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Modern Citizen
Modern Citizen

I would like to ask you one of the very basic questions that comes to mind while purchasing clothes for ourselves.

What is the basic demand you have while selecting a piece of clothing for yourself?

Most of you will give me the answer that the piece of cloth should be comfortable and look good on you.

Finding comfort in a piece of cloth can be a little easier than finding style in that cloth, especially when that piece of cloth is woolen.

Guys, gone are the days when people only found warmth in that piece of cloth. Today’s generation of youngsters demands much more than that.

If you move your eye around the market, you will definitely find several brands that offer comfortable clothes, but sometimes they are missing something or other factors. But the case is not the same with modern citizens.

Today In this blog, we will be discussing this brand. We will be having some deep insights about Modern Citizen, looking into its products, and also peeping into its customer review section, which will help you understand the brand in a better way. Let’s dive into the blog.

Modern Citizen: Overview Of The Brand

Modern Citizen Brand Image
Brand Image of Modern Citizen

Modern Citizen is a brand that caters to Generation Z. The colors and neutral shades that the brand offers, particularly in sweaters, are pretty appealing. The company was started in 2011 by Jessica Lee, a former Google and Sequoia Capital employee, and Lizzie Agnew in San Francisco.

Modern citizens have a strong social media following. It has 119K followers on its Instagram handle and 22K likes on Facebook.

Other than that, it has also been covered by several renowned medical publications, such as Goop, Glamour, and Voge.

Modern Citizen
Modern Citizen

Within a few years of its launch, the company has made a name for itself in the industry due to the quality of the pieces it has been delivering to its customers.  

The designs that are offered by modern citizens are so sleek and eye-catching that every other person wants them to be in their wardrobe. 

The best part is delivering products directly to their customers, which cuts off the price and makes them accessible to everyone. 

Some of the major highlights of the brand are mentioned below:

  • The brand has more sophisticated designs available, which you can easily carry with your outfit.
  • It has a luxurious collection at a reasonable price.
  • The fabrics used by modern citizens are of high quality and sustainable.
  • They offer free shipping all over the US.
  • Prices are very fair and affordable.
  • The customer care service is really good and is appreciated by several customers.
  • Other than this, their exchange policy is hassle-free, and they won’t question you about anything.

What Is a Modern Citizen?

Women's Fashion
Women’s Fashion

Modern Citizen is a women’s fashion and accessories brand that believes in empowering women by providing them with stylish and comfortable clothing

Modern Citizen collections offer minimalist and timeless designs that are made from high-quality fabrics and durable materials. 

The brand also offers accessories and home products, such as jewelry, bags, and candles, to complement its clothing range.

We will be discussing here some of the products that the brand offers and keenly observing their features to better understand modern citizens.

What Are the Products That Modern Citizens Offer?

If you look into the products section of Modern Citizen, you will find various products, from sweaters to accessories. We will be talking about each of them and also looking at their basic features. 

Modern Citizen Sweaters Review

Juliana Directional Ribbed Sweater
Juliana Directional Ribbed Sweater
Juliana Directional Ribbed Sweater
Ribbed Sweater
Juliana Directional Ribbed Sweater
Juliana Directional Ribbed Sweater

Modern Citizen sweaters come in different categories that give their customers options to choose from. The category includes oversized, fitted, cropped, and turtlenecks. 

The materials used in making this were rigorously tested. The fabrics include cashmere, merino wool, and alpaca.

Some of the most popular sweaters at Modern Citizen are the Florence Cashmere Sweater, the Geneva Sweater, and the Daria Alpaca Sweater. The sweaters are made up of 100% cashmere, which ensures softness and durability.

Talking about Geneva and Daria alpacas, they are also made up of a blend of nylon and wool, which gives them a cozy and soft touch.

The company ensures that the suppliers are giving them the best quality materials by putting them through rigorous testing before manufacturing them and giving them to their customers.

