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The worldwide lingerie market was worth USD 29.9 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a 7.5% CAGR from 2019 to 2025.

Over the projection period, the market is expected to be driven by increased knowledge regarding the optimum fit, a growing millennial population, and increased buying power among women.

The increasing popularity of the global market may also be ascribed to a growing desire among women to enhance their inherent attractiveness.

Knixwear is leading the market in the United States. Knixwear is an underwear company that makes high-quality, comfy, super-absorbent underwear that is meant to help you feel good in your skin.

Knix Underwear is intended for ladies who want to get on with their lives and don’t want to be bothered with bladder problems, awkward leaks, or breast leaking.

About Knix Bras

KNIX Brand Image

Consumers are more interested in fabric, and comfort, which drives producers to develop fashionable lingerie appropriate for various activities. Knixwear creates high-quality items that fulfil the demands of ordinary women while still looking fantastic.

The Knix period underwear collection is fantastic; moisture is wicked away from your skin, allowing you to do your business without worrying about inconvenient leaks or unpleasant stains.

This marketplace, founded in 2018 by Santiago Zabala and Massimiliano Tirocchi, is a “by women, for women” business that seeks to make clients feel more secure.

This Knixwear review will assess whether the Knix brand meets its objectives and what makes it unique.

Knix Bras: Review


Fashion and utility no longer have to be mutually exclusive. You’ll never have to decide what you want most with Knix.

Knix’s consumers are crucial to the company’s success; you won’t see high-paid models promoting this brand. Instead, you’ll see genuine women, ladies who desire a brand that meets their daily requirements while also making them look beautiful.

Knix’s Instagram page features everyday women’s stories. This line promises its designs are “back to basics,” eschewing superfluous frills and lace in favour of comfort, support, and lift.

Knix Period Underwear: Review

Period Underwear

Knix period underwear may be an option for individuals who are tired of spending money on pricey, inconvenient disposal pads or tampons. Knix period underwear consists of three layers to keep you safe during your cycle.

  • The first level is an anti-odour topmost layer that draws wetness away from your skin.
  • The second layer, the inner layer, collects and stores all of the liquid.
  • Lastly, there is a leak-resistant coating on the undergarments’ exterior that prevents spots on your clothing.

Knixwear Super Leakproof Boyshorts: Review

Super Leakproof Boyshorts

This is the most absorbent period underwear ever you can find in the market, absorbing the blood equivalent of eight sanitary products used.

Disposal and one-use period products can be replaced with these charming and machine-washable boy short underwear with an excellent absorbent rating.

Knix’s KT: Review

Knix’s KT

If you’re looking for underwear for a teenager, KT by Knix has attractive, comfortable, and period-proof options.

These underpants kits are different from the standard Knix brand in that they are created mainly in smaller, growing bodies.

Junior sizes with narrower leg hole openings are available in KT period underwear.

Knix Evolution Bra: Review

Knix Evolution Bra

The Evolution Bra by Knixwear is retractable, wire-free underwear that offers 360-degree support. The bra provides support, comfort, and versatility.

The bra is made of a quick-drying, odour-resistant fabric material that will keep you dry throughout the day. As the name suggests it is an evolutionary product, You can also use them inside out.

Knixwear Sports Bras: Review

Knixwear Sports Bras

Knix produces three types of sports bras: Catalyst Sports Bra, Longevity Sports Bra, and Luxelift Pullover Bra

Knix Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra: Review

Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra

This front zip bra is among the most comfortable Knix sports bras available, with an ergonomic zip that glides open easily and an inner flap that blocks out any feeling. The firmly moulded cups separate and securely hold your breasts.

Knix Shaper Bodysuit: Review

Knix Shaper Bodysuit

The Knix bodysuit compresses your front and back while smoothing and accentuating your natural form. With built-in wireless support for an incredible lift, replaceable padding for a fantastic shape, and customizable, adjustable straps to finish your appearance.

Other than these products mentioned knix offers all types of products from maternity leggings to Period Kits, Reusable Pads, Leakproof Legging & Short, Period Swimwear

How is Knix different from other brands in the market?

The Knix period underwear collection is fantastic; moisture is wicked away from your skin, allowing you to do your business without worrying about inconvenient leaks or unpleasant stains.

Knix creates underwear for all body types, including high rise, bikini, shorts, cheeky, and thongs. Lingerie is designed to be seamless, silky, and undetectable, so you can feel comfortable all day.

  • Get a 10% discount on your first purchase.
  • Excellent Returns Policy
  • Products have high efficiency and durability.
  • Commits to low-cost pricing
  • Sizes XS-4XL are available.
  • Hundreds of good reviews
  • Moneyback guarantee of 60 days

How much do Knix Products cost?

For the updated price list of the products you need.

check their official Website:

Knixwear Discount Code. You can get 10% off on your first online purchase. Refer a friend and get $15 off on your purchase.

They also have an instalment purchase scheme.

How to order Knix Products?

You can find knix underwear on their website Knixwear has two retail stores in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

1.Visit knix website and pick the products you need.

2. Fill In the details and checkout

3. Checkout as usual

knox order

Shipping To The US

You will receive free shipping on all orders over $75, and your item should be with you within three to ten working days.

If you place an order under $75 will pay a $7 shipping fee; again, orders will be received within three to ten days.

Shipping Internationally

If you are purchasing internationally, you will receive free shipping on orders over $150; you should expect your order to arrive within ten to twenty-five working days.

There is a $20 shipping fee for orders under $150.

What do other customers say about Knix?

For our original views of the product to cover all the bases, we need to check out what users are saying about the brand.

knix website customer review
knix website customer review

knix website customer review

The Verdict

Wearing a good pair of underwear that keeps you comfy and fresh all day is an asset worth making. Knixwear creates high-quality products that meet the needs of everyday women while also looking great.

We like how this company focuses on a specific type of bra—wireless bras. It appears to clarify that by offering a solid collection of bralettes, daily bras, and sports bras.

The focus on fit, comfort, and support is promising, and hundreds of reviews cover all styles.

Knix Bras comes highly recommended by us. Recheck the size chart, and if you don’t like a super compressive fit, size up on the products a business suggests.

Whatever phase of your life doing whatever you want, Knix always has a solution for a question: what should I wear?

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