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Food has been an integral part of our day-to-day lifestyle. As we have evolved from our bodies with time, food has also evolved.

I strongly believe that you should treat your vehicle with the best fuel so that its machinery works in the most efficient way possible.

The same thing goes for our body, but here the fuel is replaced by food.

There are different organs present inside our body, and each of them has its own importance, which is crucial for our body to function properly.

The nutrients that we derive from our food help those organs draw energy to work efficiently the whole day.

A healthy lifestyle helps you be more productive, whereas things can go in the exact opposite direction if you have an unhealthy lifestyle.

Today, we are living in an era where things are challenging. I talk about the food habits that we have.

Most of us don’t have time to stand for hours in the kitchen and prepare healthy, fresh meals for ourselves. CookUnity comes here as the best option. 

Today in this blog, we will be talking about this brand, looking into some deep insights into this brand, looking at some of their dishes, peeping into customer reviews, and at the end, sharing our opinion on the brand. Let’s dive into the blog,

CookUnity: An Overview Of The Brand

CookUnity Brand Image
CookUnity Brand Image

CookUnity was started by Mateo Marietta in 2015. Mateo started this company after struggling with his health while working long hours in the technology industry and finding that he didn’t have the time or energy to prepare healthy meals for himself.

And when he looked around, he found that he was not the only one who suffered through this issue.

Due to this, he created a platform where people could get healthy food from chefs and keep working with that enthusiasm all day long. Today, you can find CookUnity kitchens in some of the most popular cities, like Austin, LA, and Atlanta.

The brand has also been featured in several renowned media houses, such as The New Yorker, Tech Crunch, and CNet.

At present, they have 81K followers on their Instagram handle and 19,988 followers on their Facebook handle. We believe that every brand comes with pros and cons that the customer must know before getting involved with it. Some of the pros are listed below:


  • CookUnity offers a diverse menu for meals that has various dietary restrictions and preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.
  • The source of vegetables and other ingredients is fresh and locally grown. They prioritize quality over quantity.
  • The brand has partnered with professional chefs, including Michelin-starred chefs who create its meals and ensure a high level of culinary expertise and innovation.
  • The meals are directly delivered to the home which saves time shopping for groceries and cooking.
  • Customers can customize their meals as per their diet and as well as choose the frequency of delivery and number of meals per week.
  • The company gives all the information regarding its ingredients and from where they have sourced them. This helps the customers to have all the information regarding their food.
  • They also give 40% off to their new customers.
  • They serve over 300 recipes per week.


  • CookUnity’s dependence on shipping and delivery services may result in occasional delays or issues with order delivery.

What Does CookUnity Offer?

CookUnity Meals
CookUnity Meals

CookUnity offers a wide range of dishes based on the different dietary options available. The dishes include Italian, Mexican, and Asian-inspired dishes.

Down below, we will be talking about a few such dishes to help us understand them better. 

CookUnity Maggie’s Braised Short Rib Review

Maggie's Braised Short Rib
Maggie’s Braised Short Rib

This is a dish that is cooked at a low temperature, and the beef short ribs that have been braised in a rich, savory sauce are cooked until they are tender and soft.

The dish has been created by Chef Jose Garces, who is known for being the culinary authority on Spanish and Latin-American food. Some of the basic features of the dish are listed below:

  • The short ribs are cooked in a rich and savory flavor which adds enhanced flavors to the dish.
  • The dish also has roasted mushrooms, which enhance the nutritional value and vegetable content of the dish.
  • The beef used in the dish is grass-fed, which ensures quality protein.
  • The dish contains all the macronutrients, complex proteins, and carbohydrates that are required for our body.
  • The dish is typically served with mashed potatoes, which are a good source of carbohydrates.

Delicious. Sauce heats this for a super-yummy meal I’ve had again and again.


CookUnity Adobo Chicken, Quinoa, and Kale Enchiladas Review

Adobo Chicken, Quinoa & Kale Enchiladas
Adobo Chicken, Quinoa and Kale Enchiladas

This is another famous dish on the CookUnity menu. In this dish, tender chicken has been marinated in a flavorful adobo sauce and paired with nutrient-dense kale and protein-packed quinoa.

There is also a meatless version of the same dish available on their menu, which is preferred by vegetarian customers. Down below, some of the basic features of the dish are mentioned.

