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Hydrow Rower
Hydrow Rower

Hydrow Rower

Here are some of the top features of Hydro Rower

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Do you know that rowing is one of the best activities for a full-body workout? It engages a lot of muscles in your body and positively impacts each and every part of it.

However, most of us believe that we need a lake/sea full of water and a boat for rowing, and hence we consider it an unfeasible exercise. But, the situation is no longer the same. Hydrow has come to our resolve. 

The company offers rowing machines with on-screen guidance from athletes, and in turn, provides you with a real-time rowing experience. The machines have proven to be excellent for a full-body workout in the comfort of your home. 

In simple words, we need not go to a river, lake, or any other water body for rowing anymore as Hydrow has brought the rowing experience to our homes. 

Hydrow: The Overview of Brand

Hydrow Brand Image
Hydrow Brand Image

The Hydrow Rower is a US-based company that specializes in providing rowing machines for a full-body workout session. 

What separates Hydrow from other brands in the same field is that it provides a real-time rowing experience where you can practice rowing with live sessions from rowing athletes.

The brand was founded in the year 2017 by Bruce Smith, who had been a national-level coach of the US rowing team. As a result, he wasn’t new to the rowing experience and tried to bring that experience to the comfort of your home. 

Talking about the brand’s social media presence, it has more than 77K followers on Instagram, more than 66K followers on Facebook, and more than 4K subscribers on YouTube. 

The brand has featured in various popular media outlets like USA Today, Bloomberg, etc. 

Detailed Information About Hydrow Rower

The Hydrow Rower is a rowing machine that gives the users a real-time rowing experience. Hydrow offers a variety of rowing machines to choose from and people can choose among them at their convenience.

Rowing Machine
Rowing Machine

Apart from the rowing machines, it also offers certain workout accessories like mats, storage equipment, and other similar workout equipment. which may accompany the machines. 

The brand also offers memberships under which customers can get live rowing sessions from rowing athletes. 

In order to enhance your rowing experience, the machine is Bluetooth and Wifi enabled, has a screen in front, and has built-in speakers to play any form of music. 

Certain Pros and Cons of the product are as follows:


  • It offers real-time rowing experience with the comfort of your home.
  • The membership provides live sessions from rowing athletes, which make the experience realistic.
  • All hydrow rowers have – 30 days free trial, any number of profiles per membership and a one year warranty.
  • On your every purchase of rowing sessions, the company donates a part to on your behalf.
  • Everytime when you achieve 100K rows, you get a water bottle or a pair of socks (in some cases) from the company.


  • The product may take up some amount of your home’s floor space.
  • Apart from the price of the product, Hydrow charges $249 for the delivery and home setup of the product.

Hydrow: What are the Products the Brand Offer?

Hydrow Rower offers a variety of products including different packages for rowers, various accessories for rowers, membership for rowing sessions, and other workout-related products like wireless headphones, heart rate monitor workout mat, yoga block, etc. 

In this article, we are going to review three Hydrow Rower Kits – the standard Hydro Rower, Hydrow Rower Starter Package, and Hydrow Rower Pro Package; and two Hydro Rower Accessories – Hydrow Rower Long Black Machine Mat and Hydrow Rower Upright Storage Kit. 

Hydrow Rower Review

This is the standard and the most basic pack of Hydrow rowers. The pack consists of one Hydrow rower and one-to-one personal coaching. The machine is built with such technology that makes you experience real water drag.

The pack is priced at the US $2,495. The main feature of the machine is:

  • The machine is smooth and gives you a real-life rowing experience.
  • The machine has a weight capacity of 375 pounds.
  • To enhance your rowing experience, it has a soft and comfortable rowing seat, adjustable footrests and easy-to-hold handles.
  • It has a 22 inch screen in front with HD resolution.
  • It is Bluetooth and Wifi enabled.
  • It has an in-built pulse meter.
  • It also has speakers so you can listen to your favourite music while rowing.

Hydrow Rower Starter Package Review

Hydrow Rower Starter Package
Hydrow Rower Starter Package

Generally, a workout machine itself is not enough to facilitate an effective and healthy workout session. You need certain other accessories and add-ons accompanying the machine to have a gainful workout session.

