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Toothbrushes are products each of us requires, but is spending three times the amount of a normal brush on an electric toothbrush really worth it? Just as all the basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothes have been evolved, reinvented, and given a luxurious standard, the very basic requirement of a toothbrush has also been revamped. Let’s find out how.


Oral hygiene is critical because your health depends on it, and you can save a lot of money by not going to the dentist and enduring root canal pain. Quip and Goby are two such brands that have transformed and redesigned a normal brush into a brush full of features. Let’s quickly learn in what ways Quip and Goby are different and the same and find out which one is most favorable for you.



The brand Quip was founded in 2014 with the motto of solving common habits like brushing too hard, not brushing twice, and not replacing the brush for months together. When the world is getting more technologically advanced and every basic thing has a luxurious substitute, the humble brush remains the same. 

When compared with Goby, Quip is definitely budget-friendly, with more battery life and smooth, noise-free working. 

They even have a number of price-cutting offers going on right now, which you can check out on their website. 

Quip toothbrushes offer:

  • Guided brushing with a timer 
  • Tooth-size strokes
  • Refills of brushes every 3 months
  • Sonic vibrations
  • Mirror mounts


  • Affordable than Goby
  • Advanced features
  • Guided brushing with a timer
  • Good battery life


  • A number of times more expensive than a normal brush
  • No external battery.



The brand Goby believes that our mouth and its hygiene play a role in our overall health and hence need to be taken care of. Goby strives to live up to this necessity and provides a toothbrush that will have an impact on hygiene every minute of the brushing process. 

Goby’s rotationally oscillating feature undoubtedly beats Quip’s normal features

It even has a refund policy if you aren’t satisfied with the brush’s performance within 60 days.

This policy is pretty cool and advantageous for the customers. 

Quip toothbrushes offer:

  • Modern and luxurious design 
  • Technologically advanced features
  • Sends new brush heads if subscribed
  • Refund policy in 60 days if not satisfied


  • Provides maximum cleaning with its advanced features
  • Minimalist design 
  • Convenient size 
  • Soft premium bristles 


  • On the costlier side.
  • No pressure detector 

Features: Quip Vs Goby


Quip and Goby might seem to have a similar design, but that’s not really the case. 

Quip has a 2-minute timer, and it somewhat simulates guided brushing by determining when to stop. 


Quip has an in-built battery, and you don’t need a charger to charge it again and again. Whereas Goby provides users with a portable USB charger, the brush must be charged using it twice a month.

Quip has an advantage because customers do not need to do anything extra, and the portable charger simply adds to Goby’s price.


Quip provides the electric brush for $40, whereas Goby sells it for $60. There is clearly a large gap in prices. Quip also has a fantastic color palette, whereas Goby only has three. 

Stand-out Features

Quip definitely has an amazing price to offer. It is more economical than Goby, which has a large and noticeable gap. 

Goby’s power button blinking feature really caught my attention. It blinks after 3 months of usage to notify you to get the brush head changed as it is no longer hygienic. 


With accessible luxury in almost every product, the luxurious and advanced brushing style had to be reinvented. Quip and Goby are great brands with amazing responses and reviews.

My take: I would clearly give Quip the winner’s title in this race.

You should choose Quip if:

  • You wish to choose a more economical brand
  • You don’t want to compromise on quality 
  • You want to choose a trustworthy brand
  • You don’t want to get into the effort of charging the brush 

You should choose Goby if:

  •  You wish for some advanced features 
  •  You are fine with paying more 
  •  You are fine with charging the brush twice a month 
  •  If you love minimalist stuff 



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