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Home is one of our go-to and permanent places. Many of us out there love designing our own homes. And the types of furniture we choose to design are what define our homes. A house requires well-fitting furniture. 

It decorates the home and your living spaces. In this modern era, almost all of us look for cozy, affordable, and sophisticated furniture for our homes, and who wouldn’t love to receive compliments about the furniture from the guests who visit our homes? 

Here are some unbiased APT 2B Furniture reviews:

They have 114k followers on Instagram, and their furniture is definitely a catch.

With a wide array of furniture, all the furniture lovers out there will definitely fall in love with their pieces of creation.

Apt2B: Overview of the Brand

Apt2B  Brand Image
Apt2B Brand Image

Apt2B is an absolutely great place for the best, most stylish, and most affordable furniture and indoor accessories for your living room, bedrooms, and kitchens. 

They were founded by Alex Black and Matt Herman, who set out to create trendy and classy furniture for homes. 

They have been featured in many popular magazines, like HGTV Magazine, and USA Today. They have also received a lot of appreciation for their styles and contributions to the market. 

They have a variety of furniture in stock for you. Let’s get into some features of their commonly bought furniture.

Apt2B Queen Size Sleepers

Apt2B Queen Size Sleepers
Apt2B Queen Size Sleepers

This sleeper sofa has the best appearance. It has sleek, fine lines and a sturdy wooden base.

It is equally comfortable, and the fabric used to make this sofa is cozy. This is the best spot for your guests and for you to crash.

  • They are built with eco-friendly construction
  • It is easily cleanable. It comes along with zip features and they have removable cushions.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.
  • It comes along with a steel foldable mechanism which makes it easier.
  • They provide a one-year manufacturer guarantee.
  • It costs $2654 and they offer various discounts and EMI options.

Fit my space perfectly. It is very comfortable, deep sitting, pillows seats are firm, it was originally for a spare room . With this sofa the room turn into our main media room.


Apt2b Media Stands + consoles

Apt2b Media Stands + consoles
Apt2b Media Stands + consoles

This beautiful stand gives your home the best appearance. It is amazing in appearance and delivers a classy style with an antique touch. They include additional storage space with the opening of each drawer.

  • They have removable shelves.
  • They come in various models and a wide range of shades.
  • It is built with solid acacia wood.
  • They come along with multiple storage drawers and their side mount drawer slide.
  •  This beautiful piece cost $1309.74

Apt2b Mirabell Bar Stool Santorini Teal

Apt2b Mirabell Bar Stool Santorini Teal
Apt2b Mirabell Bar Stool Santorini Teal

This amazing piece of furniture is the best for your living space. It is upholstered with fabric and a soft cushion, and it provides the utmost comfortability. With its flared arms, it is definitely an eye-catching piece of furniture.

  • They offer various models of Barstools.
  • They come in a wide range of styles and attractive shades.
  • It comes with a long flared arm which gives extra support and comfort.
  • It is built of steel legs and bentwood which gives the furniture extra strength.
  • It has got swivel functionality.
  • This Mirabell Bar Stool Santorini Teal costs $288.84 

Apt2b Trenton office chair Review

Apt2b Trenton office chair
Apt2b Trenton office chair

There is no doubt that this chair is an asset to your workspace. It’s a very elegant type of furniture with a fine and elegant construction that delivers style. 

It also provides the utmost comfort, so you can work peacefully with no distractions. This piece of furniture is truly amazing in appearance and equally comfortable.

  • It comes with a tilting mechanism.
  • It has also got a strong matte black steel base.
  • They offer various models and they also come in a wide range of attractive and stylish shades and color combinations.
  • It is made up of velvet leather and velvet or fabric upholstery.
  • It costs around $703.84 and they also offer various discounts and deals for this beautiful furniture.

Apt2B Howlett Display Cabinet

Apt2B Howlett Display Cabinet
Apt2B Howlett Display Cabinet

This contemporary display cabinet, with its modern and vintage touches, is ideal for displaying the classy woodwork in any room. It is built in a unique style and has immense storage capacity. 

This piece of furniture will definitely stand out and will receive compliments for its beauty.

  • They offer it in various styles and beautiful shades and various color block combinations.
  • It is built of stainless steel legs, which provide extra support and feel lightweight.
  • This furniture is a product of solid Rubberwood construction.
  • They also have removable shelves which make cleaning an easy process.
  • It can fit into small spaces of the room which makes it look fuller.
  • It costs $1077.34 and they also offer various discounts.

How to Order APT 2B Furniture?

Apt2B products and furniture are solely available on

They are very affordable, and they appear very classy and stylish. They are considered an asset to our living spaces. 

They also come with various offers and exclusive seasonal discounts. All you have to do is copy the discount coupon code while checking out. They also offer cash vouchers. 

Apt2B also has very flexible returns and exchange policies. You can return the product within 100 days of the date of delivery.

 All you have to do is contact them through their customer service. They have free shipping all across the USA. 

You can also upgrade the shipping to the “white glove room of your choice” + assembly by paying an extra $99. They will deliver it within 5–10 days. It is an added benefit if you follow them on Instagram; they have various giveaways on their furniture items.

Pros and Cons of APT 2B Furniture

No brand has 100 percent positive feedback. Likewise, Apt2B has some pros and cons listed by its customers. Let’s dive into some pros and cons.


  • They offer a lifetime warranty for their products.
  • They are affordable.
  • They appear very classy and give off an antique touch to their furniture.
  • They have very flexible return policies
  • They will give fabric swatches of your choice.
  • The first purchase will come along with a $150 discount.
  • Their fabrics are spillage-proof and pet friendly.
  • Customizations are available of your choice.
  • They are built with fine and fit materials.


  • They take time to deliver their products until and unless you upgrade your shipping.
  • Some reviews list their furniture as being a little expensive.

APT 2B Furniture Reviews

Apt2B has garnered ample positive reviews. They have very few negative reviews. After so much review surfing and referring to various trustworthy review pages, we managed to track down a few honest reviews.

“Love our sofa!”

We were not sure about buying a sofa online, but after much research and reading the reviews we decided to give this a chance. We are sitting on our new sofa right now as I type, and we absolutely love our couch. We chose one that is long (90 in) so even my tall husband can lie down on the couch comfortable. It is super comfortable and looks great in our living room. It is well built and the materials are high quality!”

– Hung Mei H.


“This clock is elegant and classy, and it’s really well made and will instantly improve any room it’s in!”

Sean M.

“Great Sofa made in the US”

“It was very important to us to have a quality, good looking, comfortable sofa made in the US. This sofa was more affordable than other options we were looking at that were made in Canada too. The wood legs look stylish and great. Excellent sofa and nice colour.”

Molly B

Listed above are some of the honest reviews of Apt2B. This proves that they deliver the best with minimal or no damage.

They have a variety of modern furniture that anyone would require in their homes. They also appear very classy in style and are built with a fine touch of work.

Is APT 2B Furniture worth it?

There is no doubt that Apt2B never runs out of style or comfort. By purchasing them, get ready to receive a plethora of compliments from your guests.

Be it for your working space or living space, in your kitchen, outdoor spaces, or bedrooms, they have the best in stock for you.

Their color options or color block combinations will never leave you wanting. They are specially made for indoor living spaces, and everyone will love their furniture. 

These amazeballs will never fail to impress you and your home. Apt2B is the best for your home decor, and purchasing it will never give you any regrets.

Go for it!

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