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lattelier Clothing

It is a tough task to keep up with the world these days.

The constantly evolving fashion industry and changing trends have forced people to be on the hunt to be the first to make a new fashion statement.

It has changed people’s lifestyles and increased their expenses. Forgetting all about the required comfort, people are willing to suffer and may pay a handful of dollars for an uncomfortable good look.

It might not be known to everyone, but wearing uncomfortable clothes can be harmful to our bodies.

To solve not one but all of these problems, the brand Lattelier was created. 

With affordable clothes, home-like comfort, and designers one step ahead of the industry, you will jump from a follower to a trendsetter.

Lattelier is the new fashion mantra, which you should learn and follow by heart. Let’s get a brief overview of this brand.

The Overview Of Lattelier

Lattelier Brand Image
Lattelier Brand Image

The brand Lattelier is a clothing brand that provides essential clothes and accessories in a creative and trendy way. 

With a huge consumer base and about 243K mesmerized followers on Instagram, this brand was recently launched in the year 2020.

The current CEO is John Egan

The brand has also been recognized and mentioned in some of the most appreciated magazines, like the ZOE Report, Nylon, the New York Post, Vogue, Bazaar, etc.

The factories of this brand are based in Hong Kong, providing you with high-quality materials at a reasonable price. 

The brand aims to change the way we dress ourselves in our daily lives and let us feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time, every day.

Let’s tally some pros and cons to truly understand why this brand is the most preferred.


  • recognized by some trendsetting magazines.
  • has the outfits depicted on Instagram, to help you visualize the product before you make a purchase.
  • Discount offers are available for you to snatch.
  • expensive products are available at an inexpensive price.
  • perfectly classified stock for you to navigate.
  • tailored to fit you perfectly.
  • Items are available in all sizes.
  • A variety of products and accessories are offered.
  • suggestions made for you to have the complimentary outfit ready.


  • You may have to buy a new wardrobe to cover all your purchases.
  • The clothes might change your way of life for the better.

What are the products offered by the brand?

Thousands of products are offered by this brand, from coats and jackets to accessories and shoes. Some of the bestsellers are mentioned below for you to take a look at.

Linen-Blend V-Neck Layered Blazer Review

Linen-Blend V-Neck Layered Blazer
V-Neck Layered Blazer
Linen-Blend V-Neck Layered Blazer
Linen-Blend V-Neck Layered Blazer
Linen-Blend V-Neck Layered Blazer
Linen-Blend V-Neck Layered Blazer

This linen- blend v – neck is an elegant-looking blazer that enhances your look and gives it a touch of professionalism.


Inspired by menswear tailoring, this blazer has no collar. 

A front layer to enhance the look.

Detailed designs with linen-blend tapered pants are available.

The material used: 85% lyocell and 15% linen 


  • Do not tumble
  • Hand washable only.
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron temperature maximum: 110°c
  • Do not dip in the water with a temperature above 30 °C.

Manufactured in Hong Kong.

This product is available in sizes (UK) XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Available in more than 15 colors. 

With the price of $89.00 only

“I love this blazer. It’s well designed and crafted. Happy I took a chance on this charming blazer”

Don Philemon

Belted Wrap Jacket Review

Belted Wrap Jacket
Lattelier Belted Wrap Jacket
Belted Wrap Jacket
Belted Wrap Jacket
Belted Wrap Jacket
Belted Wrap Jacket

This elegant belted wrap jacket in pale green can be your fit for your next business meeting.

A jacket that appreciates the sincerity of the event while also making a statement.

Turn heads and make an entry with this jaw-dropping jacket. You would be the definition of unforgettable, trust me.

Description: A double-breasted blazer with a belt on the waist in the same color.

Sizes: available in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

Material used

  • Polyester 72%
  • Viscose 16%
  • Wool 8%
  • Stretch cotton 4%

Garment Care:

  • Water used should not be of temperature above 30 °C.
  • Handwashing and dry cleaning are acceptable.
  • Tumble drying is not preferred.
  • Bleach prohibited
  • Iron temperature limit maximum 110 °C

The product costs $259.00 only 

“The quality is really great and the price is reasonable. cute!

Arvin Poe

Abstract Print Short-Sleeve Shirt Review

Abstract Print Short-Sleeve Shirt
Lattelier Abstract Print Short-Sleeve Shirt
Abstract Print Short-Sleeve Shirt
Abstract Print Short-Sleeve Shirt
Abstract Print Short-Sleeve Shirt
Abstract Print Short-Sleeve Shirt

An abstract art on your shirt, what could be more enticing and cool looking than this piece of cloth?  Packing for the beach or is it a casual party, upgrade your bag pack with this shirt and make your statement at an affordable price.


  • Abstract color print including some vivid colors.
  • Short sleeves to showcase your arms.
  • Front button and a straight hemstitched.

Material used:

65% of cotton and the remaining 35% of polyester.


  • Water temperature not above 30°c
  • Hand wash or dry clean approved.
  • Heat, tumble dry available.
  • Iron on any temperature of your liking.
  • Do not bleach.

Manufactured in HongKong.

Available in sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. 

Costing $50.00

“The perfect wear for a party, highly recommended”

Cameron K. 

