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Little Spoon
Little Spoon

We, women, have different phases in our lives, among which the best phase that women experience is motherhood. From the day we know the baby is coming, there is a lot of planning, precautions, and advice from gynecologists that we take.

Among all these, the point that should be considered is that every precaution and plan is done according to the health of the baby.

A mother gives the best she can to her child. The bond is quite difficult to explain in words.

When the baby is born, the initial few years are very crucial for the development of the child; hence, it is very important for the mother to feed the child in the correct way and with the right amount of nutrition that is required for growth. 

But the real challenge begins for the modern mom when she has to manage her work and the child together. 

She cannot put any of these into the second number on her priority list. Little Spoon is the brand that helps mothers tackle this challenge in the best way.

In this blog we will have deep insights into the brand, looking into some of the products of the brand and also peeping into their customer’s review section which will help you understand this brand in a better way. With no delay, let us dive into the blog.

Little Spoon: An Overview Of The Brand 

Little Spoon
Little Spoon

The company was started in 2017 by Muller, along with Lisa Barnett (CMO), Ben Lewis(CEO), and Angela Vranich (chief product officer). 

Michelle Muller is a mother of three, and she started this brand when her third child was born. She had great difficulty managing the meals for the children’s work and the household.

All the foods are made in southern California. The brand has 189K followers on its Instagram handle. The company is a US-based brand, and its headquarters are located in New York United States.

The brand also comes with its own pros and cons. Let us look into some of them;


  • The meals are completely plant-based and are suitable for vegetarians 
  • Meals are prepared with a very allergy-conscious setting in mind 
  • Comes in recyclable packaging 
  • The packaging is toxin-free
  • The meals are filled with the correct amount of nutrition for the child
  • They have transparent ingredient sourcing standards
  • They accommodate different dietary preferences in their meals 
  • The menu consists of more than 100 different options
  • 100% organic and GMO-free
  • Low shipping costs
  • Less time-consuming meals 
  • Free from preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones


  • They do not have any finger foods for toddlers and young children on their menu hence they can add some of this food to the list
  • No customization option is available.

After looking at the briefing of the brand being a mother one can ask are the meals healthy? Well then next we shall be answering the same so that you can satisfy yourself.

Are The Meals Healthy?

Little Spoon
Little Spoon

The nutrition profile of the meals the brand puts on the plate targets a specific group of children and infants. They consult with a registered dietitian and promise to use wholesome clean ingredients.

Each plate of meals is a balanced plate of protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and additional fibers. 

According to their FAQ section, the plates have 500 mg of sodium. The sugar content in meals is really less mostly cane sugar or maple syrup in a handful of food.

They don’t use any kind of nuts in their meals and they disclose all major possible allergens still any meal cannot be guaranteed 100% allergy-free. 

The meals they provide can be categorized into gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free but one still has to prevent it from being contaminated.

After considering and looking at the nutrient profile I can assure you that this is one of the safest meals for your child with great love and care.

Now we will be looking at some of the products of the brand so that we can understand the production section in a better way.

What products does the brand offer?

Little Spoon-Baby Blends Review

Little spoon-baby blends
Little spoon-baby blends

The Little Blend is a complete menu book that consists of more than 100 options which helps your little one to transition into solid food easily. The pricing of the food as per blend is mentioned below:

  • 1 meal/day= 14 meals – $3.50 per blend i.e $25/week
  • 2 meals/day=28 meals-$3.20 per blend i.e $45/week
  • 3 meals/day=42 meals -$2.75 per blend i.e $58/week

After looking at the pricing of the packaging, let’s look at some of the major highlights of meals that the package carries:

  • Completely organic and healthy food for your toddler
  • Meals are cold-pressed
  • Remains fresh for 14 days within proper refrigeration
  • No added preservatives or fillers in the meals

“we love our little spoon deliveries! The food is fresh, simple, and real. My 7-month-old is having a blast with all the flavors.”

Writing about the blend Allison Friesen says

Little Spoon Plates Review

Little Spoon Plates
Image of Little Spoon Plates

Little spoon plates are designed for children who have just started eating finger foods and are up to the age group of 10. Let us look at the pricing of the packages;

  • 4meals/week = 8 meals total – $6.50 per meal or $26 (week)
  • 6 meals/ week = 12 meals total – $3.20 per meal or $36 (week)
  • 9 meals/week = 18 meals total – $5.50 per meal or $50(week)
  • 12 meals/week= 24 meals total – $5 per meal or $60(week)

After looking at the pricing of the meals let us look into some of the major highlights of these meal plates;

  • Plates are designed for children up to 10 years of age 
  • Meals stay fresh for up to 14 days in the fridge
  • Meals stay fresh for 2 months in the freezer
  • The meal contains antibiotic-free chicken
  • No preservatives or artificial flavoring in the meals are present

“we love the idea of our son trying new foods and flavor profiles. The little spoon allows him to do so in an extremely convenient fashion. He’s never been as excited for mealtime as he is now!.”

