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I want to switch to a healthy diet, and I have been trying relentlessly to consume some healthy, nutritious elements daily. But the hassle is too much.

Having a busy life means, lacking and lazing when it comes to taking care of your body. It also means eating food that satisfies the taste buds on your tongue and not the needs of your body.

Studies show that instead of munching, drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies can be a great source of nutrition for your body.

It can help you substitute skipping meals for a much more efficient solution to losing weight.

Smoothies not only keep you hydrated and filled with important nutrients, but they also keep you cool in this scorching season of heat.

But making a smoothie can be one hell of a task, one you have no time or energy to engage in.

Well, thank God, or maybe the founder of the brand Kencko, for the good work they have been continuously doing offering quick-to-make smoothies.

The perfect mixture of fruits and vegetables for you in one pouch of supplements, make a smoothie on the go and live life with no worries.

Come, let’s get some brief information on the brand in this Kencko Review blog.

What is Kencko?

Kencko  Brand Image
Kencko brand image

Kencko is a supplement brand that manufactures gummies, meals, and ready-to-make smoothies from plants, and provides you with the best hassle-free way to consume as many nutrients and greens as possible, all on the go.

The founder of the brand, Mr. Tomás Froes, cured his gastritis at home with a plant-based freeze-dried instant smoothie, which he decided to share as much as possible. 

The brand was launched in 2016 and now holds 155K followers awestruck on Instagram, with 20 million smoothies shipped in four years. This brand has become the definition of unstoppable. 


  • The brand has no refined sugar, it is completely healthy and trustworthy.
  • The composition has no artificial additives
  • The US Department of Agriculture approves
  • EU-certified organic products are used.
  • The brand uses freeze-dried technology 
  • The nutrients are maintained even after processing the real fruits due to the efficient technology.
  • Provides 2.5 cups of fruit and vegetables in one pouch of smoothie
  • The brand provides guides and nutrition coaching to help spread knowledge.
  • The website of the brand has a quick quiz you can take, which would suggest which smoothie best suits your body’s requirements according to your lifestyle.
  • Smoothies have no addition, no subtraction, only water.


  • You will feel side effects like freshness, energy, calmness, coolness, health, activeness, etc.
  • Your grocery shopping would be cut short.

What are the products offered by the brand?

Some of the offerings from this brand are mentioned below, please have a look.

Kencko Golden Plums Review

Kencko Golden Plums
Kencko Golden Plums
Kencko Golden Plums
Image of Kencko Golden Plums
Kencko Golden Plums
Image of Kencko Golden Plums

The nutritious orangish nectar is here to heal and boost your Skin, immunity, and digestion.

Loaded with vitamins A and C and bromelain, this smoothie can improve your body’s systems with just a few sips.


  • Vitamin A strengthens your immunity and eye power
  • Bromelain will smooth your digestive system
  • Vitamin C will help your skin and immunity as well.


Plum, papaya, pineapple, carrot, rhubarb, coconut water, Thai lime leaf, coriander seed, apple, and water.

No addition, no subtraction. From the farm, freeze-dried straight into your hands.

Usage: Add the sash to chilled water, milk, or any of your choice of base liquid. Shake for a bit, and you are good to go.

Costing $2.49/packet only!

“They are very convenient and they taste great”

Review by Bridget M.

Kencko UltraGreens Review

Kencko Ultra Greens
Kencko Ultra Greens
Kencko Ultra Greens
Image of Kencko Ultra Greens
Kencko Ultra Greens
Image of Kencko Ultra Greens

Did you think drinking vegetables would be that easy? No right. But now, thanks to the Kencko brand, you can have this tasteful and nurturing powder too.

Superfoods like broccoli, kale, and spinach in your daily diet are what your body needs to be stronger than ever before.


  • Fatigue-fighting iron won’t let you get tired easily, you’ll be superhuman.
  • The protein intake in the smoothie will build your muscles faster.
  • Vitamins like A and C will strengthen immunity.

Ingredients:  apple, green peas, broccoli, sweet potato, alfalfa, kale, spinach, green spirulina, yellow beet, wheatgrass. Among other things, wheatgrass is also considered a superfood.

Usage: Tear the sash, mix it with the base liquid of your choice, and shake it up.

At an affordable price of $2.49/packet only!

“Our family loves all of the flavors and it is very convenient. Everything tastes extremely clean and fresh”

Review by Megan K.

