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Working your body to exertion is a new hobby and an addiction for people who have that main character vibe.

To make your body feel like a main character with a smooth texture and glowing skin, you need to switch from soaps to something better.

Soaps are alkaline, which at times irritates your skin, you Yout have noticed that using a certain soap makes your skin dry, itchy, and even irritating.

The reason behind that unwanted feeling is that the alkaline, i.e., acidic, formulation of the soap degrades the level of your skin by destroying the skin protein.

Soap leaves carbonate salts on your skin, which irritates. Losing essential skin oil is just the beginning.

This is the reason you should switch to other lighter sources of cleansing products, such as soaps, which are less harsh and far more beneficial and nurturing.

Here comes Nectar Bath, a brand that provides various forms of substitutes for harsh soaps like bath bombs, whipped soaps, body scrubs, scented candles, etc. This brand’s mission is to give your body a soothing therapeutic bath and your soul the main character treatment.

Let’s read a little about the brand.

Nectar: An Overview Of Brand


The brand Nectar Bath is a body cleansing product manufacturing company that provides you with the best experience in the arena of the most neglected part of the day.

Cofounded by Tom Taicher in 2015, the brand now has 101k Instagram followers who are mesmerized by the brand and the products offered. The brand also has retail stores you can visit and browse through to get your hands on some of the best, most refreshing desserts of all time.

Inspired by a bakery the products are handmade in the appearance of bakery products like pancakes, donuts, etc. with an extremely refreshing aroma to go with them.

Nectar Bath has also been featured in some of the eminent magazines like Allure, GMA, Peopl, Stylecaster, Today, etc.


  • Handmade products, rich in quality.
  • The products are 100% vegan.
  • They do not test on animals.
  • No paraben is used, paraben is a preservative used in personal care products which can have a negative effect on the body.
  • Sulfate use is prohibited, and sulfate is used as a foaming agent to create a lather when you use the product. It is the cause of the irritation you feel on your skin.
  • Phthalate is a chemical widely used in soaps but is found to be a very harmful element to use in personal care products. Nectar Bath does not include it in any of its products.
  • Provide instructive videos on how to use the product on their website.


  • You might get a little used to bathing in deserts.
  • Possible side effects of using the product include healthy skin, a refreshing scent, a happy mood, and a calmness you have never experienced before.

What Makes Nectar So Amazing?


Nectar has a range of handmade products that are shaped into baked goods like pancakes, waffles, smoothies, etc. 

The brand not only pampers you but also rushes dopamine, which is known as the “feel-good hormone,” by showcasing the products in such unique and dreamy appearances.

Sugar is said to have a triggering point with dopamine, the brand provides you with your fill of your dose of dopamine for the day while also not giving you the unhealthy sugar itself.

Which means you will feel good with no intake of unhealthy sugar.

The brand also believes in walking a sustainable path.

They have partnered with lighthouse charities, which means every purchase of bath bombs, goes into helping refugees and those displaced from war.

The brand does not involve harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. The brand strictly avoids using anything that can harm the human body or the planet.

There are no microbeads or microplastics in their products, the brand uses mica-based glitter and natural exfoliants (like cranberry and jojoba seeds) to serve you.

The brand uses Mica for glitter as it is skin-safe, non-irritating, and non-toxic, 

Nectar: What Products Does the Brand Offer?

There are a variety of products offered by Nectar Bath, some of the blockbuster products are mentioned below, let’s get a brief introduction.

Nectar Waffle Crush Bath Bomb Bundle Review

Nectar Waffle Crush Bath Bomb
Nectar Waffle Crush Bath Bomb
Nectar Waffle Crush Bath Bomb
Nectar Waffle Crush Bath Bomb
Nectar Waffle Crush Bath Bomb
Nectar Waffle Crush Bath Bomb

The perfect gift-worthy breakfast delight for you to grab your hands on. The delicious-looking product is one of the most refreshing you would ever come across.

The waffle bomb is the most nourishing, and moisturizing delectation.