While penning down the experience Scott Shintaku writes

Little Spoon Smoothies Review

Little Spoon Smoothies
Little Spoon Smoothies

There is a total of 11 smoothies present in the menu cart. The starting price for the smoothie is $2.79 per smoothie. Let us look at some of the major highlights of this item:

  • These are organic cold-pressed smoothies
  • Present in 11 different option
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Healthy snack options for children 
  • Filled with the goodness of veggies and superfoods

“The ideal food for babies, toddlers, and older children who are always on the go is one of Little Spoon’s organic, cold-pressed smoothies.These pouches are a great substitute for store-bought ones because they are stuffed with fresh whole fruits, vegetables, and nutrient-dense superfoods”


Little Spoon Booster Review

Little Spoon Booster
Little Spoon Booster

Apart from providing your baby with nutrition-packed food and smoothies little spoon also has some probiotics and remedies for your babies. The price for 1 box is $5.99 which has 5 packs. Let us look into some of the highlights of the product;

  • Gut feeling probiotics has 3 billion CFUs of lactobacillus rhamnosus DSM6594 for better health of your child’s gut and immune system
  • Sniffle shield has vitamin C and E which again helps in boosting the child’s immunity 
  • Poopie power has probiotics, prebiotics, and prunes for better tummy health and also helps in the alleviation of constipation
  • Wiz aid has omega -3 DHA(docosahexaenoic acid), vitamin E, and iron that helps in a child’s brain cell development. 

After looking at the products and their benefits one must be willing to grab their hands on these for their child. Down below the steps are mentioned. 

How To Place Your Order?

Little Spoon
Little Spoon

I don’t think that there would be any mother who not be willing to give her child the best health she can. Down below the steps are mentioned so that you can place your order easily;

  • Visit their official website
  • Move to the upper right corner and sign up for your account
  • Enter your and your child’s details
  • Now select the diet accordingly 
  • Enter your shipping and billing details
  • Finally, confirm your order

What Do The Customers Think About The Brand?

Little Spoon
Little Spoon

Living in an era where time is a luxury and it really becomes very challenging to manage everything as the utmost priority. little spoon has made the life of modern mothers quite easier. This is something that they can trust completely with nutrition and care. Let us look at some of the experiences that the customers had. 

“Little spoon plates are a convenient and healthy option for my son! He eats at least one plate a day, and loves it! And I feel good about what he is eating because I  they are made with the best ingredients in mind.”

says Merlen Polett de la Garza

“ Great, healthy meals for my kids! we are super busy working professionals but we still want our kids to eat healthy dinners. This does the job.”

says Jennifer Shingleton

“Customer service from the little spoon is amazing! the quality of their product and ability to be reached at any given time makes things so much easier for busy parents,”

says Ebone Jay

“I used to make my own baby food but as a mom of 3, my time is limited and I love that I am able to get deliveries every two weeks straight to my door; ice cold and fresh,

says Mackenzie Martin

“Being a first-time mom, I did a lot of research on the best organic home delivery places and little spoon always came on the top. With their wide varieties of food combinations and all organic, customizable order – it’s a no-brainer,”

says Kecia Morris.

These statements made by the customers show the amount of trust that they have in the company. These work as the foundation of motivation for the company’s employees to work more efficiently. It feels good to see that the product is making people’s life more accessible and helping them out in some way.

Our Final Verdict On The Brand

Little Spoon

Helping out modern moms with their amazing and nutritious meals will be probably great help if someone does so. A little spoon does it. Michelle Muller herself is a mom of three and she knows well what is bond between a mother and child is and how that bond feels.

 The same amount of love and care is seen in her products and the best part is they are extremely conscious of the ingredients they are putting in their diet. They take a proper consultation with a dietitian before any meal.

 And the best part about meals are they remain fresh for a longer period of time and are free from any artificial preservatives and flavors. They take proper care of all possible allergens. Foods are nut-free and completely organic. They also take care of your baby through their booster packs and thus take over all care of the child be it nutrition, development, and growth.

  I would definitely recommend you trust the brand and feel a little less hectic than your usual days. Allow little spoons to make your busy schedule a little lighter. 

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