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Traveling has become a part of life. Some travel to learn new things or to see new sights, and some travel due to their work, family, and economic needs. 

As it is done frequently, people do pay attention to their travel needs and do not choose to compromise on anything related to them.

One of the things travelers need is ideal travel luggage or carry-ons, and there are multiple dilemmas with substandard baggage.

Cracked zippers, poor telescoping handles, and uneven wheels, which usually stick or fall off, are some of the difficulties you may face if you are carrying bad luggage.

In this upcoming blog, we are going to review one such DTC brand that offers luxury travel bags that will make your journey much easier.

And it is Monos, the DTC brand that offers elite and leisure check-in luggage, and its motive is to make people travel mindfully.

Monos is not only limited to selling luggage; it also offers a variety of travel accessories such as carry-ons, duffle bags, and backpacks.

Let’s know some more about this DTC brand.

Monos: The Overview of Brand

Monos Brand Image
Brand Image of Monos

Monos is a Canadian brand that was launched in 2018. It was established by Victor Tam, who currently holds the position of CEO and Co-Founder of Monos.

The name Monos is inspired by the Japanese notion Mono no aware, which means “empathy towards things.

It specializes in manufacturing check-in luggage with the finest design and quality and is accessible to anyone who wants to travel mindfully.

Their followings on Instagram and Facebook are 288k and 13k, respectively.

Monos also offers a variety of travel accessories like carry-ons, duffle bags, and backpacks that are durable and sustainable.


  • Offers a well-designed premium suitcase that looks classy and simple.
  • Their carry-ons are aesthetically tough and long-lasting as well.
  • It is made with the highest quality parts and materials, which are sourced from all over the world.
  • They put forward luxury luggage that is accessible by all, which means it is within the reach of the average person as well.
  • Their products are climate-neutral certified.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The scratches are noticeable gradually.
  • For international buyers ( Outside North America ) Paypal is mandatory.

Detailed Information About Monos (Overview)

Monos Travelling Bag
Monos Travelling Bag

Check out some detailed information about this amazing DTC brand. 

  • Monos luggage is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, but they claim that they are made for the world and are fully vegan, carrying a climate-neutral certificate.
  • This DTC brand is environmentally as well as planet-friendly as their products are made long-lasting to reduce the waste on our planet, they are fully vegan and devoid of any animal-derived material, and they also opt for recyclable and reusable packaging.
  • Their luggage is thoughtfully created and consists of all the attributes a frequent traveler looks for which are the luggage design, quality, and cost. And Monos maintains all three.
  • Monos sells its products directly to the customer without any middleman to cut the extra markups, thus making it accessible to all.
  • They believe that their products need not be flashy and loud to get attention. Instead, it is their simplicity, classic, and premium quality that will stand out in the world.

Monos luggage: What are the Varieties the Brand Offers?

Monos Products
Image of Monos Products

Monos’ travel-friendly adornments are not only limited to luggage; they have a variety of carry-ons, duffel bags, backpacks, luggage covers, cleaned UVC sterilizers, Kiyo UVC bottles, and many more.

These travel accessories are made with parts and materials of prime quality that are sourced from all over the world. 

Also, if any components sourced do not meet the standards, they are replaced by parts made by industry experts.

Their factory partners have the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship.

Monos luggage cases are made of German Makrolon polycarbonate, an aerospace-grade material that is both strong and lightweight. These cases are resilient and flexible.

Let us review some of the best products Monos offers:

Monos Luggage Reviews

Here are some of the best Monos Luggage Reviews. Some of the best Luggage cases Monos offers are :

Monos luggage: Carry-On Luggage Review

Front View
Front View
Inside View
Inside View
Side View
Side View

Monos carry-on luggage is a great travel partner, suitable for the overhead compartments of almost every flight.

It is made with indestructible polycarbonate material and carries a well-built telescopic handle, a lock that is TSA-approved, eco-leather, wheels that do not squeak, and elite materials.

Waterproofing, squeak-free 360° Hinomoto Lisof wheels, shaded collegial zippers, and a mushy 350D anti-microbial interior fabric are some of its details.

Its exterior and interior measurements are 22″ by 14″ by 9″ and 20″ by 13.5″, respectively. It weighs 7.01 pounds and has a volume of 39.9 liters.

It is available in a variety of colors, including Desert Taupe, Rose Quartz, Olive Green, Blue Haze, Ocean Blue, Storm Gray, Stellar White, and Midnight Black.

Also available in multiple sizes: carry-on plus, carry-on pro, carry-on pro plus, and many more. 