The Hydrow Rower Starter Package covers such basic add-ons and accessories along with the Hydrow rower. This package is priced at US $2,765. 

Apart from the above-mentioned standard hydro rower package, this package consists of the following add-ons:

  • An under-machine mat to keep your house’s floor safe from any scratches caused by daily use.
  • A Polar Verity Sense Heart Rate Monitor helps you to keep a check on your health while operating the machine.
  • A Jaybird Vista Wireless Headphones to make your rowing session fun, enjoyable and memorable.
  • A performance Foam Roller to facilitate daily workout.

Hydrow Rower Pro Package Review

Hydrow Rower Pro Package
Hydrow Rower Pro Package

Just as the name suggests, this pack includes all the equipment and accessories required for a proper workout session. This package is for those who are serious about working and want to do more than just rowing.

In simple words, this package includes certain add-ons that facilitate rowing as well as other workout routines. This package is priced at US $2,895.

Apart from the contents of the Hydrow Rower Starter Package, this pack consists of the following add-ons:

  • A multi-use workout mat that can be used for various floor exercises.
  • Two yoga blocks to stimulate a healthy yoga session for relieving muscle pains.
  • A set of seven resistance bands for enhancing your workout experience and building a strong core.

With these features and components, this package is best for a full-fledged workout routine for customers.

Hydrow Rower Long Black Machine Mat Review

Hydrow Rower Long Black Machine Mat
Hydrow Rower Long Black Machine Mat

When you install some heavy exercise equipment at your home, there is always a risk of the machine hampering your home’s floor. In such a situation, the Hydrow Rower Long Black Machine Mat brings a solution to this problem.

It is a specialized floor mat that protects your floor from scratches, dents, and smudges caused by the machine. Apart from this, it helps in holding the machine at a position and preventing it from making any sort of noise.

Generally, the mat is longer than the size of the machine to ensure full protection of the floor. Moreover, the solid black color of the mat perfectly fits into your gym or workout area and makes it look even better.

In simple words, the machine mat is one of the essentials to accompany the Hydrow rower. The Hydrow Rower Long Black Machine Mat is available at a price of US $90.

Hydrow Rower Upright Storage Kit

Hydrow Rower Upright Storage Kit
Hydrow Rower Upright Storage Kit

It is often noticed that people face problems relating to the storage of exercise equipment as they generally take up a lot of space. The same is the case with Hydrow Rower. It takes a lot of space and people may face storage problems.

Hydrow provides the solution to this problem. The Hydrow Rower Upright Storage Kit helps you to store the Hydrow Rower in a vertical position and in turn, reduces the space required by the machine.

The kit consists of a durable cord and a buckle, which holds up your Hydrow rower against the wall and creates space in your room. The kit is priced at US $80.

How to Order Hydrow Rower

You can order your own Hydrow Rower by following the below steps:

  1. Visit the Website – First of all you will have to visit the brand’s website ( You will see various tabs on the website. Click on the “The Shop” tab to view various products offered by Hydrow.
  1. Click on “Buy Hydrow” – Within the “The Shop” tab, there are a variety of products available like different packages of Hydrow Rower, Hydrow accessories, and others. Here, click on the “Buy Hydrow” button. A new page will open showing the details of the products, pricing, etc.
  1. Review the details and Add to Cart – You can now review the details of the rower including price, specifications, etc, and check if it fits your requirements. Once you are satisfied with the product, you can Add the product to your Cart.
  1. Fill in the details and make payment – Lastly, you need to provide the required details like name, email, contact, address, and some other details. Once the details are filled in properly, you can proceed to make the payment. Your Hydrow Rower will be successfully delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Note: You can also order your own Hydrow Rower through various E-commerce websites by following their respective ordering procedures.

Hydrow Rower: What Do Customers Think?

Hydrow Rower enjoys an excellent rating of 4.6/5.0 stars on Google. The product is reviewed by more than 450 people around the world and the majority of them claim it to be useful.