  1. The bomb locks moisture inside your skin.
  2. Smoothes your skin and provides delicate softness.
  3. The waffle bomb ensures foam without the use of any harmful chemicals.
  4. It soothes and relaxes your body as well as your mind.
  5. It also absorbs the excess oil on your skin and leaves only as much as needed for the skin to be healthy.
  6. People with sensitivity can also use it without the worry of any sense of harm.


Manufactured with some natural key ingredients like Epsom salt (to soothe the aching muscles), kaolin clay (to absorb the unrequired excess oil), and safflower oil ( to lock the moisture in your skin),


Drop the bomb in warm water, let it explode, and pamper your body.

The bomb bundle costs $39.00

“they ‘re so big and smell fantastic!”

Review by Lola L.

Nectar Fruit Smoothie Facial Scrub 5 oz Review

Nectar Fruit Smoothie Facial Scrub
Nectar Fruit Smoothie Facial Scrub
Nectar Fruit Smoothie Facial Scrub
Nectar Fruit Smoothie Facial Scrub
Nectar Fruit Smoothie Facial Scrub
Nectar Fruit Smoothie Facial Scrub

A refreshing natural exfoliator for the soft skin of your face. Available in three flavors for you to choose from, the exfoliator will swipe away your impurities, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.

 The fruit smoothies have the fragrant odor of strawberry, tangerine, and melon-inspired summer smoothies. 


  1. No microplastic or plastic beads are involved, which means you get no unhealthy ingredients are added.
  2. Cleanses your skin in the light yet most efficient way possible.
  3. Locks in the natural moisture of your skin, preventing it from being dry after use.
  4. Gives a soft, smooth texture.
  5. Nourishes the skin and makes it glow.

Key ingredients: 

The key ingredients used in this product are natural extracts like chamomile (for the smoothening and protection of the skin), natural exfoliants (to remove dirt and grime), and marshmallow root (for the maintenance of skin hydration). 

The face scrub costs $18.00 

“The facial scrub is amazing and much better than any other sugar scrub i have tried. A little bit goes a long way with this product, just like all NectarBath Treat products”

Review by Janae G. 

Nectar Mix and Match Vegan Sugar Lip Scrub 3-Pack Review

Nectar Mix & Match Vegan Sugar Lip Scrub
Nectar Mix & Match Vegan Sugar Lip Scrub
Nectar Mix & Match Vegan Sugar Lip Scrub
Nectar Mix & Match Vegan Sugar Lip Scrub
Nectar Mix & Match Vegan Sugar Lip Scrub
Nectar Mix & Match Vegan Sugar Lip Scrub

A pack of Three refreshing scrubs that can alter your morning mood, enhance your style of living, and scrub away all impurities from your lips making your lips healthy and plump.


  1. Exfoliates all impurities.
  2. Removes chappy skin
  3. Results with plump red lips.
  4. Moisturizes your lips.

Key ingredients: natural elements like olive oil (for luscious moisturizing), sugar (natural exfoliant), and castor oil (a natural moisturizer).


  • Take a little on your finger and scrub on your lips in circular motions.
  • Wash it with water and tap dry your lips.
  • Apply lip butter and you are good to go.

The lip scrub combo costs $30 only.

“I highly recommend you buy these lip scrubs I’ve tried a lot and these are top notch

Review by Diana L.

Nectar Exfoliating Body Scrub Review

Nectar Exfoliating Body Scrub 
Nectar Exfoliating Body Scrub 
Nectar Exfoliating Body Scrub 
Nectar Exfoliating Body Scrub 
Nectar Exfoliating Body Scrub 
Nectar Exfoliating Body Scrub 

Efficiently exfoliating scrub that also moisturizes your skin, with a fresh summer day fragrance feel. The exfoliator consists of shea butter and coconut oil nourishing and softening your skin.


  1. The primary job of the product is to exfoliate with no damage to your skin.
  2. It cleanses dirt and other impurities from your skin.
  3. The scrub efficiently locks in moisture.
  4. Results in soft and smooth texture.
  5. Nourished skin.
  6. A glowing skin to look after.

