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Some of Honeylove’s top features

  • Products made with premium quality
  • A totally women-centric approach
  • Loved by all the consumers


The right underwear can give you the confidence to wear what you love, which means no more muffin tops or bulging. 

Honeylove takes a step forward here. This female-led company ensures that its products are made to flatter women of all sizes and shapes. 

This clothing line was created to empower women through sculptwear. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit anybody.

This Honeylove shapewear review will give you a quick rundown of the company and its products.

We’ll look at bestsellers, user reviews, and other factors to help you decide if their sculpt wear is right for you.

Honeylove: The Overview of Brand

Honelylove Brand Image

Honeylove is a company that sells women’s shapewear. Their soft underwear, camis, and bras are designed to help women feel confident in their femininity

The company specialises in “sculptwear,” which includes briefs, thongs, capris, and shorts that shape and sculpt!

Honeylove’s novel line of targeted-compression sculptwear has caught the attention of many, and it has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Elle, and the New York Times.

Honeylove: Sculptwear Review

Honeylove Sculptwear

To begin, let’s look at Honeylove’s signature look: sculptwear! Each component was designed to compress, shape, and raise specific areas while remaining in its place.

To ensure quality, each design is put to the test. These Sculpt wear come in various styles, including capris, briefs, shorts, and thongs. 

Whatever you’re wearing, the brand wants to make sure you have a comfortable option.

Honeylove: Queen Brief Review

Honeylove Queen Brief

You’ll be reminded of the Queen Brief’s queen bee. These sculptwear briefs in a corset style provide compression while also giving the wearer a Marilyn Monroe look.

Its hourglass shape flatters your stomach while highlighting your curves. With the addition of boost bands, your booty will be elevated and moulded to perfection.

The sweat-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the day, and the SoftFlex structure keeps everything in place. 

These structures are similar to the bones found in corsets, but they are softer and more comfortable.

Honeylove has your back with these, so you won’t have to worry about panty lines (and your front, too). This pair costs $107 and comes in three colours: white, tan, and black.

Honeylove: Legging 2.0 Review

Honeylove Legging 2.0

The Legging 2.0 is sheer-proof and has an absorbent inner gusset, so you can wear it without underwear. 

Contoured shaping panels help you look and feel your best by contouring your thighs, belly, and butt. 

The soft, compressive fabric’s smoothing and concealing properties are improved.

The body of the leggings is made up of 82 percent polyester and 18 percent spandex, with the rest being 70 percent nylon and 30 percent spandex.

These leggings are amazing, and they come with pockets!! These keep your stomach flat and muffin tops at bay. 

Dress them up for a business meeting or dress them down for a workout. In conclusion, Honeylove has created the best leggings on the market.

Honeylove: Tanks & Bras Review

Honeylove Bras

Your thighs and rear can’t be the only areas that should get your special attention. Honeylove provides a range of tanks, camis, and bras that give your breasts and belly some extra support and compression. 

This Honeylove shapewear review will now take a look at their most popular confidence boosters.

Honeylove: LiftWear Tank Review

Honeylove LiftWear Tank

LiftWear Tank is one of Honeylove’s best-selling items because it provides support and comfort.

So, what makes this shapewear tank so comfortable? It’s free of wires and has straps that won’t irritate your skin. It gently supports and elevates your chest without causing pain. 

The manufacturer claims that, unlike other super-tight shapewear that can only be worn for a few hours at a time, this garment is comfortable enough to wear every day.

Honey Love: Silhouette Bras Review

Honeylove Silhouette Bras

The Silhouette Bra from Honeylove provides a supportive and adjustable lift. This bra uses velvet piping instead of irritating wires to keep your breasts perky all day.

Our favourite feature is the adjustable fit: tighten your straps and hook or crisscross your straps for a hidden look beneath most clothes. 

It also has a low neckline, so you can flaunt your curves while remaining supported.

Honeylove: What are the Consumer Reviews?

The fact that Honeylove shapewear has an A+ recognised rating with the Better Business Bureau is impressive in and of itself. 

Still, the hundreds of positive Honeylove shapewear reviews should if that isn’t enough to persuade you.

This is truly the best shaper I’ve tried!! I swear it’s like it was built for my body. It’s the first one I’ve tried that feels like it’s actually made for my curves vs squeezing the heck out of me. I’m a fan for life!

Misty T

This shapewear was the most comfortable I have experienced. Fit and performed as promised. Not too tight, it did not roll or slide up or down even when dancing. It was breathable and provided good posture support as well as excellent support across the belly.

Susan C

Saw this product online and thought I hope it is not like all the other products that say they do certain things and don’t! I was surprisingly happy with my order! Go for it! It does what is says it will do!

Patti W

Is Honey love worth it?

After hours of research into the brand, we’ve concluded that Honeylove is a legitimate company. Based on what we’ve learned about their shapewear and sculptwear, the answer is yes!

This company is entirely run by and for women. Honeylove has gone through several iterations to find the perfect version that will make women feel comfortable in their own skin. 

They also ensure that looking good does not necessarily imply feeling good. Comfort and attractiveness collide at every stage of their design process.

Our verdict on Honeylove

Despite being more expensive than other comparable products, many reviewers agree that they are “worth every cent.” 

This Honeylove shapewear review believes that this brand is worth purchasing for shapewear that has high-quality materials, a varied size range, inventive designs, and a comfortable fit.

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