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Aera Diffuser
Aera Diffuser

If you look back at the history of fragrances, you will find that they were traced first to Egypt and were used for religious, medicinal, and cosmetic purposes. 

The Egyptians used several natural ingredients, such as myrrh, frankincense, and cinnamon, by grinding them and then mixing them with natural oils to lock in their fragrances. 

Then, if you look at the civilizations of Greece, you will find that they used fragrances for medicinal and systematic purposes.

In several diseases, the physicians would prescribe the mixing of certain fragrances with specific oils, which is somewhat similar to that of the Egyptians. 

Further, in the 20th century, these perfumes were used in aromatherapy, which was used to cure certain diseases.

On the other hand, the use of fragrances in the form of candles, incense, and potpourri can be traced to the Mesopotamian and Indus Valley Civilization times. They used candles and incense sticks to worship their gods. 

Today, candles and wax have come a long way to form these civilizations, and in the present day, we are still keeping them inside our rooms to keep the aura clean and healthy. 

Today, we will be talking about one such brand that provides scented diffusers, capsules, and other stuff that cleans the aura of your house.

We will be having some deep insights about the brand, looking into some of their products, and then peeping into customers’ reviews to know their service in a better way. Let’s dive in. 

Aera Diffuser: Overview Of The Brand

Aera Brand Image
Aera Brand Image

The brand was started in 2017 under its parent company, Prolitec, which was started in 1996 by Guillaume Besse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The company uses patented Microdroplet Technology to release fragrance into the air.

This sets it apart from the crowd. The brand came into existence after it saw that the traditional way of using fragrances was not that appealing and had huge scope for improvement; thus, after spending two years on research and how the technology would function, the company was born.

Today, they have 82.9K followers on their Instagram handle. Other than this, they have also been featured in some of the renowned media houses, such as the New York Times and Business Insights.

The best part about the brand is that they still use ancient ingredients, just in innovative ways. Other than this, the brand also won several awards, which include the 2019 Red Dot Design Award and the 2018 CES Innovation Award.

Each brand has its pros and cons. The customers must know about them before dealing with the brand. This is what we strongly believe in, and that’s the reason we are sharing some of the major pros and cons of Aera Diffuser. 


  • The Microdroplet Technology used by Aera Diffuser is the most unique technique which is patented and used only by this brand. This helps in a more consistent fragrance than other diffusers in the market. 
  • The brand uses some of the master perfumes which they mix with certain perfumes to create a mood and different atmosphere at home.
  • The Aera diffuser is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which helps you in controlling it with voice.
  • The brand also has an app that helps the user to control it even if they are not at home.
  • The Fragrances by Aera  Diffusers can last up to 800 hours which you won’t get in any other brand.
  • The Aera Diffuser is a safer alternative to candles and wax which possesses fire that would be a little risker.
  • The designs are sleek and modern which easily blend with your house decor. 
  • They have international shipping options also.
  • The brand keeps on giving certain discounts on its products from time to time. 


  • The Aera Diffuser requires maintenance from time to time, such as replacing the fragrance capsule and cleaning, which may be inconvenient for some users.

What Are The Products They Offer?

They have a wide range of products, such as fragrance capsules, smart diffusers, starter sets, and home fragrance sets. Down below, we will be mentioning some of their products and seeing their basic functionality.

Aera Smart Diffuser Review

Aera Diffuser
Aera Diffuser
Aera Mini Diffuser
Aera Mini Diffuser
Aera Diffuser
Aera Diffuser

The Aera Smart Diffuser is a high-tech fragrance diffuser. They are supposed to last for 60 days. The product is priced at $199 on their official website, and you can avail of it by placing your order there. The best part is that they can be customized and controlled by just an app on your phone.  Some of the more fascinating features are mentioned below:

  • The design of the diffuser is sleek and modern which can easily go with your home decor. 
  • The diffuser is easy to use and can be scheduled to run at special intervals using the app.
  • The smart diffuser uses Microdroplet Technology to break down fragrances into tiny particles and spread them into the air.
  • The Aera Smart Diffuser is eco-friendly and takes up less energy than classic wax warmers or aromatized candles.
  • The diffuser uses an oil-based fragrance which has several health benefits that were also used in ancient times.

