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Menstruation is the monthly discharge of blood and tissue from the uterus. It is the way that a woman will shed her uterine lining once she has reached the end of her reproductive life.

Menstrual cramps are very common, but they can be quite unpleasant. The pain is usually worse during the menstrual period, when it may last for several days.

Menstrual hygiene is considered one of the most essential hygiene practices. And when it comes to period hygiene, Knix period panties are the most popular innovation on the market. 

Knix period pants are best known for their gussets that aid in the absorption of liquid. So basically, it gets you into a new world where you are able to enjoy seamless pad-free or tampon-free period days.

Knix: An Overview of the Brand

Knix Brand Image

Joanna Griffiths is the founder and CEO of Knix and Knixteen, women-friendly products that were launched in 2013.

It has 448k followers on Instagram and is one of the most trusted products on the market.

From time to time, the development of period products has attracted the community and welcomed them to use them to have better period experiences. 

From single-layered pads and multi-layered, extra-large pads to tampons, menstrual cups, and period underwear, the innovations are vast. 

Despite this, consumers continue to seek out the best that can provide them with more leakage protection while having different movements or leakage protection even while they are in their best sleeping posture.

This is where Knix period underwear comes into play. They come in handy with great leakage protection as well as providing the most comfort that you require during your period. 

It is effective multi-layered underwear that absorbs 8–12 tampons of blood, which is like saving the time taken to change 6–5 pads. It is also useful during heavy menstrual flows.

Features of Knix Period Underwear

Similar menstrual hygiene products come in a variety of styles and shapes. Likewise, several designs of period underwear depend on the various brands or companies that design them by incorporating the best features to give the best experience.

Knix underwear comes in three complex layers. Each of these layers has its functions that play a role in the absorption of period blood. 

Firstly, it comes in a cotton layer, which is anti-odor by nature. Cotton, as a soothing fabric, absorbs all of the moisture in the blood and protects the skin from potential allergies. 

It also keeps the odour locked up, which keeps confidence high all the way.

The polyester fabric, which serves as the super-absorbent layer, comes in second. It absorbs the blood and suckers up the moisture and sweat down there, keeping it dry and comfortable.

Thirdly, there is a leak-resistant polyester layer that aids in preventing leakage during heavy menstrual flows. This polyester layer is made up of a waterproof membrane, and it is highly effective in the prevention of leakage.

With the combined effort of these three layers, the Knix period pantie does its magic.

Certified by OEKO-TEX®, Knix period underwear’s patented design is proven to be safe and effective, and it is also proven to be free from PFAS.

Detailed Information About Knix Period Underwear

It comes in handy with great leakage protection as well as providing the most comfort that you require during the period.

Also, it is effective multi-layered underwear that absorbs 8–12 tampons of blood, which is like saving the time that is taken to change 6–5 pads. It is also useful during heavy menstrual flows.

Knix Super Leakproof Boyshort

Super Leakproof Boyshort
  • These Super Leakproof boyshorts come with protection that absorbs up to 3 tsp of liquid, acting as a backup for a heavy menstrual cycle.
  • It is machine washable
  • It is free from PFAS and harmful Chemicals
  • Price: $23 USD

Knix Super Leakproof Highrise

Super Leakproof Highrise
  • It absorbs three tsp of blood, pee, and sweat and keeps it moisture-free and comfortable
  • Purely machine washable
  • Free from chemicals and PFAS
  • Price – $28 USD

Knix Super Leakproof Dream Short

Super Leakproof Dream Short
  • It comes along with built-in features of absorbing 12 tsp of blood, giving you the best comfort positions while sleeping
  • It has a 10-14” inch gusset that protects from leakage
  • Free from chemicals and PFAS
  • Machine washable
  • Price – $42 USD

Knix Super Leakproof Boxer Brief

Super Leakproof Boxer Brief
  • This Boxer brief is extremely soft and has a long gusset to prevent leakage from heavy menstrual flows and absorbs 10 tampons of blood
  • It wicks away all the moisture, keeping it super dry
  • Machine washable with mild detergent and avoid bleaching
  • Price – $38 USD

Choosing the Right Period Underwear

The catalog given below will guide you to the right Knix-period underwear.

Absorbency Knix Product fit
1-3 tamponsLeakproof
4-8 tamponsSuper leakproof
10 tamponsCotton super leakproof boxer brief
12 tamponsSuper leakproof dream shorts and reusable pads – regular
20 tamponsReusable pads- overnight
Right Knix Period Underwear

Knix period underwear can be worn all day, and they come in diverse styles and can be worn during a normal day, irrespective of whether you are on your period or not.

Maintenance of Knix period Underwear.

detergent. This period underwear is machine washable in cold water with mild detergent. But avoid using heavy bleach products to wash period underwear.

What are the Benefits of a Period Underwear?

Period underwear, not just Knix period underwear, has numerous advantages. Let’s dive into some magnificent benefits that are provided by Knix.

Plastic-Free Environment

Unlike pads and tampons, period underwear is reusable and much more effective, thus conserving nature and keeping the Earth free of plastic disposable menstrual products.

Tampons and pads amount to a lot of plastic waste, and getting rid of them can harm nature.


Period products are undoubtedly expensive, and there is a large population that can’t afford to buy healthy period products. Period underwear is considered cheap and is also reusable. 


Knix Period underwear gives the most confidence and allows you to go all the way up. Tension-free from threats of leakage and with better body movement, it builds up immense confidence.


It is one of the excellent benefits that stand out when going for Knix period underwear. Periods can be messy, and they bring with them the anxiety of leakage and frustration of being sweaty all down there.

But the great comfort of Knix period underwear comes at a price. It allows you to move your body freely and in your most comfortable posture.

Give it a shot!

Make healthy choices for your period. Knix-period underwear will never be an afterthought. It is effectively user-friendly for all age groups with different flow rates, from light to heavy menstrual, along with great benefits, and it serves the need for excellent protection from leakage.

Being an OKEO-TEX® certified product, this is one of the best choices for period products. Last but not least, don’t let anyone shame you for your period products.

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