Carry-on luggage costs $225 and can be paid in four interest-free payments of $56.25.

10/10 would recommend

to summarize: i put this bag through its paces for a week and it came out unscathed on the other end. i’ve been recommending it to anyone who will listen!

i brought this bag on a 1wk trip. in it i packed two sweaters, four tees, toiletry bag, pair of sneakers, pair of boots, pair of jeans, pjs, sweatpants, cardigan, a week worth of dog food & treats for two dogs, two gifts, way more socks & underwear than any normal human needs for a week, laptop charger, phone chargers & wireless mouse. the compression pad really came in handy- i was a little worried about the zippers as i tried to zip it up but they held up and again through security after my dog food was flagged. I also traveled with my dogs and put their carrier on top of the bag- another probably 17-20lbs. Usually this caused my Samsonite to start to tip, but the Monos handled it much better! no tipping and relatively easy navigation.

it also sustained a 10min drag though NYC- construction, puddles, sidewalks, potholes. on my way home i had to check it – i did get a little worried then, cause i knew light colored bag + checking it = recipe for destruction. it definitely did come out scuffed to hell, but a quick wipe with the magic eraser removed even the darkest of scuffs and it was back to normal! i’d recommend this bag to anyone!

Monos luggage: Check-In Large Luggage Review

Check-In Large Luggage
Check-In Luggage
Inside View
Inside View
Side View
Side View

This Monos Check-In Luggage is ideal for when you plan to pack extra for you and your family for a long trip. In this case, you will only need to bring one large check-in bag.

It comes with two shoe bags, a vegan leather luggage bag, and an antimicrobial laundry bag.

It has double Y-shaped compression straps and a divider, a telescopic handle with 4 height settings that can be easily adjusted, 360° squeak-free wheels, and a water-resistant German polycarbonate hard shell.

Its exterior and interior measurements are 30″ by 21″ by 11″ and 28″ by 20.5″, respectively. It weighs 10.58 pounds and has a volume of 99.2 liters.

This Monos Check-In is $320 and can be paid in four $80 interest-free payments.

The bag has the largest size in its category. Despite that, it feels light and looks classy. I am also impressed with its durability and the way it “rolls”.

A Happy and Satisfied Consumer who rated 5 Stars.

Monos luggage: Hybrid Carry-On Plus Luggage Review

Hybrid Carry-On Plus Luggage
Hybrid Carry-On Plus Luggage
Inside View
Inside View
Side View
Side View

Meet the Hybrid Carry-On Plus, which is the classiest of all. This unbreakable, light, and resilient case is called a hybrid because it has been made by combining the best features of aluminum and polycarbonate luggage.

Luggage carries a zipperless aluminum frame, color-coordinated components, anodized aluminum corner guards, sound-free wheels, TSA-approved locks, and a strong telescopic handle.

It measures 21″ 13.9″ on the inside and 23″ 15″ 9.5″ on the outside, and it weighs 9.25 pounds and has a 43-liter volume.

It comes in three colors: champagne, obsidian, and silver.

You can buy your luxurious Hybrid Carry-On for $345, which can also be paid in four interest-free payments of $86.25.

“I bought the larger carry on in black and it’s a sleek, stylish, good looking suitcase. It rolls smoothly and spins easily, the handle is solid and you can pack quite a lot in there if you use it well. I recently just used it for a 9-day fall/winter trip to Vancouver/Banff during which I did do laundry once. It fit in the Air Canada & Westjet overhead bins, even though it didn’t fit in the Westjet sizer. It’s however not perfect. The compression panel has to be flipped upwards (as opposed to sideways for the Away luggage) which isn’t what I would’ve done had I designed the suitcase. When you’re opening your suitcase in a hotel, you’ll typically only have space sideways and not upwards and it becomes annoying to rummage around your suitcase to find things, since you might have to hold the pad with one hand. I also think it would’ve been a plus if that panel could be removable. It’s a small detail, but when you constantly have to use your suitcase, it makes a difference. “

Jessica R

Monos Bags

Monos offers an impeccable variety of bags made of prime-quality fabric. These bags are perfect for regular travelers and students.

 Monos bags are further classified into Metro backpacks, Metro duffels, Metro folio kits, and Metro slings. Let’s get to know them one by one.

Monos: Metro Backpack Review

Metro Backpack
Metro Backpack
Inside View
Inside View
Side View
Side View

The Metro Backpack is the most suitable bag for those who travel every day and can serve multiple purposes. Made of water-resistant nylon and braided with ultra-microfiber vegan leather, it turns out to be the perfect everyday travel companion.

