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Nice Laundry
Nice Laundry

Looking for warm and cozy socks and finding them nowhere.

Well, have you checked out some nice laundry socks and underwear yet?

Socks are one garment that you never pay much attention to; in too much hurry to look for socks, all you do is ask for the basics

You would agree with me when I say it is a rarity when people pay as much attention and care to their socks as they do to the other elements of the outfit.

Covering your feet is the priority, but with some fashion and a variety of choices, it can be more.

The brand Nice laundry socks and underwear are all about comfort and choice in an arena where all you care about are the basics.

The comfort provided by their brand is undeniable. Let’s learn a bit more about this incomparable brand.

This blog intends to let my readers know about the brand “Nice Laundry and its products with genuine customer reviews which can help them decide at the time of buying.

The Overview Of Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry
Nice Laundry

The brand provides customers with superior quality laundry, with customization available on all their products. They are exclusive and comfortable like no other. 

The brand has an incredible range of socks and underwear for men. You can customize your box or add personalized gifts. 

With 60.9K followers on Instagram and 49K followers on Facebook, this brand is changing the tides in the customization and undergarments industry. 

Founded in 2013 by Ricky Choi and Phil Moldavski. When the founders were unsatisfied with the socks and underwear the market had to offer, they chose to manufacture them with better quality and designs.

This brand has won “Most Innovative Underwear”, is featured in magazines, and is the talk of the town. 

Let’s get to the pros and cons of the brand.


  • The main pros of this brand are customization in all the products provided by them. 
  • The quality of the products is top-notch.
  • There are a variety of designs available for you to choose from. 
  • The underwear is designed with a unique design, specifically keeping the comfort of men in mind. 
  • They ship free all over The US.
  • You can build your own box.
  • Personalization is available even in gift boxes.
  • Products at Affordable prices with luxury quality.
  • You can also create a nice laundry basket.


  • You might switch all your existing laundry with new ones. 
  • You may feel the comfort you have never before.

What Are The Products Offered By The Nice Laundry?

There are many handsome-looking products offered by the brand, some of the best-sellers are mentioned below. Please have a look. 

Men’s Pocket Lounge Short Review

6" Pocket Lounge Short
6″ Pocket Lounge Short
6" Pocket Lounge Short
Image of 6″ Pocket Lounge Short
6" Pocket Lounge Short
Image of 6″ Pocket Lounge Short

These comfort-providing pocket lounge shorts are offered in a huge variety, allowing you to grab whichever suits you best. 

The shorts have pockets and drawstrings for you to adjust them around your waist.

With a 6” inseam and 4-way stretch nylon with a micro-modal interior, this is the best fit you will ever experience. 

In fact, the micro model is anti-odor, so wear it however long you feel like; no one will know. 

The no-fake fly and unique design of the shorts keep you relaxed and avoid focusing attention where it should not be. 

The styling of the shorts gives them a cool look above all that as well. No more boring basic shorts; get some style with these. 

Comfort as if you were wearing clouds.

Available in sizes: small (28, 30) And medium (31, 32) 

These shorts cost only $48. 

Nice Laundry Short Reviews

Michael b.

“Best pair of lounge shorts EVER! I swear by these. Already bought three pairs. I can’t go to sleep in any other pair of shorts”


” Love it!! if the pants ever go on sale, its an isntant purchase”

Nice Pocket Lounge Short 3-Pack Review

6" Pocket Lounge Short 3-Pack
6″ Pocket Lounge Short 3-Pack
6" Pocket Lounge Short 3-Pack
Image of 6″ Pocket Lounge Short 3-Pack
6" Pocket Lounge Short 3-Pack
Image of 6″ Pocket Lounge Short 3-Pack

The best-selling shorts of the brand are also available in a combo deal with a reasonable price and triple the comfort with three shorts in one packet. 

Available in the basic colors of black, blue, and red, the quality and comfort of the material would go with literally everything.

the men’s fashion followed by this brand is applaudable.  

The best part of this combo deal is that you save $19 without compromising on any quality or features. 

Pockets, drawstrings, and a 6” inseam what else could you possibly require? 

With the perfect stretch and breathable cloth, you can wear these shorts all day, every day without any discomfort

Available in all sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. 

Instead of $144, the combo set costs $125 only!

Nice Pocket Lounge Short 3-Pack Reviews

Ray c. 

“Very soft, almost a combination between gym shorts and sleepwear but you can wear them casual or for sport. Waistband is very well made. They seem durable. Get the 3 pack now”


” Super comfortable, nice fit, perfect fit for the lazy days around the house!!!”

Slim Fit Boxer Review

Slim Fit Boxer
Image of Slim Fit Boxer
Slim Fit Boxer
Slim Fit Boxer
Slim Fit Boxer
Slim Fit Boxer

These comfortable boxers will give you the feeling of silk without the presence of silk. A must for every man, these boxers have twin single needle darts that avoid bunching of the cloth and make sure everything is exactly as it should be. 

The readymade piece provides the fit as if customized specifically for you; it’s so thin it’s barely there. 