Modern Citizen Dresses Review

Yimei Side Slit Midi Dress
Slit Midi Dress
Yimei Side Slit Midi Dress
Yimei Side Slit Midi Dress
Yimei Side Slit Midi Dress
Yimei Side Slit Midi Dress

The dresses category at Modern Citizen has quite a few good options for every woman. The dress The fabrics for the dresses are created after careful selection and testing so that the company doesn’t compromise on the comfort of its customers.

Some of the categories are mentioned below:

The Maxi Dress: This dress is versatile and quite comfortable. It goes well on both formal and informal occasions. Comfort is the thing that customers mostly love.

The Midi Dress: This again comes as another versatile option. The midi dress has different options available, such as floral, animal, and others. You can opt for this dress for classic and casual occasions.

The Shirt Dress: This is a dress that never goes out of fashion. This is most loved on formal occasions. As the name goes, it contains different varieties of shirts. You can choose them for formal occasions.

The Slip Dress: This dress again never went out of fashion. These dresses have very sleek and soft designs; you can opt for some special occasions and pair them with good heels. 

Modern Citizens Accessories Review 

Modern Citizens Accessories
Modern Citizens Accessories
14K Gold Convertible Link Necklace
14K Gold Convertible Link Necklace
Mykonos Half Circle Travel Jewelry Case

Modern Citizen offers various accessories that go with their clothes, be it sweaters, jeans, or dresses. Some of the accessories offered by the brand are discussed below: 

Jewelry: Modern Citizen offers different pieces of jewelry with minimal designs that go well with dresses and other outfits. They have a variety of jewelry pieces, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Bags: The Modern Citizen has quite a collection of bags that go well with your outfit and enhance its beauty. The category contains totes, crossbody bags, clutches, and backpacks. They do not contain any heavy designs or detailing, which makes them a convenient choice for customers. 

Scarves: several scarves are also available in this category, which are made up of silk, nylon, and cotton. There are also several prints available in this category.

Shoes: modern citizens have different categories of shoes, such as heels, flats, sandals, and boots. They are designed with comfort in mind and with minimal design. 

Modern Citizen Reviews: What Do The Customers Say?

There are several reviews about the brand that are available on the internet. Reading all of them would not be possible for us. We have collected some of them for you so that you can read them for yourselves.

I love the sophisticated style and high quality of their clothing lines. Typically, I would wear it to work if I want something somewhat stylish but professional.


I love Modern Citizen, and the clothes are quite timeless and of high quality. I have a ton of their sweaters, which are especially cozy.


I’ve never ordered online so can’t speak to that experience but buying from the store was always a delightful experience.


It’s hard to figure out the best discount codes and some don’t work. I don’t want to pay to ship if the order minimum is> 75$ thank you for the shipping cost. I hope things fit I don’t know me, just inches scale? Hope returns r simple and free. I like longer sleeves! Yahoo, modest styles yahoo! Pretty designs!


Easy to use, Love the sayings. Wish similar shirts were only available once, so you could personalize them when ordering, such as Nana, GiGi, Gram, Granny, Grandma, MiMi, and so on. That would shorten the number of pages to try and look through.


How Do I Order Modern Citizen?

Modern Citizen

Talking so much about the brand, I think there would be hardly anyone who wouldn’t be willing to grab their hands to such pretty and comfortable stuff. Down below, I have mentioned some steps to get your hands on them.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Search for the product you are looking for.
  • Add it to your cart.
  • Move to your cart to complete shipping and billing details. 
  • Finally, confirm your order. 

Other than their official store, their products are also available at different online and offline retail stores. You can also avail of them from there.

Final Thought 

Modern Citizen Cloths and Accessories
Modern Citizen Cloths and Accessories

You will find several brands on the market that give you clothing and accessories. However, I have hardly found any brands that promote women’s empowerment as well as providing clothes and accessories at affordable prices. 

The designs are something that each one of us desires. Quality is something that each one of us craves. And the prices are something that each one of us can afford easily without being harsh on our pockets. 

Would you still deny having modern citizens in your day-to-day life? I would definitely recommend you use this brand’s products and experience the comfort yourself.

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