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The Farmer’s Dog is a US-based brand that focuses on manufacturing fresh dog food. It provides an online service that delivers freshly made dog food to your doorstep. With their motto “simple recipes, guided by science, and driven by love”, their primary aim is to provide simple and fresh food just for your pet.

Unlike most of the pet food brands, the Farmer’s Dog prepares its food with human-grade ingredients, and at the same time allows the pet owners to customize the food recipe according to their respective pet’s requirements.

farmes dog review theconsumermag

About the brand

farmes dog review theconsumermag
Photo: Brett Podolski with Jada

So what’s the story behind this brand? The story of The Farmer’s Dog starts with Jada, an adorable Rottweiler pup, who went through some serious digestive issues for two years. Her dad, Brett Podolski, later took her to the vet.

Brett was advised to give her simple freshly prepared food at home. It was just like a miracle. Jada recovered overnight, and Brett became a fresh food advocate.

farmes dog review theconsumermag
Photo: Jonathan Regev (left) & Brett Podolski (right)

It was not long after Jada’s recovery that Brett decided to team up with his friend and fellow dog’s parent, Jonathan Regev, to start the Farmer’s Dog.

Founded in the year 2014, The Farmer’s Dog spread the good news for all pet lovers. With its freshly prepared home food, the Farmer’s Dog was a top-recommended brand of high quality since its early days.

Today, seven years after Brett and Jonathan launched The Framer’s Dog, the brand shows no sign of slowing down. The Brand name has become a sign of trust, relief and high quality for pet owners.

If you come across The Framer’s Dog stamp, you know that:

  • The food is freshly made
  • Human-grade ingredients were used
  • Approved by the vet
  • Cooked in USFDA approved kitchens
  • The last and most important point of all, the item is of top quality and safe for your pet.

The Farmer’s Dog: Review

Know the brand at a glance. Here are a few of the important points that wouldn’t like to miss about The Farmer’s Dog-

1) Genuine nutrition:

The Farmer’s Dog is known for using human-grade ingredients to make their dog food. In simple words, their ingredients are used are edible by us too. They slow cook the food to preserve nutrients, and then quickly store it in the freezer without adding any preservatives, unlike most dog foods brands.

2) Accreditations:

The food is prepared in a USDA-certified kitchen using safe ingredients. The recipes are created by board-certified veterinary nutritionists following AAFCO standards and are appropriate for all life stages.

3) Pup-tailored diet:

One of the specialities of The Farmer’s Dog is that, on their official website, they ask a few questions about our dog such as its weight, activity status, healthy or not etc, before we purchase any item.

They analyze your answers to give the most preferred food item for your dog. This feature is of immense value especially for owners having dogs with food allergies or digestive issues.

4) Door-to-door service:

Freshly prepared food is delivered to your doorstep regularly. The food usually arrives within two days of when it was packed.

They even provide you with options to pause the service or mix your freshly prepared meal with other food.

5) Eco-friendly:

Their packaging is environment friendly, or in simple words, it is biodegradable and BPA free. The insulation used for shipment is compost-ready.

Why choose The Farmer’s Dog?

At first, we are going to go through some grim facts just to know what your dog food contains. According to a study by VCA Animal Hospital, 80% of pets older than three years of age have active dental disease.

Nearly 60% of the dogs in the United States are either obese or overweight.

Over the years numerous studies have been done on pet food, and it has been found that these foods often contain ingredients that are not mentioned on the labels, or missing those that they claim to use.

Now, The Farmer’s Dog, on the other hand, will provide you with a range of freshly prepared food, made with human-grade ingredients.

This brand, unlike most of the brands you will come across, is honest about its working.

Their website specifically mentions that there isn’t anything fancy or magical about what they are trying to do.

“Pet food should be…food”, with this, they are trying to spread the simple message that every pet deserves to have a proper fresh meal, and it is their brand that promises to provide the same.

Every brand has its pros and cons, and so does The Farmer’s Dog. Let’s go through it to give you a better idea about this brand:


  • You get to choose from four healthy recipes (developed by board-certified ACVN veterinarian nutritionists): chicken, turkey, pork, or beef.
  • Only human-grade ingredients with no fillers or preservatives.
  • The food is delivered fresh within days of cooking (flash-frozen to preserve nutrients)
  • You get to personalize plans, and the meals are pre-portioned to meet your dog’s unique needs.
  • Customers are able to auto-ship or adjust their shipping frequency and pause or cancel anytime.
  • They provide free shipping with the ability to ship multiple items at once, to reduce ship frequency and environmental impact
  • Their packaging is completely eco-friendly
  • They are known to have a very efficient customer service


  • Since the food is so fresh, you need to keep it frozen and transfer a pack to the fridge the day before you use it so it can thaw.
  • The items of this brand are normally expensive as compared to other pet food brands. But, this is because of the quality they provide.
  • They only ship to mainland US, excluding Hawaii and Alaska

What are the ingredients of this dog food and how is it beneficial for them?

The Farmer’s Dog is one of a kind brand. Their focus is mainly on preparing fresh food for their customer’s pets.

One of the most significant ideas of the brand is the use of human-grade ingredients.