The diamond gussets on the insides provide a homey feeling with ventilation to breathe but with the secrecy of letting no one know about it. 

A piece of 4-way stretch fabric with buttery soft pima cotton nylon A fabric that moves with you in a way that even you will forget you have it on. 

Available in a huge variety to choose from, it only costs $28. 

Slim Fit Boxer Customer Reviews

danny c.

“the most comfortable boxers i have ever come cross, highly recommended”


“I was afraid this shorts would be too short since my S/O 6 foot 2, but they fit fine. he really likes them and love that they also have pockets.”

Nice Laundry Monogram Sock Review

Nice Laundry Monogram Sock
Nice Laundry Monogram Sock
Nice Laundry Monogram Sock
Image of Nice Laundry Monogram Sock
Nice Laundry Monogram Sock
Image of Nice Laundry Monogram Sock

Customizable and comfortable—a combination to cherish. 

The brand understands your choice when ordering socks and lets you personalize the product according to your interests. 

You can choose the style of the monogram available as per your preference from varsity, classic, and diamond. 

The monogram has the initials you mentioned while ordering in the style you chose to order it in.

The socks are extremely easy to put on and are extremely comfortable to walk around in. They are manufactured from breathable fabric, reducing your chances of a foul odor. 

One pair of socks is monogrammed per pair and takes about 1-2 days extra to get personalized. 

The shipping charges are free all over the US. 

The sock pair costs $68.

Nice Laundry Monogram Sock Customer Reviews

Amanda h.

“Great quality and stylish brought for my nephew’s Prom”


” very soft comfortale and very stylish. Quick and easy to order”

Nice Laundry Sizing 

The sizes of the products offered by the brand are mentioned below; please refer to them before purchasing the perfect fit and comfortable experience. 


The shoe size for the colorful socks for men is 7–13, and for women, it’s 8–14. 

And for the athletic and no-show socks, it is 8–13 for men and 9–14 for women. 


The sizes mentioned are based on the following measurements: 

Small – 28-30

Medium – 31-33

Large – 34-36

And extra large – 37-39

Now that you understand the size chart, let’s get to what the customers have to say about the brand before making a final decision. 

Nice Laundry Socks Reviews

The customers love the brand. Some of the praise is mentioned here for you to see for yourself; these are the original, recent reviews of the brand. 

Landon faraoni

“My favorite company for shorts I have over 10 pair of their lounge shorts and I wear them everyday for lifting, running, anything you name. This is one of the only companies that makes 4-inch shorts with pockets and they are the best of the best no question asked.”

Anne Marie lever

“Excellent product and speedy delivery. I ordered monogrammed socks for my son for work. They were high quality and came beautifully packaged. The monogram was very well done. Great gift!”

Roxane Schultz

“Love, love, love the socks! They are great quality, and the monogram makes them ultra chic! Great customer service as well. 5 stars!!!”

Tom Desouza

“Amazing comfort and monogram, I would definitely recommend this brand” 

Is Nice Laundry Worth It? 

With the appraisal provided by the customer and the quality offered, this brand is worth your money. 

The customization function provided by the brand is unique and proves to be a differentiator for the brand in the market. 

The quality is top-notch, and the customers approve of the time it takes for the products to be delivered. 

The brand has left customers awestruck by the monogram of its products. 

The comfort provided by the brand and the innovative design used in the shorts leaves customers more than just amazed. 

The brand delivers free products with no shipping charges within the US. 

Nice Laundry Socks and underwear also take part in saving the environment; they have recycled about 5,54,491 items and counting, while also saving water and CO2.

With a brand like this and the products they offer, I say Nice Laundry Socks and Underwear is worth your money. 

How Do I Order Nice Laundry?

Ordering from this brand is as easy as it gets; just follow a few steps and you can get your hands on this product.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Search for the brand on any search engine.
  2. Browse through the website.
  3. Fill in your email when a pop-up box appears that will get you a free pair of socks.
  4. Now that you have done that, choose all the products you like if you are interested in customizing them. Click on the custom option for that product. 
  5. After you are done shopping and have all the products on your card that you require, you are now ready to order. 
  6. Please fill in all the details that are asked on the page and place an order. 
  7. Once you have successfully placed your order please wait for a few working days, and you will receive your package soon!

Happy shopping!

Our Verdict on Nice Laundry

I am absolutely in love with the monochromes offered by the brand on products, from the creatively designed boxer shorts to everything that is exclusively found here. 

Customer satisfaction has left me convinced of the quality and design of this brand. 

They offer a huge variety of everything a man would like in his drawer as soon as he gets out of the shower. 

The comfort combined with chic style is definitely heart-stopping. 

The products offered are unique and one of a kind, with a huge variety to choose from, so I do not have to stick to the basics anymore. 

The brand is religiously invested in improving the environment and helping as much as possible with recycling and saving water

A brand that is always talked about among the customers helps society and is faithful to serve the customers with the best, the best, and nothing but the best. 

In my view, I would definitely approve of this brand and the products offered. 

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