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Having children at home is the finest thing ever, right? They constantly keep the family going. They are played with, laughed with, taught by, and looked after by every member of the family.

Babies are often considered to be a blessing from the Almighty. They bring together the whole family and spread love and happiness all around.

Babies have very delicate skin, making it very important to take proper care of them. Parents often strive to find the best products for their toddlers. If you are one of such parents, we have a solution for you.

In this review, we have brought to you Hello Bello, a company that offers hygienic and safe baby-care products.

From this review, you will get to know all the vital details about the brand and its products, which will eventually help you decide on the company’s trustworthiness.

Hello Bello: The Overview of Brand

Hello Bello brand image
Brand Image of Hello Bello

Hello Bello is a Los Angeles-based company that offers premium-quality baby-care products. The company was founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard in 2018.

When the actors became parents for the first time, they realized there was a lack of availability of high-quality, affordable, standard baby-care products in the market. 

Hence, they took charge into their own hands and launched Hello Bell. With sheer dedication, hard work, and effective research, this DTC company has become a well-known name in the baby-care market within around 4 years of operations.

It has been featured in a few very popular media outlets, including Forbes, People Magazine, Women’s Health, the BUMP, and many more.

The brand also has a large number of followers on social media platforms, with 445K followers on Instagram and 150K followers on Facebook.

Detailed information about Hello Bello (Overview)

Hello, Bello has all the baby-care products a parent needs ranging from diapers, gummies, wipes, shampoo, body wash, sunscreen, etc. To make these products available to more and more people, it has partnered with Walmart. 

Hello Bello Products

Let us have a look at a few Pros and Cons related to the brand:


  • The products offered by the company are environmentally friendly. The company focuses on making products that are safe for both babies as well as nature.
  • A huge variety of products are available to satisfy all sorts of demands of the parents.
  • The safety and comfort of babies are given the utmost priority while manufacturing products.
  • The company also contributes to society by donating a share of its profits.
  • The price of the products is very affordable and reasonable, as it was one of the motives behind the birth of the brand.


  • The company does not have facilities for international shipping.
  • Some mothers have complained about diapers leaking at midnight.

Hello Bello: What are the Products the Brand offers?

Hello Bello offers a variety of products for toddlers as well as young ones. Their product range includes: 

  • Diapers 
  • Shampoos
  • Wipes 
  • Body washes 
  • And other baby-care products. 

All these products are manufactured after giving due importance to cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. 

Moreover, these products are made using ingredients that are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment. We will now discuss a few popular products offered by Hello Bello to gain a deeper understanding.

Hello Bello Diapers

Diapers are a lifesaver for parents with young children. Babies don’t care if they are in a toilet or not. They can urinate and poop wherever and whenever they like. Hence, diapers are a must in early childhood. 

Hello Bello’s diapers are of premium quality, super soft, and made with environment-safe inputs. Unlike plain white diapers, Hello Bello offers diapers in various cute designs and patterns. Moreover, there are a variety of diapers available for customers: nighttime diapers, daytime diapers, swim diapers, and training pants.

Hello bello Diapers
Hello bello Diapers

The main features of the diapers are:

  • The diapers are long-lasting and have super absorbing power.
  • They are hypoallergenic, i.e. they don’t cause any form of allergic reaction in babies.
  • The diapers are super soft, comfy, and stretchable.
  • They have eco-friendly inputs like sustainably harvested fluff pulp and plant-derived core liners.
  • To further enhance, the safety and security of babies, the diapers are free from chlorine, paraben, latex, lotion, artificial fragrance, TBT, etc.
  • For sizes N-3, the diapers also have a wetness indicator.

Pricing – The starting price for one pack of diapers is $8.99 on the company’s website. However, the number of diapers in a pack varies for different sizes.

Hello Bello Adult Gummies

Though Hello Bello is a baby-care company, it also has something tasty and healthy for adults. The company manufactures and offers a variety of gummies for adult customers.

The company has 10 different types of adult gummies for solving various problems faced by people. It is important to note that all these gummies are free from harmful chemicals and compounds like gelatin, fructose, gluten, artificial colors, etc. This factor makes these gummies more attractive. 

Hello Bello Adult Gummies
Hello Bello Adult Gummies
Hello Bello Adult Gummies
Hello Bello Adult Gummies
Image of Hello Bello Adult Gummies
Image of Hello Bello Adult Gummies

A few best-selling adult gummies of Hello Bello are:

  • Hair, Skin, Nails + Collagen Gummies – for the good health of hair skin, and nails.
  • Immunity Gummies – for boosting immunity.
  • Adult Stress Gummies – for relieving stress.
  • Sleep Well Gummies – for improving sleeping habits.
  • Organic Energy Gummies – for increasing overall energy levels.

Pricing – Each bottle of Hello Bello adult gummies is priced at $11.99 on the company’s website. Each bottle has gummies worth 30 servings, where one serving includes 2 gummies.

Hello Bello Kids Gummies

When there are gummies for adults, then why leave the kids? Hello Bello also makes yummy and nutritious gummies for kids. However, there are only two types of gummies available for kids at Hello Bello

(i) Organic Kid’s Multi Gummies, which contain 11 vitamins for the healthy growth of kids, and (ii) Kid’s Sleep Gummies for a good night’s sleep.