Magic Tape Hooded Puffer Jacket Review

Magic Tape Hooded Puffer Jacket
Lattelier Magic Tape Hooded Puffer Jacket
Magic Tape Hooded Puffer Jacket
Magic Tape Hooded Puffer Jacket
Magic Tape Hooded Puffer Jacket
Magic Tape Hooded Puffer Jacket

A puffer jacket to accompany you in the craziest winter, in a fashionable way.

A jacket with pockets and layers to prevent your body temperature from dropping. No more wearing ugly sweaters or bearing the cold in your hoodies. Switch to this puffer jacket and look hot even in that freezing weather.


  • Thigh length long.
  • Big pockets to keep your hands warm and hold other belongings.
  • Reflective fabric 
  • Zipper and magic tape fastening for complete security.

Material used

100% polyester filled with 90% duck down


  • Dry cleaning is approved.
  • Tumble drying is approved, but only at low heat.
  • Bleaching prohibited.
  • Machine washing is prohibited.
  • The water temperature should not cross 30 °C.

Manufactured in Hong Kong, it is available in three colors.

Sizes: M, L, XL, and XXL

This hot companion for the coldest of winters costs $289.00.

“Just received this jacket in the mail and I am super happy with this purchase! The fit is just right, love it!”

Tate M.

Soft Touch Camisole and Cardigan Set Review

Soft Touch Camisole and Cardigan Set
Lattelier Cardigan Set
Soft Touch Camisole and Cardigan Set
Soft Touch Camisole and Cardigan Set
Soft Touch Camisole and Cardigan Set
Soft Touch Camisole and Cardigan Set

A soft-touch camisole and cardigan set to enhance your wardrobe Casual yet cool-appearing clothes with a basic appearance can give you a complete makeover. Not to wear loose shirts to feel comfortable. 

You can now complement your body shape and still be comfortable in this set.


  1. Camisole:
  • slim fitting with a square neck to complement your neck and collar region.
  • spaghetti straps and a cropped length to keep you in style.
  1. Cardigan: 
  • Regular fitting, round neck cardigan makes the perfect combination with the camisole.
  • long sleeves and an open front for your comfort. 

The material used: is 60% polyester and the remaining 40% viscose. 

Available in 4 colors.

Sizes available: S and M.  

Charging $89.00 for the set

“I have ordered one of the sets earlier and loved it, I am trying a lighter shade this time. Cant wait to try it on!”

Jade M.

Lattelier Reviews: What Do Consumers Say About Lattelier?

The brand has a huge fan following among the users, and they usually never hesitate to show their love for this brand on their website, among other places. We have listed a few recent reviews for you to see for yourself; please oblige.

Read Lattelier Reviews by Customers:

“Amazing quality, good fashion, highly recommended.”

Antonio T.

“I am in love! The clothes are such a delight, with super fast delivery and no disappointment.”

Kiara H

“I have bought clothes from a variety of online retailers but the quality offered by lattelier is on another level. I have no problem getting addicted to this one”

Tanvi M

“It is my favorite store, they have trendy fashion available in my size and I don’t have to go from store to store and adjust. I definitely recommend this one.”

Monica B

“Perfect quality, quick shipment, this is my go to store from now on.”

Amelia C.

Is Lattelier Legit?

It is definitely a good question, is buying from this brand legit or worth it? 

Well, there are definitely other brands in the market you can look for, but the clothing and accessories provided by this brand on one website are something I don’t think many can compete with. 

Lattelier is formed and maintained in such a way that no matter what your aesthetics and go-to fashion look are, you will definitely find something of your liking here with this brand.

They have men’s and women’s categories classified for you to have a fuss-free shopping spree.

Let’s not forget the non-stop collection update and the discount you can avail yourself of.

I would disagree with you if you said this brand is the same as other brands because evidently, it is not. It is a much better option and definitely worth your while.

Comfy, cool, hot, and sexy—a good look in one place, whether you’re trying the Bosboss-bitchtire or a sweet-momma. Now you know where to go.   

How To Order Lattelier?

Ordering from Lattelier is as easy as ordering from any other shopping brand. Just follow these quick and easy steps and have your package delivered to your house. 


  1. Look up the brand’s website on any search engine.
  2. Browse through the elegant website in search of the clothes and accessories of your liking.
  3. When you are done scrolling, do check if they have your size.
  4. Make sure you know the right size and have that selected when you order.
  5. When you are done scrolling and have all the things you need, double-check the color, size, and items you chose. 
  6. Fill in all your details, including the mode of payment and the address to which you want your package delivered.
  7. When you have accomplished the task, you may proceed to place the order.
  8. In a few working days, you will have your package at your doorstep. 

Well, now that you know what the consumers have to say and how easy it is to order from the brand, it is time I informed you of my verdict.

Our Verdict On Lattelier

The brand offers luxurious accessories and a fashion sense. They are simultaneously catching up with trends and setting their own trends with zero compromises on comfort.

The products offer comfort in such a way that you will feel at home sitting in your pajamas when you are outside looking like a runway model. 

The materials used in the products are of extremely high-tech quality and cause no irritation or any other discomfort to your skin. 

The consumers loved what they received and mentioned as much in their feedback. With how known the brand is at such an affordable price, it would definitely be considered a loss to skip this opportunity.

You can look up prevailing offers to get a cut on the original price as well as receive your goodies in record time.

The brand has definitely impressed me, and I am on my way to ordering some OOTD for myself; you should too!

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