On Amazon, it is rated 3.6/5.0 for both ‘Easy to Assemble’ and ‘Value for Money

Most of the reviewers have a positive opinion about Hydrow. Let us have a look at a few reviews:

  • One of the user posted on Amazon about Hydrow stating “I have been using hydro for about 7 months now, have never rowed before, and an at 420,000 meters rowed as of this writing. Experience is very immersive, the production of the videos of training sessions and training programs really excellent, and pros’s leading these workouts are quite engaging and themselves accomplished rowers that love what they do. It has been and is a game changer for me and my fitness.”
  • Another user reviewed it on Amazon as “So far I am really enjoying this rower. I had never owned a rowing machine, but had done a lot of research and felt like this was the right exercise for me. The Hydrow came very well packed, and was fairly easy to assemble. The thing _is_ very heavy, so I suggest getting help. Especially when installing the legs, which were a bit awkward to attach without a strong person assisting. 

The online video trainers are all really good, and they definitely do motivate you to keep going and accumulate more meters. I hope to hit my first 100,000 meters in a few weeks.”

  • One user has reviewed Hydrow on google in a much descriptive way – 

“Short version: get it – it’s well worth it.

Long version: I’ve had it for a month, and I’ve been on it every single day.

Workout: FULL body workout, and it’s very engaging. You also dictate how strong the resistance is by how hard you push off – so kids and adults can use this without changing anything really – plus you can have multiple user slots.

Interface/online workouts: I admit, I was initially very wary of working out with videos – I didn’t think they would be effective. I was wrong. The videos are done extremely well and there are a good variety of personalities you can connect with. They also have a wide range of different types of workouts in the library that is tailored to any workout goal you have in mind. I also love the online community – everyone is soooo positive and helpful. The races are extremely competitive and there is a feature that shows what place you are in for any workout – definitely brings out that competitive mindset many of us have.

Personally: I haven’t worked out as much during this time, but this machine has given me that passion again and has revitalized me.

Price: yea it’s expensive. But you get what you pay for. I also got the warranty from BB because they are awesome with their warranties.”

Although the majority of the reviews about Hydrow Rower are positive ones, there are certain negative ones as well. 

Some users complained about the machine not being adjustable as per requirement and some complained that the machine cannot be used in the absence of internet. While certain others claimed it to give an experience similar to others. 

However, if we summarize all the reviews, Hydrow Rower is a good and reliable product. You can check certain other reviews of Hydrow Rower here (Amazon and Google).

Are Hydrow Rowers Worth It?

Considering the various features and benefits of Hydrow Rower, we can certainly say that it is worth your money. The real-time rowing experience that the machine provides makes you fall in love with working out. 

Rowing engages more than 80% of your body muscles and hence is very effective for a full-body workout. Also, the live sessions from rowing athletes add to your rowing experience. 

Moreover, the majority of reviews on the company’s website, Google, and Amazon suggest the product to be worth your money. It is rated 3.6/5.0 for “Value for Money” on Amazon. 

Hence, if you are a fitness enthusiast and conscious about your health, Hydrow Rower is best for you and you can at least give it a try.

Our verdict on Hydrow Rowers

Clearly, from the above review, our verdict regarding Hydrow Rowers is a positive one. In alternative words, we recommend that Hydrow Rower is unique, efficient, and effective exercise equipment for a full-body workout. 

The common treadmills, cycles, and steppers may get monotonous at certain times. At such times, Hydrow Rower can be your rescue gate. It gives a new workout routine to your body by engaging the majority of the muscles. 

The prices charged are also competitive and reasonable when compared to those of the competitors of the brand. The different packages and accessories available make the product fit into different needs for different people. 

As mentioned earlier, the various reviews of the product available on the internet, also suggest the product is worth a try. Though certain negative reviews can’t be ignored, the majority declare it to be a good product.

Moreover, the real-time rowing experience, various technology-oriented features, live sessions from professional athletes, other services of the brand, and the positive impact of the machine on your body prove that the product is worth your money.

With features like Bluetooth and wifi connection, in-built speakers, adjustable seats and footrests, and a touch screen in front of you, we believe that Hydrow Rower will encourage you to start working out. 

Hence, we conclude Hydrow Rower to be a genuine, efficient, and reliable product and recommend you to try it once.

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