Pricey, but worth it! This is the best air diffuser I’ve used that works! I have tall ceilings with an open floor plan, and the scent permeates the kitchen, dining room, and living room. My next purchases are mini diffusers for bedrooms!


Aera In Bloom Review

Aera In Bloom
Aera In Bloom

Aera in Bloom is a collection of floral fragrances such as jasmine, lavender, rose, and others. This one is the fragrance of plumeria and jasmine. These floral scents are inspired by nature and formulated using high-quality essential oils. The product is priced at $60, and you can avail yourself of it by placing your order from their website. Some of the basic features of the product are listed below: 

  • The fragrances are made using high-quality natural ingredients and by extracting their oils. These are formulated to stay consistent for long hours. 
  • They are capable of giving fragrance for 800 hours straight based on usage. This you won’t find in any other brands. 
  • The fragrances are eco-friendly and do not contain any chemicals and this makes them safe for some allergic people.
  • This is a safer option than those traditional candles and wax as these do not leave any residue or mess.
  • These fragrances are packed in proper capsules which makes them last longer.

Already loving In Bloom. If you love the smell of fresh spring flowers, you will enjoy this one. Glad I ordered more than one

Debra Ann

Aera Bamboo Jardin Review

Bamboo Jardin
Bamboo Jardin

The Bamboo Jardin by Aera is a collection of their Botanic Section. The fragrances consist of a blend of basil and eucalyptus. The product is priced at $60 on their official website, and you can avail of it by placing your order from their website. This fragrance is ideal for creating a calming and refreshing atmosphere in your home. Some of the basic features are listed below:

  • One Bamboo Jardin capsule can cover up to 2,000 sq feet which makes it the perfect choice for large rooms. 
  • You can control the intensity of the fragrance by using the app.
  • The design is aesthetic and can easily blend with the decor of your home.
  • It is completely free from chemicals which makes it a perfectly safe choice for pets and kids.
  • The fragrance molecules spread into the room and make it long-lasting. 

Although this is a lovely fragrance, it is very strong. My diffuser is located in my morning room. It is a large room with large glass windows, and even with my diffuser set to level 3, the scent is a bit overpowering. I wish it was a bit softer. Even though it is strong, it has a lovely fragrance, and I’m sure it will remain very popular.


Aera Sun’s Out Review

Aera Sun's Out
Aera Sun’s Out

The Aera Sun’s Out brings a sense of freshness and vitality to any room. The sun’s out is the blend of Mandarin essential oil and sweet orange.

This gives the fruity sense. The ingredients are blended with bright and energetic fragrances, which give off perfect summer vibes.

The product is priced at $60, and you can avail yourself of it by placing your order from their website. So features and reasons are mentioned below:

  • Each fragrance capsule can last up to 800 hrs depending on the usage.
  • The Sun’s Out is made using high-quality essential oils which are completely natural.
  • The best part is you can control the fragrance intensity just by using the app using your phone.
  • It is completely chemical free which makes it safe for children and pets
  • This is a perfect option for summer and spring be it office or home.

I purchased Sun’s Out as I appreciate citrus scents and wanted something to mix up with my usual Agraria Lemon Verbena. I love both, though this is a bit sweeter and less subtle with the dominant orange notes. It has been nice with the time change to have this uplifting scent help with getting up in the morning when it’s now dark outside.


