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Whether you’re filling up the boat with a few mates for a weekend fishing excursion or aiming for the coveted fantasy slam, remaining steady on deck is essential. 

Introducing XtraTuf, a well-known fishing footwear brand among both recreational and commercial fishermen. 

Xtratuf boots are a must-have item for every man, woman, and kid in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond, not only for their protective features but for fishing lovers. 

This boot is an easy, wearable method to obtain a fashionable appearance in famous footwear with a tangible brand heritage.

In This Article, we will be discussing

  • The Overview
  • Products offered by Xtratuf
  • Benefits of having Xtratuf
  • Cost, Ordering process, and Verdict

About XtraTuf

For more than 80 years, XtraTuf produced just a brown boot known as the “Alaskan Sneaker,” worn by every commercial fisherman. 

XtraTuf, which is now owned by Honeywell, has statistics demonstrating that they ship more pairs of the “Sneaker.” 

According to what we know, the brand was founded around 90 years ago by the BFGoodrich Tire Company. 

The boat ended up in Alaska in the first year and was quickly accepted by the commercial fishing business.


  • These Xtratuf boots are 100 percent waterproof latex neoprene and are designed for all-day comfort.
  • They are resistant to ozone and are soft, lightweight, and flexible.
  • They’re also cushioned and provide arch support, which helps to reduce strain and tension on your legs and back.


  • Even though American customers are their target market, they are not manufactured in the United States.
  • It’s also more expensive than comparable options on the market.

XtraTuf Reviews

Jason Killick

“Great advice on purchasing with regards to style, intended purpose, size and fit. Excellent quality and the deck ankle high boots have lived up to expectations and the marketing claims thus far and I have certainly put them to the test and through their paces. Delivered speedily and very well packaged. Helpful, friendly company. So good, I bought a second pair a few days later in a different colour. I Would buy again without hesitation though I believe these will last a very long time. No hesitation recommending this company and its products to friends and family.”


“These are the best boots I’ve ever bought. Seriously comfortable and practical. I now wear these more than any other shoe! They are perfect if you are looking for practical, hard wearing and supportive deck wellies. I have two pairs now and will probably get a third. So nice to have colour choices that are actually cool too. An extra bonus is that you can take them off and put them on hands free which is invaluable.”

What are the Benefits of Xtratuf?

Xtratuf’s material of choice

The uppers are mostly made of hand-laid rubber. Hand-laying rubber is rubber that is cut to a pattern by hand rather than by machine.

The material employed here is neoprene, a long-lasting synthetic rubber used in electrical insulation and vehicle fan belts. 

This boot is also available in a waterproof leather variant.

Comfort is key

Honeywell’s antimicrobial moisture-wicking system, Xpresscool, is used in these boots, drawing moisture away from your feet and spreading it for evaporation. 

When combined with the lightweight, you’ll nearly feel like you’re wearing shoes!

Grip and Slip resistance 

With the same slip-resistant chevron outsoles as their commercial-grade boots, the Xtratuf earns excellent scores for grip. 

Its flat sole puts the most surface area on the ground at once. Just keep in mind that without a higher heel, its tread profile is shallower than that of a hiking boot, so this isn’t something you’d wear for a mountain walk. 

Another advantage that some users have discovered is that the flat sole is less prone to become plugged with stones.


The ankle boots from XTRATUF come in a range of colors. 

Most of them appear like sneakers when worn with long pants, making them “casual yet still performance-oriented.” 

Wear these on the boat or when shooting, and you won’t seem out of place walking to the grocery store later.

Unique features

The front and back loops make it simple to slip on, and the heel includes a large rubber tab to aid in kicking them off with your foot.

Overall, this boot has been popular since its inception a few years ago. They go on and off without a hitch, and they appear natural in any situation.

Products offered by Xtratuf

Xtratuf fishing boots are available in several variants tailored to individual wearers, ranging from commercial fishermen to sport and leisure users.

The Legacy Boot

The Legacy Boot

It is an Alaskan classic and a favorite among commercial fishermen across the Pacific Northwest. 

These boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. 

You may use them for duck hunting in the early morning while you’re wandering through the dew-drenched woodland or on the water when you’re out on the hunt.

Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay

It is their first foray into creating a boot with an SRC-rated, non-marking, slip-resistant outsole for everyday usage. 

Waterproof upper in all leather and a leather/canvas option for fishermen who have a lot of work to do on their boat at the end of the season but still need traction, comfort, and protection.

Elite Boots

Elite Boots

It’s essentially their Legacy model, which is made of rubber and neoprene. It’s certified for low temperatures and has a comfort rating of -20° Fahrenheit. 

A Glacier Trek outsole was also included for grip on wet/dry ice. The technique also improves grip on metal boat decks, which is critical for commercial fishers.

Ankle Deck boots 

Ankle Deck boots 

It was a success for those who did not require a complete boot. When it’s hot outdoors, many of our customers wear their boots rolled down. 

Even city folks wore fishing boots because they appreciated the style, feel, and waterproofness. 

Later, they produced a leather variant that is just as waterproof as rubber but more casual.

On their website, you can also get a selection of accessories and clothes. Xtratuff hasn’t forgotten about the ladies or children; they have a comprehensive line in women’s and children’s sizes.

Men’s Xtratuf Review

Men’s Xtratuf
Men’s Xtratuf
Men’s Xtratuf

These boots are simple to slip on and take off, as befits sporting footwear—a rare blessing for boots designed for muddy and rainy conditions.

The non-marking outsole is made of one piece and is shock and slip resistant. We are aware that it appears in every pair of Xtratuf footwear.

This price for the product is $105.00.

Men’s Xtratuf Reviews by customers


“I was introduced to these by an Alaskan fisherman, where they are the unofficial state shoe, and I could not get them fast enough. comfy and waterproof for all occasions: short hikes, long days on your feet, downpours, hunting trips, farm/work boots, etc. They can do it all. 6″ height is tall enough to avoid some water and make an easy on/off. Ultimate utilitarian shoe!”


“for once a shoe that actually fits my wide feet! Im a brewer and I’ve found these boots great so far, pretty comfortable.”

Women’s Xtratuf Review

Women’s Xtratuf

Salmon Sister’s sneaker-type shoes with a daily wearing appeal but powerful traction were their first women’s boots. 

The waterproof Xtratuf slip-resistant footwear for ladies may be able to help with their grip. 

These are, without a doubt, the most excellent waterproof boots for fishing and boating. 

There’s a reason they’re known as Alaska’s unofficial boot. They’re incredibly comfy, and the octopus print is adorable. 

They’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. These boots are especially useful in the spring when your feet can’t stay out of the mud.

Women’s Xtratuf Reviews by Customers


“I’m normally a women’s size 9 and prefer some extra width in the toe area. The 9s in these were swimming on me–definitely not too narrow, either. Will try an 8 and report back. I have a pair of tall xtratufs that have lasted almost 20 years, but the size has worn off, so I had to guess with these. everything else seems nice. Color is as pictured and the stretchy fabric around the ankle feels soft.”

M Riner

“I bought these for a trip to Alaska, I wore these the entire time I was there. They kept my feet dry, warm, and they were comfortable. I highly recommend these shoes. I did a lot of walking in these shoes and never had any discomfort.”

Kid’s Xtratuf Review

Kid’s Xtratuf
Kid’s Xtratuf
Kid’s Xtratuf

This is something that the waterproof Xtratuf slip-resistant footwear for youngsters may help with. These boots are particularly ideal for springtime when you can’t keep your feet out of the dirt.

Xtratuf muck boots for children are available in Legacy and Insulated Legacy styles, as well as Salmon Sister options for tiny females.

Sizes available: They have the following sizes available:

Kids: 1 to 4

Women: 5 to 11

Men: 7 to 15

Kid’s Xtratuf Reviews by Customers


“Such great boots that can be past down, easy on and off”

Carmen P

“Great short boots for kids. Easy to put on and take off. Durable. Kids love them and keep their feet drive on rainy days. Not for puddle jumping of course.”

