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Breaking the stereotypes, Women all around the world are inspiring us. Irrespective of the field they are into, they always deserve the best. 

Women who consistently struggle and work hard to keep themselves fit by engaging in different physical activities require the best activewear.

We are bringing in the reviews for Lit Activewear i.e, that is one of the best activewear for women in the market. 

Women who engage in vigorous physical activities, such as yoga, acrobats who perform various dance forms such as contemporary arts and aerial arts, and women who participate in athletics and trekking have an incredible collection of activewear and jackets that provide the utmost comfort. 

Lit Activewear is activewear and athleisure brand for women that was introduced in 2020 aiming to game up the level of women’s activewear collection. 

They have 50k followers on Facebook and 156k followers on Instagram.

Lit Activewear : Overview of the Brand 

LIT Active Wear Review

Lit Activewear has one of the best activewear collections. They are made according to all possible customizations, which give perfect figure-fit comfort and satisfaction. All of their materials are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to meet high standards.

Lit Activewear has sweat-wicking materials and is made for hard workouts and high impact sessions. Its very comfortable and breathable fabric allows for the best movements and support. 

They come along with chest and butt paddings which provides you with a flattering appearance.

Being made with four-way stretches, it gives off a flattering fit and edgy finish and builds up ample confidence. 

They have a wide selection of jackets and coats, leggings, tees, and sports bras, and all of these are made up of soft, breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics.

Lit: What is the variety of clothing the brand offers ?

Lit, a brand that is made for utmost comfort and figure-flattering as it is, they have diverse collections varying from activewear to branded attractive jackets, coats, tees, leggings, pants, and sports bras.

LIT: Disco Wind Light Jacket Review

Disco Wind Light Jacket
Disco Wind Light Jacket

This incredible disco light jacket is constructed of a highly waterproof material. It is also windproof. It comes with combinations of two color blocks that give off an 80s classy style. It comes in shade combinations of maroon and gray and light beige and light grey.

  • This jacket comes in with an oversize arm with elastic cuffing around the wrists and an oversized body design.
  • It is also designed in a way that it clutches around the waist giving a fluffy feminine touch.
  • This jacket comes along with hand pockets.
  • And also has drawstrings for the hood.
  • Price varies from $58- $78.

LIT: Pulse High-Waisted Sports Pants Review

Pulse High-Waisted Sports Pants

Pulse High Waisted Pants with Side Pockets are ideal for jogging, athleisure, and warm-up exercises. It’s also perfect for casual outings. It is made up of highly waterproof fabric and comes in two shades of white and black. They are also sweat-wicking, making them perfectly comfortable on the skin.

  • It is fully 100% polyester.
  • They come along with adjustable drawstrings for the waist and ankles.
  • It is washable at reduced spin at 40°C.
  • It shouldn’t be dry cleaned and avoid the use of bleach.
  • And tumble it dry low.
  • Available at $58 and prices can vary according to various exclusive and seasonal deals or discounts.

LIT: Detached Zip-Up Jacket Review

Detached Zip-Up Jacket

This is one of the cutest pieces in their collection. It’s made of breathable fabric and has a super soft hand feel, so it’s extremely comfortable to wear. It is styled with a zip-up, a high collar, and long-fitted sleeves.

It gives off a slim and figure-flattering appearance. They are available in shades of grape, black, haze blue, mauve, and pink.

  • The fabric combination comes with 80% polyester and 20% spandex.
  • Should be washed at reduced spin at 40°C.
  • It shouldn’t be dry-cleaned.
  • Avoid the usage of any kind of bleach.
  • Always tumble it dry low.
  • Available at $58 and prices can vary according to various exclusive and seasonal deals or discounts.

LIT: Go Beyond Bomber Jacket Review

Go Beyond Bomber Jacket

Like the name implies, it is absolutely a bomber jacket that gives off a swaggering appearance. It is made up of soft, warm material that keeps you warm all through the cold. It is also sweat-wicking, keeping it perfectly moisture-free.

It is loose and relaxed fitting along with a double zipper and high collar. This jacket comes in extra long sleeves with an oversized arm and elastic cuffing along with front pockets.

  • They come in various shades like black, pastel blue, Asakusa green, orange pink, gray, dusty rose, daffodil, and butter yellow.
  • The fabric blend consists of 95% of cotton.
  • It should be washed at 30°C with reduced spin.
  • It shouldn’t be dry cleaned and avoid the usage of bleach.
  • Available from $58 to $78 and prices can vary according to various exclusive and seasonal deals or discounts.

How to order Lit Activewear?

Lit Activewear can be ordered from their original website.

They are also easily available in top-notch sports stores such as Decathlon, Puma factory outlets, and various other sports outlets.

Ordering Lit Activewear is a hassle-free process.

By visiting their website, one can have access to various activewear collections that come in perfect sizes and attractive shades. 

They also offer a 10% discount on the very first purchase, and they also have various exclusive and seasonal discounts on selected items and discount vouchers.

Signing up for their newsletter helps you not to miss out on their offers and sales and it keeps you updated with their new arrivals.

They also have very flexible policies on their return or exchange of items and refunds as well.

They also have a section that is marked final sales i,e. Once purchased, the sale of that particular item is finalized and cannot be returned due to various reasons.

Lit Activewear Reviews: What do Customers think?

After analyzing different customer reviews, Lit Activewear has received both positive and negative reviews. Let’s dive into some positive reviews.

Speaking of comfortability, Lit Activewear stands out among other activewear brands.

Their activewear, jackets, and coats are made up of extremely hygienic fabric materials that prevent skin from various skin allergic reactions.

They are also sweat-wicking fabrics that keep you free from all the sweat and moisture giving you the best time irrespective of whether you are working out or hanging out with your friends on a windy cold day.

Their activewear collections are considered perfect for high-impact workouts and athletic sessions.

Another worth mentioning is Lit Actiwear’s size and figure-fit collection. Their activewear gives the best edgy finish and flattering figure appearance.

Lit Activewear collections are very affordable for all the female fitness lovers out there and they ship all across the globe.

Lit Activewear also offers its collections in various attractive and cute shades. Most of their shades include black, grape, pastel blue, haze blue, butter yellow, and various shades of grey and green, combinations of color blocks that give off a classy style.

On the other hand, Lit Activewear has also received some negative reviews regarding its sizes.

Lit Activewear lacks collections for sizes that run into extra small (xs) or (XXS) and extra-large (xl) or (XXL). Being an activewear brand, it is considered very essential that activewear should also come in extreme sizes.

In our reference with the Trustpilot review page, we managed to find that it had 10 reviews and a total of 3.3 out of 5 stars and the data goes like this :

  • Users mark 40% and it comes under excellent reviews. 
  • And there is 0% for being great and average.
  • And the poor comes in 20% of user reviews.
  • Users mark the brand as bad and it comes in 40%.

Final verdict: Is Lit Activewear worth it ?

Lit Activewear is certainly worth the purchase. Their functional features and extremely detailed care for the fabric is definitely astounding. 

It is very comfortable and some activewear comes along with chest and butt paddings that give off a figure-fit appearance and confidence. 

They are all about shape and feel, and they provide women with some of the best in the market.

They also work on fashion and also set the trends with their disco windbreaker jacket sets. They are very affordable for all female fitness lovers and they enhance the spirit of women’s athleisure. 

They are made with sweat-wicking fabrics which keep them free from all the sweat and moisture and also for providing extreme comfort and confidence.

They also have various killing discounts and offers on their collection. Their collections can be worn during any time of the year irrespective of the climates and seasons of the year.

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