Kencko Cherrybomb Review

Kencko Cherrybomb
Kencko Cherrybomb
Image of Kencko Cherrybomb
Kencko Cherrybomb
Image of Kencko Cherrybomb

Let these bombs explode in your mouth, and you can savor the flavor. 

They are sweet, and they are small, they are the perfect shot of sugar and cake.

You can pop it in your mouth and enjoy it in the middle of the day without worrying about gaining too much weight.

Organic and vegan, additive-free.

Ingredients: apple juice concentrate, apple puree, cherry juice concentrate, cherry powder, date paste, inulin (agave fiber), rice crispy (rice flour, whole rice flour), cacao butter, cacao powder, gelling agent: pectin, black carrot juice concentrate, rice flour, lemon juice concentrate, vanilla powder, processing aid: sunflower oil, all organic.

Grab this sweet for $1.99/ packet

“The yummiest delight I’ve ever had!”

Review by farina h.

Kencko Bananarama Review

Kencko Bananarama
Kencko Bananarama
Kencko Bananarama
Image of Kencko Bananarama
Kencko Bananarama
Image of Kencko Bananarama

Bananarama is the yummy-licious treat you should pamper yourself with. Craving caramel sweetness? Get a hit of nostalgia with this sweetness.


apple juice, apple puree, banana puree, inulin (agave fiber), sweet potato, gelling agent: pectin, lemon juice, coating agent: rice flour, processing aid: sunflower oil, all organic. 

Organic and vegan, additive-free.

$1.99 / packet only!

“It’s a great product! So glad it exists”

Review by Stephanie v.

What are the Consumer’s Reviews?

To understand the credibility, let’s have a look at some of the recent customer reviews.

“ It’s super convenient. I don’t have to worry about wasting food since it’s shelf stable for a year.”

Review by Jennifer H.

“I’ve mixed all the package either with juice or with plant milk (soy milk & oat milk) and they are absolutely delicious! It definitely makes me feel full on the day that I don’t get a lunch from work! While getting the nutrients”

Review by Anka M.

“Love them very very much. The gingerella are SO DANG GOOD for us ginger lovers.”

Review by N.S.

“I love chewy sweets and since I’m trying to be more healthy, this is perfect to snack on when I’m wanting something sweet”

Review by J.J

“Delicious, healthy, fun – and I love the compostable packaging.”

Review by Danial C.

Are Kencko Smoothies Actually Healthy? 

 Kencko smoothies are manufactured by using freeze-dried technology, which means they pick up your fruits and vegetables from the farm, freeze-dry them, fill them up in a sash, and deliver them to your house.

They use the healthiest technology to produce these instant smoothy pouches. And also the most environmentally friendly packaging.

There are no elements added or subtracted from those vegetables and fruits extracted from the farm, which means you are drinking only plants and no chemicals or unhealthy substitutes.

The fact that you get to have so many beneficial nutrients without the hassle of going through the whole peeling, slicing, and processing process of the fruit, should be a compliment in itself.

The technology used by them helps in restoring the minerals and vitamins in the plant, which means no loss of any goodies.

This method also helps in increasing the shelf life of the product without the use of any preservatives, keeping the composition as natural and healthy as possible.

So when you are drinking real plants, it is healthy.

Is Kencko Worth It?

In this world where nothing is healthy, Kencko brings you the real plants manufactured in the best way to retain all nutrients, increase shelf life, and prevent the use of preservatives.

A brand like this is worth it. No one in the market provides an easy-to-use instant smoothie that has nothing artificial added to it and no nutrients have been lost.

It equals eating fruits and vegetables themselves, with such affordable prices. The brand is indeed worth it.

And with so many customer reviews appreciating the product and with sales of plus 20 million, you should seal the deal.

How Do I Order Kencko?

Ordering Kencko is as easy as ordering anything else. 

  1. Add to the cart all that you wish to order
  2. When you are done shopping click on the shop option
  3. Fill up your details and place the order
  4. In a few working days, you will have your order in your hands.

Our Verdict On Kencko

With all honesty, this brand kencko has won my heart. Such functioning products, so healthy and at a low price like that? This deal could not have been any better.

Drinking 2.5 bowls of fruits and vegetables can develop and clean my whole system. The technique used by them to keep the products as natural as possible is a differentiator which is not offered by many in the market. 

In my opinion, you should get this product and try it yourself. Just a few days of use and you will how healthy and fit you feel without even working out.

Plus the benefit of a healthy body with losing weight and with much less effort, you could use the smoothie on the day you cannot set aside time for a meal.

I would recommend this brand.

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