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When decorating or changing your room aesthetic, you eventually spend several days and maybe months looking for the perfect rug for your lounge room, dining hall, or bedroom. 

You might not easily seem to find the ideal size, colour, and pattern that satisfies your expectation. You eventually become tired of the never-ending quest for the beautiful carpets you seek. 

Say goodbye to those days. Ruggable rugs feature everything you might want. Note the name Ruggable. If you haven’t heard of it, It is a business firm that created a carpet with a unique method.

In This Article, we will be discussing

  • Overview
  • Is ruggable actually worth it?
  • Products offered by Ruggable
  • Cost, Ordering process and Verdict

About Ruggable 

Ruggable Brand Image
Ruggable Brand Image

Jeneva Bell launched Ruggable in 2010. She intended to make a washable and more livable carpet rug and tried several methods. She finally succeeded in developing and patenting the 2-piece rug system.

Ruggable works with approved partners in Korea, China, Germany, and Mexico. Still, every rug is custom-made and packed in Los Angeles or Chicago.

Ruggable Review

Ruggable Review
Image of Ruggable

Ruggable offers a collection of washable rugs and runners that are ideal for those who have dogs or children, as well as anybody who likes fabulous flooring. 

Ruggable’s 2-piece Rug System includes a detachable, washable, and stain-resistant Rug Cover as well as an anti-slip Rug Pad. 

They are constructed of non-toxic and hypoallergenic elements. Ruggable provides a rug for every area in the house and outdoors.

Still, wondering whether to buy a Ruggable or not? Continue to read to make your decision.

Textures offered by Ruggable

Ruggable rugs are available in different textures: Chenille, Plush, Re-jute, and Outdoor. 

  • Chenille Rugs are light, thin and low-pile. 
  • The Plush Rugs have a soft surface for maximum comfort while being washable.
  • Re-jute made from recycled plastic. They are more shred-resistant than traditional jute.
  • Rugs are made of waterproof material, making them more resilient for the outdoors.

Ruggable Rugs Layers:

Rugs are made up of two parts: The top layer is the rug itself, with its design. The lowest part is a velcro-backed fuzzy rug pad on which the upper layer adheres. 

To wash them, remove the top layer from the bottom layer and put the top portion in the washing machine.

Ruggable material made of

The Top layer, which comprises entirely polyester fabric, also has a velvety feel. It’s soft, but it’s far from plush. 

Rugs are provided with a 100%polyurethane internal waterproof barrier in the centre and a 100% polyester knit as its bottom surface.

When it’s time to wash your Ruggable, just take the rug layer (the top section) away from the underpad. 

Place it in your home washing machine, just like a huge blanket.

Tumble dry the Rug Cover on low heat in the dryer. High heat should be avoided. 

If required, the Rug Cover can be hung and air-dried.

The Rug Pad can entirely be spot-cleaned with a non-bleach home disinfectant or with soap and warm water.

Available Sizes:

They have all the sizes you would ever need; 2×3, 3×5, 5×7, 6×9, 8×10, 9×12. They have 6′ or 8′ circular-shaped rugs, runners and outdoor rugs in their collection too.


  • The most excellent aspect is that there are so many different styles to pick from. Small area rugs, substantial area rugs, circular rugs, runners, outdoor rugs, and doormats. Ruggable also provides options in a variety of textures.
  • They feature a water-resistant, detachable cover and are held in place on the floor by a gripping, velcro-like rug pad that you can separate when washing.
  • You can thoroughly wash and dry the rug cover in less than 2 hours.
  • Because the covers are replaceable, you can still use the existing pad to change the look and obtain a new body.
  • If you have tile flooring, you need not worry about the pad budging. The ruggable pad is quite sticky. Even after kicking it, it doesn’t move.
  • If you don’t want to wash the whole item, you may easily vacuum and/or spot clean it.


  • It’s pretty thin. If you’re looking for a fluffy, soft rug, this isn’t it. 
  • Runner sizes (12 feet or more) are not available.
  • There will be no carpets larger than 9*12.

Products offered by Ruggable 

Rugs make a strong design statement in your house, so selecting a style that reflects your interests and compliments the rest of your décor is critical.

Fortunately, Ruggables offer a wide variety of rug types to pick from, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that appeals to you.

Ruggable Moroccan Rugs Review

 Moroccan rugs
Moroccan rugs

They are distinguished by basic geometric designs in vibrant hues. They provide a timeless, worldly charm to your house and make it easy to create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere.

Ruggable Contemporary Rugs Review

 Contemporary rugs
Contemporary rugs

Clean lines, light hues, and minimalist designs distinguish modern and contemporary rugs, making them ideal for complementing various colours and decor types.