Key ingredients: the product consists of  some key ingredients like shea butter (moisturizes and softens skin texture, natural exfoliants (remove dirt and grim), coconut oil ( to cleanse and hydrate your skin) 


  • Scoop a little amount of the product in your hand and apply it to your skin. 
  • Rub in circular motions for best results and rinse with warm water.
  • Pat dry your skin before applying moisturizer.

This amazing sugar scrub costs $30.00 only

“I absolutely love the scrub of this sugar scrub! These scrubs leave my body feeling silky smooth and smelling yummy”

Review by Stephanie M.

Nectar Milkshake Bath Soak Review

Nectar Milkshake Bath Soak 

Nectar Milkshake Bath Soak 
Nectar Milkshake Bath Soak 
Nectar Milkshake Bath Soak 
Nectar Milkshake Bath Soak 
Nectar Milkshake Bath Soak 

These multicolored full-body milkshake bath soaks are manufactured to give you the best bath of your life. It will leave you ecstatic and wanting more. The sweet fragrance with take you to a dreamland where no worries will trouble you, at least till you are done bathing.


  1. Hydrates your skin by locking moisture inside.
  2. Cleanses all the impurities and washes off all the dirt.
  3. Relaxes the tension build up in your body and the fragrance calms your mind.
  4. You are left with glowing, soft skin.

Key Ingredients:

Natural elements like coconut milk (which cleanses and nourishes your skin), sea salt (for natural exfoliation and balancing skin pH), and coconut oil (for cleansing and hydrating your skin).


  • Sprinkle the product in your bathtub and let the colors swirl till they completely cover the water of the tub.
  • Soak yourself in and scrub gently before washing it all off your skin.

This milkshake costs $35.00 only to give you an outer world experience.

“Amazing! This leaves your skin amazingly smooth. It’s a must if you suffer from dry skin”

Review by Kristina D.

How To Order Nectar Products?

  1. You can order your Nectar products from their website or by visiting their physical retail stores.
  2. If you are purchasing from their website, browse and add to your cart all the products you like.
  3. When you are done browsing, click on the option check out and fill in your details.
  4. Place your order after adding your payment details.
  5. In a few working days, you will have your order.

Nectar Customer Reviews?

Now that we have been briefed on the brand and its products let’s see what the customer has to say about it.

“Highly Recommended A+++ Phenomenal bath & soap products!!! Feels so good on my sensitive skin. The friendliest service I have ever had so kudos to Nectar!”

Review by Adriana T.

“I purchased 4 different soaps to see what they were like. I was blown away! They are not only Beautifully made and Huge, but they Smell Amazing and look good enough to eat…though I don’t recommend that!! LoL, I will definitely be making another purchase in the future!!”

Review by Crystal K.

“I simply adore Nectar Bath products! I literally just found out about this company and I am now obsessed with everything I purchased. I used to work at Bath & Body Works, and by far Nectar Bath Treats products are far superior. One of the products I purchased was the custom body butter; the texture is so creamy, nourishing, and rich, and my skin feels amazing after I use it. Needless to say, I am now a devoted fan”

Review by Mary R

“Six stars! I have nothing but absolutely the best to say. I have never been so impressed with this type of product. Money super well spent. Looking forward to trying everything based off this experience. Love this company already.”

Review by Amy H.

“I smell like a baby angel! The bath bombs I ordered went beyond my expectations. The packaging was adorable, the bath bombs themselves were huge and you could smell them as soon as you opened it. My body was silky smooth long after my bath and I’ve been telling all my friends about them! Also, love that they are vegan and cruelty-free.”

Review by Sharon R

Final Thought On Nectar

Nectar has changed my mind for life, why use harsh soaps when you can use light yet beneficial soaps? And with the natural ingredients used in all the products this brand has upscaled my list of priorities and preferences.

The brand not only provides amazing quality products, but their appearance has also turned my boring life into a cute romantic comedy.

With the product inspired by a bakery, the brand has indeed followed a delightful theme.

And the fact that there are retail stores I can physically go shop from, is a cherry on top.

The product is cruelty-free and vegan for all to use. People with sensitive skin do not have to worry about anything either. The brand keeps its customers and consumers a priority. 

I would highly recommend this brand seeing that all the customers are satisfied with the products.


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