  • The dish is packed with quinoa, which is a great source of plant-based proteins.
  • The dish also contains kale, which is well known for its high source of vitamins and minerals.
  • The dish is gluten-free, making it a convenient option for those who want to have gluten-free dishes.
  • The dish is also dairy-free, making it a great option for customers with dairy sensitivities.
  • The nutritional value contains all the essential proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins that are required by our body.

I added a little cheese to the top before heating it. It was delicious!


CookUnity Texas Beef Fajitas Review

Texas Beef Fajitas
Texas Beef Fajitas

The dish has tender beef that has been marinated in a flavorful blend of spices and served with caramelized onions and bell peppers.

Apart from this, the dish has also been a favorite of several others, who keep ordering it frequently. Some of the basic features of the dish are listed below:

  • The dish is made with high-quality beef for the best protein sources.
  • The beef used has been grass-fed which ensures the best plant-source proteins.
  • The beef is marinated in a blend of chili powder, cumin, garlic, and other spices, which give the dish its bold and flavorful taste.
  • The dish is gluten-free which makes it suitable for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.
  • This is a complete meal option for those who are looking for a good balance of protein, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates.

delicious and worth the price upgrade. I just wish it came with salsa. 


CookUnity Chipotle Chicken Chilaquiles Review

Chipotle Chicken Chilaquiles
Chipotle Chicken Chilaquiles

The dish is made with crispy tortilla chips that are topped with tender shredded chicken, a smoky and spicy chipotle sauce, and a variety of toppings.

The toppings can be customized according to your taste. Some of the basic features of the dish are listed below:

  • The crispy tortilla chips give a crunchy texture to the dish.
  • Shredded chicken is the best source of raw protein. 
  • Made with fresh, high-quality ingredients that are free from preservatives and additives.
  • This can be the best complete meal option for those who are looking for alternatives for weight loss.

I enjoyed this meal. It was well-balanced. I saved a little salad for later, and it was good then too.


CookUnity Reviews: What Do The Customers Say?

If you look through the internet, you will find several platforms where people have shared their experiences with the brand. We have collected some of them for you so that you can keep an eye on them.

After trying at least three other meal services, this one is a keeper! I am impressed with the range of different cuisines and the fact that this is a co-op. When I have had questions or needs related to my account, their customer service has been outstanding. The meals are always so fresh, and the delivery is spectacular, even in inclement weather!


I loved the food, the great flavors, and the international selection. This has been helping me tremendously with my blood sugar, gluten intolerance, and staying away from sugary snacks. I work alone at a flower studio, so your services are keeping me healthy, happy, and well-fed!


Food was delivered late in the afternoon in two wonderful cloth-insulated bags. Had one dinner that evening; very good. I didn’t know what to do with the bags and ice bags, so I communicated with customer support. I got an answer quickly. I am very pleased with the service so far.


The package came at a very reasonable time and was packaged excellently! Nothing is wasted, and I am able to pick it up and carry it without help. An insulated bag is reusable. I also received a text message, which is very helpful.


Most of the meals I ordered were delicious. I will say that for the heating instructions, if you are going to use the oven to heat your meals, it does say to preheat to 350 and heat for 10 minutes (some will say to heat for 12–15 minutes); however, I preheat my oven to 375 and heat my meals between 15-20 minutes. It seemed like 350 and some heat times were not enough. After following the heat instructions on the first meal I had, it didn’t seem enough.


Several others are present on their websites, which you must visit and read. This feedback always provides room for improvement and a base of motivation for the team.

Who Can Use CookUnity?

CookUnity is mainly designed for professionals who do not have time to cook food but still want to have delicious and healthy food.

It’s even for those families who want to have delicious food but don’t want a mess in their kitchen. Overall, CookUnity is a convenient option for those who are short on time but don’t want to compromise on food or its taste.

How Do I Order CookUnity?


I know that after talking so much about the brand, you must be willing to save your time in the kitchen and invest it in some productive work. The steps to place your order are listed below:

  • Visit their official website.
  • Now select the meal according to your needs.
  • Customize the meal according to your desires.
  • Now add the meal to your art.
  • Now our art cart.
  • Complete the billing and shipping details.
  • Finally, confirm your order.

Our Final Thoughts

CookUnity is a very good option for those who don’t have time to cook. The man behind the brand has also suffered from the same issue, due to which he came forward to solve it for many.

The food that is prepared by them is coming to your home directly from the chef’s table. All you need to do is heat it in the microwave.

What else would you have demanded? You must try out their dishes if you are going through the same issue and looking for a healthy alternative.

The ingredients used are fresh and locally collected. You can even customize it according to your requirements. I would recommend this as a healthy option.


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