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Getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth is a task that most of us don’t like, especially kids. It is often observed that people skip brushing their teeth or complete them in a hurry, which may lead to bad oral health.

The use of electric toothbrushes has reduced such behavior on the part of people. This is because its use requires much less effort and time. 

The toothbrush does the task itself. However, electric toothbrushes are more expensive than normal toothbrushes. This high cost demotivates people to switch to electric toothbrushes.

If you are someone who faces the same problem, we have brought to you the Goby Toothbrush, an electric toothbrush at an affordable price. This review will give you a ride through all the details about the Goby Toothbrush, which will eventually help you decide if you should buy it or not. 

Goby: The Overview of Brand

Goby Brand Image
Goby Brand Image

The brand Goby is a company headquartered in New York City that offers high-quality and efficient electric toothbrushes at an affordable and reasonable price. The company was founded in 2015 by Claire Burke and Ben Goldberg.

The founders were fed up with the high prices of electric toothbrushes and wanted to create an electric toothbrush that was efficient and affordable at the same time. Their main motive was to make good oral health accessible to all at a fair price.

For this, they decided to create an electric toothbrush and deliver it directly to the customers by removing all middlemen. In this way, the cost of toothbrushes for the customers was reduced drastically and they were able to successfully achieve their motive.

Goby Toothbrush has been declared as the Top Electric Toothbrush by Ask The Dentist and the best subscription toothbrush by Wirecutter. Furthermore, the brand has been featured in many popular media outlets like The New York Times, Business Insider, and Cool Hunting.

Goby also has a well-established social media presence. It has more than 19K followers on Instagram and more than 7K followers on Facebook. This clearly shows that it has become a very popular toothbrush brand in the United States.

Detailed information about Goby Toothbrush

High-quality, durable and affordable are some of the words which describe Goby’s electric toothbrushes. The brushes have oscillating heads, a long-lasting battery, and a stand for holding the brush, which makes them very efficient in their tasks. 

Moreover, customers can also get replaceable brush heads and brush covers in order to use their electric toothbrushes for a longer time period. Let us now discuss a few Pros and Cons of the brand.


  • The company offers high-quality, efficient, and durable electric toothbrushes.
  • The toothbrushes are affordable in terms of price when compared to other electric toothbrushes on the market.
  • The company provides a lifetime guarantee for its toothbrushes.
  • Customers can also get a 60-day trial. If they don’t like the Toothbrush is 60 days, they can return it for a full refund.
  • The design of the toothbrush is such that it suits both right-handed and left-handed people.
  • Subscription for toothbrushes is also available at Goby.
  • The company claims to donate 1% of its sales for helping in providing dental services to people.


  • There is no option for international shipping of Goby Electric Toothbrushes.
  • Since it is electric, customers may face issues with the battery and motor.
  • The brush cannot stand upright without the stand.
  • Some customers claim it to be louder than normal electric toothbrushes.

Goby: What are the Products the Brand Offers?

Goby has a full-fledged product range for all sorts of oral and dental care. Apart from offering a variety of electric toothbrushes, the company also offers toothpaste, brush heads, travel covers, brush stands, charging shells, travel bags, and gift cards. In this section, we will review a few best-selling products offered by Goby.

Goby Monochrome Review

Goby Monochrome
Goby Monochrome

The Goby Monochrome is a very popular and highly demanded product of Goby. The Monochrome Brush Kit has been ADA-certified and matches the standards suggested by dentists. The main features of this brush kit are:

  • The toothbrush has a built-in timer of 2 minutes (recommended by dentists), with 30-second prompts for changing the side.
  • The brush head can be adjusted to two speeds – normal and sensitive, to suit the needs and habits of customers.
  • The toothbrush has soft bristles for gentle but thorough oral care.
  • The kit includes a magnetic charging shell that charges the toothbrush’s long-lasting battery. To be specific, one charge lasts for up to 15 days.
  • Customers also get benefits like free shipping, a lifetime guarantee, and a 60-day trial.
  • The toothbrush comes in three different colors – rose, glacier, and all-black.

The Monochrome Brush Kit includes the following components:

  1. An Electric Toothbrush.
  2. An Oscillating Brush Head.
  3. A Hygienic Stand.
  4. A USB-charging shell and adapter.
  5. A Brush Head Cover.

Pricing – The Monochrome Brush Kit is available at a price of $80 for a one-time purchase and $70 for a subscription ($6 periodically charged for brush heads) on the company’s official website.

Goby Classic Brush Kit Review

Goby Classic Brush Kit
Goby Classic Brush Kit

Another best-selling product offered by Goby is the Classic Brush Kit. This is the original and oldest Goby Electric Toothbrush. This kit is mainly for those customers who want all the features of the Monochrome Brush Kit but at a further lower price.

The Classic Brush Kit consists of an electric toothbrush with a long-lasting battery, an oscillating brush head with soft bristles, a brush stand with a removable base, a USB charging shell and adapter for portable charging, and brush headcovers for easy traveling.

This brush kit also has features of having two speeds and a built-in-timer for brushing. The brush kit is available in three different colors – Goby Blue, Midnight Blue, and Tangerine.