This sleek-profile bag can be straightened out fully, as it has full-length zippers and all the necessary pockets to carry all your essentials.

Inside the bag, there is a separate space for keeping your 15″ laptop and a tiny hidden back pocket with a magnetic snap that can carry your phone, passport, wallet, or other small valuables.

It has a separate stretchy and waterproof compartment for your shoes, water bottle, and gym clothes.

It also includes adjustable shoulder straps, a top carry handle bag, a zippered pouch, and a mesh pocket.

One of the eye-catching features of the Metro Backpack is its Metro Classic Kit featuring QuickSnapTM, which is detachable, i.e., snaps on and off. It is made with the same fiber and has zippered pockets with a semi-transparent window.

The price of this Metro backpack is $195.

“This backpack is beautiful, first and foremost. Second, it’s incredibly functional. I like how it opens like a clamshell (no more digging for things at the bottom of your bag) and all of the compartments make organizing really efficient. I use the front removable case for my cords and other electronics and it has a great keychain in there as well. I also like the separate laptop compartment. I like not having to open my entire bag to grab it, especially in cafes, and it will be super useful for going through airport security as well. Time will tell how the finish of the vegan leather holds up with more use.”

Candice M.

Monos: Metro Folio Kit Review

Metro Folio Kit
Metro Folio Kit
Back view
Inside View
Inside View

This Metro Folio kit can be a multi-purpose accessory to your Metro backpack and Metro duffel, being built more rigidly, wider, and flatter. 

It can perform different functions, such as a wallet/passport folio or an e-reader/tablet kit. It is designed with QuickSnap, which means it can snap on and off the backpack.

This kit is made with waterproof ultra-microfiber vegan leather and weighs 0.77 lbs.

It has a holder in the middle to hold a pen or stylus, with an elastic for holding pencils, pens, and cords. It also has pockets for credit/debit cards, cash, business cards, coins, or small items like a passport, banknotes, boarding pass, small tablet or e-reader, etc.

This Metro Folio kit is priced at $55.

“Purchased this because the exterior pouch that comes on the shoulder bag is too big and gets in the way. Wish the bag didn’t have a pouch at all. It gets stuck on things, under airplane seats, etc. I would just take it off altogether but then you can see the clasps and that doesn’t look good. This folio is smaller and more streamlined so I hope it works out better. It’s a little heavy though and I don’t like that it adds unnecessary weight to my bag. Just wish they would make a more streamlined bag without the pouch. My husband has the backpack and feels the same.”

Kimberly A.

Monos: Metro Sling Review

Metro Sling
Metro Sling
Inside view
Inside view

The Metro Sling is a cross-body bag that is compact and multi-functional, constructed with water-repellent nylon and vegan leather.

It has a keychain carabiner and interior pockets to keep your essentials organized. It also has a secret pocket at the back to keep your wallet, phone, or passport secure and accessible.

This sling bag can be worn across your body or you can sling it over one shoulder.

One of the fascinating features of this bag is that its interior lining fiber is made with recycled plastic bottles.

Some other details are that it has an adjustable strap with a buckle, and the bag is scratch-resistant. The cost of this sling bag is $70.

” Prior to finding the monos sling, I’d been on the (surprisingly challenging) hunt for a simple sling to carry my daily necessities around in. I’ve found that the majority of slings on the market are either too big, too small, or too flashy. I found monos, I liked what I saw, I placed my order, and I crossed my fingers. And success! I received my sling and I love it. It is exactly what I was looking for. It’s a great size (not too big and not to small) and has a clean and well-structured finish. The zipper glides smoothly without hitch and the strap is adjustable so you can shorten it or expand it as you wish. I use it almost every day. Definitely worth the purchase. “

jacqueline h

Monos Clothing

The DTC Brand Monos are not only limited to travel accessories, but they also offer classic and comfortable wardrobe essentials.

They have limited yet impeccable clothing varieties, and some of the best are given below:

Monos Luggage: Kyoto Long Sleeve Review

Kyoto Long Sleeve
Kyoto Long Sleeve

Kyoto Long Sleeve is essentially unisex loungewear, or more specifically, a gender-neutral sweatshirt with a round neckline. It has a relaxed fit with dropped shoulders and elastic cuffs.

This gender-neutral sweatshirt is made with soft and breathable cotton, and it weighs very little to keep you cool, comfy, and cozy at the same time.

You can also opt to pair it with Kyoto pants to take your comfort to the next level. 