Aera Pillow Plans Review

Aera Pillow Plans
Aera Pillow Plans

The Pillow Plan is a blend of lavender and sage oil, which is known for its better sleep properties. Lavender has been used by people for centuries for its good sleeping properties. The pillow plan is priced at $60, and you can avail yourself of it by placing your order from their website. Some of the basic details about the product are listed below:

  • The fragrance is infused with lavender and sage oil.
  • It is completely free from parabens and other chemicals which is safe for kids and pets.
  • The lavender used is sourced from France which is known for its best quality lavender.
  • The product is also vegan and cruelty-free which makes it ethical.

The lavender, sage, and vanilla are the perfect blend for falling asleep! It is so relaxing and makes you feel calm and serene.


Aera Pacific Surf Review

Pacific Surf
Pacific Surf

The Pacific Surf scent is inspired by the invigorating scent of the Pacific Ocean and gives you that aromatic aura of beaches.

The surf contains an aura of citrus and eucalyptus, which makes it refreshing. The product is priced at $60, and you can avail yourself of it by placing an order from their website. Some of the basic features of the product are listed below:

  • It is made up of high-quality essential oils and aromatic molecules. These are completely natural and made using natural ingredients.
  • It is a blend of aquatic and woody aromas which gives you the feeling of being at a fresh beach.
  • It lasts up to 800 hours and you won’t find any other brand giving you this long and consistent strength of fragrance.
  • As the brand uses its patented Microdroplet Technology it helps in distributing the molecules on a larger level and evenly.
  • The capsules are free from chemicals which makes them safe for children and pets.

Pacific Surf has become one of my new favorites. It’s got a nice, clean, fresh, masculine scent to it. This has become my main bedroom scent. It’s strong enough to fill the room, even on a lower level. Even after I’ve turned the diffuser off, the scent remains in the air for quite some time.


What Do The Customers Say?

Good aromas definitely affect our senses and nervous systems. People have shared their experiences and how these fragrances have changed their lives. We have called some of the reviews for you so that you can see them for yourself. 

White tea was our first Aera pick after getting our first diffusers. We were looking for something bright, mainly floral, with interesting undertones but not overwhelming. It continues to delight and distract from the strong odors of two odiferous Basset Hounds. Guests linger longer, we’re happy to say. The mini scents are identical to the bigger capsule. Read more about the review stating Our guests linger longer in the minis, so we love both.


Purchasing these samples gives you a great opportunity to pick which will work best for you when you are trying to set the mood, lol. They also work great if you want to give your car a little spritz. I buy them every once in a while and give them to my mother, who enjoys them.


I’ve always enjoyed the smell of fresh linen, like the kind from candle companies we will not mention. It’s a nice, refreshing smell, and I hope to see more from this new product line.

Ken on fresh linen

The samples are a great way to find your favorite scent. They come in spray bottles and can be used for spraying around the house or even in your car! There are some I’ve received that aren’t my favorites, but overall, Aera has the best scents I’ve tried in plug-in form. I’ve purchased several of the plug-ins, and they’re great.


How Do I Place An Order?

After talking so much about aroma, fragrance, and Aera, one must be wondering how to get their hands on these wonderful aromatic products. Well, then, the steps are mentioned below. All you need to do is have these products in your hands.

  • Visit their official Website.
  • Select the products according to your desire.
  • Now add them to your cart.
  • Move to your cart.
  • Complete the billing and shipping details. 
  • Finally, confirm your order.

Apart from their official website, their products are also available on different online and offline retailing platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. You can also avail of them from there.

Our Final Thought

Aera is the brand that has preserved the ancient techniques and ways of using the aroma of natural resources that have been present since the earth was worn.

But the only change they made was to use it in an innovative way, which is appreciable. The price of the products may be a little more than any other brand on the market, but the quality they provide is something that makes it worth the price.

Even if you look at the reviews section, people have shared their experiences with the brand, which is just a mere piece of evidence of their dedication.

Chemicals somehow land up in our health in some way or another. The products of this brand are a must-recommend if you need some fresh and rejuvenating aroma in your home and surroundings, as these will keep you energetic and productive for the whole day.


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