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Some top features of Livia Device.

  • Best Period Pain Relief Device
  • Get Rid of Stomach Cramps
  • Drug and Side Effects Free!!


We humans have to face so many things in life and it might be the problem or the happiness everything is a part of life.

So many things include emotional or physical things. As the changes are the necessity of life and so there also come the physical bodily changes.

As nothing in life is permanent and so are we. Our body is continuously changing. We start noticing those changes when it impacts our outer body.

The changes are called the menstrual changes, which both genders have to face and especially the women have to face at least once a month.

Being a woman is not an easy task. Especially at the time of the periods. We have to face a lot of pain for the next 2 days.

Those irritating stomach cramps are just like hell and no one can understand that pain being women we all can relate to that condition.

To be honest we just ask for the diets like the chocolates and the brownies at that particular time to sustain those 2 days.

If it was only about the blood it would have been so much easier because alone a pad was sufficient to handle those days. But there is the involvement of a lot of stomach pains and cramps which makes it more difficult to handle that particular situation.

There are millions of women in the USA who suffer hectic periods of pain every month. According to the research and study, about 85.6% of the women in the United States suffer from pain during the menstruation cycle and 45.3% suffer pain at the time of the period only.

It is a vast segmentation of the women who suffer from major pain every month.

Women need to understand that diets alone cannot play a role in reducing the pain during that time. It is something which we have to suffer!

Well, it’s not the case anymore. Women have the choice now! One is to suffer from the pain, and the other is to beat the pain!

Yes, it is possible ladies!! You can beat the pain now too very efficiently.

There is the DTC wellness brand which is called Livia, also a popular DTC Brand in the USA.

There are many menstrual pain-relieving devices out there on the market but the Livia sets itself apart from them because it is a safe and most advanced menstrual device that makes you get relieved from Menstrual Pain.

In this article, I shall be reviewing this device in a very simple and easy to understandable language, so please read till the end.

So let’s get in!

What is Livia Period Pain Relief Device?

Livia Device
Livia Device

Menstrual cramps which are the most irritating thing can be reduced by Livia. Livia is a wearable device that relieves you from the menstrual cramps in the stomach.

The Livia uses Smartwave Pain Blocking Technology by which your period pain just vanishes away.

The Smartwave technology blocks the pain signals from the nervous system which is responsible for the pain in your stomach with the help of the Pulses generated by the Device.

The pulses generated by the Livia Device help you to get relieved from stomach cramps by helping the body to release beta-endorphins.

What is better than Livia? If there is no dependence on the drug to satisfy your stomach cramps, sounds heavenly right?

I would say this is the best thing which is ever introduced for the sake of us Women. Your pain just vanishes away.

One more thing which is best about Livia is that it is very simple to use. All you have to do is to put Livia at the time of the stomach cramps and you are good to go.

How to Use Livia Device?

How to use Livia Device
Directions for using Livia Device

To use Livia is very simple and is not a hectic task. Livia’s design has two wired electrode gel pads that you have to attach to your stomach or lower abdomen.

Once attached attach that box-shaped machine to your waistband. Once attached all you have to do is to switch on the machine with the button provided and it starts working immediately.

Your pain will just instantly vanish away. You can do your work, party or anything irrespective of the hectic pain caused during the period.

To use Livia there are no side effects and also it is completely drug-free, as claimed by Livia’s website.

Livia instantly works on your pain and once used you will start loving and using it every month.

So ladies, here is the Livia for you!

What are the benefits of the Livia Device?

I would say there are immense benefits of Livia and I will recommend every lady to have this product at that time of the month.

This is an investment that you can do for your periods and the hectic stomach cramps!

However, there are some benefits of the Livia, let’s have a look

  • Relieves you from the Stomach Cramps
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Most popular pain relief device
  • Drug-free
  • Usage of the modern Smartwave Pain Blocking Technology.
  • Livia has both subscriptions as well as one-time purchase plans.

How much does Livia Cost?

This might be the most awaited question of some women because this product has immense benefits and good things including the cost. However, the cost of Livia is two ways.

The Livia has 2 price models one is the one time purchase and the second is the subscription model.

In the one time purchase of Livia, it will cost you $199 but a one-time purchase comes with only 3 months’ supply.

On the other side, the subscription model will cost you around $8 per month and $49 upfront.

I will recommend you to go with the subscription model of Livia because there are also many benefits and also they will change the gel pads once every three years.

There is the inclusion of these things whenever you choose the Livia product i.e. Livia Device, Pads, Classic cover, Gel pads, USB charging cable and even a Travel case. These things are available for both subscriptions as well as one-time purchases.

What do others say about Livia?

Other women including me as well say that Livia is the best product for pain relief and the best mate when it comes to the time of periods.

You just get rid of the Hectic Stomach Cramps and that too without any involvement of the drugs.

Livia is safe as well as easy to use. You can party, work, jog or do anything just by putting Livia on your waistband and attaching its pads to your lower abdomen.

Have a look at the reviews given on a website called TrustPilot.

Source: Trustpilot.Com

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