The Go Bundle 
Fitness On The Go Bundle 

The Fitness on the Go bundle has been designed very thoughtfully to give comfort and the best possible workout to you under your desk. It consists of a cubii go a gripping at, and a cushion lumbar cushion.

The whole package is priced at $347.00 and you can avail of this by placing your order from their website. Some of the best features are mentioned below: 

  • It can turn into posture-improving and stress-relieving chairs to relax.
  • It has retractable handles and wheels inbuilt in it which helps you to drag it easily to any place you carry.
  • It also includes safe tools and accessories for a better and safe experience.
  • You can also monitor the progress on the app which is designed to keep the record.

So far I’m loving this purchase, set up wasetupeeze, and the use of the machine is fantastic. I love the different resistant levels and the tracking monitor

says Anna after using the Bundle.

Quick Start JR1 Limited Edition Reviews

Quick Start JR1 Limited Edition
Quick Start JR1 Limited Edition
Quick Start JR1 Limited Edition
Quick Start JR1 Limited Edition
Quick Start JR1 Limited Edition
Quick Start JR1 Limited Edition

Limited Edition quick start JR1 + Bundle is an edition of a colored cubii elliptical with a matching working-out mat.

It also has an inbuilt Bluetooth cubii JR1 in this bundle. It is priced at $299.00 and you can avail this by placing the order from their website. Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • The JR1 has inbuilt handles and wheels in it which makes it easier to carry from one place to another.
  • Each bundle comes with a set of wheel stoppers which comes to rescue your office chair.
  • It also has a non-slip working-out mat which makes it convenient to work out.
  • It also comes with several accessories which makes it convenient to work out. 
  • Its best-designed is a lightweight elliptical with about 25.4 lbs.

What Do The Customers Say?

There are several platforms where people have shared their experiences with the machines. Reading all of them would not be possible for any of us. Still, we have collected some of them for you so that you can keep your eyes on them.

I bought this for my 90-year-old mother. The assembly and instructions were easy. The display screen is easy to read. The only downside is I can’t reset the stride count. I wish it had a handle for easier movement as it is a little heavy for her and not easy to slide. It is very quiet and easy to peddle from a sitting position on the couch. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Says Tina for Cubii Move.

Was impressed with the fast delivery and how easy it was to assemble. I have been using it for 1-1.5 hours a day since it was delivered. I enjoy the workout at home.

Says Jane about Fitness on the Go bundle 

Love it – easy to set up, fun to use – especially with the app tracking your strides

says Anne about Cubii Total

I love it because I can sit and watch TV or read and my head has strengthened my legs so that I don’t get so tired from walking.

Says Lindal about cubii Go 

Is Cubii Worth It?

Sometimes we are not left with any option. The same goes for health. You simply cannot ignore it. But along with a very tight schedule with working desks, this becomes challenging. Cubii comes here as the perfect solution.

People have shared their reviews with brands and how they helped them manage both work and health. Anything that works for the welfare of your health is worth the investment.

The same goes for cubii and its products. They are designed keeping your comfort in mind and the weight of the elliptical is easy to handle. More importantly, it is inbuilt with technologies that one could demand.

How To Order Cubii?

 After talking so much about the brand and its products you must be willing to grab your hands on it. Well, the steps are mentioned below all you need to do is just to follow them.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Now search for the product you require.
  • Add the products to your cart.
  • Now move to the cart.
  • Complete the billing and shipping details.
  • Finally, confirm your order. 

Apart from their official website, their products are also available in different retail stores from where they can avail themselves. 

Our Final Thought 

One thing that must be appreciated about cubii is the innovation. They came as Saviors for many of those who have been struggling to manage both work and health.

Sometimes it just becomes the most difficult task on the planet. Coming to the prices and the products then they are budget friendly as compared to other brands.

The best part is that they keep comfort and safety in their mind before designing any products.

So if you are the one who is also facing the same issue then you must go for cubii. Believe me when I’m saying this because it works like wonders. 


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