Pricing – The Goby Classic Brush Kit is available on the company’s website at a price of $70 for a one-time purchase and $60 for a subscription ($6 periodically charged for brush heads).

Goby Toothpaste Review

Goby ToothPaste
Goby ToothPaste

Electric Goby Toothpaste is a newly launched product of the company. The toothpaste’s main feature is its anticavity and whitening formula (using fluoride) which comes with a peppermint flavor.

The Goby toothpaste is the perfect companion to all Goby toothbrushes. Customers can choose from options of a one-time purchase or a subscription.

The toothpaste is designed to be environmentally friendly and safe for your mouth. It is cruelty-free, SLS-free, and gluten-free, and has no artificial flavors, sweeteners, fragrances, or colors. In fact, the toothpaste comes in a BPA- free tube. Daily and efficient use of this toothpaste is claimed to give whitened and cavity-free teeth.

Pricing – Just like all other products offered by Goby, the toothpaste is also very reasonably priced. It is available at a price of $6 on the company’s website.

How to Order a Goby Toothbrush?

If you are excited to get your own Goby Electric Toothbrushes, the below steps will help you order the same from the company’s official website.

  1. Visit the Brand’s Website – The first step is to visit the brand’s official website ( On the Home page, click on the top left Options button (indicated by three horizontal lines).
  1. Select the Product – In the Options tab, click on the Shop button. Here, you will see products like Monochrome, Metallic, Classic, Toothpaste, Brush Heads, and Gift Cards. Select the product that you intend to buy.
  1. Select the features – Once you have selected your desired toothbrush, you will have to make various choices like the color of your toothbrush, one-time purchase or subscription, bundling options, etc. In addition, you will see various specifications and details about your toothbrush. Once you have checked all these details and made your decisions, you may add the product to your cart.
  1. Provide Shipping Details and Make Payment – Lastly, you need to provide all the shipping details like customer name, email, contact number, delivery address, etc. Next, you will have to make the payment for your product. That’s all! Your order will be placed and will be delivered to you within the specified time duration.

Goby Toothbrush: What Do Customers Think?

To get the true value of a brand, the opinion of its customers matters a lot. Hence, we will now have a look at a few customer reviews of Goby. The company has been reviewed by around 900 customers on its official website and enjoys a great rating of 4.7/5.0 stars. Customers have praised the effectiveness of the toothbrush and the quick responsiveness of the customer service. Some of the positive reviews of the brand are shown below:

“I get great results at the dentist’s office, so I love it and have given it as a gift twice already. The customer service is outstanding too, very responsive to my inquiries. This toothbrush is highly recommended by me.”

Razel Levine-Campbell

“First, the GOBY toothbrush is as good in cleaning your teeth as any other toothbrush in the market, IMO. Second, GOBY toothbrushes are less expensive. Third, questions? oh, and their service (if there is any problem which I’ve had) is Excellent!”

Patrick J Young (rated 5 stars)

“I just bought my Goby from my orthodontist. I was worried about how much pressure it would be and if it would get caught on my wires. My Goby was gentle and my mouth felt amazing! I am totally satisfied with this toothbrush, and will recommend it to my family and friends!!”

Crystal F Hamlin (rated 5 stars)

Though a majority of the customer reviews are positive and good, there are also a few negative and unsatisfied reviews of the toothbrush on the company’s official website. A few customers have complained about products being defective, and costly and the battery not lasting long. However, these negative reviews are fewer in number and the overall rating is excellent.

Is Goby Electric Toothbrush Worth It?

Keeping the points and topics discussed in this review, we believe that Goby Electric Toothbrushes are completely worth it. Customers get high-quality and effective toothbrushes at a very affordable price – that’s what matters the most.

Moreover, the brand’s toothbrush has received various awards, has appeared in several prominent media outlets, and has a large number of positive and applauding customer reviews. These factors make us believe that Goby is a trustworthy and reliable brand.

Additionally, the facility of subscription with new brush heads delivered in specified time periods makes customers of their oral care. In all, customers can get a large number of features and benefits at a reasonable price. Hence, Goby is worth your money.

Final Thought on Goby Toothbrush

Our Final thought on Goby Toothbrush is that it is a good and must-try brand. As claimed by many users, the toothbrush is very efficient and of high quality. It has proven to give better oral health to customers.

Customers can not only get electric toothbrushes but also any sort of accessories related to toothbrushes. The brand offers accessories like brush heads, toothpaste, brush head covers, brush stands, charging shells, travel bags, etc. In simple words, you can get all you want for good and hygienic oral health.

The toothbrushes are designed to suit the needs of different customers. The company has both high-priced and low-priced toothbrushes. The toothbrushes are available in different attractive colors. Also, toothbrushes have two different speeds. All these features help in enhancing the customer experience with the brand.

Most importantly, all these features come at a very affordable and reasonable price. In fact, the price charged by Goby is less than many other electric toothbrushes available on the market. What can be better than getting the best quality at a low price?

From the above analysis and discussion, we believe Goby is a trustworthy and reliable brand. We highly recommend Goby Toothbrush to you and can assure you that you won’t be disappointed by the brand’s products.

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