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Are you or anyone you love serving in the medical field? If so, you know how important safe and comfortable shoes are for a smooth workday. You are also aware of how tough it is to obtain the ideal sneakers. We could see that nursing shoes are among the most essential items in a nurse’s attire.

As a result, they must purchase one of the best products available. Clove is a brand that specializes in innovative slip-on shoes and socks for busy healthcare professionals.

Let’s break down the Clove product’s commitment to providing convenience, steadiness, and efficiency to healthcare professionals.

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About Clove Shoes

Clove Shoes brand image
Clove Shoes brand image

The web designer, Joe Ammon, also built this footwear that can effectively reduce risks and impacts.

The shoes are made to look attractive, be comfy, and provide a decent grip for the consumer. Additionally, shoppers in the United States should be mindful that the nursing shoes’ style and grip are excellent and have distinctive features that regular ones don’t.

These shoes are intended for medical professionals. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them if you work in another profession.

Indeed, its odor-fighting insoles and slip-on style appeal to anyone who stands all day at work.

Clove’s connection to medical staff has undoubtedly influenced the product’s reach. Also, it scooped honors in the fashion and beauty category of Fast Company’s 2020 innovation by design awards.


  • Clove nursing footwear is designed for both genders, as are compression socks in various attractive colors.
  • Clove Shoe is a multi-layered midsole(cushion part of the shoe). This support offers enough comfort to get through an entire 12-hour shift, whether you’re standing, walking, or running.
  • The insoles feature built-in odor-fighting and are removable for quick and easy machine-washing.
  • Users don’t have to worry about loosened shoelaces.
  • Clove’s materials are resistant to spills, and stains and easier to wipe off.


  • Though you fell in love with this product, it’s impossible to buy if you are not an American resident.

Benefits of Clove Shoes

Comfort for your foot Guaranteed.

Working long hours without pain requires comfortable footwear. Usually, nurses work longer hours. The majority of these shifts are spent standing upright for hours or moving.

And, for medical professionals who already have hip, knee, and other physical issues, comfort is more than just attempting to make the job easier. It’s all about maintaining long-term health and agility.

With Clove’s specially designed footwear, you don’t have to worry about spending money on painkillers for your foot aches after a long shift.

Resistance toward slip and spill

The Clove Shoes’ slip-resistant tread is unquestionably the most significant characteristic that makes them unique. In a hurry, nurses don’t need to worry about accidentally falling.

The stain- and fluid-resistant characteristics allow nurses to cope with a wide range of fluids spilled on the shoes.


The nurses like the comfort the clove shoes give. These nursing shoes are less expensive than other shoes on the market.

Women’s Clove Shoes

The Women’s Clove Shoe blends design and utility in a nursing shoe. They are simple to put on, clean, and comfy.

These shoes were created to be flexible and comfy all day and night, making them ideal for those lengthy hospital duties.

The fluid-repellent laces and uppers of the Women’s Clove Shoes can be easily cleaned using wipes. They’re constructed of Clarino (a synthetic leather that’s more durable and consistent than natural leather).

The rubber soles of these shoes are robust and stable enough to keep you balanced. They also have Ortholite, which is a high-performance material that fights foul odors.

Men’s Clove Shoes

The Men’s Clove Shoe is another product created for frontline healthcare professionals and designed for your ease.

These shoes are lighter and easier to maintain, yet tight enough to give full-body support for all-day wear. They also have firm grip outsoles that provide you with a stable center to go about your whole shift.

These men’s shoes are also built with Ortholite, so you won’t break a sweat while on the nursing shift.

With a built-in neoprene sock, these shoes are effortless to put on when you need to attend to an emergency. Each pair of shoes was provided, along with three pens and two badge reels.

Product Details – Men’s and Women’s shoes

Available sizes: size 5- size 12.5

Colors: Brilliant White, Grey Matter, Night Shift, Pink Up, and a Black Option.

Price: Stars from $129

Clove Compression Socks

Clove compression socks are designed to provide extra comfort for your feet. These amusing yet practical socks promote circulation and reduce foot edema while enabling your feet to breathe.

Their soft bottoms are padded and have a compression of 20–30 mmHg. These are specially intended for use on days when you don’t have time to sit down.

while providing a stylish touch to your work attire. Clove’s whole footwear line looks even better with these socks.

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.


What are the customer’s reviews?

For our original views of the product to cover all the bases, we need to check out what users are saying about the brand.

Customer review of Men’s Shoes:

Customer review of Women’s Shoes:

How to order Clove Shoes?

New arrivals are displayed on the top of their page, along with their stories.

Choose the products you want to buy, read the size chart, and add them to your cart.

Their express checkout options include Shoppay, PayPal, and Gpay.

The Verdict

According to us, Go Clove Shoes are of high quality. We also observed that it is comfortable to wear throughout the day and does not slip. It is also water- and odor-resistant.

This worldwide epidemic has proven to us something. It’s that frontline workers are real heroes, working day and night to assist cure patients and save the rest of us. Clove shoes are designed for these extraordinary people.

In conclusion, I highly suggest purchasing comfortable shoes from the store.


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