Ruggable Geometric Rugs Review

 Geometric rugs
Geometric rugs

They come in various sizes, colours, and patterns ranging from diamonds to stripes to zigzag, offering visual interest to your modern space.

Ruggable Persian and traditional carpets Review

 Persian and traditional carpets
Persian and traditional carpets

They frequently have design features such as flowers, borders, and medallions. They give a global-inspired beauty and refinement to any environment.

Ruggable Rugs For Kitchen Review

 Rugs For Kitchen
Rugs For Kitchen

Kitchen rugs and runners are a terrific way to bring colour and elegance to an otherwise unnoticed location. Because most kitchens have neutral colour palettes, you may pick a kitchen rug in any colour or pattern that complements your decor

Ruggable Rugs For Bedrooms Review

Rugs For Bedrooms
Rugs For Bedrooms

To create a soothing refuge in the bedroom, choose a rug that makes emotions of serenity. Green, blue, lavender, and neutral carpets are all relaxing tones that work nicely in the bedroom.

Ruggable Entryway Rugs Review

 Entryway Rugs
Entryway Rugs

Entryway rugs are one of the first things people see when they walk into your house, so anything you select will make a statement. 

It’s also a high-traffic area, so choosing an entryway rug with a pattern or a deeper colour palette would hide dirt better. 

Even if you choose a light-coloured carpet for the entry, it is readily cleaned, so you won’t have to worry about stains.

The carpets are divided by colour and design on the website, allowing you to quickly sift through your favourites to complement your present decor. 

From current stripes and patterns, flowers, and geometric designs to classic farmhouse styles, Persian-inspired items, and distressed style antique aesthetics, there’s pretty much everything conceivable.

For movie and Mickey Mouse lovers, there are also design collaborations with Disney and Star Wars. 

There are also seasonal alternatives, such as Halloween and Christmas rug coverings, to help you decorate your house for the holidays.

How is Ruggable Review different from other Brands in the Market?

  • Ruggables rugs come with hundreds of gorgeous designs, a vast selection of sizes, and the revolutionary ability to be machine-washed.
  • Some stains are more persistent; you’ll have a lot higher chance of removing even the most stubborn messes.
  • No other rug can compete with its washability in high-traffic areas.
  • It’s a practical and elegant alternative to the classic rug that you’ll keep in our house for years to come.

How much do Ruggable Products cost?

Ruggable rugs are available in 590 distinct patterns, providing practical, sound, and elegant options for every living or work environment.

Area Rugs Price List:

  • 9×12 – $619
  • 8×10 – $459
  • 6×9 – $319
  • 5×7 – $199
  • 3×5 – $109
  • 2× 3 – $89 


  • 2.5’x7′- $149 
  • 2.5’x10′- $189 

RoundRugs Price List:

  • 6′ Round- $189
  • 8′ Round- $329

They do not provide free returns. Their return policy specifies that you must pay a $25 processing charge to return an item. You may only swap an item for free once.

How to order Ruggable Products?

Bestsellers and Seasonal purchases top the Ruggable webpage.

Swiping down, you get to see guidance to buy the best match for your home. You can also see the designs of their newest collections.

After finding the rug of your taste, proceed to their checkout process, where you have to fill in your details. They have three express checkout process options.

What are the Consumer Reviews?

We ran through thousands of Ruggale reviews. Obviously, most of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and for a good reason. 

Review on Soraya Trellis Ash Grey Rug

“Life-Changing. Highly durable, easy to assemble, and overall a beautiful rug. I have already had to wash because of our one-year-old puppy. Don’t think I could ever buy from another rug company. Genius concept!”

Michele, Verified Buyer

“Aesthetically this rug has exceeded our expectations and its softness was a happy surprise. We are so glad that it has been so easy to clean – with 4 little kids and a new puppy it’s so important to know that our investments are worthwhile!”

Lindsay, Verified Buyer

“Love this rug! It totally changed the look of my living room to a stylish Bohemian feel, which I had never considered before. I love the fact that I can purchase just another cover while using the same pad.”

Patty, Verified Buyer

The Verdict

Ruggable is fantastic, and we believe it is well worth the investment for the busy, dirty family. People with children or grandchildren, individuals with pets, people who live in heavy traffic areas, and people who just happen to spill a lot will benefit the most from a Ruggable.

However, they are pretty cool for anyone who likes rugs. And if you want to keep your house somewhat tidy, knowing you can wash your area rug is a huge relief.

Furthermore, this business emphasizes US manufacture and sustainability, which we much enjoy.

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