Hello Bello Kid's Gummies
Hello Bello Kid’s Gummies
Hello Bello Kid's Gummies
Hello Bello Kid’s Gummies

Both these types of gummies are vegan and cruelty-free. Moreover, they are also free from harmful ingredients like gelatin, gluten, artificial colors, allergens, syrups, etc. Parents love this product because the kids like their taste and at the same time they get the essential nutrients for the body.

Pricing – The kid’s gummies are also priced at $11.99 per bottle on the company’s website. Each bottle consists of gummies worth 30 servings, where each serving includes 2 gummies.

How do I order Hello Bello products?

If you want to get the best baby-care products for your toddler, we suggest you have a look at Hello Bello’s product range, especially for diapers. The following steps will help you to order products from the company’s official website:

  1. Visit the Website – First of all, you will have to visit the brand’s website. Once you are on the website, click on the top left Options button. 
  1. Choose the category of your desired productsWithin the Options tab, you will get options for Bundles, Diapering, Vitamins, Personal Care, Home Care, and similar other options. From these options, select the one under which your desired product belongs.
  1. Select the product – Under the options Bundles, Diapering, Vitamins, and Personal Care, you will be shown certain other sub-options. If you wish to buy a product from these options, you will have to first select the sub-option. Then, you will be shown a list of products belonging to your chosen category. One should note that for options other than these four, you will be directly shown a list of products instead of sub-options. You may now select the desired product from the list.
  1. Check for details and provide specifications – Once, you have selected the product. For certain products, you may also get options for sizes, colors, etc. You may choose the one you want. After checking all the details and providing all the specifications, you may add the product to your cart.
  1. Fill in the details and make payment – Lastly, you need to provide the required details like name, email, contact, address, and some other details. After providing these details, you will have to choose the payment option and it’s done. Your product will be delivered to your doorstep within the stipulated time.

Hello Bello Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Knowing the perspective of customers about a brand is very essential to knowing the actual trustworthiness of the brand. Hence, we will now have a look at a few customer reviews of Hello Bello. 

On TrustPilot, the company has been reviewed by more than 2200 people and has an overall rating of 3.7/5 stars. Many customers have praised the quality of the diapers and claimed that they are leak-proof and soft. Customers have also praised the quality of the company’s shampoos, body washes, and detergents. 

Chelsea Canoy

“I love these diapers! Not only are they adorable but they are actually good diapers. I’ve tried a few brands that aren’t so great and others I love too but I keep coming back to Hello Bello because I just love the patterns so much. We never have leaks and they seem to hold a lot.”

Jessica K

“Only diapers we’ve used for 2 yrs! Clean product.Never had a diaper rash on 2 kids.sent a complete box of triple the number of wipes!Easy subscription and love having diapers just appear on my doorstep.Picking patterns is fun.Would recommend sizing up though but that’s easy enough.”

Lacy (on TrustPilot)

“I absolutely love Hello Bello, I preferred their diapers when I received them as a gift and noticed they don’t get moist on the outside like every other diaper we’ve tried. And they’re so cute!! The bubble bath makes a lot of bubbles that smell great, and the lotion makes my baby EXTREMELY soft for a whole day. The overnight diapers we haven’t had a leak yet, and I love the monthly crate with the free gift. Not to mention I was sent two free packs when I was unable to exchange diapers due to covid. Will forever be using Hello Bello!!”

Keeping aside all these positive and impressive reviews, Hello Bello also has a certain number of negative reviews and complaints. A few customers have complained that diapers don’t have a proper stretch and give rashes to their babies. However, the majority say that diapers are useful and very effective.

Hello Bello products are worth it?

Considering the affordable prices and the high-quality products, we do not have any second thoughts about saying that Hello Bello’s products are worth it. The products being made with eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for the planet further make us believe that it’s a brand worth a try.

A huge number of customers have claimed the diapers to be very soft, leak-proof, great absorbers, and very efficient. Also, the brand has been featured in some of the most prominent media outlets. This makes us believe that the brand can be trusted and relied on.

Considering all aspects of this review and their analysis, we can safely say that Hello Bello‘s products are worth your money.

Our verdict on Hello Bello Brand

Our conclusion on Hello Bello is that it’s a great brand. Within around 4 years of operations, the goodwill that the brand has made in the market is worth praising. It clearly shows that customers are loving the company’s products.

The company provides a huge variety of baby-care products, ranging from diapers to baby care to gifts. They have everything you need to take care of your child. In simple words, it is a one-stop solution for all baby care items.

What differentiates the brand from its competitors is that the products manufactured by it are completely eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free. Hence, by purchasing the brand’s products, parents can not only fulfill their own demand for baby products but also save the planet.

Their parents are the founders. Therefore, they can easily relate to and understand what babies need in their growing stages. Also, many customers have praised the products, especially diapers, after using them. Hence, we can be assured of a quality product.

Most importantly, the price is very reasonable and affordable for the customers. Hence, customers get better quality at an affordable price. 

All of these factors lead us to believe that Hello Bello is a valuable and life-saving brand for parents of young toddlers. In other words, our verdict on the company is a positive one.


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