What makes Xtratuf unique?

Xtratuf boots certainly have a wide range of uses. Even though they are more expensive than the ordinary pair, their performance characteristics may be put to a lot of help.

 Xtratuf is a range of winter insulated boots that can withstand temperatures as low as -10°F / -23°C. 

They were designed for use in Alaska, so you can be sure they’ll hold up to harsh cold conditions.

Xtratuf footwear has been tried and true, and their pro staff always offers input to enhance the goods.

Xtratuf boots and shoes are well worth the investment if you want to keep dry, stand upright, and be comfortable and toasty in your rubber boots.

How much does XtraTuf cost?

For more cost details, dive into their official website. Here are some of their best sellers and their price list.

Kids Xtratuf

  • Little Kids 8 In Legacy Boot – $40.00
  • Big Kids 8 In Legacy Boot – $45.00
  • Salmon Sister Little Kid 8 In Legacy Boot – $52.50

Women’s Xtratuf

  • Women’s Canvas Sharkbyte Deck Shoe – $75.00
  • Women’s Legacy Clog – $110.00
  • Women’s Spindrift Drainage Shoe – $85.00
  • Women’s Fisher Wear 15 In Legacy Boot – $145.00
  • Women’s Fisher Wear Leather Sharkbyte Deck Shoe – $95.00

Men’s Xtratuf

  • Men’s 6 In Ankle Deck Boot – $105.00
  • Xtratuf Men’s 12 In Legacy Boot – $120.00
  • Men’s Steel Toe 6 In Legacy Ankle Deck Boot – $130.00
  • Men’s 6 In Legacy Lace Boot – $150.00
  • Men’s Filson 12 In Elite Legacy Boot – $167.00

Men’s Swingsaw Glacier Trek Pro 15 In Legacy Boot – $195.00

What are the customer’s reviews?

Though the manufacturing moved to China, Still about 8/10 people from America, especially from Alaska adore the shoes. Following is some proof of that:

G.W. Purcell

I first discovered Xtratufs while commercial fishing in AK back in 2002. I don’t know of another boot that you can wear for 72 hrs without taking them off, and still be comfortable.. One suggestion: buy a couple extra pairs of inserts to double the cushion or to swap out when they get wet from sweat.

Warren c smith

“When lobstering you never get to sit down and these worked amazing for keeping your feet and legs at ease throughout the day. Before I got these I used MuckBoots and would come home after a 10 hour day with extremely sore feet and legs. But these have helped AMAZINGLY! I also use them for four wheeling since they are waterproof”


“Great to be able to access these excellent North American products in the UK. These are great all-purpose boots, with more flexible uppers providing good flexibility and comfort when crouching; thick sole provides good insulation and support underfoot; I am size EU 41 and the UK size 8 XtraTuf is a good fit; the 12″ length is a great compromise between too short for launching a dingy and too long for ease of getting them on and off. Only downside is that the tread picks up gravel much more than a razor-cut sole.”

Frazer Pugh

“I was a little disappointed by the service before receiving my purchase. However now that they have arrived, I am very happy with my order! The wheelhouse boots and Homer slippers that I ordered look amazing and are very comfortable. I am size 8 and ordered size 8 and the fit is great! I work as a commercial skipper and diver and so they will make my life a lot easier and warmer in the coming winter!”

How to order Xtratuf Boots?

You may find the boots you look for by navigating to the Men, Women, or Kid menus. clicking on “shop the collection” will guide you to their best sellers. 

  • Select the product you want.
  • There are 4 to 5 Images to get a good look at the product before you buy.
  • Check the details of your product and checkout.
  • Some promo codes you can avail if you’re a new purchaser.
  • Finally, confirm your order. 

Our Verdict


The majority of Xtratuf evaluations are favorable, and the fact that a lot of Alaskans like them speaks a lot about their quality. 

Even though you are not a professional fisherman, If you enjoy being near water and want to be dry, safe, and comfortable while doing so, you should absolutely invest in a pair of XtraTuf.

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