It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

Hand wash or machine wash in cold water, but avoid bleaching and drying flat.

Available in three colors: black, navy, and mist, and in your preferred size.

This Kyoto long sleeve is available for $95;

Monos Luggage: Sevilla Top Review

Sevilla Top
Sevilla Top

The Monos Sevilla Top can be a great fit for you as well as your clothing collection. It is comfortable yet elegant.

This top has short sleeves and can be worn from both sides, giving two looks in one garment. Product has a V-neck on one side and a high neck on the other.

It is constructed with 28% cotton, 66% bamboo rayon, and 6% spandex. It is also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified due to its natural softness and comfort.

This Monos Sevilla top is available in three colors: black, cream, and cypress green, and the price of this comfy yet trendy top is $95.

Monos: Sevilla Pants Review

Sevilla Pants
Sevilla Pants

The Monos Sevilla Pants are a great pair with your Sevilla top. These pants have a similar look to maxi skirts, as they are A-line flared and have a wide-leg outline. 

They are part of the everyday collection of Monos clothing.

These pants are made with breathable and soft cotton, which makes them ultra-comfortable. It is constructed with cotton, bamboo, and spandex.

It comes in black, cream, and cypress green, and you select your preferred size.

These pants can be washed by hand or machine to avoid bleaching them.

The cost of these Monos Sevilla Pants is $100.

How to Order Monos Products

All these Monos products are manufactured in small batches by local seamstresses in Vancouver, BC, and if you are planning to get them and you belong to the US or Canada, you will be given free shipping and you will also be given 100 days to try them.

To get yours you just need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the official website of Monos, which is
  2. In the top section of the home page, select the heading “shop’ from the menu.
  3. Select your preferred category, be it luggage, bags, clothing or accessories.
  4. After reading the description and features, choose the colour and size of your selected product.
  5. On the checkout page, fill in the necessary information along with the payment details.
  6. After placing the order, you will receive your product in the mentioned time period.

Monos Luggage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Monos enjoys an exceptional rating and reviews on its official website. Be it the luggage or the clothing, customers are happy with all the products it offers. A few of the best and most appreciative reviews it got are given below: 

This is my third Monos. I have assembled my eclectic, mismatched, totally gorgeous set. Love them. My Monos Drunk Elephant white and neon green weekender, my Terrazzo Carry On Plus and my Olive Medium. They look so great together.

Jacqueline O.

Monos is no joke! The quality of my check-in luggage is serious quality. I utilize check-in luggage a lot. I have travelled around on a 6 country tour previously when my luggage wheels broke on country #2. I instantly became “that obnoxious American” with the noisy check-in bag who was lost all the time. From that experience, I knew I had to get a higher and better quality luggage set. I got a check in peace from monos and I do not regret it in the slightest! one of the best decisions I’ve made! I know with this new luggage I will never be put in a similar situation like that ever again. Not only is this design WAY more high end than Away and just stunning overall, it has the quality to boot! Now I will still be a lost American roaming around with gorgeous high-quality luggage.

Tiffany L.

“As an obsessive product researcher I’ve looked at many packing cubes. This is the only one I’ve found so far that ticks all of the boxes. Material, construction and design are all top-notch. LOVE the fact that the sides will stay and hold shape up even when empty. The look is very sleek and modern; no ugly logos or designs. The ONLY thing I would request is that Monos add the ability to purchase cubes individually. I would love to get a few more large cubes but don’t want to have a bunch of extra little ones.

Nicole C.

Is Monos Worth It?

After analyzing all the products Monos is offering and their ratings, we can definitely trust and rely on this brand, and yes, it is unconditionally worth it.

One of the main reasons a customer will opt for this brand is that they use eco-friendly and cruelty-free raw materials to manufacture their products.

Monos products are not only attractive but also well-designed, tough, and long-lasting; despite the fact that they do not believe in making their products loud and flashy, they still look simple and classy.

The colors also come with a 100-day guarantee, which is the icing on the cake. If you do not like it, you can return it as well.

Our verdict on Monos

If you have read this far, you must have understood that we totally recommend purchasing from this DTC brand. After considering all the reviews and ratings, our verdict on Monos is completely positive.

Everyone craves attention, and if you choose these products with stylish exteriors and chic colors, you are definitely going to draw attention wherever you carry them.

When it comes to price, Monos will always be prioritized. Being devoid of any middlemen, they sell their product directly to the consumer, bypassing any markup.

Monos is also loved because of its reliable customer service and limited lifetime warranty.

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