They are known to cook food without any preservatives, thus, providing the food as fresh as it can be.

This is what separates them from the other dog food brands which are known to add nasty preservatives to their food items.

Their protein sources are chicken, turkey, pork and beef. Based on that, the brand provides four meals. They are-


farmes dog review theconsumermag

Nutritional profile:

  • Crude protein: 9% minimum
  • Crude fat: 4.5% minimum
  • Crude fiber: 1.5% maximum
  • Moisture: 76% maximum


  • Turkey, Chickpeas, Carrot, Broccoli, Parsnip, Spinach, Fish Oil, Nutrient Blend


farmes dog review theconsumermag

Nutritional Profile:

  • Crude protein: 11% minimum
  • Crude fat: 8% minimum
  • Crude fiber: 1.5% maximum
  • Moisture: 73% maximum


  • Beef, Sweet Potato, Lentils, Carrot, Beef Liver, Kale, Sunflower Seeds, Fish Oil, Nutrient Blend


farmes dog review theconsumermag

Nutritional Profile:

  • Crude protein: 10% minimum
  • Crude fat: 6% minimum
  • Crude fiber: 1% maximum
  • Moisture: 77% maximum


  • Chicken, Brussel Sprout, Chicken Liver, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Fish Oil, Nutrient Blend


farmes dog review theconsumermag

Nutritional Profile

  • Crude protein: 9% minimum
  • Crude fat: 7% minimum
  • Crude fiber: 1.5% maximum
  • Moisture: 75% maximum


  • Pork, Sweet Potato, Potato, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Pork Liver, Fish Oil, Nutrient Blend

Apart from their major protein sources, all the other ingredients, as you may see, are all-natural.

  1. Animal proteins (chicken, pork, beef and turkey) are key to developing strong bones, teeth and muscles.
    Animal proteins also support the production of RBC and skin cells and can provide energy to dogs.

2) Fibres such as carrots are used to treat problems of digestive transit and facilitate faecal elimination, maintaining the health of colonic mucosa.

3) Fats and oils such as fish oil, vegetable oils & chicken fat are crucial for storing energy. Fats and oils support anti-inflammatory properties and skin health, skin integrity and prostaglandin synthesis.

How much do The Farmer’s Dog products cost?

It’s probably no surprise that The Farmer’s Dog is pricier than your standard kibble.

The price range for The Farmer’s Dog starts from $2 per day with free shipping. However, the actual price can vary from one dog to another as it depends upon the size (smaller dogs, as always, are cheaper to feed) and nutrition requirement of the dog.

Using the price calculator on The Farmer’s Dog website, we estimated the cost of a meal plan for a 50-pound, mixed-breed male dog shipping to Utah. It came in at about $7 per day. If you’re feeding a 30-pound dog, you’ll pay a couple of dollars less per day.

If you have a 6-pound Yorkshire Terrier, as we do, you’ll pay a lot less—about $2.80 per day, or $1.40 per meal.

How to order The Farmer’s Food products?


Enter your preliminary information including your Dog’s name.

farmes dog review theconsumermag


Answer the basic questions asked about your dog and click on continue to go to the next step.

farmes dog review theconsumermag


Based on your answers in STEP-2, they will suggest the most preferred meal for your dog, which you are expected to purchase. CLICK ON CHECKOUT TO GO TO THE LAST PAGE.

farmes dog review theconsumermag


In the final step, you are given the sum total that you have to pay. you are asked to fill in your personal details such as house address, credit card details, etc. After filling required details, click on start trial to confirm the order.

farmes dog review theconsumermag

What are the consumer reviews?

It’s been seven years now since Brett and Jonathan launched this premium dog food brand.

The Farmer’s Dog has become a brand name for excellent quality and trust.

Over the years, there have been millions of customers for their items. Let’s see what their customers got to say about their items.

This healthier diet may cost a little more than the dried or canned food but it has saved me hundreds of dollars on vet bills.

Marina Kinross
farmes dog review theconsumermag

My dog LOVES the food and I love the convenience and nutritional value!

Pamela Stewart
farmes dog review theconsumermag

We have noticed clearer eyes, shinier coat, and much more energy!

Catherine Clark
farmes dog review theconsumermag

The Farmers Dog has cleared up all of my dog`s allergies and Pip just absolutely loves his fresh food!

Cindy Kirkland
farmes dog review theconsumermag

We recently switched from kibble to the Farmer’s Dog and are totally thrilled!

Sarajill Hartley
farmes dog review theconsumermag

The quality is amazing, as well as the customer service.

Heather Grassette
farmes dog review theconsumermag

Source: The official The Farmer’s Dog website

There is something about this brand, isn’t it? The Farmer’s Dog certainly knows how to please their customers!

The Verdict

When it comes to the best fresh and healthy dog food brands, The Farmer’s Dog is clearly the winner. Even after 7 long years since its foundation, the brand has succeeded to maintain its high quality of food.

Although the price can be a problem for many, you can simply buy it for your dog occasionally, cause he/she would definitely love to have it.

Any pet lover would blindly go for this brand, and if you love your pet too, I would suggest you go for the same.

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